I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 85

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#85. Underworld Granny’s Terror (2)

[Your application has been accepted!]

A white radiance burst forth from the system, engulfing everything around it.

The black granny’s hand that was digging into Damdeok’s chest hesitated for a moment.

Damdeok internally shouted with victory.

It was not exactly a victory, but rather a successful escape… Anyway.

‘Thanks to Hercules’s lion armor, the penetration was slow.’

It hurt, but it was not a fatal wound. This kind of injury would heal soon with the self-healing ability.

‘First, let’s get to safety and then discuss strategies with the kids.’

It’s always better with more heads than one.

“Just so you know, I’m not running away, so wait right there.”

The moment Damdeok said this with a grin,

The black granny’s inky eyes curved into crescents.

[Kek kek, the little guy is playing cunning tricks.]

In a flash.

The granny’s blade-like hand stopped in front of Damdeok’s eyes.

A moment felt as if time had stopped, the white-good vision was instantly shattered.

“It can’t be… This can’t be possible, there was no mention of this?”

Damdeok’s eyes trembled as he looked at the hand that had now penetrated the system window of the gods.

[Three… *fzzzt* The flower field of… *fzzzt* Moving impossible *fzzzt*…!]

“How could the system possibly break… What the hell are you…?”

At that question, the black granny’s eyes distorted even grotesquely.

[Who am I? Kek kek, I enjoy the flesh of children like you the most.… Under. World. Gran. Ny.]

A putrid scent of death burst out from the smirking Underworld Granny.

It was like black flames flickering, no, even darker than that, as the deep darkness spread out in every direction.

The suffocation returned once more.

The intense fear.

The rising sense of helplessness to the point of choking.

‘Damn it, this feeling… just like that time…’

Unpleasant memories crept up.

The red netherworld beyond the gate… Ju So-yul’s panicked face… the black entity’s face approaching from afar…

‘Asmodeus… It’s similar to that time when I faced the devil…’

To be precise, the Asmodeus of the netherworld was a few levels higher, but still, facing a forgotten god this close, the concentration of fear was no joke.

‘…Whether it’s Asmodeus or Underworld Granny, neither of them is someone I can handle right now….’

Ju So-yul thought so too, unable to stand against Asmodeus with his current power. He had to give up on the netherworld part-time job and rushed off to meet Etin after securing Excalibur…

Having thwarted the devil, and now, a malevolent Korean deity has appeared.

‘Our country’s forgotten god….’

Damdeok hardly lifted his head to look at the Underworld Granny in front of him.

The eyes of the chuckling Underworld Granny were filled with the pitch-black blood of lifeless corpses.

[Yes, that’s the expression I want. The expression of a child gripped with fear…! Kek kek.]

While laughing mischievously, the Underworld Granny’s dark eyes whirled and started displaying faces of numerous people.

[Look! See the last moments of the countless children I have killed! The little ones crying for their moms! The soldier clinging to his severed leg! The husband searching for his wife! The hunters begging for their lives! Kek kek, humans always wear the same expressions. In contrast, monsters are so diverse! This distortion, pain, anger, wickedness of faces!!]

The pupils of Underworld Granny swelled as if they were about to burst.

The faces of countless corpses before their deaths were magnified as if through a magnifying glass.


Damdeok yelled, closing his eyes tightly.

It was too revolting to watch any longer.

As the Granny’s eyes rolled back to a blank state, not reflecting anything, the Underworld Granny seemed indifferent, despite having seen such horrifying visions. She didn’t seem to feel any emotion at all.

[Hmmm, indeed speaking too much at the dinner table is not a good thing. Hmm….]

The Underworld Granny slowly approached him.

Damdeok raised his shaking hands, swinging his sword with all his might.

It felt like a futile struggle against the fear, like being a helpless preschooler.

“You’re kidding me. The Underworld Granny… There’s no such god I’ve heard of in my life!!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sword swinging was meaningless.

The Underworld Granny didn’t even bother to dodge.


The pale fingers blocked the sword, causing it to shiver.

‘Dammit…! Dammit…!’

Tears seemed imminent.

The gods’ system was shattered, and the difference in power almost discouraged any form of defiance.

His eyes turned bloodshot.

‘If this is how it ends, I won’t die alone…!’

Whether it was the Underworld Granny or some other monster, if such a creature were to escape into the mist outside, Seoul was done for that day.

“Don’t underestimate humans!!”

[Activating the skill <Black Moon Slash(SSS)>!]

[Activating the skill <Sword God Fusion(SSS)>!]

[Activating the skill <Wave Cutter(SS)>!]

He unleashed the skills faster than ever before.

They were desperate, all-out attacks, each one deadly.

“Aaaaaah!! Die, you monster!!”

After unleashing all his skills, he didn’t hesitate to draw out Hercules’s club from behind him.

“Whether you’re the Underworld Granny or Jade Emperor, if this club lands on your head, it’s over in one hit!!”


Hercules’s club flew swiftly towards the Underworld Granny’s head.

And in that split second,

‘That expression looks so damned relaxed, damn it….’

While he poured out his attacks with all his soul, the Underworld Granny was just wearing a smirk, as if watching an amusing act.

Heat surged up, driving more force into his swing.

“Damn it! To hell with propriety and order! Eat this!!”

It was his last attack. If this failed, it would really be the end.

‘Please! Disappear!’

He shut his eyes and shouted, bringing down the club with all his might.

There should have been a tremendous noise… but strangely, he heard nothing.

On top of that, it felt like his body was floating…?

“What’s this…?”

Damdeok’s mouth slightly gaped as he cautiously opened his eyes.

[Cough! You cheeky brat…!!]

Right below him, the Underworld Granny had collapsed with blood pouring from her head.

“…What happened? Did it hit her?”

A warm touch was felt behind the confused Damdeok, hovering in the air.

[Move over, lad.]

A pleasant aroma.

It was as if the fragrance of every flower field in the world was brushing by.

Right in front of his eyes was the unknown granny’s back, dressed in plain hemp clothes with the warmth of spring sunshine.

“Uh… could it be you…?”

[Tsk tsk. Don’t you ‘you’ me, child. The kids these days…]

The warm voice of the granny tickled his ears like a gentle caress.

Damdeok felt as if he was being purified.

Then came a scolding voice, seemingly annoyed that he had signed up for part-time work with the gods and was not showing up, instead messing around here.

‘Did you come to save me? Worried about a part-time worker?’

It appeared that Samshin Granny had a tsundere side.

He wanted to express his gratitude, but he couldn’t find his voice.

‘I can’t take it anymore…’

His consciousness was fading.

Was it because he used all his energy?

Or was it the easing of tension now that there was such strong support present?

Regardless, ever since the Samshin Granny appeared, the fear of death had dissipated completely.

‘It feels warm…’

The warm energy buoyantly wrapping around his body was like being in the mother’s womb.

The rising Underworld Granny yelled out.

[Again! Again! Have you come to steal my child, you old hag?!]

[Tsk tsk. What do you mean steal, you psycho hag. You should have remained quietly in the underworld. Why have you crawled out again…]


Suddenly, there was a fierce clangor as Samshin Granny and the Underworld Granny clashed, sounding like a chorus of heaven in the distance.

Though it seemed that something was shattering and bursts of light were erupting right in front of him,

‘Ah, this feels good. Just like this, a little bit more….’

To Damdeok, all of these sounds were like lullabies.

And so, Damdeok gradually lost consciousness.

* * *


The first faces he saw upon waking were familiar ones.

Ju So-yul, Baek Gureum, Adel Sharon, and… Leo Lux.

“…Why is that guy here?”

“That guy? That’s a bit of a harsh way to put it.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

“You’re still saying it out loud…”


Damdeok grimaced and lifted himself up.

It was his own room, a place he recognized.

“What happened?”

Ju So-yul asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You were collapsed alone in the mist.”


“It’s not just ‘really?’ brother! Suddenly, the dark mist cleared, and you were just collapsed there, all by yourself?”

Baek Gureum was ardently explaining. Beside him, Adel Sharon nodded along in agreement.

“And on top of that, there were a lot of mangled corpses… You didn’t mess up and kill everyone, both monsters and humans alike while you were at it, did you?”

At those words, Leo Lux’s thick eyebrows twitched.

His eyes still burnt with a sense of justice, not having shaken his suspicions about the monsterized hunters.

“That’s ridiculous talk… Ugh.”

“…Are you okay?”

In response to Ju So-yul’s concern, Damdeok looked down at the pain throbbing in his chest.

‘The wound has mostly healed.’

Though the sharp stinging remained as if the fear was etched deeply.

Still, it was incredibly fortunate that Hercules’s lion armor meant the damage was minimal.

“Underworld Granny… Asmodeus…”

Damdeok murmured, causing Ju So-yul’s eyes to waver.

“Underworld… Granny…?”

“Asmo… what?”

Baek Gureum and Adel Sharon’s eyes widened; neither knew what he was talking about.

Damdeok couldn’t continue.

With the memory of what had just happened coming back, his hand trembled uncontrollably.

Ju So-yul silently watched him struggle.

‘There are still faint traces of the curse of fear left. Did he really meet the Underworld Granny.’

Since the first moment he saw that dark mist, he had suspected as much.

The Underworld Granny.

A malevolent deity that envied Samshin Granny for blessing children, chased away by the Jade Emperor, living on the mist she breathed in the underworld and devouring every living creature that entered.

‘It’s a bad sign that a forgotten god has appeared in our country….’

It was an inauspicious sign that in all of his past lives, shortly after the appearance of forgotten gods in Korea, the war of the gods would erupt.

‘Luckily Samshin Granny somehow took care of it….’

When Ju So-yul had plunged into the mist to pull out Damdeok, the situation had already been handled.

The Underworld Granny, realizing the tide was against her, immediately fled back into the gate, and as soon as Samshin Granny saw Ju So-yul, she disappeared without a trace.

‘Still, it’s fortunate that he survived the vicious Underworld Granny…’

But something about this life was indeed off. It was the first time he’d met the Underworld Granny in this manner, and the appearance of a forgotten god in Korea so soon was truly an exceptional event.

‘There are too many unpredictable things happening…’

The unsettling feeling persisted, but he had no time to hesitate here and now.

“…It seems like I’m not fully recovered yet, so everyone should leave for now. I need to rest.”

Ju So-yul had plans to mull over what to do next.

Baek Gureum cheerfully smiled and leaned in close to Damdeok.

“Brother, if you’re still not fully recovered, how about a sparring match tonight? I feel like I could win now… Ouch! Why are you hitting me?”

As Ju So-yul gave him a cold look, Baek Gureum quickly spun around and clumsily exited the room.

“Tsk tsk. I knew you were itching for a fight. Yo, little swordsman! How about a spar with me instead?”

Adel Sharon followed him out, and even Leo Lux, who had been eyeing Damdeok warily, quietly left the room.

Finally, as Ju So-yul was about to leave, Damdeok muttered softly.

“Ju So-yul. Let’s have a talk for a moment.”

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