I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 53

#53. The God of Flame Vermouth VS The God of Dark Flames Karos (3)


Accompanied by a dull sound, Karos’s body staggered.

The effect of a knockout required a precise hit to the head, but in that split second, Karos had twisted his head, causing the blow to land on his shoulder instead.

‘Darn, his reaction speed is no joke.’

As soon as Dumdok realized his attack had failed, he quickly withdrew his body.


Between the fluttering strands of black hair, Karos’s eyes flashed menacingly.

Dare you, you dare to strike me?

Dark flames began to smolder around the bloodshot eyes that glared at him.

Any lesser god would crumble at the sight, but Dumdok was more stunned than afraid.

‘How can he be so nimble? And even if it wasn’t a headshot, he should be affected more than this!’

To the uninformed, the previous attack might have looked like a mere swing of a club, but it was not.

He had poured all his divine power into that strike.

He could hear his heart pounding from the muscles swollen with divine energy.

‘I had anticipated it, but he’s even more of a monster than I thought.’

Isn’t that so?

Currently, with the effect of Hercules’ set, his physical attack power had increased by 500%.

His defensive power was also at 1000% due to the set effect.

That the attack and defense power had increased by 500% and 1000% respectively, both numerically and practically, was an astonishing figure.

Without divine equipment, one could only dream of such fierce options.

‘But to be perfectly fine even after taking such a full-powered attack.’

Before him, Karos was not only unscathed but now exuded an even more intense killing intent than before.

[Keke, what an audacious lesser god I’m encountering for the first time.]

Karos growled and then roughly shook off the hand of Vermouth, who had been grasping his arm.


So violently did he fling it off that Vermouth’s hand limply fell away.

It seemed that Karos was truly enraged by Dumdok, not even glancing towards the fallen Vermouth.

Dumdok silently gripped his club.

‘Now’s the real deal. Anyway, if I can hit the head with precision, there’s a 100 percent chance of a knockout.’

Dumdok was aware of the ridiculous option possessed by the Hercules club.

This formidable fight from the beginning hinged on whether he could strike Karos’s head or not.

‘That’s right. There’s only one chance.’

For a brief moment, Dumdok exchanged a deadly gaze with Karos before turning his eyes slyly towards Vermouth.

Vermouth, still where his hand had been flung aside, was drawing something in the air.

‘That’s it!’

A faint smile bloomed on Dumdok’s lips.

[Huh? What’s with that annoying look suddenly…?]

Karos, following Dumdok’s gaze, turned his body around.

Instead of air, the sky revealed a pitch-black inscription.

No, it was not just air.

Dark inscriptions of a spell floated abundantly in the void.

[Damn it…!]

Before Karos could take any action, Vermouth, who had his eyes wide open, began to chant loudly.

Saaah! Chwalalalack!

Almost instantly, the characters of the spell floating in the air rapidly wrapped around Karos’s entire body.

[Aaaargh! You %#@$!!]

Curses filled his outcry, spreading all around, and Dumdok nodded slightly.

“That’s right.”

Everything was proceeding according to the plan.

No matter how good the equipment of Hercules was, it was useless if he couldn’t hit the opponent’s head.

The real Dumdok would be insufficient to knock out Karos with a blow to the head.

That’s why Dumdok had come up with a brilliant idea.

「Can you seal the flame attribute magic?」

That was the question he blurted out as soon as he met Vermouth.

Vermouth’s ancient magic could seal flame attribute magic.

Dumdok had picked up such information while performing as a stand-in priest during the festival.

The priests knew everything about Vermouth, after all.

Upon hearing the question about the sealing magic, Vermouth widened his eyes, and Karos was too preoccupied sneering over the fact that Vermouth would side with a lowly lesser god like him.

Perhaps Karos had seen him as a mere trinket that could be flattened at any time rather than a threat, a bit of amusing entertainment in the current circumstance.

「Lord Vermouth.」

「So, shall I do it now?」

「No, you have to give it.」

「Give what… are you speaking of?」

「Nothing in the world is free. You have to pay for strategic consulting fees.」


Thanks to that, Dumdok could give Vermouth the hint about the sealing magic, and he was able to leisurely purchase the entire set of Hercules’ equipment from the gods’ store.

‘The operation commenced from that moment.’

Just by asking whether he could seal flame attribute magic, Vermouth would have roughly guessed what this lesser god in front of him was thinking.

And he would also know what he needed to do to make the operation successful.

Even without discussing the plan in detail, Vermouth succeeded so marvelously in the sealing operation because he understood the underlying reasons.

‘And to think it ends here. What an anticlimactic demise.’

Dumdok observed the scene before him.

Vermouth stood with a grim expression in front of Karos, who was tightly bound.

[You were foolish, Karos….]

Karos found himself in a state unable to move, bound by the spell.

The arrogant black hair that once soared into the sky now covered his face, returning to a disheveled state.

[Damn…! To use such an antiquated spell!]

Vermouth gave a wry smile at Karos’s complaint.

[Heh, yes, it’s an antiquated spell. Sealing attributes takes time and conspicuous movements so that no fool would fall for it. But now, you, Karos, have been caught in that very antiquated spell.]

[Shut up!!]

Karos seemed quite enraged by Vermouth’s words and began to thrash his body desperately, roaring fiercely.

The roaring was so loud that Baeksulyi, hiding in the lion’s leather cloak, burrowed further inside.

Dumdok walked silently, still gripping his club.

Thump, thump.

The beast-like thrashing Karos roared at Dumdok’s approaching figure.

[Dare a lesser god like you!!!]

Without a word, Dumdok aimed his club at him.




A dull sound echoed, and Karos’s coarse behavior quieted down in an instant.


In the sudden silence, Vermouth looked at the back of Karos’s head with a bittersweet expression.

It was easy to guess what he was thinking.

‘It’s the look of pity, sure.’

But that was a complacent thought.

“If we just end it here, it’ll only repeat itself.”

Dumdok spoke coldly, but Vermouth could not easily respond.

[Karos was just a disciple who wanted everyone’s recognition.]

“Is that so?”

[Yes. When he first handled an element other than flame, like dark flames, how happy he was like a child….]

Dumdok merely nodded quietly.

Vermouth now needed time to process his memories.

Regret and compassion flickered in his eyes.

[Everyone was ecstatic about the burning flames, but for some reason, they feared and avoided Karos’s dark flames.]

“Human beings reject what is unfamiliar.”

Indeed, the snaking dark flames looked eerie, even upon repeated viewings.

Imagine how the people from hundreds of years ago would have reacted….

The God of Dark Flames, Karos, was neither a deity deserving of human love nor one that needed to be remembered.

Thus, he was slowly forgotten.

[If only I had realized that earlier, I would have prevented Karos from becoming the God of Dark Flames.]

Vermouth seemed genuinely tormented.

Although he didn’t elaborate, it wasn’t hard to deduce the situation.

‘Having become the God of Dark Flames, he was slowly rejected and forgotten by humans.’

Karos must have gradually lost his divine power.

Humans may worship gods, but gods themselves need to live in the memories of humans….

‘What a cruel fate.’

After a moment of speechless silence, Vermouth eventually spoke a single phrase before quietly turning away.

[…Karos. I’ll remember you.]

Vermouth disappeared slowly from sight.


The cold wind blew.

Dumdok sniffled and sheathed the club behind his back.

“Well, I’m not exactly thrilled about this mission… Baeksul-ah.”

Baeksulyi, previously wriggling behind him, quickly emerged and transformed into a sword.


A pure white sword.

Karos, tied up and unconscious.

Baeksulyi seemed to sense Dumdok’s hesitation, starting to resonate with a low hum.

“Yeah, I know. It’s distasteful, but it’s necessary.”

According to Jusoyul’s prophecy, Karos would eventually destroy half of Atlarium and kill numerous people before being slain by Vermouth and other high-ranking gods.

‘My intervention changed things a bit.’

Nevertheless, he had to die here.

Showing mercy would only lead to repetition of the same events.

“Take comfort in knowing that there’s someone who will remember you.”

Dumdok poured all his remaining divine power into the strike at Karos.

It was a powerful, tide-splitting attack.


[The final blow was successful!]

[You have absorbed the power of the forgotten god !]

[ has leveled up!]

[As Moonlight Fox levels up, the sealed stats are unlocked!]

[ has leveled up!]

[As Moonlight Fox levels up, the sealed stats are unlocked!]

System windows floated in front of him, but for some reason, he couldn’t find himself able to smile this time.

* * *

“Wow, amazing!!”

Baekgureum shouted excitedly, making a fuss.

In Dumdok’s hand floated a tiny flame that was completely black.

“That flame, did you steal it from that guy? How did you do it?!”

Baekgureum stared at Dumdok with shining eyes, eagerly waiting for an answer.

“That lion armor that kills? Where did you get that from? Wow, you always get the cool stuff.”

Dumdok chuckled and turned off the visibility of Hercules’ armor.

As the armor and the club on his back became transparent, Baekgureum’s eyes sparkled even more.

“Divine equipment sure is convenient in many ways.”

When Dumdok clenched his hand, the ignited dark flame hissed and extinguished.

Baekgureum, caught in the excitement, took one step closer, eyes shining.

“That flame, wouldn’t it look even cooler wrapped around the sword?! Teach me too! You said you’d teach me everything if I followed you, whether it’s martial arts or swordsmanship!”

“Later, kid.”

“Ah, why later again! Now! Right now!!”

Baekgureum wailed loudly, but Dumdok dismissed him with a wave of his hand and shifted his gaze.

The system window before his eyes.

‘The level of Baeksulyi, which hadn’t risen since Neptune…’

[Moonlight Fox(Lv.3)]

[Stats: Hardness +9.4, Agility +4.2, Acuity +5.6, Sharpness +7.3, Loyalty+3.9, Magical Power+6.4]

[Elemental Affinity: Water 35%, Flame 55%, Dark Flame 99.9%]

It had leveled up.

With the last strike on Karos, the level had increased by two.

‘The sub-stats have slightly risen with the level up.’

Though the growth was minimal, the fact that it was growing was significant.

And there was one particularly striking change.

‘Dark Flame Affinity at 99.9%.’

This ‘Elemental Affinity’ was a term encompassing a wide range, meaning that a 35% water affinity granted freedom of movement in water and also reduced damage from water-based attacks.

But an affinity of 99.9% for dark flames almost meant that Baeksulyi itself was almost identical to dark flame.

‘Probably because I absorbed the full power of Karos with that last strike.’

With Neptune, only a portion had been absorbed, but this time Dumdok felt a massive amount of power being drawn in all at once.

Of course, that didn’t mean he could immediately wield the terrifying dark flames like Karos could.

‘It’s ingrained within me. It will take time for me to control it freely.’

In the end, his mastery of magic was still at the second circle.

But what did that matter?

Going forward, he could use ‘Dark Flame,’ his own unique magic.

“What kind of hunter uses a sword, fists, bows, and now dark magic? Shouldn’t a true hunter focus on only one thing, like I do?”

Baekgureum grumbled in the corner, peeved that his request was ignored.

“Hey, it’s not dark magic, it’s dark flame.”

“Tch… It’s all the same.”

Jusoyul’s voice reached them as they lightly bantered.

“Let’s go.”

Dumdok, still holding Baekgureum in a headlock, retorted.

“What about Adele?”

“She says she’ll stay here for a while. Since her mana deficiency can’t be cured, she won’t be of much help. So, it’s up to you to call her if you want her, but preferably don’t.”

“…What does she mean, brother?”

“…I guess she just doesn’t want to be called.”

“Yeah. That’s about right.”

Jusoyul calmly held Baeksulyi, who was contently chewing on a bone, in her arms.

“We’ve finished what we came here to do, right?”

Jusoyul asked, and Dumdok quietly nodded.

Registering Adele Sharon as a priestess, which seemed impossible, went smoothly with Karos’s defeat.

‘Since Vermouth declared me a hero in the Atlarium plaza.’

The sudden declaration by the highest god left everyone, including the citizens of Atlarium and even Adele Sharon, agape with astonishment.


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