I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 72

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#72. The God of Mischief, Loki (2)

“…It’s among them?”

Dangdang’s gaze returned to the cliffs opposite.

There, among the ice giants, Thor was seen wielding Mjolnir.

Thor, who appeared to be tremendously huge on normal days, now looked like a miniature figure among them.

“Right now, I only see the ice giants… Could it be that the third guardian you’re talking about is…”

“Ah, come on…”


Adel Sharon and Baekgureum chimed in at the same time.

Jusoyul slowly opened his mouth.

“Yes, the third guardian, Etin, is the king of the ice giant tribe. All of those ice giants are Etin’s people. They are a race with a very strong sense of bond, so he surely must be watching his people from somewhere out there.”

Adel Sharon’s mouth opened slightly.

“Wow… The guardian isn’t human?”

Baekgureum responded playfully.

“No way. He’s human, all right. Giants are just large humans, aren’t they? Keke.”

“Are you in the mood for jokes right now? Their skin is ice-blue, and they look to be at least 5 meters tall. How can that be human?”

“Well, there have been reports of seeing yetis all over the world from ancient times! Does your magical world not have such things?”

“In the magic world, we don’t have such brute creatures!”

“Funny! We were almost killed by Karos altogether!”

“…Is that little thing challenging me?”

“Want to try?”

Once again, Baekgureum and Adel Sharon started to argue.

Leaving the two behind, Dangdang asked Jusoyul.

“Setting aside that the third guardian isn’t human… Then the king of the ice giants, our third guardian, is on Loki’s side and not Thor’s?”

That implied that they might have to fight Thor to obtain the guardian.

It was the worst situation.

But Jusoyul slowly shook his head.

“Well, you probably won’t need to worry about that. The original Etin would never side with a god like Loki. Plus, it’s strange that he would bring all his people for such a personal battle…”

“What do you mean?”

“Loki must be controlling him. It’s the trick god’s favorite kind of mischief. I don’t know how he bewitched Etin, the absolute ruler of Niflheim.”


Dangdang’s gaze returned to the fierce battlefield.

Thor was relentlessly hitting the ice giants with lightning, but despite being paralyzed for a moment when struck, they kept relentlessly attacking Thor.

‘At a glance, their fighting power is no joke.’

Even though there were many ice giants, it was surprising to see Thor struggling like this.

‘Where did Loki go?’

Loki, who had been at the forefront, had now retreated and was being protected by the ice giants.

A giant standing idly by Loki’s side caught his eye.

This giant had a body about 1.5 times larger than the others around him and emitted an impressive blue light from his eyes.

“It’s obvious that guy is the king, right?”

“Looks like it. Etin originally hates pranks. He’s a serious fellow. The fact that he’s standing there next to Loki is already a very strange situation.”

“Alright. So that big guy is the third guardian?”

Dangdang rolled his shoulders and stepped forward.

“You going to fight?”

“Those giants?”

Adel Sharon and Baekgureum both asked simultaneously.

On the cliff opposite, the sound of Thor striking with Mjolnir was erupting non-stop.

Boom!! Crash!!

Timed with those sounds, Dangdang spun Excalibur round and round.


Baekgureum narrowed his eyes.

“Not at all?”

Watching Baekgureum, Adel Sharon also wrapped his arms in fire-attributed mana quietly.

“Good. I was curious about how strong my accumulated mana would be anyway.”

Dangdang launched off the ground with a smirk.

“Let’s go!”

* * *


Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash!

The relentless barrage of sharp ice pikes.

Dangdang dodged them all as he charged hastily towards Loki.

‘If I can distract Loki’s mind even for a moment…!’

Hadn’t Jusoyul said that?

Etin naturally dislikes gods like Loki.

‘I’m not sure how Loki bewitched Etin with his powers.’

If Loki’s mind could be diverted, Etin might be able to escape from his clutches on his own.

The problem was,


“This bastard…! Move aside!”

It wasn’t hard for Dangdang to get close to Loki using the Windrush skill, but there was always a giant obstructing his path.

“Hey there! Told you to move!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The massive arm of the ice giant clashed sharply with Dangdang’s Excalibur.

Blue light streamed from the eyes of the ice giant.

The third guardian, Etin.

His towering stature was covered with transparent ice flesh, and unlike the other giants, his shoulders and torso were carved with indecipherable ancient characters.

‘Is this one a different level from the other giants?’

According to Jusoyul, Etin was the most revered king in Niflheim, known as the father of ice monsters.

Dangdang was frustrated to the brink of madness.

“The king should not be so controlled by others… Hey! Snap out of it, will you?”

But Etin merely waved his arms like a blizzard, nary uttering a word.


Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash!

The surrounding ice on the ground was sliced and gashed in an instant.

Dangdang had to retreat hastily.

‘One hit from that, and it’s over.’

Unlike the utterly normal(?) Baekgureum and Adel Sharon, the third guardian Etin was on a different level of strength.


Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash!!

Every swing of his massive arm brought a snowstorm, and the ice around became sharp pikes flying at him.

Spatter! Spatter!

The ice pikes poured down like a storm.

Dangdang had to concentrate all his mind to dodge.

‘This is practically a natural disaster scale.’

A group of ordinary hunters would die instantly from just one of those swings.

After all, even Thor, the god of thunder, was struggling against these ordinary ice giants.

Etin was their king, so the extent of his strength was even more formidable.

“It’s driving me crazy.”

Dangdang grimaced.

Watching the scene amusedly, Loki asked in a voice filled with curiosity,

“Hmm… you’re a fellow I haven’t seen before. Why are you interfering with me? Are you a new mercenary hired by Thor?”

Loki glanced aside.

In the background, Thor was battling the zombie-like ice giants, with Jusoyul, Baekgureum, and Adel Sharon nearby.

“Hmm, Thor brought mercenaries but they seem like a total bust. The giants of Niflheim don’t get hurt unless it’s an attack of their ice attribute. Does the prince of Asgard not even know that? Teehee.”

Loki’s eyes returned to Dangdang, still chuckling playfully.

“On the other hand, you seem to have decent mana?”

Dangdang’s Excalibur was wrapped in brilliantly white mana. It was all high-density ice attribute mana.

Loki shrugged with a grin.

“But that won’t be enough. The Etin in front of you is a being revered even in Niflheim as the strongest. You stand no chance with that level of mana?”

‘Lord, that thing looks quite handsome, but it sure talks a lot.’

Up close, Loki had the face of someone who probably troubled his parents quite a bit when he was younger.

The quintessential mischievous demeanor.

Dangdang pointed Excalibur directly at Loki.

“Why don’t we see if my mana is enough or not?”

Loki’s eyes widened in shock.

“Whom with?”

“With you.”

“Ha! Interesting.”

Loki laughed brightly.

Not fun at all, what the hell was so interesting?

‘Let’s see if he still talks so much after getting beaten.’

Dangdang shifted his foot slightly.

Loki’s voice wasn’t that of the highest gods.

That meant, Loki wasn’t among the highest gods.

“Whatever tricks you play, I’m rather busy, see?”

The tip of Excalibur aimed at Loki began to glow.

“Let’s wrap this up quickly, shall we?”

[Excalibur activates the trait <Fighting Spirit>!]

[All stats are doubled for 10 minutes!]


Dangdang’s body shot forward.

Loki was still grinning.

Boom!! Thump!!

Etin positioned his giant body as a shield in front of Loki.

A giant shadow suddenly fell over them.

“Get out of my way!!”

Dangdang concentrated all the ice attribute mana he had to its limit.

Frost began to form on the surface of Excalibur.

If everything in Niflheim only takes damage from ice attribute attacks…

Dangdang raised Excalibur, now completely transformed into a massive ice block, high above.

Excalibur felt twice as heavy than usual. Dangdang swung his sword with all his might at Etin’s head.

“I’m not controlling my strength, so don’t die on me!!”


With an explosive sound, white snow powder whirled around him.

Dangdang covered his mouth with a sleeve and stared straight ahead.

“Cough, can’t see anything.”

The dense flurry of snow obscured all directions.

A notification window faintly appeared in front of him.

[The skill <Iceberg Slash(SS)> has been created!]

“Ha! Good. A new skill…!”

Dangdang exulted without realizing it.

He had guessed as much since he learned the attribute mana, but to have a new skill appear so soon.

Following Flame Slash, now an Iceberg Slash.

Indeed, worthy of being praised as the god of swords’ skills.

‘Isn’t there going to be something like Thunder Slash later?’

A pleasant smile leaked out.

At the same time, his confidence in his previous attack rose.

‘With this destructive power, he must have been quite frightened, right?’

Content with the enhanced destructive capabilities thanks to Excalibur’s trait effect.

As the snow powder gradually cleared,

As expected, Etin was crouched down.

“…You’re not going to be so sullen that you refuse to sign the disciple contract later, right?”

Dangdang cautiously approached with a hint of concern.

“…Hey, Etin? I didn’t mean to be so violent on purpose. You know that, right? It’s all to save the world, so I hope you understand… huh?”

Dangdang’s steps came to an abrupt halt.

The crouched Etin was slowly unwinding his arms.

He wasn’t crouching because he was attacked.

Within the impenetrable embrace of Etin was Loki, grinning broadly.

“You… protected Loki….”

Loki’s gloves, inset with amethysts, now reflected the same violet color as Etin’s eyes.

“Ha! That really surprised me. To think a nameless god would have such destructive power.”

Loki gestured a thumbs-up, as if it was impressive.

Dangdang cautiously retreated.

‘Damn it, I poured all my mana into that attack.’

Whether it was water or ice attribute, all of his attribute mana had been depleted after that last attack.

“All right, good. That puzzled face is the funniest.”

Loki kept laughing as if it was delightful.

Dangdang wanted to smack that smug muzzle but with Etin standing his ground, there wasn’t a hope.

Loki, as if feeling extremely generous, began to speak in a magnanimous tone.

“Tehee. Hey, friend. Should I tell you a secret?”

“…What is it?”

Dangdang didn’t like Loki’s light attitude, but he didn’t really have any choice but to listen.

‘Maybe I can buy some time until I think of a plan.’

Loki continued with increasing excitement, seeing Dangdang’s reluctant expression.

“In my opinion, there’s practically no difference in strength between you and me. Honestly, you might be a bit stronger?”

Why would he say something like that now?

Dangdang looked at him suspiciously.


“But you can never subdue Etin, right? Yet, as you can see, I can make Etin submit to me. Don’t you want to know how?”

Yeah. Not interested.

It was clearly just bragging.

But still, Dangdang had to ask.

“Sigh, alright. How did you make Etin submit?”

“Keke, it’s because of this!”

Loki proudly extended his right fist.

The amethyst-studded magic gloves shone brilliantly.

So what?

Dangdang suppressed the urge to be dismissive and asked.

“…What’s that?”

“Look here, friend. Listen. We gods are making a huge mistake.”

“What mistake?”

“Think about it. The gods have always revered divine power and despised mana, even though it was also given to us by Mother Gaia!”

Yeah, he knew that.

That was the major reason why gods gave mana to humans.

But what about it?

“But look at this! Mana isn’t inferior to divine power at all! In fact, when numerous attribute manas are combined, they can create immense synergy!”

Mana in various colors of the elements flowed from Loki’s magic gloves.

“I’ve been studying this for a long time. And at last, I have mastered all the elements of mana!”

Loki raised his fist high.

Among the flowing colors, a jet-black mana peeked out.

“And that’s exactly the difference between you, me, and all the other gods!”

Excited, Loki whipped that black mana toward Etin.


Startled, Etin stepped back.

It seemed he was quite afraid of the black mana.

Loki shouted with confidence.

“How about it, friend. Catching on? The important thing in Niflheim isn’t ice attribute mana. It’s this dark mana.”

Dangdang cocked his head.

“…That’s dark mana?”

Loki laughed triumphantly and shouted.

“Yes! It’s dark mana! A kind of mana that most gods have never even glimpsed! Teehee.”

“Oh, really? Is that so-called dark mana by any chance…”


Black flames rose from Dangdang’s hand.

Loki’s face paled with shock.

“You, how do you…?”

“What? Is this what you mean?”

The Black Flame(黑炎) which Dangdang had acquired after defeating the Black Flame God, Karos, in Atlawum.

A smirk crept across Dangdang’s lips.

“You should have mentioned it earlier, friend. Shall we start round two?”

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