I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 52

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bermut was noticeably flustered.

‘Karos, how could he have grown to this extent…!’

The black flames that were fiercely charging straight at him were becoming increasingly more powerful.

At first, the staff was sufficient to defend against them, but now he barely managed with both arms.


Bermut eventually took a direct hit to his left shoulder from the twisting black flames.

His massive beard swung wildly from side to side.

[Argh…! How can this be!]

It was a power clearly different from before.

Bermut had never imagined that Karos had been hiding his strength all this time.

Looking down upon him, Karos wore a look of contempt.

[…Truly disappointing. What exactly have you been doing all these long years? Have you been so intoxicated with peace that you’ve only played baduk with your priests?]

The voice was dripping with sarcasm, but the exhausted Bermut could only lean on his staff and catch his labored breath.

[…Karos, even if you have fallen, how could it have come to this? Have you truly forgotten Atlarum! Your master?!]

A sneer escaped from Karos’s lips, which were partly obscured by his disheveled black hair.

[Heheh, old fool, you’re saying something funny again. How could I forget? The ugly people of this city, worshiping only the flame and shunning the black flame…]

As Karos muttered with full rage, Bermut’s hand trembled as he detached himself from his staff and stood up straight.

[Reject? Do you still bear a grudge against people! Did I not tell you repeatedly? We gods are beings that should embrace humanity! Magic is a tool to embrace humanity. But your black flames exist only for attack, do they not!!]

Karos, chuckling and shaking in a frenzy to Bermut’s words, was looked upon with a helpless expression by Bermut.

[Pfft, hahaha! Yes, embrace them indeed! And that is why I, Karos, have personally come today. Don’t worry, Bermut. I will embrace everything in Atlarum, without exception. With these fierce black flames.]

The black flames began to fill the area, smoldering as they rose up, and Bermut’s white beard trembled faintly.

[…I must have raised you wrong.]

[Ha, raised? Who’s raising whom? Foolish old man… I shall end you swiftly!!]

Karos’s black hair rose crazily, and at the same time, the surrounding black flames explosively detonated.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

With all his might, Bermut drove his staff into the ground.

Crack! Snap!

The staff, though looking like it would be sucked into the whirlpool of black flames any moment, was held even more firmly by Bermut.

His complexion began to harden further.

His cherished disciple, Karos, among many disciples, invented the new element of black flame and was far superior in magic achievement. However, to the people of Atlarum, the existence called black flame was the very essence of darkness.

The pitiful my disciple, who was unjustly shunned and forgotten…

Bermut silently bowed his head.

The wind roared violently, and Bermut’s long white hair started to rise slowly up to the sky.

[…It seems you still underestimate this master. The black flame had split from the branch of flame…!!]

A fierce killing intent burst forth from Bermut’s eyes.

Although the ruthlessness spilled out, Karos could only mockingly laugh with his arms wide open.

Bermut’s flame seemed weak, repeatedly faltering against the surging black flame.

This sight only caused Karos to draw in more force, raising his arms triumphantly.

[Hahahat! It’s over! It’s all over now, no matter what you do, Bermut!!]

Centered on Karos, the black flames that surrounded the area turned into a wild vortex.

The once-small whirlpools grew increasingly larger,

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Stirring not only weeds and dirt but even trees of medium size from their roots.

‘Such a monstrous being… How could he have such power!’

It was a momentary realization, but Bermut understood the dangerous being before him was far beyond his expectations.

He quickly activated the system.

‘Atlarum can be rebuilt.’

He decided the first priority was to safely evacuate everyone.

Using the systems of the gods, Bermut began to issue retreat commands to all the forces behind him.

Fortunately, since he employed a substantial number of intermediate and minor gods, he judged there would be enough to move the citizens of Atlarum to a safe location.

Of course, this was an additional task, so he did not forget to double the remuneration.

‘With such a reward, they will certainly do it.’

Even amongst gods, very few would perform good deeds without remuneration in this world.

Of course, putting up such a reward might temporarily reduce his divine power significantly, but that was not the pressing concern at the moment.

‘All that remains now is to buy time.’

Bermut, clenching his teeth, glared at Karos, who was glowing with rage in front of him.

Intermediate and minor gods should buy time until all residents of Atlarum were safely evacuated.

[Hehheh…! Looking at your eyes, it seems the old fool is up to something again. Shall we see what it is?]

Karos, throwing back his own black hair that had sprung up, spoke as he gazed into the vortex.

The black flames controlled his face, leaving black lines like patterns, and in his eyes, black flames burned fiercely.

He was the very image of an ‘evil god.’

[Your name! Karos!!!!]

Bermut’s legs crashed! into the ground.

In truth, Bermut knew.

Karos before his eyes had already surpassed his own magic.

Additionally, since Karos had hidden his skills thoroughly from the start, Bermut was not in proper condition to distribute his stamina.

His stamina was already nearing its limits.

[Even so, I will not let you go just like that!]

Thud! The impact!

Bermut’s legs sank deeper into the ground, and in sync, the giant staff spun vigorously.

“It looks like you’re having a hard time managing alone.”

Startled by the sudden voice, Bermut stopped spinning his staff and glanced sideways.

[…You are?]

Smiling slyly at him was a man with a familiar face.

‘This person is definitely….’

He was the minor god he had seen that day on the nearby hill during the attack on the Court of Heaven, who with an appearance reminiscent of a wolf playfully extended his hand to him.

“Reinforcements have arrived.”

* * *

Boom! Crash!

A huge crater formed with a tremendous explosion.

Inside the crater, where many black flames moved like snakes, Karos narrowed his eyes and stared intently.

Karos’s brows twitched as he observed, because surely the one he hoped was scorched inside the crater had already escaped without a trace.

[That rat-like creature…!]

Karos’s right hand stretched menacingly behind him.

Dammed paused his running and suddenly moved back.

“Wow, you’re really not easy to deal with.”

Damduk tsk-tsked amidst his breath, although he looked quite relaxed on the surface.

Feeling his anger fester, Karos glared at him.

What was that suddenly appearing man doing, and that hideous lion’s skin he wore, what was that about?

‘Hmph, has Bermut taken in a new disciple?’

A man who suddenly appeared and said something to Bermut, judging by the divine power felt from him, was nothing more than a minor god.

Karos let out a snicker.

What could a minor god possibly do intruding on the fight of supreme gods?

Yet, the ridiculous fellow started attacking him in lion’s skin, out of nowhere.

If this guy wasn’t in some disciple relationship with Bermut, there would have been no reason for such madness.

After all, disciples were known to fight to death for their master’s honor.

Karos lightly clicked his tongue.

[Such impatience. Do you really think wearing that lion’s skin can touch even a hair on Karos?]

Karos muttered to himself with a crooked smile, though to be honest, Damduk’s appearance with the lion’s head like a helmet and the body skin wrapped like a cape did look rather impressive.

But that doesn’t mean it can be acknowledged, can it?

[Hah! Just pretending to be something with all that bluffing….]

Karos sneered even more disdainfully.

Soon after, his large hands began creating several orbs of black flame and hurled them towards Damduk.

[How dare a minor god interfere! Die! Just die!]

Boom! Crash! Boom! Boom! Crash!

Karos fiercely threw the black flame orbs, but Damduk, with his Wind Rush skill combined with his Combat Focus skill, narrowly and beautifully evaded them.

Karos’s thick brows became more furrowed.

‘Annoying. Very annoying indeed!’

The impressively sparkling lion’s skin annoyed him, but what truly irked Karos was something else.

‘I’m sure I just bounced off his punch.’

That’s why he was now maintaining distance, hurling black flame orbs instead of melee attacks.

A while ago, he had swung a few punches that would have easily subdued Damduk, but somehow the lion’s skin mystifyingly didn’t seem to take full damage.

It was as though stifled by layers of unseen barriers.

It definitely wasn’t just a feeling.

How could such a lowly god fend off his close-range attacks?

Unless that lion skin had some special enchantment…

[…Bermut, what magic did you place on that lion skin?]

As Karos concluded, he questioned Bermut, but the response came from Damduk, standing on the other side.

“It’s not magic.”

Karos’s gaze turned back to Damduk.

[Insolent. You dare to interrupt. It’s not magic, you say? Then what is it?]

“Let’s say, gear boost?” replied Damduk casually.

[Item… what?]

Karos looked back with disgust as if chewing on something bitter.

With a smirk, Damduk slowly reached his hand back.

The club hanging behind him was drawn forward like a sword, and as Damduk leveled the wooden club ahead, Karos’s thick brows wriggled again.

[…What? So Bermut gave you more than just lion skin? That staff you carry looks quite thick. What kind of magic does it contain?]

Damduk couldn’t help but laugh at the earnest question from Karos.

‘A god who mistakes a club for a magic staff. This world is completely obsessed with magic.’

Well, having always used magic that could deliver powerful power, fast and convenient, it made some sense.

“Do mages just fight with words all the time? You talk too much.”

Damduk bluntly taunted, and Karos took the bait.

[Very well. I will annihilate your presence itself.]

Despite the excellent battle focus skill, Karos’s movements, charging like a storm, were too fast for Damduk to react.


Thud. Crunch!

Right before Karos’s right hand could reach Damduk’s head, Bermut, appearing suddenly, grabbed hold of it.

Karos’s face contorted in anger as his attack was blocked at point-blank.

[Bermut!! Are you truly siding with a minor god against me?! Aren’t you ashamed as a Supreme God!!]

Karos bellowed, while Bermut merely tightened his grip without a word.

[Keep babbling. If it means putting you back where you belong, I’m willing to join hands not just with a minor god, but even the least among gods.]

[You’ve lost it. Gone completely mad. Kek, the old man’s senile….]

Karos’s mocking laughter was short-lived.

While Bermut’s hands held onto Karos’s right arm, Damduk seized the perfect opportunity.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have looked away.”

Within a heartbeat, Damduk’s club sliced through the air forcefully.

At that moment, Damduk remembered the effect of the Heracles club:

[Effect: Causes a 100 percent chance of ‘stun’ status effect on any living creature (※ must hit the head accurately).]


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