I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 60

#60. The Arena of Ares (2)

Clang! Ching! Ching!

The harsh sounds of weapons clashing echoed menacingly. On the square arena, a man and a woman were engaged in a fierce duel.

Swoosh! Swoosh swoosh!

The goddess wielding a long spear unleashed a storm of attacks.

Clang! Clang clang!

The god armed with a sword and shield was sweating profusely as he fended off the relentless assault.

“Wow, are they killing it?”

“That sister can really fight!”

Baekgureum and Adel Sharon muttered simultaneously, their mouths agape.

Directly in front of the square arena, Damduk and his companions stood side by side, watching intently.

“How is it?”

A man draped in lion’s skin asked Damduk.

Damduk turned to look at him, his gaze met by the man’s overwhelming charisma, perhaps due to the muscles accentuated by the same lion’s skin.

‘I never thought I’d actually meet Hercules himself….’

When he first saw the man’s appearance, Damduk had some suspicions, but he was undeniably surprised when the man introduced himself as Hercules.

Damduk chuckled while looking at him.

“How is it? Naturally, it’s great. This place is incredible.”

From the start, Hercules had called Damduk ‘brother,’ likely due to their similar built.

Thus, Damduk decided to discard the formalities and respond to Hercules’s friendly advances as though they were indeed brothers.

“Right? This is one of the top training grounds in Olympus.”

“Thank you. I had no idea you would go to such lengths.”

At that, Hercules grinned widely.

“Thanks nothing. We are brothers, after all.”

Hercules’s fist lightly bumped into Damduk’s.

Damduk smiled faintly in response.

‘Who knew buying Hercules’s armor would lead to this?’

Hercules had taken a liking to Damduk solely based on his appearance and personally brought him to ‘The Arena of Ares,’ the place announced by Zeus for the confrontation.

What better conditions could there be to train and sharpen his combat senses over a month?

‘And he even offered to train together.’

The opponent in question was none other than Hercules, hailed as the greatest hero in Greek mythology—a mentor beyond Damduk’s expectations.

“So who are those two currently dueling so fiercely? They seem pretty skilled too….”

Damduk’s serious inquiry was met with laughter from Jo Sooyul beside him.

“What’s so funny?”

Even Hercules tilted his head curiously in response to Damduk’s question.

It looked as if Damduk was expected to recognize the figures everyone else knew.

Damduk’s head turned again.

Who are they? Who could those people be?

Outer appearances suggested just some ordinary gods.

Or perhaps due to the sweat from their duel, they looked even more unremarkable.

‘Who are they to create such a stir?’

Gauging from their absence at the banquet of the gods, they were probably not high-ranking deities…

Deep in thought with a serious expression, Damduk was just about to hear an explanation from Hercules when—


The sound of a heavy fall broke the silence, and the male god who was armed with a sword and shield raised his hands in surrender while lying defeated.

The goddess’s long spear was now pointed strikingly at the chin of the fallen male god.

[I surrender! Put away that damned spear!]

As soon as the male god spoke, Damduk’s body involuntarily jolted.

[Tch, this guy never knows how to hold back.]

Grumbling while standing up, the male god’s voice pounded into Damduk with an unmistakable resonance.

This kind of voice—one that vibrates not just the ears but the entire body—was a typical ‘feature’ possessed only by the highest ranking gods.

‘What? He doesn’t look it, but he’s a god of high rank?’

Despite their youthful appearance, Damduk had not considered them to be among the supreme gods.

Caught off guard by this unexpected situation, Damduk’s eyes flit rapidly.

‘Just who are they?’

Even Hercules, hailed as the greatest hero, did not have such a voice.

Only deities like Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, and Hades could produce such a sound.

And if this male god in front of him was one of the highest-ranking gods, then the female god he dueled with must also be…

‘They must be on a similar level. But their faces alone offer no clue.’

As Damduk grappled with confusion, Hercules had approached the edge of the arena.

“Ha ha! Brother Ares, did you lose again?”

[You little—Are you mocking me?]

The natural conversation between the two clearly meant one thing.

‘Ares? The god of war, Ares…!’

Damduk swallowed hard.

The male god with his red hair tied tight in a ponytail was Ares, and his impressive appearance was marked with large, conspicuous scars.

‘Ah, yes, that’s right. This is Ares’s arena. How did I miss that?’

However, the surprises did not end there.

Hercules tossed two water bottles and addressed the female goddess as well.

“Athena, sister, be gentler, will you? Look at him, all shriveled up from your beating. Ha ha!”

The navy-haired goddess, adorning a lightweight armor in white and blue, hung her spear over her shoulder and smiled softly.

[Hm, that was me being gentle. Should I go even easier?]

[Hey! Athena, quit joking around! Gentle, my foot!]

“Ares is fired up again.”

[You really are—No way! I said not gentle!]

Ares threw his water bottle, but Hercules easily dodged it and continued to laugh heartily.

Watching them, Damduk felt his brain going numb.

“So those two are Ares and Athena…”

Both were among the famous twelve Olympians, and they were specifically associated with ‘war.’

Ares, the god of war.

Athena, the goddess of warfare.

Jo Sooyul whispered in Damduk’s ear.

“You’re in luck. All specialized in combat. If you train to death with those three, you might even stand a chance against Hades.”

Damduk’s heart was racing.

Training with the hero Hercules alone seemed promising for significant progress.

But with Ares and Athena joining in…?

‘Perhaps the duel with Hades isn’t so hopeless?’

Athena caught Damduk’s staring and subtly turned to look at him.

[But who is that…?]

Ares, who was basically wrestling with Hercules, turned his head toward Damduk as well.

[Huh? Right, who are they?]

Hercules then released Ares from a headlock and spoke up.

“You two really are always late to the banquet hall. No wonder you don’t know the hottest topic around.”

They had been so engrossed in training since dawn that they had not set foot in the banquet hall.

Curiosity painted the faces of Athena and Ares upon hearing Hercules’s words.

[A topic of interest…?]

[What sudden mention of a hot topic?]

“Are you saying you don’t know about the deity who turned the banquet hall upside down today? Ha! That very god has even scored a duel with Uncle Hades.”

At Hercules’s words, their eyes widened in disbelief.

Ares jumped to his feet and stared intently at Damduk’s group.

[With that big guy? Who is it?]

[Who among them? There’re four of them.]

Athena and Ares excitedly eyed everyone from Adel Sharon to Baekgureum, Damduk, and Jo Sooyul.

[Wait, aren’t those two humans?]

[Hey, Hercules. What if you bring humans here?]

Athena and Ares pointed to Baekgureum and Adel Sharon, questioning the sanity of bringing humans.

Their reaction caused Adel Sharon to display a look of disbelief.

“Ha! To think they would look at me, Adel Sharon, and respond like that… Ah, I can’t get used to this.”

In the Atlawrium, she was besieged with invitations merely for a handshake.

Baekgureum, on the other hand, held a similar expression.

“I’m the sword genius of the East… the rising sun esteemed by the world…”

But as if oblivious to their murmuring, Athena and Ares gestured dismissively to send the humans away, then promptly shifted their gaze to Damduk and Jo Sooyul.

[Hmm, the female has a stronger divine power.]

[Right? But the male’s energy is peculiar. It’s as if he’s imbued with the aura of a superior god. Strange, he’s clearly a lesser deity.]

The pair scrutinized Damduk and Jo Sooyul.

After a long stare, Ares scratched his head and shouted.

[Ah! Enough! Both of you, come up! We’ll see after a bout. Only one who’s strong, gets to use the training ground!]

At that, Damduk smiled and stepped forward, but Jo Sooyul instead stepped back.

Damduk looked puzzled.


“I’ll stay out of this.”

“What? Not training together?”

“With all the gates and dungeons causing havoc back in Korea, someone has to help out. And besides, non-deities can’t stay here for long.”

At the mention of non-deities, Baekgureum and Adel Sharon’s expressions soured even more.

‘Hmm, that’s true.’

No matter how skilled Baekgureum was, this was the realm of gods.

‘And Adel Sharon is still suffering from mana deficiency syndrome, so she would find this circle uncomfortable.’

Damduk nodded.

He activated the system’s ‘Call of the God’ ability and Baekgureum and Adel Sharon disappeared, shouting, “You only call us when you need us, you exploitative boss!”

Soon after, Jo Sooyul also activated the system to return.

Damduk, now alone, stepped onto the arena and Ares leaned in with sparkling eyes.

[Of course, it was you! I thought you had an unusual aura. What is it? You seem to possess a peculiar power.]

Hercules concurred with a chuckle.

“Right? I told you he’s no ordinary guy. Quite interesting, isn’t he?”

[But how did you end up arranging a duel with the big uncle?]

Athena asked, bemused, but Ares didn’t care for such details. He proudly raised his sword and shield.

[Anyway, it’s nothing new. The grumpy old man always has to complicate things. But to survive, we must train until we drop, right?!]

[You’re either too simple, Ares, or too dumb…]

Athena shook her head in disdain.

Hercules shrugged with a friendly laugh.

“Well, let’s leave the reasons for later. How about we have a practice bout right now?”

With that proposal, Ares’s eyes glinted as he bellowed, “Of course!”

“Then let’s give it a light go.”

In no time, Hercules had a club in his hand, and Athena began to swing her spear, letting her long hair fly.

Damduk silently gripped his sword, which had transformed from white snow.

The four stood facing each other from north, south, east, and west.


It was Ares who broke the moment of silence with a smirk.

[Shall we see what you got?]

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