I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 58

#58. Hades’ Wrath

The banquet hall went silent as if a bucket of cold water had been dumped over it.

“A rat dares to come here…”

The corners of Hades’ mouth twitched upward ever so slightly. Soon after, a sound resonated calmly throughout the hall—footsteps. Damdeok, holding an empty plate, froze, feeling unable to move.

‘Such intense killing intent…!’

A series of bright red warning messages indicating malevolent intent from the target flashed in his mind. Yet Damdeok remained motionless. Not that he couldn’t move, but rather he chose not to.

“Hmm, not trying to run away, are we?”

Hades spoke with arrogance as he approached Damdeok on the tip of his nose. Damdeok didn’t say a word, didn’t even meet his gaze, focusing all his senses on Hades’ hand.

‘I must make a run for it if things go sideways…!’

As Damdeok gulped nervously, Hades, seemingly unfazed, raised his right hand.

“I’m not sure what you were thinking coming here… but you’ve just spared me the trouble of finding you. Farewell.”

Hades’ hand slowly descended towards Damdeok’s head.

“Yoo Damdeok!!!”

Joo Soyul burst out of the kitchen, running towards them desperately. But she was too far away to intercept Hades’ hand.

‘Damn, is there no way out of this!’

Just as Damdeok swiftly activated his system, stop.

Hades’ hand abruptly halted in mid-air.

“…What is this?”

Grasping his wrist – such a fearless act. Hades slowly turned his head.


A man, bursting with lightning from his entire body, stood tall, not in the least inferior to Hades in stature. With a two-block hairstyle and exuding handsome charm, he smiled.

“Isn’t it a bit beneath a strong man to pick on the weak, friend?”

Seeing the god before him, Damdeok’s eyes gradually widened.

‘What? Thor…?!’

Why is he here? It was a turn of events Damdeok hadn’t anticipated.

While Damdeok was at a loss, Hades attempted to shake off Thor’s grip with vigor.


But his hand remained grasped. Hades’ hefty brows furrowed in annoyance.

“…Thor, is this really your affair?”

In response, Thor released Hades’ hand, shrugged nonchalantly with his characteristic playful grin, then walked towards the table and tossed a cherry into his mouth.

“That so? Then what is my affair?”

Hades spoke with forceful, emphatic words.

“You should be tending to your own lands. This is Ol-lym-pos.”

The banquet hall, silent at Hades’ overt display of anger, watched as Thor’s face painted itself with mischief.

“Really? But as far as I know, the true master of both this hall and Olympus is Zeus….”

Looking around the room, Thor flashed an innocent smile.

“Isn’t that right?”

Unable to restrain himself, Hades, with a loud slam, slammed the table.

Harboring dark energy, Hades’ body began to exude ominous power. Thor, as if to strike at any moment, raised his hammer Mjolnir. The charged atmosphere was at a breaking point when Hephaestus stepped forward to break the ice.

“Thor, why so serious today? We didn’t come here to fight, did we? Eh? Come on, put that down.”

Hephaestus spoke in a calming tone, and Thor slightly lowered Mjolnir.

But Hades scorned Hephaestus with a sneer.

“How dare you meddle in my affairs, Hephaestus? Have you grown up that much?”

Hephaestus’ brows shot up at being called with a diminutive name.

“Do not call me ‘Hephie.’ I’m no longer a boy. I am a respected god of blacksmiths.”

At that, Hades burst into loud laughter.

“Ha! You’re still as audacious as ever! I personally advised Zeus to take you in when you were crippled! Have you forgotten that kindness?”

Hephaestus’ eyes widened in defiance. From Damdeok’s perspective, both Hades and Hephaestus looked like middle-aged men, but according to mythology, Hades would be Hephaestus’ great uncle.

“Hmph, enough with the jokes. Never overstep your place again, Hephie.”

Hades stopped laughing and made his stance clear.

Hephaestus clenched his fists but didn’t dare attack.

“Preying on the weak—I despise that trait.”

Thor scowled at Hades, hammer at the ready. Hades’ gaze also turned sharply towards Thor.

“Fine. Want to try me, little one of Asgard?”

The moment the words left his lips, Thor’s feet struck the ground with immense force.


“Do not underestimate the warriors of Asgard!!”

Thor’s hammer hurtled down towards Hades. Just as Mjolnir was about to connect, Hades’ form faded like a shadow, letting the hammer pass right through and forcefully strike the ground.


The banquet hall floor cracked and split. As Thor hastily turned to charge again, a gleaming trident blocked his path.

“Enough. Both of you stop.”

The figure with wild, curly blue hair was Poseidon, staring slowly at Hades.

“Must we mar such a good day with this pettiness…?”

“Ha, is that so, brother? Do you prioritize outsiders over family?”

Ignoring Hades’ taunts, Poseidon closed his mouth tightly, issuing a silent command to Thor with his gaze. Still, Thor was too riled up to stand down.

“Hmph, do not order me. Hades has insulted Asgard. In Odin’s name, I will not back down!!”

Thor began to whirl his hammer again. The situation was quickly spiraling out of control.

Damdeok slinked back to assess the situation from a safe distance quietly.

‘Well, this roughly follows the story I had in mind…’

It was admittedly a bit overwhelming.

Thor’s unexpected appearance was not something Damdeok had imagined. His plan had been to use the space known as “The Hall of Gods” to curb Hades’ physical aggression, and secondly, to use that opportunity to strike up a direct and serious negotiation with Hades— through dialogue, of course.

Damdeok was confident in his ‘gift of the gab,’ honed over many years of part-time work. He planned to thoroughly explain that taming Cerberus was never meant as a challenge to Hades or the underworld. If needed, he was also willing to hand over Cerberus and retreat.

“Joo Soyul kept worrying that it was too risky of a plan…”

Perhaps it was because Hades’ power was too overwhelming, even for “The Hall of Gods.”

But Damdeok had one more safety measure beyond just relying on the hall.

“Let go!! Let it go, I say!!”

Thor shouted at the top of his lungs as he was desperately held back by Hephaestus and Apollo.

“Hey! Thor, my friend, if you cause a commotion here, what will Odin’s dignity become? Please, restrain yourself.”

“Right~ Calm down for my beautiful face’s sake~”

“Ugh! This is infuriating!!”

The two gods clinging to Thor, as well as Poseidon and other gods were in open confrontation with Hades. Simply put, there were no gods on Hades’ side in this space.

‘Hades isn’t particularly friendly with Olympus’ gods.’

He had almost consistently been at odds with the other gods and especially had a known poor relationship with Zeus and Poseidon. Damdeok was confident that the gods wouldn’t sit idly by and watch Hades make a scene in their banquet hall.

‘Moreover, bullying a weaker, lesser god goes against the pride of the gods.’

As expected, Hades seemed quite vexed and annoyed by the current predicament.

“These troublesome fools… Always meddling! This is my personal matter! None of your business!!”

Hades clenched his teeth as he roared, but Poseidon in front of him stood unmoved.

“Personal matters should be dealt with in a personal space, Hades. Haven’t we had enough with the last banquet—are you eager to tear apart another minor god to be satisfied?!”

Upon hearing Poseidon’s reprimand, Damdeok flinched.

‘What? Did something happen at the last banquet where he tried to kill a lesser god?’

It seemed Hades might be a more unrestrained god than he thought.

“Shut it. That time, the god slighted the underworld! This is a different issue! This is my personal affair!!”

“Personal affairs should be resolved in personal spaces, Hades.”

“Poseidon, you obstinate fool…!!”

Finally snapped, Hades’ hands began to glow with a dark aura. Poseidon quickly readied his trident, and Thor adjusted his stance. Apollo and Hephaestus also armed themselves.

Hades, facing the hostility of many gods, began to summon all his strength.

“You tiresome lot… Why can’t you just leave me be?!”

Thunderous rumbling! The banquet hall’s floor began to crack and fissure.


Amidst the breaks emerged white figures—skeletal soldiers, each emanating strong divine power.

“Think you can push me with numbers? Do you think I am helpless? I have the soldiers of the underworld!”

Skeleton soldiers amassed behind Hades as the banquet hall transformed into a space brimming with lethal tension.

The faces of Poseidon, Thor, and other gods twitched with wrath.

‘This isn’t good. The issues are escalating.’

Damdeok ruffled his hair in frustration. The threat of a war amongst Olympus gods now seemed more imminent than that of the Forgotten Gods.

‘I just wanted to resolve the Cerberus issue and get out.’

Unfortunately, events seemed to be twisting in an unexpected direction. As he pondered how to navigate through the situation, Joo Soyul had quietly approached his side.

“…Is this your strategy?”

“Um… It changed a bit.”

“A bit?”

“Um… quite a bit?”

At Damdeok’s admission, Joo Soyul chuckled at the sight of him scratching his head.

“Anyway, it seems you were right; Hades can’t kill you here.”

Pleased with the acknowledgment, Damdeok grinned.

“Right? Doesn’t matter how you get to Seoul, as long as you arrive. Anyway, things are going somewhat according to plan.”

“Sure. On the other hand, it looks like the gods might end up killing each other instead.”

Joo Soyul’s words darkened Damdeok’s expression as he eyed the stand-off.

The gathering wasn’t just filled with prominent deities.

“The vibe here is absolutely menacing…”

“Yeah, I was just invited for making good nectar this time, but what’s this mess?”

“If we leave, will they complain again? Damn, this is terrifying.”

Among those present were mid-tier and lesser gods recognized for their contributions in their fields and invited to the banquet. If they were caught up in the fight, their lives would surely be at risk.

‘I need to figure something out.’

Damdeok’s mind raced until an electrifying voice resonated through the banquet hall.

“What are you doing?”

A chilling energy filled the room.

‘…What’s this terrifying presence?’

Slowly, Damdeok turned his head. The skeletal soldiers behind Hades were strewn across the floor, defeated.

In their midst stood a robust, blond man. Sunlight poured through the shattered ceiling, partially obscuring his face.

Crack! Snap!

A quiet sound of lightning friction echoed. The blond man calmly parted his lips.

“…What in the world is going on here?”

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