I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 88

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#88. Memories of the Beginning (1)

At the cliff’s very edge.

Damdeok, who had reached the top first, exhaled with a “Huff!” and turned back.

“Wow, it’s breathtaking.”

The open view.

The bright blue sky, clouds drifting like carved pieces, and below, the expansive flower fields of the Samshin Grandma unfolded into a scene that seemed straight out of a fairy tale.

“I’m telling you, the view here is simply to die for.”

Though he had been to this location countless times to fetch water, he couldn’t help but gasp in awe when confronted with the sight every time.

“Below the cliff, the view is great, but the willow tree and the spring are especially…”

Damdeok turned around in a circle.

The willow in the center of the cliff.

If no one had pointed it out, it could easily be mistaken for the mythical World Tree, for it was massively huge.

“No end in sight, no end at all.”

The tree ascended high into the sky, its top out of view.

“The entire cliff is made from the hardened roots of that tree—nothing more need be said.”

The height of this cliff was 200 meters.

Which meant the roots alone stretched 200 meters long.

‘And if it’s that long below, how tall must it be above…?’

And that wasn’t all.

“It’s not just the tree, but the spring water that’s even more wondrous.”

The clear spring water pooling peacefully around the base of the willow.

It was like an oasis in a desert devoid of a single droplet, emanating a strange and mystical aura.

‘It’s like the legendary Moonlight Spring.’

Enthralled, Damdeok stepped forward.

Sounds of his comrades climbing up followed, but he paid them no heed, moving closer to the spring water.

He leaned over to peer into the water.


Startled by his presence, a fish leaped and darted away.

Ripples spread, distorting his reflection.


Something was off.

The distorted reflection seemed… not like his own face.

Or rather, more accurately, it surely was his face, but not how it currently looked…

“What’s this?”

Something twitched deep in his memory.

“It’s definitely my face, but…”

As Damdeok reached to calm the rippling water, reality snapped back.

[What are you looking at?]

The voice of Samshin Grandma jolted him to his senses.

His companions were already behind him.

“Heave, ho! Finally made it!! Missiooon compreeetee!!”

Baekgu-reum collapsed face-first on the ground, red as a beet.

“Ah! If the citizens of Atlawum knew I live like this, they would weep in sorrow…!”

Adel Sharon also fell beside him.

Seeing Jusoyul also out of breath, it seemed she had to drag the two here.

“Hyung! Why are you the only one climbing ahead! Not even looking back and just going?!”

“That’s right, exploiting boss! Who do you think is suffering because of whom here?! You should at least have some conscience!”

Baekgu-reum and Adel Sharon began to rapid-fire their complaints.

Damdeok smiled mischievously and got to his feet.

The spring water was calm once again, the reflection undoubtedly his face.

‘Must have seen things wrong because of the fatigue.’

Damdeok shook off the water from his hand and approached Baekgu-reum and Adel Sharon.

“You guys are such drama kings. Should’ve trained harder regularly~”

“What?! You know how hard I train!”

“Wow, now I’m really mad. Magicians aren’t meant for physical labor!”

Baekgu-reum and Adel Sharon scoffed, while Damdeok laughed at their reactions.

Samshin Grandma was observing Damdeok closely, hands clasped behind her back.


She alternated her gaze between the serene spring water and Damdeok, murmuring softly.

[I thought he was just an ordinary youngster, but it turns out he’s shouldering a burden he can’t handle….]

A murmur too quiet for anyone to hear, but Jusoyul’s hand trembled slightly.

[Haha, interesting. This old body’s intuition hasn’t died yet. Damdeok, was it? Just what are you up to? Come over here.]

Following Samshin Grandma’s gentle gesture, Damdeok approached slowly.

Baekgu-reum and Adel Sharon sat up straight too, now all eyes were on Samshin Grandma.

“Is it really possible… to fix the system, or the Narin Spear?”

To Damdeok’s question, Samshin Grandma smiled serenely, as if basking in the rising sun.

[Well, ‘fix’ is not exactly the correct term. It’s more like being reborn.]

“Sorry? What does that mean?”

[No need for long speeches. Just come inside.]

She indicated the body of water below the willow.

[The Primeval Water has the power to return every life to its original state. If submerged for half a day, the malfunctioning Narin Spear should return to normal.]

Having listened to Samshin Grandma, Damdeok nodded, laying down Baeksori.

“Primeval Water… Just by going in, the system can be fixed…?”

He was honestly astounded.

To think that one simply needed to soak for half a day, how convenient!

He already felt clammy from his own sweat and wanted to dive in right away.


“Ugh, it’s just too deep…”

Upon approaching the spring water, he hesitated to dive in.

The clear surface sparkled under the sunlight, beautifully radiant; but as he peered closer, the depths below seemed far too deep, an endless darkness lurking within.

As if the abyss itself had sunk into the spring water… an unknown terror lay at his feet.

Damdeok felt his body stiffen involuntarily.

‘It feels similar to when I worked the Styx River part-time for Cerberus.’

With a nervous gulp, Damdeok glanced back.

Samshin Grandma and his companions all watched him.

All their expressions were unanimously telling him, ‘What’s taking so long? Just go in.’

“…Just in case, there isn’t another way, right?”

Damdeok asked Samshin Grandma tentatively with a nervous chuckle, but it was in vain.

[There isn’t. What are you waiting for. Get in.]

In the same moment, Baekgu-reum and Adel Sharon lunged for him.

“Are you planning to let us suffer forever?!”

“Quick, get in and finish this!”

“Whoa, don’t push! Do not push! Aaack!”


Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle!

Baekgu-reum and Adel Sharon waved their hands cheerfully from above the water surface.

Baeksori’s face showed clear distress.

‘These #$%@#… Blurblrblr…!’

Damdeok wanted to curse, but only bubbles escaped.

His body began to sink, and an ominous premonition set in.

‘What the…! Why isn’t my body floating back up…!’

He wasn’t bad at swimming, but the more he struggled, the further down he sank.

Baeksori and the others’ faces blurred in the distance.

‘Damn it! I knew something was off… Help… Gah!’


As the last breath bubbled out, consciousness began to fade.

‘When I get out, I’ll…won’t let this go…’

Reaching towards the water’s surface, everything went black for Damdeok.

* * *

Warm sunshine.

A comforting feeling.

Damdeok slowly opened his eyes.

“What the… isn’t this the top of the cliff?”

It was a familiar scene.

The large willow tree, the clear pool of spring water.

Damdeok was back in the very spot where he had stood moments before.

“I was definitely drowning in the water before, wasn’t I?”

He looked around, but Samshin Grandma and his peers were nowhere to be seen.

Only the willow tree, spring water, and the flower fields below stood quietly in their place.

Pastel tones filled his eyes, and a sense of tranquility washed over him.

“…Is this another one of those dreams?”

Something felt similar to before.

The fierce dream he experience after losing consciousness when facing Asmodeus.

“Why do I keep having these dreams periodically? I didn’t use to have dreams often.”

Maybe a side effect of acquiring the gods’ system?

It truly was a mystery.


As Damdeok exhaled, a pleasant breeze brushed by.

Flower petals fluttered towards him from somewhere, briefly clouding his vision.


Eyes widened in the clear view, a child now stood beneath the willow tree.

When and where, exactly, had they appeared?

There was no sense of their presence until now…

As Damdeok narrowed his eyes, they grew wider again in realization.

‘Wait, that face… the one that reflected on the water just moments ago!’

Though the child’s features were slightly younger, there was no mistake.

The child’s face was indeed the same one he had seen in the reflection.

“…Who are you?”

An unfamiliar yet strangely familiar child.

Drawn towards the willow tree, Damdeok moved closer, but the child turned their back, as if waiting for someone else.

“Hey, wait. Look at me, kid…!”

Just as Damdeok raised his voice and tried to reach the child, an invisible wall seemed to block any further movement.


The direction the child gazed became illuminated with a ray of sunshine, and a woman with a mystical aura appeared amidst it.

An elderly woman, her comforting smile would put anyone at ease, Damdeok instantly recognized her identity.

‘It’s Samshin Grandma, no doubt…’

She was certainly younger, but without doubt, she was Samshin Grandma.

The woman tenderly stroked the child’s head.

Her voice, as if piercing through the surrounding walls, echoed in a whispering tone.

– Child of the beginning, born from the earth. Though I may have been involved in the process of selecting you, my role was minor. The true selectors were the world itself and all within it; they are your true parents. And so, you shall embody and love everyone…

The next words from the woman’s mouth were inaudible, but the bright smile told of the kind blessings she imparted.

– Here, these are flowers made from the virtues of all humankind.

As she finished speaking, the woman handed the child a huge bouquet of flowers.

It seemed to contain every type of flower from Samshin Grandma’s garden, lush and overflowing.

The child looked up at the woman after accepting the flowers as tall as himself.

– Am I a special child?

– Indeed, you are.

– Why?

– Because you are…

The voices became faint again.

As if on cue, petals began swirling around from all directions.

“Wait! Who exactly are you…!”

Damdeok reached out towards the smiling child, but the storm of petals made it impossible to open his eyes.


Suddenly, the petals form a vast whirlwind, engulfing Damdeok within.

“Cough…! What kind of petals behave like a typhoon…! How can I move like this…!”

His eyes tightly shut, Damdeok braced against the relentless assault.

As he thought he might truly perish from the petal onslaught, peace returned as suddenly as the storm had started.


When he hesitantly opened his eyes, Samshin Grandma and the others were plainly staring at him.

“…What are you doing?”

Inquired Jusoyul.

Damdeok slowly lowered his arms that had shielded his face and scanned the surroundings.

The countless petals had vanished, and he was simply floating on the tranquil water’s surface.

Everything was so calm.


“Hey, hyung, first you were acting all flustered in the water, keeping up with the show, huh? Kekeke!”

“You’re quite the actor. Even I, an illustrious star, was impressed!”

“Keke, you just meditated half a day with your eyes closed, and then suddenly began thrashing and opened your eyes? What was that all about?”

Baekgu-reum and Adel Sharon laughed and cracked jokes.

Damdeok was dumbfounded.

Half a day already?

Was it true? Had that much time passed in just a moment?

Jusoyul approached Damdeok, who looked dazed.

“What’s wrong, why do you look so startled? After spending half a day in the spring water, the system should be fixed now. Have you checked?”

[Hehe, why bother asking? Surely it must be operating perfectly now.]

Oh, that’s right.

The system…!

As Damdeok quickly opened the system window, new notifications popped up.


[You have encountered the Primeval Memories.]

[You can now access memories from your past life.]

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