I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 91

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#91. Pandora’s Box (1)

[Ep.1,002 Prophecy of Prometheus.]

In my previous life, defeating Asmodeus was my greatest accomplishment.

Perhaps it was such a monumental achievement that my current life felt exceedingly mundane in comparison.

Growing my strength in ordinary ways, fighting foes typically, and then perishing just as normally—such was this life.

Yet, the reason I bother to record these tediously dull notes is the knowledge that, someday, may uncover these records and realize a tremendous synergy from them.

It shall be written.

In this life too, I have not managed to slay .

However, I did glean a critical hint from Prometheus, the god of prophecy.

The prophecy he spoke of was something unheard throughout over a thousand lifetimes.

Though my flesh will now crumble and memories of past lives will vanish, I fervently hope that his prophecy will remain eternally etched in my ears.

Indeed, if I have the capability, the body of my future self must remember.

Pandora. Remember the one spoken of in the prophecy.

– Yoo Damdeok, the 1,002nd record –

“…What? That’s it?”

Damdeok’s expression turned incredulous as he read intently.

, , .

Three crucial keywords seemed to surface, yet there was no substantial explanation.

“What the heck… So what’s the content of the prophecy? Isn’t that supposed to be the most important part? Why isn’t it written down?”

It was as though the Surgically Precise Skillfulness was a mere art form.

He scrolled up and down several times, but the 1,002nd record really did end there.

‘What nonsense is this?’

How infuriating, leaving records in such a manner.

It felt as uncomfortable as leaving the bathroom without wiping properly.

‘Hmm, not having managed to slay it, huh…’

It was curious.

Despite being merely words on a system hologram, an inexplicable sense of dread lingered around the term .

‘Anyway, the fact that even in the 1,002nd life, I couldn’t kill means…’

Wasn’t it implying that I wasn’t able to kill in all my previous lives?

‘Some kind of final boss, perhaps?’

If so, it must be a deity with overwhelming influence in the war of the gods.

Thoughts of various gods flitted through his mind.

Zeus from Greek mythology?

Odin from Norse mythology?

Ra from Egyptian mythology?

Even when he tried to recall only the supreme gods, there seemed to be a countless number of them.

Damdeok shook his head disapprovingly.

‘There’s no way to deduce it at the moment.’

Even if he managed to identify the nature of , there was no way he could kill it with his current power.

Damdeok’s expression turned increasingly serious.

‘First, let’s calmly gather the 12 Guardians. While wandering about, I might find more fragments of memories.’

‘But who could Pandora be in the last sentence? Is it referring to the Pandora from the myths?’

‘To find that out, I’d need to know what Prometheus’s prophecy is first…’

‘Since he’s right in front of me now, I could just pass on the letter and ask casually…’

Damdeok’s mind was swirling with hundreds, thousands of possibilities.

‘Ah, this is driving me crazy. I thought memories of a past life would be somewhat helpful…’

Somehow, it felt even more headache-inducing than not knowing about his past life.

“Ugh, this is tough.”

Just as Damdeok clasped his head with both hands and lowered it, there came a light tap.

Tap, tap.

Baek Gu-Ryum, who was next to him, was nudging Damdeok’s side.

Without lifting his head, Damdeok replied,

“Hang on. I’m thinking.”

But Baek Gu-Ryum insistently nudged him harder.

Tap, tap, tap!

“Ah, why are you doing this now!”

Damdeok, who raised his head after letting out a small cry, followed Baek Gu-Ryum’s gaze straight ahead.

– Wheeesh!

Without him realizing, an eagle, having eaten its fill, soared in the sky, and Prometheus, cloaked in blood, just watched Damdeok silently with a menacing glare.

* * *

[Read it.]

Prompted by Prometheus’s unremarkable words, Damdeok carefully opened the letter.


Just as he pulled out the letter, the envelope was snatched away by the fierce wind that gusted through the cliffs.


[Just read it.]

Exchanging glances with Baek Gu-Ryum for a moment, Damdeok unfolded the letter.

Written in a boastful script, it was a letter sent by Zeus.

“…Behold. You audacious offspring of the Titans. Though you are bound there, having committed an unforgivable sin, you have yet to cease harboring resentment towards me. A deity of all things ought to harbor more endurance than resentment, more reflection than regret, yet why do you…


Prometheus, visibly irritated, turned his head away.

It was a clear gesture indicating he didn’t want to listen.

Damdeok looked back and forth between the letter and Prometheus with a troubled expression.

“…There’s a bit more left to read.”

In truth, it wasn’t just a little—there seemed to be about thirty lines remaining.

Yet Prometheus was adamant.

[It’s enough. It’s all predictable anyway. It’s essentially telling me to reflect on the past, genuinely repent to myself, and then, as a sign of contrition, burn all the prophecies I know.]

“That’s… um…”

Damdeok quickly skimmed the rest of the letter and quietly lowered it.

It was all accurate.

A brief, awkward silence ensued.

He should feel relieved having completed the final delivery and free to leave, but for some reason, his feet felt as if they were rooted to the ground.

“You’re bleeding pretty badly.”

Damdeok’s gaze was fixed on one spot.

Blood was flowing endlessly from Prometheus’s chest.

“Should I help you?”

It was half genuine, half self-interested.

This was the kind-hearted compassion one should naturally feel as a human in such circumstances, coupled with his personal desire to hear Prometheus’s prophecy.

Nevertheless, Prometheus was no easy adversary.

[Don’t bother. It will regenerate on its own by nighttime.]

Despite the curt response, Damdeok could not easily move away.

Certainly part of him wanted to hear the prophecy, but more than that,

‘Who could simply walk past someone bleeding out like that in front of them?’

The human side of empathy tugged at him.

“It isn’t a given right to be treated this way, is it?

Moreover, Prometheus was bare, wearing nothing at all.

Strictly speaking, he had a silk cloth wrapped around his loins instead of underwear…but essentially, he was almost naked.

In this cliff, where the cold wind blows fiercely, to suffer with a bare body as an eagle pecks away at one’s liver…

‘No matter the wrongdoing, this is too cruel.’

Over the helpless figure of Prometheus who was bound and unable to do anything, memories of his own powerless past without any talents overlapped.

[“Hey kid, cut it with the pointless sympathy. If you’re done with work, then go away. Since when was Hermes’ post office such a leisurely job?”]

Prometheus taunted, to which Damdeok replied bluntly.

“I’ve already finished today’s quota. Whatever I do from now on is my freedom.”

Prometheus’ lips twitched into a smirk.

[“Don’t joke around, runt. You should report to Hermes that you’ve finished today’s deliveries. Thinking of fooling somebody when you’re just a lowly god?”]

Sparks flew between the two for a moment.

Baekgureum, swallowing hard, tugged lightly at the hem of Damdeok’s clothes.

But Damdeok, paying him no heed, glared back at Prometheus.

“…I’m not a low-level god anymore.”

[“Ha. Did you just speak informally to me?”]

“No, of course not. Just correcting a fact. I’m not a lowly god.”


Prometheus stared at Damdeok with a look of disbelief.

Damdeok met his gaze with confidence.

“Why? Do you want to ask for help now?”

[“Annoying brat. Exactly how do you plan to help me? I told you earlier, if it’s about healing wounds, my regeneration ability is far…!”]

Prometheus began to spit out sharply but was stopped in his tracks.

Damdeok, who had been defiantly staring back at him, suddenly kicked aside the snow on the ground and plunked down next to him.

[“What are you doing now?”]

“You asked how I’d help you.”

[“Sitting next to me is helping? How is this assistance?”]

“At least it’s not as cold if we’re together. It’s not lonely either. I’ll stay with you until your wounds heal.”

Prometheus was momentarily at a loss for words.

Not out of being moved, but speechless because of the absurdity.

[“Are you a mad god?”]


[“So what now. Sitting next to me, do you even understand what that implies?”]

Problems with Zeus had already placed him in a position too compromised to argue.

Was this the arrogance of young gods they say reaches the heavens? Perhaps this attitude was what they meant.

Adding insult to injury, the young human who had been watching them with a disgruntled look approached with a resigned gait.

“Ah, what sin did I commit in a past life…”


The warmth of the human child who sat down beside Damdeok rushed to his skin.

Humans, the beings he cherished so dearly. Because he loved them, he gifted them with the exclusive divine treasure, , and even though he had been tied to this place for thousands of years, he never resented them, not even once.

And now, one of those humans, a child, was sitting close by his side.

“Ah, really, Bro! When are we going down!”

“Just wait a minute, man. You’ve been whining about how hard it is, too. Let’s rest a bit and then go.”

“Ha. Seriously stubborn, Bro….”

Listening to their conversation, warmth began to fill Prometheus’s eyes.

[“To call a god ‘Bro’… This is truly the first time I see a human do that…”]

The culture shock was real.

Baekgureum suddenly raised his eyes.

“Then should I call you ‘Bro’ or not? Your name is, let’s see, Promo… Ugh, it’s complicated. Anyway, just give it up, Eagle Bro. That guy is really stubborn, you know. He looks like he’s going to sit here for at least an hour.”

Baekgureum’s frank speech slightly opened Prometheus’s mouth.

[“Eagle Bro…? Are you referring to me with that nickname?”]

Baekgureum nodded emphatically.

“Of course, it’s your nickname. You were getting pecked by an eagle earlier, so I gave you a flavorful nickname… Ouch! Why hit me!”

“Watch your words. You simpleton.”


“Are you a dog? Get a hold of yourself, man!”

“Ouch! Stop hitting!”

Prometheus watched the two living beings bicker.

For over 2,000 years, the only visitors to this place had been his brother Epimetheus, Zeus who sometimes came to threaten him, and a few disrespectful gods who came to mock and provoke him.

The last time that happened was 150 years ago.

‘It’s been a long time. In many ways…’

Slowly, Prometheus’s wariness of Damdeok and Baekgureum began to fade.


Amidst the sound of the harsh wind, Prometheus spoke.

[“You. What is your name?”]

“Yoo Damdeok.”

[“Yoo Damdeok… But why did you bring a human? No matter if gods and humans coexist in this world, this place is too dangerous for humans.”]

At that, Baekgureum opened his mouth in disbelief.

“Eh? Are you ignoring me now? Even if you look at me, I’m the heavenly martial artist of Korea… Mmf!”

Damdeok quickly covered Baekgureum’s mouth.

“This disciple is mine. I still have much to learn, so we are practicing together as we travel.”

[“Is that so. The young—no, the young gods these days call their disciples as brothers and live as siblings. Good. The world has really changed.”]

“Ha ha. Right?”

Prometheus’s eyes diluted into distant memories.

The conversations he had with his brother Epimetheus when they were creating humans, the day when he was recognized by Zeus as the chief deity, the day when he first welcomed his disciple, and the days when a majestic temple was built.

[“I wonder how she is doing now…”]

Prometheus’s voice softened.

Damdeok didn’t miss this perfect opportunity.

“Are you perhaps talking about Pandora?”

At Damdeok’s mention, Prometheus’s gaze shifted fiercely.

[“How do you know of Pandora…?”]

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