I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 87

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#87. Grandma Samshin’s Flower Garden (2)

“Argh! Damn it all!”

Damdeok was carefully descending down a cliff, a small water pail hooked firmly at his side.

“Ugh! What in the world makes this water pail so heavy?!”

As he cursed out loud, the words of the young deity from moments ago flashed through his mind.

“The water pail of Grandma Samshin can contain much more water than it appears to.”

“If filled completely, it could hold about a thousand times that of an ordinary pail.”

The pure and clear voice of the deity now seemed irritatingly smug.

“Tch, too easy to talk about someone else’s job…!”

The pail Damdeok had received appeared small enough to hug to his chest, yet the reality was that the amount of water it could hold was truly beyond imagination.

‘I’ve had it soaking in water for over an hour, after all.’

The sight of water spiraling into the jar had been quite remarkable.

For all he knew, there was enough water inside that petit jar to fill a village reservoir.

“It feels like I’m climbing down this cliff with ten Cerberuses on my back…”

Muttering to himself, Damdeok looked down.


A dizzying height.

The young deity below looked up at him, a grin on his face. It felt like a provocation.

“…Smiling? You find this funny? When we are slaving away here!?”

A vein nearly popped on Damdeok’s forehead.

He resolved to give that smiling young deity a piece of his mind once he made it down.

That moment, a familiar white head zoomed past him.

“Hehe, what’s up, hyung! You started before me; why are you so slow? I’m going first!!”

Baekgureum huffed past Damdeok, quickly beginning to descend.

“Nice! I’ll make it down before hyung!!”

“What the…”

The kid seemed to be having the time of his life.

Maybe he thought of this task as some kind of sport.

Such an optimist.

“Climbing is the true sport of men! Watch and learn, hyung!”

However, the bravado was short-lived, as Baekgureum’s arms and legs soon began to tremble.

“Heugh, heugh.”

He grimaced, breathing heavily,

Though he appeared to be moving diligently, from behind, it was clear he was struggling.

Damdeok observed Baekgureum with a sympathetic gaze.

A gap of about a meter had formed between them.

It felt like no gap at all.

“You’re trying hard, kiddo.”

“Shut up! Don’t talk to me; I’m concentrating!”

Baekgureum yelled, yet his body continued to shake, moving down only a few centimeters at a time.

‘Well, considering the effort needed to climb roughly 200 meters to the willow where the spring water collects, it’s understandable he’d be drained.’

200 meters of sheer cliff climbing was no easy feat, even for Baekgureum who had undergone harsh training from a young age.

If even Damdeok, having enhanced his muscular strength with divine power, struggled with the task, Baekgureum’s difficulty was foreseen.

“It looks like he might get into an accident…”

And just as expected.

Hastening to descend before Damdeok could catch up, Baekgureum misstepped, and immediately,


Water gushed out from the pail.


With Baekgureum’s scream, water poured helplessly downward.

“Ah… no… it can’t be…”

He looked down at the spill with a hopeless expression, not daring to look directly into the jar, he glanced up at Damdeok with pitiful eyes.

“Hyung… please tell me it didn’t spill much. Please.”

“Ah… You should’ve moved slower. Why push yourself?”

Damdeok approached and lightly patted Baekgureum’s disheartened shoulder.

Baekgureum’s face was now a picture of misery.

“If this spills, I’ll definitely have to go back and refill it…”

“It’s more efficient than trying to scoop up what’s already spilled.”

Before starting, the young deity had stated that if the group, all four of them, filled the pails completely and carried the water down ten times, it would be enough to water the eastern flower garden.

‘Assuming not a single drop is wasted, that is.’

Therefore, spilling mid-way and going back to refill the pail was the most efficient in terms of effort.


Looking at Baekgureum’s stony expression, Damdeok felt slightly sorry for him, but had no intention of helping.


Damdeok intently gazed at the notification window floating before his eyes.

Although there had been some errors, it wasn’t unreadable.

[Subject No. 1 & Jr. Priest Baek$ureum’s patience □ barely increases@!]

[Subject & Jr. Priest Baegu$ureum’s stamina □ barely increases@!]

[Subject & Jr. Priest Baek$ureum’s strength □ barely increases@!]

‘Ability stats have been increasing since a while ago.’

After all, this brutal exercise of rock climbing with an incredibly heavy water pail.

It would be strange if the ability stats didn’t increase with such a vicious activity.

Damdeok was doing this to fix the system but ended up getting a full workout as well.

‘It’s a two-for-one deal.’

There would be no direct assistance for Baekgureum – he wanted to encourage him instead.

By pushing to the limit and increasing their stats, they could ensure safety for the journey ahead.

“Hang in there!”

As Damdeok patted Baekgureum’s shoulder a couple more times with a satisfied expression, a chilling voice floated from above.

“…Greedy employer. I’m going to kill you…”

“Aah! You scared me!”

Damdeok almost dropped the pail when he lifted his head.

Adel Sharon, with her blonde hair wild, was looking down at him like a ghost.

“Geez! Not the face! Why are your eyes wide open like that?!”

Adel, with her eyes widened like a wronged ghost, was truly a vision of horror from the perspective below.

“…First, it was kitchen aid… Now carrying water pails for a flower garden? I should have refused to become an acolyte… Unpaid… Overworked… Evil employer, be gone…”

She mumbled like a spirit, effortlessly sliding down the cliff.

Damdeok watched with a baffled face.

“Sometimes Adel really gets weird…”

“You’re wrong.”


Voices kept popping up from everywhere.

When Damdeok looked up again, he saw Jusoyul descending the cliff calmly.

“It’s not ‘sometimes.’ Adel is weird from. the. start.”

She passed him with a firm statement.

Damdeok watched her pass and mumbled blankly.

“To me, it seems like you’re the weirdest one right now…”

Jusoyul walked vertically down the cliff as if it were flat ground. Unlike others, she wasn’t staggering under the weight of the pail at her side but carried it on her head with ease, as if it were a delicate offering.

“How does one do that with a skill… Not a single drop is being spilled.”

They were both medium-ranked deities, yet Jusoyul seemed to possess many peculiar skills.

“Yep. Lucky me, she’s on my side.”

Reluctantly, Damdeok also hastened his steps.

[Subject Jr. Priest Adel Sha$ron’s patience □ barely increases&!]

[Subject Jr. Priest Adel Sha$ron’s stamina □ barely increases&!]

[Subject Jr. Priest Adel Sha$ron’s strength □ barely increases&!]

Even amidst the ordeal, the notifications kept popping up.

With these messages, Damdeok found the hellish labor starting to feel oddly rewarding.

‘This part-time job is a system repair and a physical training camp combined.’

If the acolytes become stronger, does that not in turn make him stronger?

He had misjudged before. This wasn’t a two-for-one, but a three-for-one situation!

Of course, afterward, Baekgureum, having spilled the water again due to a mistake, roared in fury, and Adel Sharon, unable to bear it any longer, erupted in a fiery outburst… Yet Damdeok’s lips remained curved in a smile throughout.

* * *

“Huff, huff! It’s over!!”


Baekgureum gritted his teeth and shook the pail over the flower garden.

After a total of thirteen round trips, they had finally completed the assigned task.

‘If only I hadn’t spilled the water those three times… It would have ended in just ten!’

He felt as if he had worked double compared to the others—his limbs twitching with fatigue.

On the other side, Damdeok, Jusoyul, and Adel Sharon had finished pouring their last pails and sat down.

The others had paced themselves to finish at the same time, supporting him as he made multiple trips up and down the cliff.

‘I’m grateful, but not grateful.’

Baekgureum bit his lower lip and grimaced.

It was nice to have company, but nobody had offered to carry the pail for him!

‘The hardest part was this damned pail!’

As Baekgureum flung the pail away in disgust, the young deity approached him with a beaming smile.

“You did a great job! You were quite slow compared to the usual water carriers, but your perseverance is admirable!”

Baekgureum’s brows twitched.

The same brat who merely sat around grinning while he struggled with the pail.

All the hardship and bitterness burst forth at once in Baekgureum.

“You little pea-sized punk, are you mocking me?!”

Baekgureum, a 17-year-old youth, charged at the deity who looked no more than 10.

The size difference was evident; the teenage boy was much more intimidating, yet the deity breezily dodged his grab.


Baekgureum tumbled to the ground and stood up seething.

[You brat! How dare you challenge the guardian of the garden!]

Grandma Samshin’s scold was followed by brilliance in front of Baekgureum’s eyes.


She had smacked him accurately at the back of the head.

Baekgureum babbled in pain, his eyes popping out in agony.

[You rascal! The guardian is equivalent to a king here. Show some respect!]

Yet even as she scolded, Grandma Samshin’s eyes swept lovingly across the flower garden that had been thoroughly watered, now glittering in vibrant colors.

With the same kindness in her smile as if nothing had happened, Grandma Samshin turned away, hands clasped behind her back.

“[Ho ho, you’ve done well to finish everything. Now you may go. Come along.]

While Baekgureum was still reeling from the shock, Damdeok asked,

“Where are we going now?”

[Where else? It’s to fix your broken Nascent Soul Window, isn’t it?]

Hope bloomed on the faces of Damdeok and his companions at her words.

Damdeok and Jusoyul with the certainty of system repair, and Baekgureum and Adel Sharon with relief that the arduous labor was over…

But as they walked after Grandma Samshin, their expressions slowly hardened.

“Why are we back here…?”

“Could we have taken a wrong turn…?”

“Don’t tell me the place to fix the system is…”

Damdeok swallowed and lifted his head.

The high cliff.

They had arrived yet again at this hellish place.

“My limbs are still quivering… we’re doing this again…?”

At Damdeok’s murmur, the faces of Baekgureum and Adel Sharon behind him began to pale.

Grandma Samshin glanced back slowly.

[What are you waiting for? Climb up.]

Amid the frozen group, Baekgureum’s roar echoed grandly.

“Aaaaaaaaah!! It’s a nightmare!! This has to be a dreammmmm!!”

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