I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 84

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#84. The Underworld Grandmother’s Terror (1)

“Did the grandmother come out from the gate…?”

Dang Deok’s eyes stealthily moved towards the job posting floating before him.

[(Contract) Urgent Need for a Baby Fortune Assignment Assistant!]

“If she came out of the gate, could she be the Three Fates Grandmother? No, that’s not right either. It’s odd. Why would the Three Fates Grandmother suddenly come out from the gate?”

Something felt off.

Normally, only gods could enter the gates.

A dimension inaccessible to ordinary humans, naturally, the grandmother who strolled out of the gate couldn’t have been just a human.

“But to call her the Three Fates Grandmother doesn’t feel quite right either…”

Isn’t it strange?

For someone who personally put up a help wanted ad to suddenly walk in and out of that grim gate?

“And revealing herself openly to people at that?”

The more he thought about it, the less sense it made.

Dang Deok’s face grew increasingly pale as he pondered.

“Could it be…?”

There was no reason for a sane god to act like this.

But what about other gods?

Those who had lived with grudges over a long time…, those no longer revered as gods…

Dang Deok murmured as if he were in a trance.

“Forgetten gods… there were forgotten gods in Korea too…”

* * *

In front of Dokinmun Station on Line 3.

A thick, dark fog enveloped the entire Seodaemun Prison.

“Aaaah! Everyone, run away!”

One of the raid members from the Mount Fortress Guild emerged from the fog with a pale face.

His expression was engulfed in extreme terror.

“…What exactly happened?”

“I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure.”

“What’s that?”

“That we absolutely must not. Ever. Go into that black fog.”

“…I agree.”

Adel Sharon and Baek Gureum were mumbling with their mouths slighty agape.

The fog felt like encountering an indescribable, unknown life form.

Not only Joo So-Yul, but even Leo Lux didn’t approach the black mist. They instinctively recognized the danger within.


“Don’t go into the fog! Everyone, maintain distance!”

Some members of the already deployed Mount Fortress Guild had entered the fog and lost contact. It was only after Joo So-Yul arrived that the raid captains began frantically ordering to stay away from the fog.

“…Looks like we’re a little late.”

Leo Lux looked at the scene with disappointment.

Even though it wasn’t his concern, his face was filled with sorrow.

“Why do such things keep happening at the gates…”

The gates’ danger levels had been rising sharply of late.

It was a very recent event where gatewaves, initially not even comparable to disaster-level incidents, started causing damage surpassing dungeon breaks.

“It certainly was never this dangerous… The gates used to be safer than the dungeons until recently.”

An overnight reversal phenomenon occurred where gates suddenly became much more dangerous than dungeons.

Leo Lux, who was suffering as if it was his own matter, watched as Joo So-Yul quietly moved.

“Everyone distance from the fog and form a radial formation (One of the hunter formations).”

Following the orders of the heiress of the Mount Fortress Guild, the bewildered members began moving in unison.

“First, let’s try to push back that fog.”

They attempted to disperse the black fog with large-scale circulators and even helicopters, but the fog only clung heavily in place.

“…Seems it won’t work. I’ll have to go in and see for myself.”

Leo Lux approached Joo So-Yul and spoke.

“Do you know what’s in there to dare go in?”

Joo So-Yul asked coldly, and without missing a beat, Adel Sharon and Baek Gureum chimed in.

“They said a grandmother?”

“That’s right. They mentioned an old lady walking out a while ago.”

“But in the blink of an eye, she vanished again…”

Under Joo So-Yul’s sharp gaze, the two shut their mouths.

Leo Lux opened his mouth uncertainly while watching him.

“I’m not sure what’s inside. But you seem so certain as if you know everything.”

At his words, Joo So-Yul stared directly into Leo Lux’s eyes.

Leo Lux also met her gaze without averting his eyes.

After a brief silence, Joo So-Yul slowly spoke.

“Don’t do anything unnecessary. You know there are things you can’t handle.”

Joo So-Yul said that and turned away.

Leo Lux did not respond to the departing figure.

In truth, he also knew.

The unknown entity lurking within the thick fog.

‘An immense sense of oppression… One would be doomed if encountered…’

Leo Lux’s anxious eyes turned towards the fog.

‘The world is becoming increasingly dangerous.’

The increasingly dangerous gates, as well as hunters becoming monstrous…

If it weren’t for those dreadful incidents, his own sibling would still be safe.

“Sigh. It’s pointless to lament now.”

Leo Lux quietly closed his eyes.

And when he reopened them, a familiar figure entered his view.

“Huh? That man is…”

A man holding a gleaming white sword was seen dashing towards the fog.



Those around started murmuring in panic.

“Stop that bastard!”

With someone’s loud shout, the gazes of Adel Sharon, Baek Gureum, and Joo So-Yul turned in turn.


“Dang Deok hyung…?”

“What is he doing. Going in alone…!”

Leo Lux stretched his arm out in desperation, but Dang Deok had already disappeared into the fog.

Joo So-Yul’s right arm dropped listlessly.

“…What an idiot.”

* * *

“What’s with this? I can’t see anything at all.”

Dang Deok scowled.

Everything was pitch black.

Waft waft. He could wave his hand in front of him to scatter the fog for a moment, but it would quickly gather back together, obscuring his vision and fueling his irritation.

“Yo~ Joo So-Yul~ Baek Gureum~ Adel~”

No matter how loudly he called, there was no response.

In fact, not a single sign of life could be felt within the fog.

“…Maybe they entered before me?”

Had his impulsive rush been mistaken.

He had assumed that Joo So-Yul, with her usual demeanor, would have promptly entered at a fast pace.

And since neither Baek Gureum nor Adel Sharon were ones to step back, naturally he thought they would have moved along with him…

“It seems I’ve misjudged.”

It was a mistake not seeing the group amidst the large crowd outside.

“Sigh, really no one here? I rushed here worried…”

If his speculation was right and there were indeed forgotten gods in Korea, then his group stood an impossibly low chance of winning with their current abilities.

“It was the same with Neptune as well as Karos. Both times only manageable with the help from the main gods.”

If it hadn’t been for Poseidon and Vermouth, they would have never defeated those enemies.

‘Even though I’ve reached the level of a mid-tier god, defeating a forgotten god is still too much.’

That would be true even if Joo So-Yul were by his side.

“If it’s not a forgotten god that appeared, that would be a relief…”

Dang Deok stopped in his tracks and stared ahead.


It was silent all around.

The oppressive weight that had crushed him just before diving into the fog had now vanished without a trace.

‘Odd. I felt as if something terrifying was hidden here.’

Was this truly where the gate had opened?

It was so tranquil in the fog that he even questioned it.


If the gate had indeed been triggered, it should’ve resulted in a monster wave. How could it be so quiet then?

Where were all those monsters?

And no sign of any of the hunters who entered first?

“It doesn’t make sense. What exactly is going on?”

Dang Deok slowly closed his eyes, concentrating his mind.

[The ability ‘Sword God Union’ is being invoked!]

An advanced version of battle concentration.

All his senses began to sharpen.


From the tips of his hair down to his face and heart.


From his fingertips, through his arm, to his heart.


From his toes, up his legs, to his heart…

Thud, thud, thud.

The increasingly loud heartbeat spread out in every direction like the sound of drums.

Vibrations dispersed quietly like the ultrasonic waves of a bat.

Dang Deok, with his eyes closed, was feeling the waves intensify with his heightened bodily senses.

Then at last,


The waves touched upon something.

The moment Dang Deok snapped his eyes open and leaned forward to dash in that direction…



A thick shadow was cast over Dang Deok’s face.

An old lady with strange eyes was close enough to see his reaction.

[Hello there, child.]


Startled, Dang Deok swung his sword in fright.

However, the opponent easily brushed the attack aside.

[Hehehe, such an impolite one you are.]

Ashen hair and a slightly stooped back.

Yet still, at least two spans taller than Dang Deok.

The grandmother’s dark eyes spun wildly.

Dang Deok felt a chill run through him.

‘What… Who is this grandmother…?’

A grandmother god?!

In all his travels through the world of gods and even other dimensions, he had never seen a grandmother god!

And amidst all this, one word flashed through his mind.

‘Wait, if it’s a grandmother god, could it be the Three Fates Grandmother…?’

But he quickly shook his head vigorously.

The Three Fates Grandmother, who designated babies’ fortunes, couldn’t possibly bear such malicious energy.

The dark old lady before him was redolent of death from head to toe.

[Hehe, what are you pondering all by yourself?]

From the grandmother’s mouth, a strange black smoke billowed out.

It stretched out long and merged with the surrounding fog.

‘So that’s how the fog was created…! Breathing alone produces the black fog…!’

As soon as Dang Deok involuntarily tightened his grip on the sword, a cold hand with grey skin was placed upon his head.


The hand moved slowly towards him, but for some reason, he was unable to evade it.

“Ugh…! My, my body…!”

He could not move his body at will.

Dang Deok could only stare ahead with his sword in hand.

The dark old lady’s eyes came closer, nearing right in front of his nose.

[Hehehe, excellent. Much fresher than the children I’ve eaten before.]

A foul stench assailed him, engulfing his whole body.

Behind the old lady’s back, numerous corpses appeared and then were submerged back into the fog.

Though it was a fleeting glimpse, it was clear.

A scene of human and monster corpses entangled and rolling.

‘Dammit, this old lady has eaten everyone who entered the fog…!’

Regardless of whether they were monsters or hunters, she devoured everyone on sight…

Dang Deok’s hand trembled excessively.

He struggled to breathe under the overwhelming pressure.

It wasn’t just the breathing.

His body had been frozen solid, unable to move since a while ago.


[You are enveloped in severe terror!]

[Your nervous system is paralyzed!]

[Agility decreased!]

[Muscle strength decreased!]

[Cognitive function impaired!]


Endless system notifications popped up.

The dark grandmother’s hand slowly ran over Dang Deok’s head and moved downwards.

‘No good! At this rate… I’ll really die!’

Desperately trying to shake off the blurring consciousness, Dang Deok brought up the part-time job information in front of him.

His best shot now was to use the gods’ system to escape.

‘Please… Please…!’

Dang Deok’s fingers helplessly trembled.

‘Just a bit more… Just a bit longer…!’

The black old lady’s hand finally grasped near Dang Deok’s chest.



As an aching pain dug into his flesh, Dang Deok with all his might reached out with his finger.



[Your application has been received!]

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