I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 51

#51. The God of Fire Bermut VS The God of Black Flames Karos (1)

“What? Karos?”

Damdeok’s head snapped around.

Jo Sooyul was staring blankly out of the window.

“Hey, Jo Sooyul, what are you talking about? You said it was still a bit early for Karos to show up.”

“…Right, I did.”

What on earth is he talking about?

Damdeok watched Jo Sooyul quietly.

‘This guy has never spewed nonsense before… .’

“Are you sure it’s Karos?”


As Jo Sooyul nodded, Damdeok sprang to his feet.

“What are you going to do?”

“What do you mean what? If we just sit around, Adel Sharon will enter as a priestess, won’t she?”

Adel Sharon was fidgeting near the window.

Dark flames were spreading rapidly to the vicinity from the forest.

At this rate, it wouldn’t take long to engulf not just this place but all of Atrium.

Adel Sharon began biting her nails anxiously as she made calls here and there.

Jo Sooyul calmly spoke to Damdeok, who was standing.

“You’re not thinking about dealing with Karos directly, are you? If that’s the case, better drop it. That guy is not a god you can handle yet. He’s on a completely different dimension compared to Neptune, who was unstable before.”

“Ah, my ears are going to grow calluses.”

“Hey, you…”

Damdeok placed his hand on his right shoulder in silence.

In an instant, Baek Seoli, which had transformed into a pure white sword, was grasped in his hand.

Jo Sooyul fell silent, about to add something.

Suddenly, a familiar window popped up before her eyes.

[Emergency Recruitment Notice!]

[Recruiting members for Karos suppression party!]

[Only those with godly power of 50,000 and above can participate!]

[The highest god Bermut will personally lead!]

[First come, first served – recruiting 20 members quickly!]

Damdeok smirks and looks back at Jo Sooyul.

“Let’s go. It’s time for my part-time job.”

* * *

[Ah, so everyone don’t have to worry and…]

About 1 km away from the source of the northern forest’s black flames, Bermut and his loyal soldiers, the great priests of the temple, and about twenty middle and lower deities who seemed to have been newly recruited, had gathered in the plain.

Among them, Damdeok and his companions, as Baek Gu-reum pouted with a scowl starting to whine,

“Why is that guy continuously emphasizing safety before going into a fight?”

After sending out the announcement for the battle, Bermut was instructing not only to ensure the safety of allies but also to refrain from subduing the enemies too cruelly.

Given that Baek Gu-reum was bubbling with excitement at the thought of showing off his swordsmanship, his grumbling was not unreasonable.

“Ah, seriously when will he stop reciting safety precautions. Is he an old geezer or what?”

With Baek Gu-reum’s candid muttering, Adel Sharon’s face contorted with shock.

She hurriedly covered Baek Gu-reum’s mouth and whispered.

“Are you crazy?! If you utter such blasphemous words, you’ll be eternally expelled from the magical world.”

Adel Sharon—while watching for the great priests lined up at the very front—clamped down on Baek Gu-reum’s mouth even more tightly.

“Ugh! Ah, let go of me!”

Baek Gu-reum shook off her hand roughly, still livid.

“Magical world or whatever, who cares! I was born to be the strongest in swordsmanship. I have no interest in those petty magic tricks, you hear?!”

Adel Sharon looked at Baek Gu-reum with a dumbfounded expression.

“Magic tricks? Did you just refer to magic as a trick?”

“Hmph! Magic or tricks, whatever.”

Seeing the scornful Baek Gu-reum, sparks flew from Adel Sharon’s eyes.

“This kid… I will make you unable to joke with that mouth.”

A fist-sized flame levitated above her palm.

“Oh? You want to try me?”

Baek Gu-reum also unsheathed his sword, ready to fight.

Between them, a fiery tension rose but was quickly quelled with Jo Sooyul’s arrival.

“Both of you stop it. Unless you want things to blow up.”



The cold tone could have been brushed off as a friendly banter among colleagues by someone else, but the two understood that it was anything but a joke.

‘Che, I’ll let it slide just this once.’

‘Let’s see about that later.’

Eventually, Baek Gu-reum and Adel Sharon quietly lowered their hands.

Damdeok who was watching, snickered.

“Adel, I told you that you don’t need to follow. Why did you come? Earlier, you said you didn’t believe I was a god?”

At that, Adel Sharon cleared her throat.

“I never said I didn’t believe. I said I couldn’t believe.”

“Is there a difference?”

“There is. And to actually see Lord Bermut… anyone from Atrium would have followed, right?”

Damdeok just laughed at her answer.

‘I knew you would do that, so I deliberately told you about Bermut’s part-time job.’

As soon as Bermut’s announcement was out, Damdeok informed everyone about it without holdback. There was a simple reason for that. He thought it would be the shortest course to persuade Adel Sharon.

‘I’m going to learn all the magic used in this battle over the shoulder.’

As Jo Sooyul had worried, Damdeok had no intention of actually defeating Karos. He was only contemplating how to quickly recruit Adel Sharon and move on to the next step.

And the solution came about quite easily.

Everything he had experienced up to that point.

‘I made great progress initially when I obtained talent in swordsmanship and martial arts.’

So he judged he could manage magic talent as well.

‘Even though, during the festival, it was a one-time magic passed on by Bermut…’

It seemed like Adel Sharon was greatly disappointed by that. So this time, he had to show her how he could grow personally.

That was the best way to convince her for now.

“If you’ve come all this way, don’t get hurt and just watch from a corner. Adel.”

“Hmph, just do well yourself.”

Though Adel Sharon replied bluntly, she couldn’t take her eyes off the other middle and lower gods around her.

Seeing that all the mid and low-level gods gathered here involved magic or spirits, it was not unreasonable for Adel Sharon’s eyes to widen in amazement.

‘Just wait a bit. That magic you can’t live without—I’ll learn it and come back in style.’

Soon, Bermut led the great priests and middle-god deities towards the northern forest, and the rest of the soldiers, low-level deities, and Damdeok’s party followed them at a distance.

– Kyaaah!

– Krrrrrr!

Within three minutes of entering, monsters emerged one after another from all directions.

These creatures were different from any Damdeok had seen before.

Either clad in black flames or charred to blackness, it was hard to distinguish whether they were beast-like or humanoid due to their grotesque appearance.

“Oh, this is…”

“Good heavens, their whole bodies are charred black. Were there monsters like this in Atrium?”

The surrounding low-level gods frowned but calmly began to cast their spells.

“Even so, once this is over, we’ll finally get to see Lord Bermut’s true worth.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. He doesn’t usually post announcements. Lucky us.”

Damdeok listened intently to their conversation from the back.

‘Bermut’s name certainly has its weight in gold.’

If he could extensively cash in on the highest god’s name value, then the Hercules set wouldn’t just be a dream.

But more pressing matters lay before Damdeok.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Fizz! Crack!

Various spells sprouted from the hands and staffs of the low-level gods.

Damdeok keenly observed their combat methods and carefully attempted to mimic them one by one.

‘Hmm, it’s harder than I thought.’

Unlike swordsmanship and martial arts, ‘magic’ proved to be an exceedingly sensitive and complicated skill.

He managed to create flames in the air and levitate a small fireball on his palm up to the 2nd circle’s magic, but there was an invisible wall blocking the release of that fireball in the 3rd circle’s magic.

‘Even though I’ve already got the Fire Ball skill…’

Didn’t he have skills obtained doing the fire column show during the festival?


[Insufficient understanding!]

[You can’t cast the <Fire Ball(B)> skill!]

Damdeok pushed away the message that appeared in front of his eyes and sank into contemplation.

‘What’s the problem here.’

The dying flame in his hand felt empty, as if a gear had not been properly meshed.

‘Maybe it doesn’t work just by watching and following.’

Clearly, magic had a trait different from the physical techniques of swordsmanship and martial arts.

‘I was originally planning to get at least the basics down here…’

It seemed there wouldn’t be much progress just by watching low-level gods’ magic.

Should he move forward to where the middle gods and chief priests are?

Damdeok shook his head slowly after pondering for a moment.


While the difference between a low-level and a middle-level god was clear, it didn’t mean there was as vast a gap between them as the heavens and the earth.

‘Middle-level gods are also kind of ambiguous.’

Maybe a review from the highest-level magic down might yield some small revelation.

Rumble! Flash!

Far away, sparks shone in the distance.

That was from a spot much further than where the middle-level gods and great priests were.

Terrifying magic of Bermut and Karos, black and white glares of magic clashed incessantly.

‘Alright. Let’s start from there.’

A small breeze whipped around Damdeok’s feet and in an instant, his body shot forward.

* * *

Northern forest, the source of the black flame vortex.

Damdeok, who had infiltrated the heart of this chaos, observed the blood battle between Bermut and Karos from behind a massive rock.

‘It’s more terrifying than I thought.’

Their duel was as dazzling and precarious as CG in a movie.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flash! Boom!

White flames bellowed out of Bermut’s staff, and without fail, black flames erupted like cannons from Karos’ hands.

Amid their collision, colossal explosions rang out one after another, the surroundings becoming momentarily bright and then dark.

‘Huh? Unlike Neptune’s case, both don’t look the same.’

Sure enough, the two figures were far different.

Karos, named as such, was draped in long, unkempt black hair. His facial features were not visible, but whether from his physique or from the fierce glint occasionally visible among his hair, he seemed a much younger god than Bermut.

‘Are not all forgotten gods another aspect of that god?’

What their relationship was, he couldn’t say.

Truth be told, Damdeok wasn’t even curious.

He simply watched the battle between Bermut and Karos, holding his breath.

Damdeok hoped to grasp the 3rd circle magic’s missing links by observing their grand magic, but it wasn’t as easy as he thought.

‘Hmm, am I limited to the 2nd circle for now?’

Damdeok grimaced and strained to release the fireball floating above his hand.

How much time had passed?

Damdeok’s eyes, which had been intensely focused on both the fight and his hand, slowly widened—not because he’d finally grasped the essence of magic, but because he’d noticed something odd in the fight.

Thud! Crash! Boom!

Karos, his fists wrapped in a surge of black flames, launched a powerful flurry of punches.

And Bermut equally struggled to parry the heavy punches with his swiftly swirling staff.

[Insolent wretch! I’ve cherished you so much!]

[I never asked for that.]

Crash! Snap!

Familiar sounds of close combat rang pleasantly in Damdeok’s ears.

A melee in a magical world was something he’d never imagined.

‘…So physical attacks work on the gods of the magic world?’

Physical attacks were ineffective against the monsters of Atrium. He had assumed the same rule applied to the gods as well?

Damdeok quietly extinguished the flame on his palm.

He hadn’t even considered fighting Karos because he was a god of magic.

He couldn’t use magic, could he?

But if physical attacks worked…

Damdeok’s eyes trembled slightly.

He quickly opened the gods’ store and scrolled down.

“Not this one, nor that, but there was something I saw last time….”

His hand stopped at a specific location.

“Heh, found it!”

Before his eyes hovered two pieces of equipment with a golden sheen.

[Heracles’s Lion Armor (Mythic)]

Description: Armor made after defeating the Nemean lion.

Effect: When equipped, physical defense is increased by 500%!

[Heracles’s Olive Tree Club (Mythic)]

Description: Hercules’s club, carved from an olive tree, used to capture the Nemean lion.

Effect: Inflicts ‘Stun’ status effect with a 100% chance on all living beings (※ Must hit the head accurately).

Equipments that belonged to the gods, which had attracted his attention for a long time.

Underneath the description of the gleaming equipment was written the set effect.

[When both the armor and weapon are simultaneously worn, Heracles’s set effect activates!]

[All physical attack power, physical defense increase by an additional 500%!]

Certainly, there wouldn’t be any other dreadful set of equipment with such effects in existence.

Naturally, this was limited to the human world.

Despite recognizing its potency, why had he not bought it till now?

Damdeok let out a short sigh.

“…It was too expensive to consider buying.”

Even with the name value of Hades or Apollo, the price of these pieces of equipment was far beyond reach.

Perhaps he would need to pull the sun chariot at least 12 times to be able to afford it?

He had intended to buy them whenever he had the chance, but each time there was always something else needed to be bought,

For the time being, he would have to be content with the imitation club that Baek Seoli transformed into.

But who would have expected the opportunity to come so soon?

Damdeok’s gaze turned to Bermut.

‘The name value of the highest god is indeed quite precious.’

If he could cash in hefty profits on the highest god’s name value, even Heracles’s set wouldn’t be a mere dream…

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