I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 71

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#71. God of Mischief, Loki (1)

– Ooooh!

– That’s definitely water attribute mana!

The cheers of the ice dwarves filled the air.

Damdeok smiled as he looked at the rippling blue mana in his hands.

‘The splashing sensation is still there.’

It felt as if his palms were stirring the water on their own.

Though unrefined, it was pretty decent mana control.

The faces of the ice dwarves visibly brightened.

– Good! That much is sufficient!

– Let’s start right away!

The ice dwarves huddled around Damdeok, one by one they started to wrap themselves with water attribute mana.

If normal mana was a pale sky color, water attribute mana carried a deeper blue.

It was almost imperceptible to the naked eye, so it wasn’t surprising that Damdeok didn’t know about the existence of attribute mana before.

– Now, let’s learn in order! Start with control!

The ice dwarf in the lead began rolling the water attribute mana smoothly.

The blue-tinted mana moved naturally along the dwarf’s arms.

The rest urged Damdeok with their eyes to give it a try.

Damdeok cautiously mimicked their actions.

“…Like this?”

– Ooooh!

– You got it right on your first try!

The ice dwarves cheered joyfully when Damdeok managed to follow along immediately.

Another dwarf stepped forward and started to shape the mana into a ball, tossing it in the air.

Encouraging looks came from the rest.

– Gather the mana together!

– Shape it into a ball!

Watching the dwarf juggling mana balls, Damdeok furrowed his brow.

“You’re teaching by making me watch and mimic. How am I supposed to follow along just like that?”

Yet despite his complaints, several mana balls were already forming in his hands.

– Ooooh?!

– What? You’re amazing!!

Lively cheers erupted from the ice dwarves.

The lesson was progressing faster than expected, leaving even Adel Sharon, Baek Gurum, and Thor, who were trying to follow along stealthily, dumbfounded.

“What’s with him being so fast on his own?”

“Cheh… That guy always does everything himself.”

[…Why can’t the God of Thunder handle ice?]

Ignoring their murmurs of dejection, the representative of the ice dwarves came up to Damdeok with a bright smile.

– Incredible! You’re ready for ice attribute now! From now on, I’ll show you the actions connected together, so try to follow!

At that, thirty ice dwarves demonstrated converting water attribute mana into ice attribute mana.

Since they showed each action separately, it was easier to follow.

‘Hm, clumping the mana again? Ah, like making a snowball by pressing it firmly?’

Following the ice dwarves’ demonstration, Damdeok created transparent and white mana in his hands.

The dwarves froze in their motions.

– Wow….

– To master ice attribute in one go….

The eyes of the ice dwarves were as wide as they could get.

They had said that learning ice attribute was easy, but that meant it should take about three days and nights to barely master.

Yet it hadn’t even been seven minutes since they began demonstrating….


With Damdeok’s exhilarated shout,

[You have awakened the principles of ice attribute!]

[Ice attribute comprehension has reached 10%!]

A delightful notification sound rang out.

“Learning is supposed to be easy, huh?”

With a beaming smile, Damdeok questioned, to which the dwarves could only nod slowly, as if tongue-tied by honey.

“Cheh, they say the most infuriating thing in the world is a talent freak.”

Baek Gurum grumbled, putting his sword back into its sheath as he had been diligently following the ice dwarves’ movements up to that moment.

“…You were also a talent freak, weren’t you? Weren’t you called the sword genius of the East?”

At Juso-yul’s comment, Baek Gurum’s mouth protruded even further.

Indeed, it seemed he was like that in the past…

“The sword genius of the East, my ass…”

Baek Gurum kicked at the cave’s floor petulantly.

Beside him, Adel Sharon, too, was muttering absent-mindedly.

“…I studied ice magic for a whole year at the academy because it’s superior magic. And I failed that too….”

She felt even more disillusioned about her magical journey.

The same went for Thor, who was sitting in a corner.

[Mjolnir… Why can’t you use anything but lightning… If I could also use ice, I could crush that pest Loki in an instant….]

Thor fiddled with Mjolnir, which left the cave filled with somber mumbling in an instant.

“Ah, what’s with all of you? Be quiet a bit. I can’t concentrate! Oh? There! Another success!”

Damdeok shouted irritably before cheering as he felt ice attribute mana freely flowing through his body.

“Cheh, damned talent freak.”

“…I want to go back to Atlarium.”


While Baek Gurum, Adel Sharon, and even Thor muttered with somber expressions, only Juso-yul looked at Damdeok with eyes full of joy.

‘It was a stroke of genius to obtain magical talent in Atlarium.’

It wasn’t just the talent for magic.

He had also gained the talent for ‘researching’ magic.

Talents given by Vermouth, the supreme god of the world setting.

While the magical talent was necessary only for utilizing magic, the research talent would greatly assist Damdeok in creating new magic in the future.

With these two magical talents, Damdeok’s potential was naturally astonishing.

– Ooooh!

– You’ve succeeded in infusing your sword with attributes!

– All you have left is to break through!

Damdeok was now completely wrapping Excalibur with dense ice attribute mana.

When the ice dwarves excitedly celebrated the achievement, the others, despite feeling inferior, began to shine in anticipation.

“Really? Can we actually get out?”

“That fast?”

[Ooooh! It’s impressive!]

Damdeok confidently aimed Excalibur towards the frozen entrance.

“Here goes!!”


The entrance’s ice shattered into pieces with the sound.

It had a destructive power incomparable to the punch from the ice dwarf earlier.

The cleared area was easily a meter in size.

Cheers burst simultaneously from the ice dwarves and Damdeok’s group.

– Woah!

– We did it!!


“Nice one, Damdeok!”

The ice dwarves, thrilled, unison pushed Damdeok’s group’s backs.

– Go on! If you keep going straight, you’ll be able to see the sunrise from the cliff!

– Just keep swinging until morning and it’ll be enough!

– Imagine the sword as a shovel!

– Cheer up!

– Let’s never see each other again!

As the ice dwarves waved goodbye with relieved expressions, even Thor, who had initially suggested resting in the cave, reluctantly stood up.

Damdeok, with Excalibur slung over his shoulder, approached the entrance.

“Phew, good. Shall we go then?”

* * *

Bang! Boom!

Thwack! Whump!

The sound of shoveling—or rather, swinging a sword—echoed solemnly.

Damdeok was gasping for breath.

“Huff! Huff! Hey, doesn’t it feel like the air is getting thinner?”

They had been clearing the snow-covered path for a considerable time.

Whether it was because of the compacted snow around them or the narrow passage filled with people, it was getting harder to breathe.

“What gives? Why is no one talking? Is everyone listening to m…?”

Turning around, what Damdeok saw were his companions dozing off while standing.

“…uhm, the world’s greatest sword….”

“…hmm, I will become the grand mage.”


Damdeok’s eyebrows crinkled.

“These guys….”

“…I’m not asleep.”

Juso-yul, who had seemingly opened her eyes at some point, spoke in a voice calmer than ever.

Damdeok narrowed his eyes suspicion.

“You’re not asleep, my foot. Your voice already sounds like you just woke up.”

“No, really, I stayed awa…”

“Wipe your drool before you talk.”


Juso-yul quietly wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

Damdeok chuckled and picked up Excalibur again.

‘Right. We’ve been away from the cave for a while, so it’s understandable to be sleepy.’

He didn’t know exactly how many hours had passed, but by now, the sun was likely already rising outside.

“I’ve been doing all this manual labor even with two priests here!”


“And I’m super sleepy too!”


“How long does this damned ice passage go on for?!”


That’s when it happened.

“Huh? The sound is different.”

He swung his sword forcefully once more.


Indeed, the sound had weakened.

Juso-yul, who was observing, came up close to examine the snow.

“There’s melted snow mixed in. We must be nearing the exit.”

At her words, the others began to wake up one by one.


“We’re at an exit?”

[Have we finally arrived, friend?]

They were only now getting up….

It was quite an irritating situation.

“This damned persistent snow….”

Damdeok summoned his remaining energy and swung Excalibur with all his might.

“Get lost!!”


As the snow crumbled, a red light poured into their field of vision.


Damdeok stumbled and shielded his eyes with one arm.

Perhaps it was because they had been in the dark tunnel for so long, but everything seemed too bright to discern clearly.

However, Thor, being the God of Thunder, was used to bright lights and confidently strode forward.

“Do you see anything, Thor?”

Damdeok asked, but Thor did not respond.

‘What’s with him not answering?’

As his eyes adjusted, Damdeok started to make out figures.

Steep cliffs, numerous stones lined up across them… rocks… no, those were…


Damdeok’s eyes widened.

Adel Sharon, Baek Gurum, and Juso-yul reacted similarly.

“Why are there so many monsters?!”

“It’s like an army.”

“There must be hundreds of them.”

The opposite cliff was dark with a monstrous army that had skin as blue as the ice dwarves’, but the atmosphere was starkly different.

‘They’re massive. Are they a giant race?’

Ice dwarves followed by ice giants….

Damdeok gazed at the silent Thor’s back.

He was looking at someone intently, his cloak fluttering behind him.

‘Who’s he looking at?’

Frowning, Damdeok concentrated.

His Combat Concentration skill activated, and amidst the many ice giants, he spotted an ordinary-sized man.

‘What? He’s not a monster?’

The man was stunningly handsome.

He was draped in a golden robe, with amethyst gloves emitting a purple radiance – a beautiful man.

Thor’s arm muscles twitched and then an echoing shout exploded.

[You dare!!!]

The roar was large enough to make everyone startle.

Thor’s Mjolnir began to wildly spin.

[You dared to trap me!! Loki!!!]


‘Is that man Loki?’

Known as the in Norse mythology, he was a notoriously troublesome god.

It must have been he who caused the avalanche to imprison Thor.

‘He handles ice well….’

Most likely, he had brought this army of ice giants to capture Thor.

‘This is getting troublesome….’

Getting caught up in their battle was something Damdeok wanted to avoid at all costs.

As he seethed, Thor flung his Mjolnir and in an instant sprang to the opposite cliff.


As Mjolnir struck down, a fierce battle broke out.

It seemed Thor had the upper hand, but the ice giants were no pushovers themselves.

“…Hmm, should we pitch in?”

As Adel Sharon questioned, Baek Gurum looked toward Damdeok.

Damdeok shook his head resolutely.

“We came here to find the third guardian. It’s better to avoid unnecessary fights if we can.”

He was absolutely right.

They were already drained from digging all night, and making an enemy out of the infamous god Loki didn’t sit well with him.

‘Who knows what kind of vengeance that could bring. We just narrowly escaped Hades.’

Now he wanted to avoid friction with other deities as much as possible.

Fortunately, Adel Sharon and Baek Gurum accepted Damdeok’s reasoning without protest.

“Why get involved in the fight of gods?”

“We do have a guardian to find.”

“That’s right.”

That’s when it happened.

Quietly, Juso-yul began to speak.

“No, we have to fight.”

Puzzled, Damdeok looked at her.

“What do you mean? We just need to find the third guardian, right?”

“That’s why.”

Juso-yul’s finger pointed slowly toward the opposite cliff.

“Among them is the third guardian.”

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