I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 9

#9. I Became the Head of the Dwarves (4)


It was warm.

The strands of light emanating from the Moonlight Fox enveloped Dham-Duk’s body cozily.


At the same time, a flood of memories entered his mind.

They were the memories of the Moonlight Fox.

Times of frolicking in its homeland, the sensation of becoming a spiritual being, memories with its former master, Selene, and so on.

As all sorts of the creature’s memories seeped into me, the light gradually began to fade.

– Will?

The creature in my embrace looked up at me intently.


The soft touch of its snow-white fur was incredibly delicate.

“So, you’re saying that if you exist as a weapon in this world, you can transform into anything?”

If the memories that had entered my mind were correct, then it was undeniable.

This guy was a gimmick item. No, the ultimate cheat character.

“Then, can you transform into that as well?”

– Will!

As soon as my words ended, a darling voice reminiscent of a child bubbled forth.

Once again, a pristine blade unfolded.

Dham-Duk’s face was reflected perfectly in the cool steel of the blade.

“Oh! It’s really identical!”

The great sword I had seen on TV a few days ago, the nation’s finest.

[Dragon Slayer Sword]

Description: A famous sword forged by a well-known German blacksmith guild.

This Dragon Slayer Sword, supplied in limited quantities solely to the world’s top 10 guilds, was now in Dham-Duk’s hand.

‘To think it transforms into the weapon I imagine….’

The visualization in my mind.

The creature transformed in myriad ways, just as I had imagined.

– Will!

– Will!

I tried several times.

After experimenting, I realized it wasn’t able to become all weapons; it seemed to only replicate weapons roughly the size of the Moonlight Fox.

‘The giant hammer owned by the ranker Yook-jung-han could only be replicated by half.’

Even so, this was enough to be called a treasure.

This tiny body could replicate plenty of standard weapons.

– Will!

Suddenly, the creature climbed onto my head and began to groom me.

Churu! Churu!


It was damp.

But it was not an entirely unpleasant feeling.

I heard an excited voice from behind me.

[Looks like you’ve taken quite a liking to you. Well, I’m pretty fond of you too! Kahaha!]

Hephaestus seemed happy.

In his large hand, he was holding a turquoise necklace he had discovered after knocking out all the dwarves.

It was the necklace he intended to gift to his wife, Aphrodite.

It had also been an item stolen a few months ago…

Leaving the Moonlight Fox on my head, I asked him a question.

“Why on earth did you leave something so precious untouched for so long? It was pretty clear who had taken it.”

[I’ve told you, breaking the gods’ pact could lead to war. Even though I’m a Pillar God, it’s forbidden for me to barge into their sanctuary.]

“Couldn’t you have ordered an assistant to look for it then?”

I heard his assistant was a giant and big as a house.

They could’ve easily subdued dwarves that were only 50 cm tall…

[It’s not so simple. Giants are also classified as mid-tier gods. Only the low-ranking gods, whose status is ambiguous, are free from the covenant. Like nameless gods, you know, hehe.]

That was it.

The reason he had gone out of his way to hire the lowest of low-ranking gods as security part-timers, and why he was particularly impressed with how I cleared the dungeon maze.

He had been waiting for someone to knock those arrogant dwarves down a peg and retrieve the necklace.

It seemed like I was the first one to succeed.

‘Well, either way, I, too, have gained a precious artifact, so it’s a happy ending for everyone.’

From overhead came a whistling sound.

The little fox had apparently fallen asleep.

‘With this guy around, I won’t have to worry about weapons from now on.’

The only unsettling thing was…


“Are you really going to leave just like that, brother?”

My brow furrowed on its own.

“Who on earth is your brother?!”

When it came to attacking, they rushed in, yet as soon as the dwarves came to, they gathered around me, hailing me as ‘brother.’

There had never been such a low-ranking god before.

Dham-Duk waved his hands dismissively.

“All of you look like uncles, what brother?”

I’m a robust 27 years old, just so you know.

[You despicable creatures! How dare you steal my wife’s belonging! If it weren’t for all those agreements, I would obliterate you!]

Hephaestus roared thunderously from behind, but the dwarves merely closed their mouths quietly and didn’t seem particularly frightened.

‘Tsk tsk, they were already taken for fools.’

One of the 12 Olympians, but the smith god, though a good and understanding deity by nature.

The dwarves had long since grasped that about him. Coupled with the solid pacts they had with the Nordic gods, to them, this place had long been outside the law.

Well, it wasn’t my place to get involved.

But was it slightly vexing?

“Brother! You can’t leave like this!”

“Teach us that perfect ‘downward strike’ skill! Please!”

“That’s right! We haven’t fully mastered that skill yet!”

Looking at the dwarves clinging to him, Dham-Duk’s lips formed a sly grin.

“Hmm, so I’m really your brother, is that it?”

The dwarves nodded vigorously.

“Alright then, if that’s the case….”

At Dham-Duk’s next words, the dwarves exchanged looks with stupefied expressions, and Hephaestus burst into a hearty laugh, giving a thumbs up.

I looked upon them triumphantly.

“What about it? Will you do as I say or not?”

* * *

“Phew, this part-time gig was the toughest.”

Upon opening my eyes, I was greeted by a familiar scene.

The daytime view of the subway.

Thunk! Thunk!

But aside from the noisy sound of the subway, there was no one around.

“Whew, how far have I actually gone?”

The scenery outside the window was all grassy fields.

– The next station is Chuncheon, Chuncheon station. Please disembark at…

If it was Chuncheon, it was about a 2-hour trip from where I had boarded.

“What? So only 2 hours have passed?”

It felt like I had been with Thor for an entire day, but not much time had passed in the modern world.

This time was the same.

“Hmm, so time goes by more slowly there….”

That was a good thing.

I had been worried that ‘that place’ might be closed by now.

“I can deal with it today.”

Dham-Duk grinned and quickened his pace.

* * *

Jongno 3-ga station.

As twilight approached, the streets were bustling with people.

Dham-Duk stood at a crosswalk, looking at the building across the way.

[Shinsegae Shop.]

“Alright. Let’s go, Baek-Seol.”

There was no response from the creature on his head. Perhaps it was because it was still a baby, but it seemed to be quite sleepy.

Oh, wondering who Baek-Seol is?

Since we’ll be together for the foreseeable future, it wouldn’t do to keep calling it little fox, little fox, would it?

So I named it ‘Baek-Seol (白雪),’ meaning White Snow.


Dham-Duk took a deep breath.

He held bags in both hands, and they were pale, the circulation cut off due to their weight.

“Whoosh~ Eutcha!”

With every laborious step, there was a clang! as the sound echoed.

It drew the attention of the passersby.

“This is way too heavy. Did I take too much?”

The dwarves had been so insistent on calling me ‘brother,’ I told them that all the equipment they had stolen was mine as well.

「What? No? Am I not your leader?」

These deceitful creatures, I thought they’d be furious….

‘But they complied all too easily.’

The dwarves talked among themselves and slowly nodded. Hephaestus just stood by laughing.

In the end, all that stolen loot became mine…


Upon opening the ornate gilded door,

“Welcome! This is Shinsegae Shop!”

The capitalist-smile-equipped manager bowed at a 90-degree angle.

“Shinsegae Shop!”

All the employees on either side echoed.

Dham-Duk silently lowered the bags.


The heavy sound spread throughout the shop, drawing the eyes of all the employees.

To them, Dham-Duk was quite the unusual customer.

‘What’s with this one?’

‘What kind of hunter comes in without armor or weapons?’

‘And why’s the summoned creature so tiny?’

Shinsegae Shop was a place visited only by noteworthy people in the hunter world, considering that their lowest-ranked client held six-star status as a 6-star hunter.

‘Is this a no-star hunter?’

‘No-star’ meant a rookie hunter without a single star.

“Hmm, how may I help you today…?”

The general manager had straightened up again.

The attitude of the staff members behind him had subtly changed as well, but Dham-Duk was preoccupied with different thoughts.

‘Hmm, I wonder how much I could sell these for?’

All he was interested in was the worth of the dwarves’ stolen goods.

“I’m here to trade some goods.”

“Oh, yes. What equipment would you like to trade….”

The general manager’s eyes drifted down slightly.

Two old bags.

They were grimy, gray bags that appeared quite worn at first glance.

One look and they didn’t seem like much, but Dham-Duk boldly presented them.

“Everything inside here, I want to trade.”

Understandably, the general manager’s expression soured.

‘This is the first time we’ve had a hunter come in with such a random collection.’

It seemed like only the appraiser would have a hard time because of this.

No matter what, a prestigious shop’s general manager couldn’t afford to be impolite.

“Let me assist you. Please, this way.”

The general manager gestured politely, and Dham-Duk silently followed into the appraisal room.

In the appraisal room, surrounded by glass walls.

“Hmmm, let’s see here~”

The silver-haired appraiser scrutinized the equipment carefully.

The general manager looked bored, while Dham-Duk waited patiently.

Before long…

The old man’s eyes, behind the magnifying glass, began to quiver.

“No way, where on earth did you….”

Dham-Duk was certain at the old appraiser’s words.

‘It seems then that it is quite valuable even in the human world.’

The appraiser, still in disbelief, looked at Dham-Duk, and the watching general manager sidled closer, whispering.

“Sir, what is it? Is there something wrong with the goods? If there’s any issue, let us know at once. The special ops team is just around the corner in Jongno….”

The general manager was worried Dham-Duk might make a scene.

No matter how shoddy his appearance might have been, hunters had capabilities far above regular people.

However, the appraiser dismissed the concern with a wave of the hand.

“No, no. It’s just that the quality is so high. So to explain…

The appraiser took a pause to catch his breath, then continued.

“Each and every one of these is a top-quality 4-star item!”

Everyone in the vicinity was shocked and their mouths fell open.

The general manager began to stammer openly.

“What did you say? Excuse me! Sir! Appraisal errors can lead to legal disputes! Speak clearly!”

“It’s true, it’s true! I’ve been in this business for 40 years, how could I not know? They are all 4-star items, no doubt about it….”

The flustered appraiser’s trembling gaze returned to Dham-Duk.

Dham-Duk simply smiled faintly.


The general manager was in awe.

A 4-star item’s starting price was in the hundreds of millions at the lowest. Some of exceptional quality could sell for tens of billions.

There were many clients who brought in premium gear, but never had they seen an individual bring in such a massive quantity of high-end items.

‘Is he from the underworld? Someone from political or business dark circles? Damn it, he must be someone huge!’

The general manager sweated profusely, trying to get a read on Dham-Duk, and it was the same with the rest of the staff.

Dham-Duk spoke up.

“I’m selling all of it. How much can I get?”

“So, all together, that would be roughly… 1.9 billion….”

There was a moment of dead silence.

The general manager muttered as if in a trance.

“What are we waiting for… Escort him to the VIP room immediately!”

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