I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 89

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#89. The Memories of the Beginning (2)

“The memories of… the beginning?” Damduk muttered to himself before hastily closing his mouth as the eyes of Samshin Grandma and the others were fixed on him.


He briefly racked his brain.

It didn’t take him long to decide what to do.

“Thank you so much! The system is completely fixed! Haha!”

Damduk bowed deeply, at a ninety-degree angle, towards Samshin Grandma.

Only then did the faces of Samshin Grandma and her companions lighten up with color.

[Ho ho ho, it’s only natural. You’ve worked hard.]

“Keke, that’s awesome! Finally, it’s over!!”

“The greedy employer, seriously, this time it was really tough. You have to prepare double the meat for the feast compared to usual.”

– Cheer! Cheer!

Baekgureum, Adel Sharon, and even Baekseol all burst into bright smiles.

Alone, Sooyul Joo let out a breath of relief and whispered quietly.

“It’s a relief. Now that the system is fixed, we can start the next journey.”

At her words, the previously excited faces of Baekgureum and Adel Sharon suddenly stiffened.

“Don’t say such a dreadful thing… we should fully rest for at least a week before moving on….”

“Yeah. Save us a bit, Sooyul Unni… this is all to make ends meet, isn’t it….”

But Joo Sooyul was unflappable.

“What’s the use of being relaxed when the war of the gods might break out tomorrow and we could all die?”

“But still, to rest a little….”

“Even if we go down, a piece of meat would be nice, right…?”

Despite Baekgureum and Adel Sharon’s dewy eyes, Joo Sooyul maintained an expressionless face throughout.

Samshin Grandma, who was petting Baekseol lying on a mat in the field, let out a laugh after observing them.

[Ho ho ho, your team seems to get along quite well.]

“Not really!!”

“Not at all!!”

[Ho ho ho ho, you guys are funny.]

Seizing the somehow more amiable (?) atmosphere, Damduk stealthily moved under a willow tree to open the system.

“Ah, looks like there’s some new update since the system was fixed. I’ll take a look at it.”

Damduk read the message that had appeared in his mind, showing a smile and even waving at his companions.

[You have faced the memories of the beginning.]

[From now on, you can open and view memories of past lives.]

[Would you like to view the memories?]

‘Past lives… Could it really be true?’

Somehow, his heart pounded inexplicably.

He had a feeling that the things that Joo Sooyul had always concealed under the guise of goodness might be written here.

‘Of course, I know she wouldn’t hide anything evil from me….’

But curiosity got the better of him.

“Alright then….”

Swallowing dryly, Damduk touched the view button.

[Ep.01 The Memories of the Beginning.]

Life, creation, blossoming. This was my first memory.

I was born revering all things as parents and lived through the time of the beginning in a state of perfect emptiness.

In the year I turned one, I learned there were 100 other children born with me, and those 100 were the only living beings on this land.

In the year I turned two, I, along with my siblings, vowed to prosper on this land.

In the year I turned three, my siblings and I realized that there were beings called ‘gods’ other than us on this land.

In the year I turned four, I was summoned by the gods of this land and received many blessings, and I was gifted a bouquet of joy, sorrow, love, and pleasure at a place called the spring of the beginning.

In the year I turned five, we received the official title of ‘human beings’ from them.


It was a continuous sequence of unbelievably happy and peaceful moments.

We never felt wanting for anything, and all the gods of the world lovingly cherished humans.

Having led days filled with joy until the age of 2,700 years, I was summoned by the god of death.

Darkness, rest, peace. These were my last memories.

– The First Records by Yoo Damduk –

“What? Is this… really my past life?”

The story was laid out too plainly and was filled with terms hard to grasp.

Does it even make sense for a human to live up to 2,700 years old?

‘Like it’s some myth of Dangun….’

Moreover, he thought the memories of past lives would be from his past, but wasn’t this too… past?

“If as it’s written here, am I one of the earth’s first humans?!”

It seemed like a wondrous tale straight out of a creation book.

But among those, one detail notably caught his eye.

「In the year I turned four, I was summoned by the gods of this land and received many blessings, and I was gifted a bouquet of joy, sorrow, love, and pleasure at a place called the spring of the beginning.」

“Could this mean….”

He naturally recalled a recent memory.

A child, who looked very much like himself, receiving a bouquet of flowers from a woman and smiling.

The identity of that child was…,

“This is implying that the child is me, isn’t it?”

He laughed incredulously.

No matter how many times he read it, the conclusion was the same.

He was one of the beginning’s 100 people and had lived until the age of 2,700 before dying.


“It’s not just the memories of the beginning.”

What he had read was merely the first record. There were a total of 1,868 more memories, all locked away.

That meant he was a human who had reincarnated 1,869 times.

“Geez… this is really problematic.”

Whether it was true or not, he couldn’t be certain.

Of course, it made no sense for the system to lie, but he couldn’t just blindly trust such a tale.

However, one thing was clear – he was compelled to find out what these bizarre memories meant.

Damduk’s instinct strongly suggested that unraveling this mystery could make preventing the war of the gods much easier.


‘The reason I suddenly awakened with no abilities and the war of the gods, perhaps even everything about the 12 Guardians mentioned in Joo Sooyul’s prophecy….’

“I could find out everything.”

Damduk nodded slowly as he looked at the system window.

[Ep.02 Memory is locked.]

[Ep.03 Memory is locked.]

[Ep.04 Memory is locked.]


The numerous memories that he had yet to read, that were still inaccessible.

As he scrolled down contemplating, sequential messages popped up saying that to unlock the memories, he needed to come into contact with the fragments of the related memories.

“Fragments of memories… do I have to dream something like before?”

Damduk pondered various methods as he scrolled carefully.

“Huh? This one’s unlocked?”

Among all, another episode stood uniquely unlocked.

[Ep.1,001 Defeating Asmodeus.]


A vivid memory came to mind.

It seemed that when he encountered Asmodeus in the demon realm, the contact he had with him was recognized as a fragment of memory, freeing the lock.

‘Then everything I dreamt then… was it really my past lives?’

Scenes where he was always fighting alongside Joo Sooyul anywhere and everywhere.

Damduk recollected that dream as he clicked on the 1,001st memory with trembling fingers.

[Ep.1,001 Defeating Asmodeus.]

This life, I awakened at the age of 31.

It felt a bit late compared to the average, and I worried, but it turned out to be a life where I achieved remarkable accomplishments, which makes me happy to record.

Finally, I’ve taken care of that dreadful Asmodeus!

Ever since my 47th life when I first encountered him, until just before, the 1,000th life, I was consistently skinned alive, limbs severed, viscera exploded, dying again and again, and over and over… but finally! Finally, in this life, I’ve completely crushed him!

It truly cannot be anything less than a historic moment.

We fought fiercely day and night for three days, and in the end, he knelt before me.

The perfect defeat of the ‘King of Swords.’

If only I could, I would want to remember this life forever.

After that, the demon king selection proceeded smoothly… (Omission).

His head felt heavy.

Unlike the heavily detailed nature of the first memory, this one felt like a raw journal of an unemployed, even more shocking because it was no different from an adult-rated horror story.

“…Asmodeus killed me so many times…?”

Not just simple killing but a brutal end involving skin tearing, limb severing, and viscera….


Just the thought was nauseating.

A forgotten unease started to creep back up.

‘It says here that I defeated him, but can I do that in this life too?’

Just the mere thought made his body go stiff with fear.

This damn fear had made him powerless in front of the underworld grandma as well.

‘I must find a solution for this fear….’

Even as Damdek pondered, no clear solution came to mind, so he shook his head. Anyway, it was time for the next journey.

‘All the other memories are still locked anyway….’

As Damduk stood up, Samshin Grandma and the others approached him.

[How is it? It’s all fixed up, right? Yes. Of course~]

Samshin Grandma said with a face full of conviction.

“Thank you so much. It was a huge help.”

Damduk once again expressed his gratitude.

The system was fixed, and now he could go anywhere.


Damduk’s gaze turned towards his companions.

Joo Sooyul had a black flower in her hand. Baekgureum and Adel Sharon, and even Baekseol, were holding black flowers in their mouths.

“Why is everyone holding flowers?”

“Oh, this? Samshin Grandma said these are essential for beating that underworld grandma, right?”

“The underworld grandma we failed to fully defeat might show up again soon. Ugh. What a clingy old lady….”

Baekgureum and Adel Sharon answered, shivering.

Then Joo Sooyul added an explanation about the flower.

“It’s a flower of the underworld. Eating it slightly increases resistance to fear.”

Samshin Grandma nodded with a gentle smile.

– Intent!

As the words were barely finished, Baekseol leaped up and gently placed another black flower in his hand.

‘A flower that increases resistance to fear?’

Just when he resolved to deal with his fear, he came across such a potion.

Not only against the underworld grandma, but having resistance to fear would also help him in any upcoming confrontation.

And who would refuse such a potion given for free?

Damduk threw the flower into his mouth in a single bite.

[Resistance to fear has increased slightly!]

Although it was faint, he felt an indefinable sense of confidence growing.

Indeed. That said… he also felt a bit of dissatisfaction.

Was it still not enough?

Watching him, Samshin Grandma spoke.

[Feeling a bit short? To really battle that nasty old crone without losing your energy, you’d need to chew on about 20 underworld flowers….]

“Could I have a bit more then, please?”

Damduk had the nerve to ask, but Samshin Grandma shook her head resolutely.

[Underworld flowers are a potent potion that act chaotically if humans consume more than two of them. Could you still handle it?]

As soon as she finished speaking, Baekgureum and Adel Sharon spat out the underworld flowers they were chewing.

[You lot! Such a waste! Pick them up and eat them quickly!]


“No way! Why would you feed us something this dangerous!”

“Ptui! Damn it, I chose a big one to eat…!!”

Watching the commotion amongst his companions, Damduk pondered alone.

‘It’s still not sufficient. If the underworld grandma appears again in this state….’

He wouldn’t be able to rely on Samshin Grandma again next time.

At the very least, he needed to cultivate enough immunity to fear so he wouldn’t freeze just by making eye contact. Only then could he engage in a real battle.

“Isn’t there another way to increase resistance to fear?”

At Damduk’s serious inquiry, Samshin Grandma led the party to the edge of a cliff.

[Over there, working in the western flower fields of death for a hundred years would give you some resistance to fear. Even without eating underworld flowers, you’ll build enough resistance to face that old crone.]

“100 years?!” exclaimed Adel Sharon, gaping.

“I can’t do 100 years! I’ll be a grandfather by then! I have to become the strongest swordsman!”

Baekgureum also backed away, wincing

Joo Sooyul and Damduk had similar expressions.

‘It’s absurd to spend 100 years working in a flower field.’

Samshin Grandma’s goodwill was appreciated, but they needed another solution.

If they couldn’t build up resistance to fear soon, they wouldn’t only fail against the underworld grandma, but also be unable to stand against Asmodeus later on…

‘There must be some way.’

At that moment, Damduk saw a glimpse of light in front of his troubled eyes.

[The Gorgon Island’s Raid Party!]

Employer : Elia

Divine power : 200,000 or higher

Experience : Combat experience required, courage required

Job Description : Beheading Medusa

Duration of Work : Until Medusa’s head is cut off.

Compensation : Shield of Perseus (Heroic)

A word from the boss : For those questioning if the salary is insufficient, beheading Medusa results in a tremendous increase in resistance to fear. It’s far more effective than any potion, so only those in need should apply. (*Warning* Do not ask about personal details. Please stop sending private messages at dawn. No inquiries about the announcement. Only those willing to participate should apply.)

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