I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 54

#54. Gate Rampage

“Damn it, why isn’t the military coming!”

“O-over here! Run away!”


Screams resounded from every direction.

Buildings collapsed in flames, bloodstains were everywhere, corpses littered the streets…

Is this, a dream?

The first to act was Baekgureum, who drew his sword and dashed out.

“What on earth is going on! Did a dungeon break happen nearby?!”

With his swinging sword, half a dozen goblins were swiftly cut down.

But even so, the screams of panic showed no signs of stopping.

‘Where the hell are the hunters and soldiers?’

It didn’t make sense that there was no military support, even if a dungeon break occurred.

‘If there’s a break, reinforcements should arrive within 5 minutes.’

And that wasn’t all.

There was already a well-structured system in place to set up multiple layers of defense until the situation was fully subdued, all to protect the lives and property of the citizens.

Considering that urban combat training, second only to guerrilla warfare, frazzles the military’s nerves, this situation was telling.

Now, there’s not a single person in sight fighting.

‘An undefended city ablaze like this is something I’d only read about in history books.’

The situation was dire.

Damdeok quickly summoned his wolves.

– Grrrrr…!

– Grrruk…!

Fifty-six Deadly Hounds.

He saved his divine power for an emergency and didn’t summon the Sun Wolves.

He calmly issued orders to the wolves he looked over.

“Kill any monsters on sight. If there’s anyone trapped under the debris, help them out.”

– Growl!

– Woof! Woof!

Nearly sixty wolves ran out in flawless order.

Though not as powerful as the Sun Wolves, these Deadly Hounds were the elite among their kind and more than capable.

“Faster than expected.”

Damdeok turned towards the quiet murmur of Jusoyul.

Her expression was sterner than usual as she stared straight ahead.

“What do you mean?”


“What are you saying?”

Pressed by Damdeok, Jusoyul slowly began to speak.

“This isn’t a dungeon break.”


“I said, it’s not a dungeon. It’s just a regular gate.”

Damdeok was speechless at her calm revelation.

“…A gate? But gates in the human world aren’t so powerful, are they?”

In the world of gods, gates had been appearing steadily for hundreds of years.

On Earth, gates had only been around for ten years, and their danger was to the tune of one-tenth of that posed by dungeons.

But look at the current situation.

This was a scene one would expect from a C-class dungeon break, at the very least.

“This means that… the forgotten gods are starting to gain strength. If this continues, you can guess what’s next, right?”

He swallowed hard.

He didn’t need to hear the rest to know.

“The war of the gods…”

It shouldn’t be happening now.

Only two of the prophesied 12 Guardians had been gathered, and barely at that.

It wasn’t just about the Guardians.

‘My own skills are still lacking.’

Whether it was swordsmanship, martial arts, archery, or magic, there was still so much for him to refine.

“Damn, time is running so short.”

Seeing Damdeok clench his fists tightly, Jusoyul added,

“Don’t worry. Fortunately, I don’t sense the aura of any forgotten gods here. No beings like the ones we saw in the world of gods. It’s probably the same all over Earth. We’re still dealing with small fry.”

Damdeok didn’t respond.

The ‘yet’ in her sentence felt terrifyingly ominous.

‘Soon, monsters like Neptune and Karos will start appearing here too…’

The mere thought was dreadful.

A sense of urgency rushed over him.

Whether Jusoyul was aware of his feelings, she quickly dashed out, wielding her dagger like she was dancing.

Every time she swung, monsters fell down like flower petals.

Baekgureum’s area was already a site of annihilation, same where the wolves had gone.

– Wooooot!

Finally, a siren sounded in the distance.

Military helicopters and jeeps started to swiftly arrive.

The situation was being resolved quickly, but Damdeok could only stand amidst the burning streets, motionless.

* * *

“This situation is unprecedented! It’s a crisis affecting the very existence of humanity!”

Gate Management Minister Kim Yuna banged the table as she looked around the room.

A long table was surrounded by hunters in suits.

They were national management-level hunters, all five stars and above.

Damdeok was also among them, as a six-star hunter.

‘Things must be getting serious.’

A small neighborhood in Seoul had burned due to a gate, leading the government to summon all national management hunters.

Twelve five-star hunters, one six-star hunter, three seven-star hunters, and two eight-star hunters.

Despite the minister’s harsh critique, the hunters remained silently stoic.

Minister Kim Yuna didn’t seem happy with that.

“Why is everyone so silent? Today, 12 small gates burst open simultaneously around the capital area. Three in Seoul, and nine in Gyeonggi and Incheon. Yet, the response from the regional hunters was terribly inadequate! Civilian casualties are at an all-time high!”

Following Minister Kim Yuna’s continued tirade, seven-star hunter Kim Gapcheol sighed and spoke out.

“Minister, those words hurt. We don’t manage all hunters in Korea, and it’s unprecedented for gates to burst like this. We are just as confused…”

“Confused? If hunters are confused, then what about the citizens who lost their homes and families today?!”

As Kim Gapcheol scowled at the sharp attack from the minister, he quieted down at the barrage of camera flashes from the press.

Most other hunters were unaffected by the minister’s fierce reprimand, but when Cheongunak, who sat at the head, spoke quietly,

“It’s largely our fault.”

The room went silent.

“Although I can’t fully agree with the minister, regardless of the reason, shouldn’t we, the gathered hunters, not ignore a national disaster? …But today, out of 18 hunters, 12 were slow to respond.”

Cheongunak’s eyes swept the room with a calm gaze.

The oppressive silence continued.

Most hunters began to sweat as they avoided his stare.

Though unfazed by the minister’s biting criticism, they seemed to cower at Cheongunak’s mere words.

Damdeok found it all quite amusing.

‘No different from the Republic of Iris.’

Seizing the moment, seven-star hunter Kang Jicheon of Iris pitched in.

“I agree. Today, our hunters from Iris arrived faster at the scenes than anyone and worked hard to eliminate the threats. Many hunters arrived late… No matter the reason, it’s a serious issue when a seven-star hunter is tardy.”

Kang Jicheon sharply attacked Jusoyul.

Namgung Doyeok, seated opposite, looked at Jusoyul worriedly, but she remained silent.

Damdeok felt an unfair guilt.

‘I can’t exactly say we were busy working for the gods.’

It was an awkward situation.

Baekgureum, seated at the far end, was also from Iris, but Kang Jicheon conveniently skipped over him and targeted only Jusoyul.

‘It must be this kind of behavior that made him Cheon’s right-hand man.’

Kang Jicheon had a deceptively kind face but his actions were despicable.

He continued his pointed speech so the journalists could hear clearly.

“Hear me, Hunter Jusoyul. From seven stars onwards, you are a hunter of national stature, representing South Korea. You hold a different position from the five- and six-stars here. I hope you can protect our precious citizens’ lives in the future.”

His words were arrogantly presumptuous.

The expressions of Namgung Doyeok and other San-gun affiliated hunters hardened.

As the atmosphere became tense, Minister Kim Yuna spoke up.

“Hunter Kang Jicheon? This is my time to inquire about the incident. Personal grievances between guilds should be kept aside…”

“Oh, am I not allowed to speak?”

“…What did you say?”

The minister was taken aback but Kang Jicheon simply turned off his microphone.

The authority of the minister had long been disregarded in front of the hunters.

“I’m speechless, honestly…”

The minister repeatedly sipped water while journalists recorded fervently.

What should have been a session of reprimanding national management hunters turned into an image fight between major guilds, but no one was shaken— it was a familiar scene.

Cheongunak spoke quietly again.

“I regret this gate rampage incident. As the head of a major guild, I too feel a heavy responsibility, as the minister said.”

Cheongunak added slowly,

“Therefore, I, Cheongunak, propose a joint large-scale gate subjugation operation, combining forces with Iris and everyone here.”

With his resolute words, the minister’s demeanor brightened, validating his authority while providing a solution to the crisis.

The atmosphere was decisive.

The leader of a worldwide guild had made the proposal, and who would dare oppose?

Journalists nodded, having anticipated this, and snapped away with their cameras.

Namgung Doyeok also encouraged his guild’s hunters, admitting that it was necessary at this point.


“I’ll opt out.”

With Damdeok’s simple sentence, the meeting room fell silent again.

“…Opt out?”

Cheongunak’s eyebrows twitched.

Following suit, Kang Jicheon immediately lashed out at Damdeok.

“Ha! Utterly shameless hunter. First, you delay responding to the gate rampage, and now you refuse to participate in a grand subjugation operation? Can a hunter be so selfishly self-serving? Huh?!”

“Indeed, and it’s not like Hunter Yudamdeok has been cooperative with government requests since his six-star promotion, right?”

Sitting in a corner, Cheon Jungak chuckled.

Damdeok ignored him with a light wave.

‘Government requests or whatever—I was busy driving the Sun Chariot back then.’

“Now that I refuse to participate… Could I ask why?”

Cheongunak asked with closed eyes.

Without hesitation, Damdeok replied,

“It’s a waste of effort.”

One journalist spat out water in shock.

Dead silence again ensued.

Everyone looked at Damdeok with faces showing they could hardly believe their ears.

All seemed to be in shock, except for Baekgureum in the corner who chuckled as if he expected as much.

‘Hmm, did I speak too honestly?’

But it was the truth.

A subjugation operation was indeed a waste of effort.

Destroying gates isn’t the end of it. You have to kill the forgotten gods and find and destroy the core of the gate.

Ultimately, only when the war of the gods ends can this tragedy be averted.

As imminent disasters loomed, the solution wasn’t a guild alliance but to find the 12 Guardians foretold in the prophecy, and to become much stronger than now.

“Such impudence claiming it’s a waste of effort.”

As Cheongunak muttered, Damdeok just shrugged.

“Speaking out makes me more certain. If today’s meeting only concerns gate subjugation, then I’ll take my leave.”

Damdeok turned to leave.

He was anxious.

Even now, the forgotten gods would be getting stronger, and he couldn’t afford to waste time here.

“That brash young man is insolent.”

“Guild leader, let’s exclude him and carry on with our own people.”

“Exactly! We don’t need him, especially when he arrogantly flaunts his six-star status!”

In strong protest from the Iris faction, Damdeok moved towards the meeting room’s door when suddenly,


The door swung open as a secretary rushed in, pale and breathless.

“Big trouble! A gate has burst open at Incheon Airport!”

The secretary was drenched in sweat.

Minister Kim Yuna and several hunters stood up abruptly.

“Damn, another one?!”

“Incheon Airport?!”

“And what are you doing here? Deploy the troops now to protect civilians!!”

Even against the hunters’ stern commands, the secretary frantically approached the minister to whisper urgently.

The minister’s face drained of color as she listened.

“What is it?”

“What’s the matter?”

Feeling something was seriously wrong, the hunters bombarded with questions.

Minister Kim Yuna’s face was now devoid of life. She trembled as she cautiously began to speak.

“The Incheon Airport… has disappeared.”

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