I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Becoming the Leader of the Dwarves (1)

Clatter, clatter.

With each jolt of the subway, my heart started to race.

“Never thought I’d get excited over a job post.”

I let out a small chuckle.

The translucent window that had appeared before me was now a source of exhilaration.

[Blacksmith Forge Security and Watch Recruitment!]

Employer: Hephaistos

Divine Power Required: Minimum 1000 Divine Power

Experience: Beginners welcome

Job Description: Main duty is to prevent the assisting dwarves in the forge from stealing weapons. (*Warning* Some scuffles may occur.)

Working hours: 1 day

Payment: One piece of equipment produced that day.

A requirement of over 1000 Divine Power!

Seems like I qualify, and thus a new part-time job is in store.

I opened my profile to check my status.

A new attribute had been added below my talents and skills.

[Divine Power: 1320]

‘As expected.’

My Divine Power had increased significantly.

The reason was probably….


My gaze shifted to the subway’s electronic banner.

– The Hunter Association has yet to make a statement, and the youth who has made significant contributions in clearing the labyrinth dungeon is making waves on social media under the nickname ‘Korea Hunter’…

My face was still making the rounds in the news.

Some people in the subway were even casting glances at me.

[Your recognition is increasing!]

[Your Divine Power continues to rise!]

Messages popped up as my Divine Power in the profile increased in real-time.

‘Becoming famous boosts one’s Divine Power…’

It really does feel like becoming a deity.

‘Maybe one day I’ll even have my own priests?’

Giggling, I continued reading through the job post.

[Job Description: Main duty is to prevent the blacksmith dwarves from stealing weapons. (*Warning* Some scuffles may occur.)]


Some scuffles.

Ordinarily, I would avoid such confrontations, but…

“Doesn’t matter now, does it?”

I wasn’t betting my life, just a bit of a scuffle.

After all, I managed to clear that challenging labyrinth dungeon.

My confidence had peaked.

Moreover, the payment for this job was…

‘Equipment made by Hephaistos himself!’

I knew of Hephaistos.

God of Fire and of smiths.

A deity renowned for creating weapons and various equipment for gods.

‘This is lucky, I’ve been wanting a weapon.’

What good is talent on its own?

Even a bare-fisted fighter needs something like knuckles or wristbands for show.

And I happened to have a talent for swordsmanship.

‘I would prefer a sword, though.’

Equipment made by the god of blacksmiths. I didn’t know which one I’d get, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

Smiling broadly and drawing more attention to myself, I thought.

‘Hmm. Maybe I should apply at home rather than right away?’

Last time with Thor, as soon as I pressed the apply button, I was whisked away.

Doing it now, on the subway, would draw too much attention.

‘Yeah. Better to do it at home.’

Just as I was about to close the job window,

[Currently, 3 gods are viewing this post.]

[Attention! Recruitment will close soon!]

A warning message popped up.

“What? Other people… No, other gods are applying?”

This would not do.

My Divine Power is not that high; I have limited job options.

Besides, it’s the only part-time job where I could get my daily-needed equipment!

In a department store, a 1-star equipment could go for hundreds!

I got up in a hurry and moved to a less crowded car.

Luckily it was a weekday afternoon, with few people around.

As soon as the doors closed, I furiously keyed the apply button.

Worried I might miss the opportunity, I breathed a sigh of relief as the familiar white light began to envelop the space.

‘Even for a god’s job, competition matters, huh?’

It seems the world of gods and of humans isn’t so different after all.

As the subway scenery faded away, I slowly closed my eyes.

* * *


An intense heat pressed down on me.

‘Ugh, what’s this?’

The source of the heat was ahead of me.

Mesmerized, I moved forward.


Below my feet was a large forge, bubbling and boiling.

My face was aglow with the fierce heat.

‘This place isn’t some volcanic zone.’

While observing the searing red molten iron, a thick voice from behind reached me.

[Hey, you’re here. This system sure is convenient.]

It was a similar sensation to when I was with Thor.

The voice wasn’t heard with ears but seemed to directly strike my entire body.

‘Surprisingly ordinary?’

Hephaistos looked quite friendly.

Bronzed skin with a bushy beard.

Pretty much like a Western miner, especially holding an armful of iron bars.

As I bowed in greeting, Hephaistos laughed heartily.

[Haha! What’s with that greeting? Something humans would do, eh?]

He threw iron bars into the forge and tapped me on the shoulder.

A friendly greeting filled with warmth.

Rather than a god,

‘He feels like a tough Greek uncle.’

[Hmm. Your record says you’ve worked with Thor in creating dungeons? Not many friends have worked with a major god like that, good for you.]

Could he see my previous work history?

Clearly, the god’s part-time job system was exceptionally convenient.

Why did I get access to this system?

[Ah, I also saw how you handled the Minotaur using humans. Ha! To destroy what you made so swiftly, what a fiery fellow! Ha ha ha!]

Seems like he kinda liked me.

He said he was actually about to choose a different god, but after seeing my unique experience, he picked me immediately. He also admired my performance in the labyrinth…

[C’mon, focus! I need to explain the job to you!]

Each time Hephaistos shouted, my body tingled.

[It’s quite simple! Just make sure nothing in this forge gets stolen! As you may know, while Asgard relies on the dwarves for their equipment, here on Olympus, I’ve been handling all orders alone. But I had too much on my plate and signed a contract, bringing in a few dwarves. However, those chaps are troublesome to no end, ha ha ha.]

What he meant was,

The dwarves working in this forge are stealing items he made.

Due to a contract clause that stipulates they must be returned unharmed upon completion of their term, he’s in a bind.

If the contract is broken, it could lead to a war among gods, which is why he’s cautiously handling the situation.

‘Jeez, even the world of gods is complicated.’

He tried to sternly warn them, but they’re mischief-makers born with a pilfering disposition, unable to withstand a day without snatching something.

‘Leaving the fish to the cat.’

Even without the dwarves, it would be impossible to meet the demands of the gods in time; hence Hephaistos couldn’t just dismiss them.

Hm. He seems naiver than I expected.

‘Or foolish, if put harshly…’

Hephaistos kept explaining as he stirred the giant forge.

[Feel free to give them a good thrashing! It doesn’t have to be me doing it – ha ha. Ah! But don’t kill them. Death brings trouble.]

Saying so, he threw a club in my direction.

[Hard to guard with your bare hands, right? It might not look it, but it’s quite a useful weapon!]

A smooth wooden club.

It wasn’t a sword or a spear, but tasked with guarding with this club?

I was a bit disappointed, but my eyes widened in an instant.

[Club of Heracles (Rare)]

Description: A replica of Heracles’s club, carved from an olive tree, the same type used to slay the Nemean Lion.

Effect: Inflicts a ‘Stun’ status effect on all life forms with a 10% chance.

“What kind of option is this…”

A 10% chance to induce ‘Stun’ on all life forms?

That means one guaranteed stun out of ten hits.

‘This is comparable to 3-star… no, even 4-star gear?’

In our world. That is, the world of humans, the rank of equipment is measured by the number of stars.

From 1-star to 9-star.

Originally, this was a ranking for hunters, but it seems inventory equipment followed suit since hunters used it a lot.

“A 4-star could be worth at least several hundred million…”

My throat was dry with anticipation.

Faster than I realized, it seemed my fortunes might reverse.

Without knowing, I hugged the club tightly.

Hephaistos looked at me as if to say I was silly.

[Eh? Suddenly hugging that? Ha ha. Such an amusing fellow. Let’s put that aside for love later and head downstairs.]

Hephaistos, holding another batch of iron bars, headed downstairs.

* * *

[Phew. Here we are. This is where you’ll work. Just guard this first floor, that’s all.]

The forge was spacious.

It seemed as large as the factory grounds of a major corporation.

Vroom! Vroom!

With a sound that shook the heavens and earth, a circular open space appeared beyond the laid iron bars.

Like a magical library straight out of a fairy tale, tall shelves circled the area, but instead of books, glittering equipment filled the shelves.

Even at a glance, they shone brightly; a hunter department store’s VIP section couldn’t compare.

Drawn, I walked over to inspect the armaments.

What caught my eye was the lightning-shaped trident, large and gleaming with silver light flashes.

“Could it be…”

Upon seeing my surprise, Hephaistos chuckled and complimented my observant eye.

It was none other than Zeus’s trident.

The artifact Zeus would wield to exert his divine power.

“I can’t believe it…”

Additionally, the sword and spear of Ares the god of war, the winged sandals, and helmet of Hermes, Dionysus’s wine rack, and even the saddle for the horses that drew the sun chariot were all there. Every imaginable item used by the gods was present.

[Soon, they will clock in. One thing to remember: do not take your eyes off them. They are quite crafty.]

After giving this playful advice, he immediately started hammering at the workbench.

And, to my astonishment, with every hammer strike, dwarves began to march in a line from somewhere.

‘Where did they come from all of a sudden?’

Whether through small openings or the wall seams, each dwarf held a hefty tool in hand.

With bushy beards and stout faces,

Their barrel-like bodies and muscular limbs looked like miniature versions of Hephaistos, but somehow also endearing.

‘They’re tiny.’

Roughly 50cm.

The miniature-like dwarves sifted molten metal, poured it into molds, and began hammering it into shape.

But that wasn’t all.

Some assisted Hephaistos in sharpening weapons, while others assembled the completed parts into divine armaments.

Smoothly, like water flowing,

The forge operated systematically and efficiently.

“Ha, this is quite the sight…”

Truly a scene out of a fairytale.

Damtuk found himself enchanted by their cute appearance.

Tiny thieves like these? Isn’t their mischievous charm overwhelming?

‘This feels like an easy part-time job.’

As such leisurely thoughts crossed my mind, the trident of Zeus, lying at a distance, clattered.


My gaze turned cold.

Two dwarves, sneaking glances, were trying to make away with the trident.


‘Old habits die hard…’

Gripping the club tightly, power surged into Damtuk’s hands.

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