I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 86

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#86. The Flower Garden of Samshin Grandmother (1)



Damdok and Jusoyul stared at each other silently for a few seconds.

It was Damdok who broke the silence first.

“Samshin Grandmother, a forgotten deity of the underworld… she’s incredibly powerful, isn’t she? You know about that, right? You have the power of foresight.”

Jusoyul pondered for a moment before answering.

Though it was common knowledge that no deity associated with ‘the underworld’ was weak, Samshin Grandmother was known for her particularly formidable power, a legend amongst gods.

‘If rumors are true, she not only devours humans but also the young gods of the Jade Emperor….’

If those young gods were deities of Taoist belief, referred to as immortals, and if their strength could be quantified within the divine system….

‘Middle, upper-tier gods.’

In other words, for middle-ranked deities like Damdok and herself, they were merely a single meal for Samshin Grandmother.

“Why are you silent? It’s true…. Samshin Grandmother is immensely powerful, right?”

Damdok pressed on with the question.

Jusoyul lightly bit her lower lip.

Admitting the truth seemed to crush Damdok’s spirit too harshly.

Yet, what could she do?

After all, Damdok would eventually have to settle scores with Asmodeus.

Asmodeus was twice, no, three to four times more powerful than Samshin Grandmother.

Taking a brief breath, Jusoyul spoke.

“Yes. Not as much as Asmodeus, but among Korean deities, Samshin Grandmother possesses some of the highest levels of power.”

Moreover, judging from the aura she had felt at that time, it seemed Samshin Grandmother had already grown powerful using the gate.

“So it’s like that after all….”

Damdok muttered anxiously.

He didn’t elaborate, but Jusoyul understood exactly what his shadowed expression implied.

‘Yes, it must be overwhelming right now.’

Having faced Samshin Grandmother several times, Jusoyul could empathize with Damdok’s current feelings.

‘Paralyzed by fear, unable to move, and even if you could, there was nothing you could do.’

It was said that any living creature that saw the eyes of the Samshin Grandmother suffocated from severe fear, leading to asphyxiation.

It must have been quite a shock to experience such an unfamiliar level of fear for the first time.

‘But the grim reality has already arrived.’

The time to confront Samshin Grandmother had come a bit sooner than expected, but it was inevitable.

‘Now that she has appeared, there’s no choice but to deal with her.’

Jusoyul gazed seriously at Damdok, who sat on the bed.

“Don’t worry. There’s a way to tackle this. The battle with Samshin Grandmother hinges on overcoming the fear that lies before you. As it turns out, there’s an unexpectedly simple way to handle it….”

Just as Jusoyul was about to hint at the next part-time job, an unexpected string of words leaked from the murmuring Damdok.

“Samshin Grandmother can even destroy the system, and to think Asmodeus is stronger than her… what the heck are the gods really made of….”

Damdok’s eyes looked defeated.

Looking at his face, Jusoyul’s expression showed a clear sign of dismay.

“Wait a minute, who said something got destroyed…?”

Damdok slowly looked up at Jusoyul.

“…Oh, did I not mention it? Samshin Grandmother smashed my part-time job window. Smashed it to bits with her skinny hands.”

Dramatically, Damdok gestured to reenact the scene.

Jusoyul unconsciously shook her head slowly.

“That’s impossible… It can’t be… destroying the system…”

What was this system?

It was a sacred and complex mechanism created by the Mother at the beginning of time, to facilitate communication and harmony among gods, humans, and all living things.

How could it possibly be destroyed?

In her 1,869 reincarnations, spanning 93,450 years, she had never seen nor heard of such an absurdity.

‘It would be more believable to say the sun rose from the west.’

But contrary to her conviction, Damdok nonchalantly carried on about the system’s destruction.

“That grandma, a Korean deity, she wouldn’t be from Hwarang or something like that? Or a Taekwondo black belt? Ha, it wasn’t even that fast to the eye.”

With those words, Damdok summoned his part-time job window, which was invisible to Jusoyul, but from the grimace on his face as he looked at the air, it seemed there was indeed an issue with the system.

However, despite this, Jusoyul found it difficult to take Damdok at his word.

“It’s absurd to say the system was destroyed. There’s never been such an incident before…”

Damdok shook his head in frustration.

“Of course, you wouldn’t know because you’ve never seen the system break. What’s with that tone? You sound like you are on your second life on your own.”


Jusoyul gave a couple of coughs to maintain composure.

“Alright. There’s no reason for you to lie to me.”

Rather than arguing over something that couldn’t be immediately verified, it was more critical to look forward and find a way to proceed.

‘Not to mention Asmodeus just yet. To even overcome Samshin Grandmother….’

Naturally, they had to take the part-time job.

The gods’ part-time jobs.

“…Ah, but how can I go to the part-time job if the system is broken?”

In response to Jusoyul’s question, Damdok blinked twice.

“…That’s what I wanted to ask?”

Jusoyul shook her head vigorously in response to Damdok’s remark.

‘Get a grip! Come on, focus!’

Plans began to tangle as unexpected events occurred.

‘We need to fix the system first.’

If Damdok’s system couldn’t be repaired, all their upcoming grand plans would end here.

“To get it repaired… we would need, of course…”

Jusoyul quickly opened her part-time job window.

Although she didn’t know how to fix the broken system, surely a craftsman par excellence like Hephaestus, the master blacksmith god of Olympus, would be the right choice.

‘If it’s Hephaestus, surely he can restore it to its original state.’

Nodding to herself, Jusoyul located the part-time job that would take her to his forge.


[(Hephaestus’s Forge) All part-time Golden Hammer crafting jobs for this week are canceled! An urgent deployment came up!]

“An urgent deployment? Just when we need him…”

It was a setback.

The only deity skilled and close enough she could rely on was Hephaestus.

As Jusoyul gnawed her lip looking into the void, Damdok’s face grew increasingly anxious.

‘That guy doesn’t usually panic…’

He was a being who maintained constant coolness, a human after all.

Though he displayed a peculiar warmth at odd points, those moments were truly few and far between.

‘To see him this flustered, it’s the first time since that encounter with Asmodeus in the Underworld….’

Surely it had started when he mentioned the system being destroyed.

From that moment, Jusoyul’s mental fortitude visibly shook.

‘Of course, the destruction of the system by Samshin Grandmother was a shock to me too…’

But in these times, when the gods’ war might lead to the annihilation of the human world, should this be such a disturbing event?

‘As if an absolutely forbidden happening had occurred.’

Damdok stared at Jusoyul intently.

Her hands moved frantically in the air.

Struggling to find a suitable deity.

“Damdok. Are you alright?”

Mother Jo Yunhee’s voice came from outside the door.

It seems that the crew had informed her that he had woken up as they left.

“Damdok, should mom come in?”


As the door slowly opened, a bright light shone, and Jusoyul’s eyes sparked.

“I found it.”


The bright light enveloped the room.

By the time Jo Yunhee, carrying a tray of sliced fruit, entered the room,

“Oh my?”

The two were gone, with only a dim light, settling like sunlight on the bed.

* * *

Geumbaek Mountain (金白山).

At the bottom of the sacred mountain where primal gods dwell.

In a pavilion made with massive banyan trees as its pillars and jujube trees for the rafters so majestic it seemed from history books, Damdok and his party sat awkwardly.

“…Wow, this is like something straight out of a history book.”

“It looks a lot like the Atrium Forest, doesn’t it?”

Backgureum and Adel Sharon commented as they looked around.

On the east side of the pavilion with open sides all around was a vibrant flower garden, while on the west was a withering one. To the south and north were a fiery and an ice-cold flower garden, respectively.

Damdok quietly turned to Jusoyul, who sat by his side, and asked.

“Can Samshin Grandmother really fix the broken system?”

“…I don’t know. But she must have some way since she personally asked us to come here, right?”

Jusoyul recounted the recent event while responding.

[Help with the garden work, and I’ll assist with fixing your shattered window.]

It was a simple message.

Samshin Grandmother’s tailored job posting had popped up shortly afterward, and Damdok had also learned through the boss’s words that ‘Narin-chang,’ a pure Korean phrase meaning ‘window granted by heaven,’ signified the gods’ system.

“How could Samshin Grandmother know about my system being broken? It’s invisible to anyone but me, right?”

Damdok gesticulated in the air as he spoke.

“Well, regardless, Samshin Grandmother is a deity in charge of life. She’s mainly known in our country as the god who bestows babies, but if you think about it broadly, she’s somewhat of a concept similar to the primal mother goddess. As a supreme deity, there must have been some way she knew.”

As Damdok nodded along with Jusoyul’s explanation, a voice suddenly appeared.

[What are you doing? If you’ve come, roll up your sleeves and help out, instead of doing nothing.]

A grandmotherly figure with a gentle face stood in the center of the pavilion, watching Damdok’s party.

“Ugh! You startled me!”

“Whoah! I was really surprised!”

Backgureum and Adel Sharon jumped back with a shock.

Samshin Grandmother looked on amusingly, flipping her gaze between them.

[Hmm, one of these children is not of my creation… But it seems the Samshin of that world has crafted quite meticulously.]

Samshin Grandmother chuckled as she looked at Adel Sharon.

“Ha… haha… thank you…?”

Adel Sharon smiled awkwardly, not letting her guard down.

[Old saying goes, those who do not work, shall not eat. Come on now, roll up your sleeves and get to it, kids.]

Prompted by Samshin Grandmother’s gentle command, the party got up and began rolling up their sleeves.

“Follow me, please.”

Guided by a youthful god-servant, the party made their way to the flower garden.

“This is Samshin Grandmother’s eastern flower garden, where blossoms greet new life.”

At the servant’s explanation, eyes widened in wonder.

“Wow… there are so many flowers…?”

“The colors are so diverse. They’re like the colors of flasks in a magic research lab, right?”

“Hyung, look at this! This flower has a mix of pastel tones. Sniff sniff! Wow, it smells sweet! The scent is amazing!”

“It’s like someone spilled sweet paint here.”

As if seeing a flower garden for the first time, Damdok’s party explored curiously. The servant smiled brightly at them.

“Today, your task is to water this garden. Simple, right?”

Damdok and his friends nodded vigorously.

In truth, Jusoyul and Damdok were there to fix the system, and Backgureum and Adel Sharon had been pulled along to quickly finish the part-time job.

“But this kind of healing experience? We welcome it a hundred, a thousand times!”

Backgureum clenched his fists with enthusiasm, and Adel Sharon also seemed pleasantly content.

“You evil employer, today I shall see you as a gracious boss.”

“Keke, I didn’t expect this, but okay. It’s quite nice.”

Even Damdok chuckled looking around the garden, and Jusoyul, who had been stern, now had a gentle smile on her lips.

The eastern garden of Samshin Grandmother was indeed a place that put one in a mesmerizing bliss just by being there.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s water them all!”


Yet as the excited party was about to begin, the servant added with a smile,

“You can get the water for the garden over there.”

Following the direction of the servant’s finger, the group beamed with smiles.

To see the end of a high and massive cliff, they had to tilt their heads back far up where a gargantuan willow tree was visible.


“Could it be…?”

“No way…”

But contrary to their hopes, the faint sound of churning water echoed from afar by the willow tree.

Quickly, the expressions darkened, and Damdok murmured softly.

“…Who just called this a healing experience? Show yourself.”

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