I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 8

#8. I Became the Head of the Dwarves (3)

Silence lingered for a moment.

Looking around, the situation was an utter mess.

The displayed equipment had collapsed, and the materials that had been piled up, as well as the equipment being manufactured, were all scattered around.

‘What a disaster.’

Wondering what to do, I sneaked a glance at Hephaestus…

[Khaha! Refreshing~ How invigorating. How can you use that technique? Did you buy the power of a dwarf in the past?]

He burst into laughter once more.

‘Buy? What kind of power do you think is cheap?’

Am I so destitute that I’d have to buy the powers of a dwarf!

If I ever had that kind of money, I would buy the power of Thor. I would never invest in dwarves.

‘Lucky he doesn’t care about the mess.’

Dham-deok silently dusted himself off while Hephaestus shrugged and resumed his work amidst the awkward mood.

‘Such a simple god…’

The employees were fighting and stealing items, yet he didn’t seem to consider it a big deal.

‘How often must this sort of thing have happened…’

The giant who’d been his assistant must have had quite the hard time.

Phew. Well, I managed to prevent them from stealing, so that should be enough, right?

‘Yeah. Let’s just clean up.’

As I was about to put a fallen helmet back in its place…

“You there! I challenge you to a duel!”

A dwarf stood in my way, his stance full of determination.

“…What did you say?”

Laughing at the absurdity, a short but incredibly muscle-bound dwarf shouted fiercely,

“A dwarf cannot be defeated by a low-grade god! I will kill you to uphold the honor of a dwarf warrior!”

Then he drew his weapon.


Chyah-chyah-chyahng! Chyah-chyah-chyahng! Chyah-chyah-chyahng….

Why were even those behind him drawing their weapons too?

“No, what is this…”

“Questions are unnecessary!”

“Do not underestimate a dwarf warrior!”


The dwarves charged in masses. Not four, but dozens of them…

“What is this, foul manners?!”


An axe blade grazed my forehead fiercely.

These little creatures handled their massive weapons disgustingly well.

“These are downright thugs, aren’t they?!”

“Thugs? We are warriors living off our honor!”

As if!

Do those living off honor gang up on others?

In astonishment, I looked over to Hephaestus, but he just gave a thumbs-up and immersed himself back in his work.

‘This damn—’

What kind of boss is this?

This is why you must carefully choose your job!

Shwaak! Shwiik!

Dodging the flurry of weapons, Dham-deok frantically swung his club.



As the front row of dwarves were knocked down, new ones filled their places.

It was like utter madness.


A large pair of scissors designed to cut leather tore through Dham-deok’s shoulder.


Blood gushed out, and fiery pain followed.

“Eugh! You bast— Cut it out!!!”

Flames erupted from his eyes as he roared.

“Seriously, stop it!!!”

Dham-deok stomped the ground again, and this time, not only his club but also his eyes shimmered with light.

<Dwarf Hammer (B)>


In a single blow.

Dozens of dwarves who had been charging forward collapsed.

The falling dust signified that its power had increased significantly compared to before.

“No way.”

“How can a low-grade god use the unique skills of dwarves…”

“And not just once, but twice?”

The dwarves looked up at Dham-deok with stunned expressions.

In the quiet forge, only the sound of Dham-deok’s heavy breathing echoed peacefully.

It was the voice of Hephaestus that broke the brief silence.

[A low-grade god overpowering dwarves….]

He was no longer hammering.

His eyes shone as he observed Dham-deok.

“I won’t forgive this!”

“If it’s come to this. Let’s carry out that plan right now!”

Whether out of jealousy or not, the dwarves bristled at the words of Hephaestus and huddled towards the wall crevices.

Phew. What are they up to now?

“…This part-time job is quite tough.”

[Khuk. But now, I’m inclined to trust you with even tougher tasks…]


His voice now tinged with assertiveness.

“…I’ll decide after I hear what the pay is.”

[Wahaha! Right on! I’ve got something incredibly rewarding. It’s a treasure originally meant for pillar gods, but if you do the job well, it will be yours.]

Pillar gods?

Is he referring to the Olympian gods?

This intrigued me.

“What treasure is it?”

[Kruk. Well, it’s worth about… 10,000 in terms of my name, though I haven’t converted it to check properly.]

That’s insane.

Just 12 Thors allowed me to gain two SS-grade talents.

A treasure worth 10,000!

I had to take it!

I quickly nodded my head.

[Good, the rules are simple. Subdue all those arrogant dwarven brats. By subdue, I mean every single one of them unconscious! Every last one. If you manage that, the treasure is immediately yours. But! As you may already know, you absolutely cannot kill them!]

The terms were better than expected.

‘I thought I’d have to retrieve everything they stole or fix their thieving ways.’

Just knocking them stunned should be manageable, right?

Given the new Dwarf Hammer skill, which seemed powerful enough.

‘And there’s the stun option on that club, too.’

[It won’t be easy though. Many gods have tried but failed every time.]

Hephaestus looked like he was placing his last hope in me.

I reassured him not to worry.

No matter what the intricacies were, I would secure that treasure for myself.

I wondered what it could be.

Even just imagining it thrilled my heart.

Meanwhile, the dwarves returned fully armed, and upon seeing them, Dham-deok’s pupils shook wildly.

There in front of him stood a group of dwarves armed with modern weaponry.

“That thing in your hands… is that an M16 rifle?”

I recognized it.

I had seen it a lot in games.

Click-click. A line of dwarves held M16s, and what was even more ridiculous was that the dwarves behind them shouldered M9 bazookas. It didn’t stop there; there were some effectively wielding pump-action shotguns. Even further back were dwarves in a prone position aiming sniper rifles….

This was a full-blown madhouse party.

“What kind of dwarves use modern weaponry?”

As Dham-deok shouted, a tremendous blaze erupted.


Tudududu!! Chiik-boom! Tudududu!


“This is—Dammit!”

Dham-deok threw himself behind a metal statue in a hurry.

Thud-thud! Pyew!

The statue trembled as it bore the brunt of the barrage of bullets.

‘These insane– What kind of madness is this?’

If it went on like this, the entire forge would be demolished.

However, Hephaestus seemed to have used some divine power as the interior of the forge was covered by a strange barrier.

Because of this, all objects inside were unaffected by the dwarves’ assault.



The damage came straight to Dham-deok’s body…

‘Damn it!’

His left shoulder seemed to be pierced, and he no longer felt his arm.

Dham-deok clenched his teeth, thinking,

‘How am I supposed to win against that!’

No matter how awakened he was, could he really dodge bullets?

‘Using a bazooka indoors is plain cheating!’

As he thought, a large projectile headed his way.

Quickly grabbing a shield to protect his head, Dham-deok launched himself into the air.


He was thrown by the force of the explosion and slammed into a corner.

He quickly got up and sought cover.




This wasn’t a war movie!

‘Think. I need to think.’

They say humans gain superhuman strength in life-threatening situations.

Dham-deok’s mind raced.

Two in the arm.

Three in the thigh.

The bloody Dham-deok rolled himself to what was currently the safest spot in the forge.

[Hmm? Quite an interesting idea you’ve got there. Heh heh. A bit outrageous though?]

“What else am I supposed to do? If I face them bare-handed, I’ll really die!”

Behind Hephaestus’s back—who could be sturdier than him as cover?

Boom! Kwa-gwang!

No matter how many bullets flew or bazookas were launched, Hephaestus’s body didn’t budge.

The dwarves were also quite flustered as they hadn’t anticipated I would hide behind a god.

Using a deity as a shield.

Would this be considered blasphemy?

‘Who cares about that anyway?’

Dham-deok quickly ran to the showroom.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

Weapon for weapon!

“This, this, and this too!”

Of course, I was using Hephaestus as a shield in the front.

He laughed heartily but let himself be pulled along as I led.

“That despicable coward!”

“Attack closer!”

The dwarves attempted to engage in close combat, but now that Dham-deok had a reliable shield, he didn’t just sit back.

‘Don’t underestimate me.’

<Battle Focus (S)>

It was unreasonable to dodge bullets from all sides, but with one side fully protected, it was much easier to evade them.

[Khukhuk. Even so, to use one of the 12 Olympian gods as mere bullet fodder… You are quite the unique individual.]

Ignoring his laughter, Dham-deok began to fight back with all the equipment at his disposal.

Urrung! Kwang!!

The lightning of Zeus first.


The water spray of Poseidon.

Kwaduduk! Kwaduk!

And the plant attacks of Demeter.

Using all available natural calamities in his arsenal against the dwarves’ firearms, Dham-deok held his club and charged out.

“Now, it’s guerilla warfare, you brats!”

Puk-puk! Puh-buh-buk!

Sounds of fierce beating echoed throughout the forge.

The dwarves were disoriented by their strategy’s failure, scrambling to escape, but Dham-deok tenaciously pursued them, swinging his club continuously.

Bang!! Kwang!!

Watching Dham-deok flail around like he was playing a Whac-A-Mole game, Hephaestus nodded in satisfaction.

* * *

“Phew~ If I ever do security part-time work again…”


Dham-deok grumbled as he dusted off his hands.

The dwarves were all sprawled out.

Whether it was due to the stun option on Hercules’s club or Dham-deok overusing the dwarf hammer skill didn’t matter; one thing was clear:

It was a perfect victory for Dham-deok.

“Now, give me the promised reward.”

A confident hand was extended.

Hephaestus nodded in contentment.


A box—or rather, a chest—was placed in front of me.

[Open it. The contents recognize the first eye they lock with as their master.]

“A creature, you say? But you promised to give me a god’s weapon…”

[Yes, I said a weapon. You’ll definitely like it.]

Something felt off.

But what could I do?

Dham-deok’s hand reached to open the chest.

“What is this, a monster…?”

Inside the chest was a small beast.

[A monster? That’s rude. Look closely, it’s a baby fox, isn’t it?]

Taking another glance as he instructed, the creature coiled up inside was clad in fur soft as fresh snow.

In addition, it had a cute little snout, pointy ears, and shiny black bead-like eyes.

The fox blinked up at me with its tiny eyes.

“Listen, it’s cute and all, but I don’t deal in pet monsters. Moreover… You definitely promised a god’s weapon as payment.”

How was this a weapon by any stretch?

What I needed was an arsenal.

This baby fox seemed to be a pet that only summoners would accompany.

I wasn’t cut out for nor interested in raising anything.

Staring down Hephaestus with a ‘don’t cheat me’ gaze, he spoke incomprehensibly to the creature.

At that moment,

– Resolve!

The adorable little creature coiled itself up and swiftly transformed into a sharp white sword.

A single strand of hair floating in the air was sliced away cleanly by its blade.

Dham-deok’s eyes popped in disbelief.

“A living monster that turns into a sword?!”

[Khaha! And it’s not just a sword.]

One revelation after another floored me.

The white sword coiled back up and morphed into a reverent-looking hammer, then changed again into a pristine white crossbow, and it could even transform into knuckles and wrist guards crucial for martial artists.

A complete arsenal incarnate.

Dham-deok was half out of his mind with exhilaration and anticipation.

‘What is this! An outright cheat item?’

As the baby fox returned to its original form and snuggled into Dham-deok’s embrace, Hephaestus’s hand lightly touched him.

[I transfer to you the ownership of the Moon Goddess Selene’s weapon, <Moonlight Fox>.]

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