I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 7

#7. Becoming the Leader of the Dwarves (2)

Should I speak formally or casually? I hesitated for a moment.

‘Even so, casual speech might be a bit much?’

Dwarves might be short, but they looked like stout middle-aged men.

“Don’t touch that, please.”

I calmly approached and stopped the dwarves.

Bang clang! Bang clang!

The blacksmith’s forge was bustling with the sound of hammering.

Because of this, Damduk couldn’t make out what the dwarves in front were muttering.

‘What are they grumbling about?’

“Put that down, please.”

I’d worked as a bodyguard part-timer before, so I knew well.

Showing weakness early on makes it harder later.

I menacingly swung Hercules’ club with just the right menacing gesture.

“Put it down and leave, quickly.”

Sure enough,

Two of the dwarves sized up Damduk, then obediently went back to their places.

‘Well. The human world and here are similar.’

It was different from stopping teenage girls chasing idols… I was stopping muscular dwarf men instead.

I watched the departing dwarves for a long while.

To instill the impression that I was watching them.

‘Phew, they’re quite bold with their thievery. Since there are many finished products here, should I keep watch?’

A circular space enclosed all around.

Damduk stood smack in the center, looking towards the furnace.

There wasn’t much near the furnace worth stealing….

My brows furrowed quickly.

‘What’s that now?’

Four dwarves, looking every bit the gangsters, were pouring molten metal into molds and cooling them.

Fine, all that was acceptable.

But the guys were taking the cooled iron and making off with it to their wagons.

‘They’re openly stealing?’

Flabbergasted, I looked at Hephaestus, but he seemed lost in his work as if in another world.

“Ah, this is driving me crazy.”

Though just crude chunks of iron compared to Zeus’ lightning bolt, Hephaestus had made it clear.

The molten iron from the furnace was a special mineral produced only on the island of Lemnos (the island where Hephaestus had his forge in Greek mythology).

I might not understand it, but it must be valuable.

‘Ah, these troublemakers seriously…’

I approached the wagon.

The dwarves were too busy wrapping up the stolen iron to pay attention.

‘If you’re going to steal, at least do it with care to not show, what are they doing so sloppily?’

“Excuse me?”

I spoke with a firm voice, causing the dwarves to turn their innocent-looking eyes towards Damduk.

It was absurd.

It was clear what they were doing, so what was this about…?

“Wow. The same two trying to steal the trident earlier, I see you again? I’m watching with both eyes wide open… Forget it, put that thing back where it belongs.”

Remembering my time as a bodyguard, I raised my voice, but these tiny dwarves just looked back at Damduk with their incongruously innocent expressions.

‘…Should I just knock them out?’

It was tempting to beat these clunky dwarf “men” looking so innocent, but the first rule of being a bodyguard surfaced: Avoid making a commotion as much as possible.

I made the sign of the cross instead of wielding the club, and pointed at Hephaestus.

“Do you see the boss over there? Working so hard. Aren’t you sorry? Hurry up and put that back to work.”

It’s like I’m some corrupt employer.

But, if the boss needed it, it was okay to scold them sharply.

I was about to send them away when the dwarves started whispering to each other again.

Damduk’s expression became grim quickly.

Now I could clearly hear their voices…

– Snicker. Stop just talking, do something~

– Exactly. This guy’s a total pushover!

– The giant that was usually here isn’t around, and the substitute looks weak. Let’s make a haul today!

– Hey, heard that? You’d better leave before we give you a good beating!

The dwarves might have deemed Damduk a fool, for now, they were taking out their dangerous tools and starting to threaten him, looking quite credible.


Even in this situation, Hephaestus was blissfully forging away, oblivious.

A chuckle escaped me.

‘Seriously, is this why they mentioned there could be some scuffles?’

That line from the job posting.

A bit of scuffle?

No, this was outright planning to smash and loot.

“Phew. There’s no easy money, is there?”

That was right on the nose.

“Alright then. Now that it’s come to this, I’ll do my job properly.”

Thinking I would flinch at their weapons?

If the dwarves had been as big as I imagined, that’d be another story, but the ones before me were just too small.

One absolute rule of fighting: weight class.

‘This barely looks like it’s worth a punch.’

Damduk leisurely swung around Hercules’ club as if warming up.

Watching this, the dwarves snorted with derision.

I actually wanted to test it.

Combat against unknown beings whose weaknesses I had no idea of. How much force could my SS-grade talent exert?

“Come on, you little runts.”

My taunt turned the dwarves’ eyes fierce.

“What? Little runts?!”

“Who are you calling little runts! Even though you’re just a lower-grade god!”

“What do you take a dwarf warrior for!”

One of the hammer-wielding dwarves charged at me, faster than any monster.

The astonishing speed from such a short stature was impressive but…

‘That kind of movement, I can see through clearly.’

<Focused Battle (S)>

My sole S-grade skill.

The power of the skill was more impressive than I imagined.

Unlike ‘talent’, which required a certain amount of effort and time, ‘skill’ could generate its own unique power.

Thanks to that, I could easily dodge the dwarves’ agile attacks if I concentrated my senses right.

Clang! Clang clang!

The frenzied attacks with hammers, saws, knives, and scissors were all blocked or deftly dodged, minimizing damage.

It wasn’t as comfortable as I thought though…

‘It’s tricky with four of them attacking at once.’

I parried the scissors swinging at me and swung Hercules’ club with all my might.

A dwarf trying to get close swiftly stepped back.


Aiming for his head, I only grazed the shoulder. Seemed like a significant hit as the fellow wobbled but…

‘He dodged that too?’

The dwarves knew their stuff in combat.

Their attacks never reached me, but neither could I deliver a deadly blow.

‘Looks like my offensive side is lacking.’

I fiddled with the club, reflecting.

In the labyrinth dungeon, I knew every monster’s weakness, and I had strong hunters supporting me.

But it was different now.

I had no idea about the dwarves’ weaknesses.

They were small, but they were strong and fast, calling themselves grand warriors didn’t seem exaggerated at all.

‘Even with such a huge size difference…’

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could knock them all out.

To make matters worse, unlike in the labyrinth dungeon, where a skill would appear every few minutes, no matter how much I swung my club here, not a single new skill would manifest.

‘Maybe they sprouted so much early on just because it was the beginning?’

Things grow rapidly in the beginning.

A shadow passed over Damduk’s face, and the expressions on the watching dwarves grew tense…

“What’s with that god? Why’s he dodging so well? Hah~ you said he was an easy mark!”

“Of course! A lowest-grade god is barely a match for us! The substitute that came before was just the same…”

“But this one seems a bit different, doesn’t he?”

Seems they were quite surprised that I could dodge all their attacks.

‘Sure. The Focused Battle skill helps me dodge, but…’

The problem now was,

All of my combat skills were ranked E or below.

[Boxing (E+), Horizontal Slash (F), Immediate Charge (F), Counterattack (F)…]

Furthermore, most of them were the most basic of the basics.

Honestly, these were skills that any physically active person could have.

But I wasn’t discouraged.

In fact, I was enjoying the situation.

No matter how hard I had tried, I couldn’t catch up in the past, but now that I could see the results of my effort.

Damduk’s lips curved into a sneer.

“What’s wrong? Not coming at me?”

The more I floundered, the brighter my talent shone.

The irked dwarves piled on again, and the ruckus went on… Bang! Clatter! Bang!

Of course, Hephaestus and the rest of the multiple dwarves were silently carrying on with their work.


With an ear-splitting noise, a gust of wind wooshed before Damduk’s face.

‘Whoa, this one’s strong…’

Sweat trickled down my back.

The floor struck by the dwarf’s hammer remained intact but I knew it. A mere skim would mean instant death…

‘What kind of skill is this?’

The dwarves’ attacks were threatening enough, but the most terrifying was the so-called ‘downward strike’s skill.

It looks like a simple move: hoist a weapon over your head and then smash it down. But no.

The moment the weapon was raised, it glowed ominously, and when struck down, there was a shockwave that split the earth…

Had this forge not belonged to the gods, the ground would have crumbled with just one blow of that shining skill.

‘Such a brutish attack.’

Even if I had a knack for evading, when something that fierce zoomed past my face, my legs shook uncontrollably.

As the battle reached its climax, the dwarves raged and executed their downward strikes.

“Please just fall already!”

“One hit is all we need! How can you not get hit!”

Boom! Kwaaang!! Boom! Kwaaang!!

Damduk, sweating buckets, was forced to dodge them.

A battle completely different from monster fights—a fight with intelligent beings, and at a disadvantage of 4 to 1.

Unnoticed, Damduk’s innate combat talent was quickly adapting to the situation.

His movements became noticeably lighter.

‘Hmm, seems easier to dodge than before?’

As the downward strikes became a bit easier to handle, Damduk started to notice finer details in the dwarves’ movement.

When they cast their skills, the positions of their legs, the direction of their arms, their swinging posture, even the timing of their strikes.

After observing for a while, Damduk caught sight of a brief moment when the glow wrapped around the weapons and the dwarves, suspended in the air, became defenseless.

‘That’s it!’


Dodging to the side, Damduk, as if waiting for this moment, saw two dwarves lift their hammer and saw into the air, charging towards him.

Two simultaneous downward strikes.

If it had been like before, I would have retreated as far back as possible.

But this time was different.

As the two leapt into the air, Damduk charged furiously.


Reaching their front in an instant, he swung his club wildly.

Spew! Smack! Spit!

With a satisfying thud, two dwarves rolled across the floor, and seizing the moment, Damduk’s feet kicked off the ground with force.


The dwarves scrambled to get up, but it was too late.

Damduk was poised midair, his club raised high.

“Is it just you guys? Let’s try this too. Your brilliant hammering!”

He took up the quintessential pose for a downward strike.

[ skill has been generated!]


A brilliant light enveloped Hercules’ club, and an unfathomable force started coursing from the fingertips downwards.

Drawn by a tremendous gravity, the club plunged straight towards the dwarves.


With a thunderous crash, all four dwarf bodies were flipped over.

Nearby wagons and iron bars met the same fate.

Like overturning everything in the forge, debris and dust settled over the chaos.

“Phew. This part-time job is ridiculously tough.”


Spitting out the dust, when Damduk stood up, every member of the smithy was staring at him.

…Why. What?

Wasn’t I asked to protect the forge?

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