I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 55

#55. The One Who Disturbs the Order of the Netherworld

“What… what did you just say?”

“Incheon Airport has… disappeared?”

Everyone’s faces turned pale in an instant, including the reporters who were on-site.

Damdok broke the oppressive silence first.

“What exactly came out of the Gate?”

The aide, wiping sweat with a handkerchief, answered hesitantly.

“Well, it’s… it seems like a monster, but then again, it’s not… Some even say it resembles a ghost…”


Hearts sank.

A ghost? Not a human, then?

Could it possibly be one of the forgotten gods making an appearance?

His expression involuntarily hardened.

If it truly was one of the forgotten gods, not all the personnel here combined would stand a chance.

‘Neptune and Caros were dealt with only because the paramount gods lent their aid.’

If the so-called ghost monster that appeared at Incheon Airport was one of the forgotten gods, then it would be the end for Korea.

Damdok’s trembling gaze shifted to Jusoyul.

However, she shook her head slightly.

‘Phew, so it’s not one of the forgotten gods?’

A relief, sure, but it was too early to relax.

‘A monster strong enough to obliterate Incheon Airport…’

Damdok turned to the minister and asked.

“Minister, can we prepare a chartered plane?”

“…So suddenly? I mean, it’s not that we can’t…”

“We should go. I’ll take care of this matter.”

Damdok almost forcibly took the minister with him and left the conference room.

Everyone looked on in silence at Damdok’s departing figure.

“…What is that guy even?”

“He’s going to handle the monster that blew up Incheon Airport all by himself?”

As the hunters looked at each other in bafflement, Cheonjungak ground his teeth and said.

“What are you all doing? We need to follow him right away!”

* * *


“This is unbelievable…”

Some of Korea’s top hunters stood with their mouths agape.

In front of them, two gigantic monsters were locked in combat.

– Grrrrrrr!

– Kieeeeeee!

A three-headed beast was fighting fiercely with a ghost as large as an apartment building.

“Hmm, a mutant created from a cluster of ghosts.”

Damdok casually sat on a rock, sipping his beer.

‘Even Cerberus can’t underestimate it. I should be able to win without much trouble.’

The moment he had seen the massive ghost while on the chartered jet, Damdok thought of Cerberus.

Wasn’t it the notorious guard dog that made the dead of the Underworld tremble?

Summoning it seemed like the most effective method to capture a ghost.

‘That did use up quite a bit of divine power, though.’

Unlike other wolves, the divine power needed to summon Cerberus was beyond imagination—it took twice as much as casting Wave Splitting, making it a burden to summon.

But he forced the summoning because he wanted to wrap up here quickly and start on his training.

‘Was it the Ice Giant I have to deal with next…?’

According to Jusoyul, they had to go to the Ice Giant’s land to cure Adel Sharon’s mana deficiency syndrome.

‘The place also houses the third Guardian, perfect timing.’

The only problem was that the journey would not be easy.

The Ice Giant’s land was situated near Asgard, famous for its Nordic myths—a rough and brutal land. Just thinking of Thor gave a sense of how challenging it would be.

‘I’ll have to prepare thoroughly before going.’

The thirst for power felt more urgent than ever before.


The beer can lightened as he finished it.

Damdok tilted his head back and shook the last drops into his mouth.


Crushing the empty beer can, Cerberus tore through the ghost’s body.

Predictably, Cerberus emerged victorious.

– Awooooo!!

Watching the triumphant howl of the beast, Damdok allowed himself a slight smirk.


As he stepped down from the rock to approach the beast,


Damdok’s eyes narrowed.

‘Who’s that…?’

Below the howling Cerberus, the faint shape of a person could be seen.

‘There shouldn’t be anyone here…’

The land had turned desolate; where Incheon Airport stood was now unrecognizable.

The giant ghost had smashed the terminal building and chewed up the nearby rail-line after emerging from the Gate; it was impossible that anyone survived the onslaught.

Moreover, all the military and hunters had retreated after Damdok’s appearance with Cerberus.

He glanced behind him just in case.

A police line stretched around the area, with numerous forces and hunters standing by.

Damdok stood in the midst of a desolate wasteland.

Turning back to Cerberus, he saw no sign of the person – they were completely gone.

“Did I just see an illusion?”

Just then,


Something grazed his cheek.

“…What’s that?”

He wiped his cheek with his sleeve, and blood smudged on it.

Something sharp had sliced open his right cheek.

“Yudamdok, pay attention.”

Jusoyul approached swiftly with her dagger drawn in front of her.

Through the flurry of her hair, a man with dark skin appeared.

“Keheh, well, well, Jusoyul, isn’t this quite the predicament for you, protecting him?”

The man was wielding a pointed blade and licked his lips.

Jusoyul didn’t take her eyes off him for a second, the tension evident.

‘Jusoyul is nervous. Who exactly is he…?’

With a deep voice, Jusoyul finally spoke.

“…Baron, what is the meaning of this?”

The man named Baron closed the gap in an instant.


“What’s the meaning? The man cowering behind you is disturbing the Netherworld’s order, isn’t he? Huh? Why don’t you say something instead of hiding there?”

Baron looked at Damdok and grinned, a stark contrast to his dark skin and white hair, with a wiry figure and carrying a sharp stiletto, he looked perilous.

“…You say I’m disturbing the Netherworld’s order?”

Damdok’s question prompted Baron to shrug his shoulders and flick his left hand.


Instantly, the massive Cerberus vanished.

A distant murmur arose from the crowd.

Step by step, Baron walked past Jusoyul, invading Damdok’s personal space.

“How bold, using a cherished creature of Hades so carelessly. And by a minor god at that.”

Baron was still smiling, but it sent shivers down Damdok’s spine.

His instinct was clear. The man before him could not be beaten.

“Out of my way, let’s talk.”

As Jusoyul’s dagger came closer to his neck, Baron chuckled and raised his hands.

“Relax, relax. I’m just here to talk today.”


The word almost burst out of him.

Though healed by his self-regeneration ability, his cheek kept stinging from the rough aura emanating from Baron.

“Hades has been extremely busy lately. With the sudden influx of the dead doubling, the judgements go on endlessly into the night.”

Baron stroked his chin as he continued.

“He personally decided to handle your case, so I’m leaving for now…”

His fingers moved slightly, and the stiletto vanished.


The wound on his cheek opened up once again.

Blood trickled down.

Swear on my life, it was impossible to dodge.

“From now on, don’t summon Cerberus. It’s bothersome to come, fetch it myself. Anyway, you might just die at Hades’ hands before that, right?”

Baron giggled and disappeared into a cloud of black smoke.

“See you again. Although next time, it will be in the Netherworld.”


The wind scattered the black smoke. Baron was long gone.

Damdok stood there, half dazed.

‘Hades… I thought he had forgotten about me since that incident.’

Guess not.

Combining everything Baron had said, Hades was too busy to come for him now, but if he had the time, he would kill him on the spot.

“…Are you okay?”

At Jusoyul’s query, Damdok nodded slowly.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if it will be okay from now on.”

The incident at Incheon Airport’s Gate, with the giant ghost wreaking havoc, was swiftly resolved by Damdok’s action, and he was proclaimed a hero nationwide. But nobody noticed the gloom shadowing his expression.

* * *


Baekgureum let out a shout after tumbling several times before finally halting.

“Hey, brother! Go easy, will you?”

“Go easy? Can we afford that?”

“Seriously, what’s with you nowadays? It’s as if you’re on a one-man mission to conquer the world… Ack!”

Snarling, he swung his sword just as an arrow wrapped in black flames flew directly towards him.


The burning arrow landed in a wooden dummy behind him, instantly igniting it.

Baekgureum gulped down his saliva and turned to face Damdok, only to meet an incoming fist.

Wrapped in menacing black flames, Damdok’s dark, ghastly punch brought terror akin to the grim reaper’s strike.

“Ack! Dammit!”

He leaned back just in time to dodge the fist, but,


Damdok’s sword now hovered next to his face.

“Wow, you’re really overdoing it…”

Baekgureum slowly raised his hands.

The heat of the black flames wrapped around the sword scorched his face.

“Are you trying to burn me alive? You’ve won, so just put it away, brother.”

Only after confirming his victory did Damdok finally put away his sword.

“Ha, well done. But haven’t your moves been too sluggish lately? Didn’t I tell you not to rely solely on swordsmanship? Mix in punches, kicks, be more versatile!”

As Damdok shook off his sweat-soaked hair and admonished him, Baekgureum pouted.

“Hey, do you even know how long we’ve been training today? A whopping seventeen hours! Seventeen! From five in the morning until ten at night! Are you kidding me?!”

Damdok let the complaint go in one ear and out the other.

It had been ten days since the Incheon Airport Gate incident.

Since then, Damdok had been devoted to diabolic training every day.

Of course, Jusoyul, Baekgureum, and occasionally Adel Sharon, summoned by the divine call, also joined in.

‘The stronger my disciples become, the stronger I get.’

Baekgureum may have grumbled, but he was noticeably stronger.

He himself might not feel the growth…

He had learned a good deal about magic from Adel Sharon, accelerating his progression.

‘I might even reach the third circle soon.’

Though still only in the second circle, draping black flames over arrows or swords, and now seamlessly over his body, was a success.

The black flame flowed naturally around his bare wrist wrapped with a band—miraculously without burning him.

Of course, it was likely thanks to Baekseol’s 99.9% affinity for black flame attributes.

“Are you working so hard because of Hades?”

Jusoyul asked as she opened a chicken box.

– Loyalty!

Baekseol was the first to bolt out, having been instructed to revert to his human form, settling into a spot.

Then Baekgureum lunged in, snatching a drumstick from Baekseol and they began bickering.

Damdok smiled faintly and approached Jusoyul.

“Do I look like someone frantically fighting for his life?”

“No. But you’re wasting your time training here blindly, not knowing when Hades will appear.”

Damdok snatched Baekgureum’s victory drumstick and took a bite.

“Hey, brother!”

– Loyalty!

Baekseol and Baekgureum poured out their grievances, but Damdok laughed and continued.

“I get what you’re saying, Jusoyul. You mean it’s more efficient to grow stronger by doing gods’ part-time jobs than by training here?”

“Yeah. The risk of staying here is too high. If you travel around the gods’ realms for training, even Hades won’t be able to find you easily. Plus, you can buy something more with the name value you get as pay for those part-time jobs.”

Jusoyul pointed at Damdok’s trademark lion armor.

Online forums were already deeming Damdok a god, with cafes created in his honor heralding the return of Heracles.

“Doing part-time jobs for the gods to avoid Hades…”

Damdok nodded slowly.

He fully agreed with Jusoyul’s thinking.

But there was a slight difference…

“It’s true that I need to do part-time jobs for the gods, but your reason is wrong.”


Jusoyul asked, puzzled.

“I’m not going to do part-time jobs to avoid Hades.”

“Then what for?”

She awaited his response.

“To meet Hades. That’s why I’m going for the part-time jobs.”

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