I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 90

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#90 The Fragment of a New Memory

“This is it!”

Danduk couldn’t help but burst into jubilation.

It was about time for a decent part-time job to come up, and now one had appeared as if right on cue.

‘Medusa’s Head Decapitation, huh…’

It sounded a bit gruesome, but it was a surefire way to boost his resistance to fear, a real cheat code.

“No time to be picky now. Good. Things are finally going my way.”

As Danduk was smirking at the displayed job notice, the watching Samshin Grandmother smiled broadly.

[So, have you found the answer?]

“Yes, it looks like it.”

[That means you no longer need to work in my garden, right?]


[Hoho, you impertinent young man. Just as they say, it’s no use taking in a black-haired beast…]

Although her words sounded reproachful, Samshin Grandmother’s gaze was infinitely warm as she looked at Danduk.

Baekgureum and Adel Sharon tilted their heads to the side, puzzled by their interaction.

“What solution have you found?”

“What’s going on now?”

While they pressed on with anxious expressions, Joo Sooyeol was blankly staring into the air. Danduk knew what she was looking at—it was the same job listing he had found.

“How about that? That’s a pretty unique job, isn’t it? Shall we go right away?”

“Yes. But…”


“The difficulty of this job is quite high. It’s better to be well-prepared before we go.”

“Right. But what kind of preparations?”

Danduk asked with curiosity. Joo Sooyeol seemed to be pondering something seriously.

“Ah… Excuse me for a moment, you two… What is this anxious talk about being solidly prepared for wherever you’re going? Hm?”

Adel Sharon flapped her hands frantically in front of Joo Sooyeol’s face, her expression filled with anxiety.

“Hello? Can you hear me? We should be having a party~ A Meat Party~ to celebrate fixing the system, right?”

However, Joo Sooyeol remained silent, her chin propped up by one hand.

“Ahhh! No more, I can’t go! Stop calling me now! Give that damn call of God’s to someone else!!”

“Hey, calm down.”

Adel Sharon’s grasping Danduk’s collar, her eyes turning white with fury.

“How can I calm down?! Since we arrived here, I haven’t had a proper meal! The only thing I’ve swallowed was a sprig of that Underworld flower or whatever!!”

Adel Sharon eventually exploded.

“Ha… here we go again… We’re doomed… We’re completely doomed, Baekseol…”

Baekgureum was crouched on the grass, writing the word ‘Life’s Over’ with a stick.

Danduk could only shake his head at the sight of his chaotic companions.

“Haah. Can I really stop the war of the gods with these kids….”

“Aaaaaahhh!! I’m gonna kill them all!!”

For a long while after, Adel Sharon’s shouting continued to echo.

* * *

In a massive cave located halfway up Mount Cyrene, Danduk and Baekgureum stood dumbfounded by the sight before them. Countless documents and letters fluttering in the air, and miscellaneous parcels were neatly stacked according to their areas.

“Move it, move it!”

“Hey! No speeding in the cave!”

The gods working here were all busy organizing their goods, wearing shoes with wings attached.

“…So, bro, what exactly are we supposed to do here?”

Baekgureum asked.

They came to this place, which looked like a giant postal hub, upon Joo Sooyeol’s recommendation.

“Listen. To behead Medusa, you need three things. First, to travel to Gorgon Island. Second, to stealthily approach Medusa without being noticed. Third, to kill Medusa in one stroke without looking directly into her eyes.”

‘Who knew we’d need so many items.’

It was agreed that in order to speed up the process, they would split into teams: Danduk and Baekgureum would obtain the , while Joo Sooyeol and Adel Sharon would acquire the and .

‘In many ways, this is fortunate.’

Although obtaining the first item, the , seemed troublesome, Danduk inwardly thought it was fortunate the team had split up.

‘Joo Sooyeol is the only one who can soothe Adel when she’s hangry.’

The presence of a 6th circle magician who could explode with rage on an inescapable cliff was truly terrifying.

‘As for his temperament…’

Leaving Adel Sharon, who was causing a wild ruckus, behind, he hurried to this place, taking only Baekgureum with him.

‘Hmm… fortunate in many ways. Extremely fortunate.’

As Danduk nodded with such thoughts, Baekgureum asked again with a slightly sullen face.

“Hey bro. Are you listening? What are we doing here?”

“Ah, here we have to….”

Just when Danduk was about to add more, an effeminate voice came from above.

[Ha! You’re already here? Good, good!]

Danduk and Baekgureum looked up at the same time.

Three meters above ground, a boy hovered in the air with a bright smile. His light-brown curly hair suited him well, and he looked like a mischievous little imp. He wore shoes and a cap with wings, and carried a golden staff entwined with a serpent. He appeared almost like a small angel.

Danduk swallowed hard.

‘This kid is that one from the part-time job ad.’

[(Short-term) Olympus Postal Delivery Part-timer Wanted!]

Employer: Hermes

Divine Power: 200,000 or above

Experience: Speed-related abilities preferred!

Tasks: Deliver mail and parcels throughout Olympus! (Beware of high volume due to vacation season!)

Work Hours: Completion upon delivery of assigned mail.

Pay: 100 Hermes

A word from the boss: Those who can work happily wanted!

The boy in front of them seemed cute and playful, but he was one of the twelve Olympian gods. The son of Zeus, the messenger god Hermes, known for his cute mischief. This cave in Cyrene was where Hermes was born and was also a favored office for the messenger god.

Hermes grinned and leaned his face up close to Danduk.

[Hmm, I heard this part-timer has pretty good specs. Looks like he can do a good job!]

“Yes! Well, there’s almost no part-time job I haven’t done!”

Danduk’s confident reply made Hermes’s eyes curve up in satisfaction.

[Good! Excellent confidence! But, who’s with you?]

“Oh! He’s my assistant!”

[Aha, an assistant! That’s right, assistants make the work process a lot faster. Good on you.]

“Isn’t it? Ha-ha.”

Hermes continued their pleasant conversation, which made Baekgureum’s muscles tense with irritation.

“I’m an assistant…?”

Danduk nudged Baekgureum’s ribs, signaling him to play along with eye movements. However, Hermes’s next words turned Baekgureum’s expression even more sour.

[By the way, it’s going to be difficult if you guys work all day. Are you sure you two can handle it?]

“Sure, of course…. ugh!”

This time, Baekgureum hit Danduk’s ribs.

“Eugh, you said it’d be quick, didn’t you?”

Baekgureum grumbled in annoyance, and Danduk quickly whispered to him.

“Just wait, man. Once we finish this job, I’ll give you something awesome as a gift.”

[Hmm? What are you two whispering about?]

“Nothing at all. Just saying we should do a thorough job since we’re at it. But… the pay is agreed upon, right…. ”

[Yes, yes! I’ve received the report and approved the payment! Trust and honesty are my mottos, so no worries! You’ll get paid as soon as you finish today’s assignments! See that? Your shoes are already set aside among those. They’re all the latest models fresh off the line.]

Hermes spoke with pride, gesturing towards an array of winged shoes that were displayed as majestically as new cars waiting to be driven away.

‘Perfect. The first are all cleared.’

A smile spread across Danduk’s face.

「Hello? Oh, hello there, I saw your postal delivery part-time job and I’m calling to apply.」

「Yes, hello. Is there anything you’re curious about?」

「Ah, yes… Can we increase the work allocation in exchange for a different pay rate?」

「Hmm? What kind?」

「Instead of the 100 Hermes currently listed as the pay….」

Danduk had contacted the person in charge of Hermes’s job posting before applying to negotiate a change in terms.

He proposed to receive winged shoes in exchange for the original pay of 100 Hermes if the allocation was increased.

‘Winged shoes are too expensive in the gods’ store.’

With 100 Hermes, he wouldn’t be able to buy even a quarter of a pair of those shoes on display.

Fortunately, it was the gods’ vacation season, and Hermes’s post office was struggling with a labor shortage, which made the negotiation come to a swift conclusion.

‘If we work all day, we get the latest model shoes.’

Of course, they were scratch-and-dent products that other gods wouldn’t want to buy, but that was beside the point.

It was an absolute steal.

‘Chuckling, it’s a relief that Hermes isn’t a stingy employer.’

There was nothing to worry about.

If there was anything to be concerned about…

“Hey, relax your eyes…”

Next to him, Baekgureum was fiddling with his sword hilt, glaring with an aura of resentment.

“…Just think about it. With winged shoes, you’ll be able to perform sword skills more freely. Even so, are you really not going to do this job?”

Danduk’s subtle tone caused Baekgureum’s fierce gaze to falter momentarily.

“Will you really give me one too?”

“Of course, man. New shoes are meant to be worn in turns~”


Baekgureum seemed to be imagining something, and then began to laugh with a snicker. As always, this guy was the simplest.

As Baekgureum’s eyes sparkled with excitement at the sight of the displayed winged shoes, Hermes took off energetically into the air.

[All right, let’s wrap up this orientation and go! We have a serious overflow of mail today!]

* * *


With Baekgureum’s shout, thick vines were cut down.

But they wriggled and grew back instantly, again obstructing the way.

“Argh! Stop growing already!”

Baekgureum gritted his teeth and swung his sword while Danduk searched around intensely.

“Bro! Find it quickly! My arms are about to fall off!”

“I know, I know… I’m trying hard here. Ah, it’s got to be around here…”

With a letter in hand, Danduk kept tilting his head, confused.

The address read as follows:

[Northside forest of Ardia, thirty-seven steps east from the second-largest willow tree.]

“Darn it, what kind of address is this?!”

Frustrated, Danduk couldn’t help but yell.

The recipient was a deity of acorns living under a tree, and the address written was a complete mess. Plus, the deeper they entered the forest, the thicker and thornier the woods and weeds became, continually obstructing their path….

“There’s really no such thing as an easy job in the world… Sigh!”

Danduk readjusted the strap of the bag slung over his shoulder.

The weight of the bag full of letters was heavier than any training barbell.

“Nwosh? Has a letter for me arrived?”

Baekgureum was about to slice Danduk instead of the vines when a tiny god suddenly popped up from under their feet.

“Ah! Are you the god of acorns, Akius?!”


“Could you please sign here?”

“Whose letter is this for…”

“Thank you!”

Danduk and Baekgureum made a hasty exit from the forest.

They still had hundreds of destinations to cover to complete today’s assignments.



Their next destination was the god of wine, Dionysus.

[Oho, a letter from my beloved fiancées. Would you boys like to try the wine I recently made? This batch turned out exceptionally…]

“Please sign here!”

[Uhm, alright. Here. Now would you lads like to try this wine I’ve…]


Then came the god of war, Ares.

[Uh? Who’s this guy! You haven’t contacted me once since our last sparring session…!]

“Please sign here!”

[Eh? Oh, alright. Hey, it’s been a while since you’ve been here, why don’t you try the new training routine I’ve developed…]

“Next time! Goodbye!”


Then there was the goddess of the hearth, Hestia; the god of rivers, Achelous; the goddess of grains, Demeter; the goddess of the moon, Artemis; gods of leaves, pebbles, sand, and stream, among others…

As they went around Olympus, delivering letters one by one to the various gods who had made their homes there, the sun began to set into the evening.

* * *

“Heugh, heugh.”

“Hah, hah.”

It took Danduk and Baekgureum several deep breaths before they could straighten their backs.

Atop a towering mountain peak.

They stood on the summit of Mount Caucasus, overlooking the entire world of Olympus.

“What a killer view.”


“This is the last one, right?”

“Yeah, the last one.”

Their gaze slowly shifted to the final letter.

On the front was the name of the recipient.

[To the prophet god Prometheus, bound on the cliffs of Mount Caucasus.]

Danduk took a deep breath.

Just turning his head, he could see the sheer cliff—somewhere out there was their last customer.

“Just this last delivery and we get the . Well, winged shoes to be precise, but anyway.”

“Okay. Let’s go, bro!”

As Danduk and Baekgureum took a determined step forward—

– Screeee!

The scream of an eagle cut across the sky.

A sinister thought flashed through Danduk’s mind.

The reason why Prometheus was tied up on this rugged mountain cliff…

“Damn it, run!!”

“What? What happened!”

Spurred on by Danduk’s sudden dash, Baekgureum started to run without hesitation.

And what they came across was—

– Screeee!

Crunch! Crunch!


In a recess along the cliffside.

There, Prometheus, bound by his limbs, was being attacked and had his chest pecked by an eagle.

“Whoa, crazy… I’ve never seen such a crazy eagle!”

Baekgureum leapt up, ready to attack the eagle, but Danduk quickly restrained him.

“Stop. Unless you want to fight Zeus and win.”


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