I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 50

#50. 8th Circle Wizard Yudamduk

“The festivities have begun finally! Citizens! Let us all toast for the eternal prosperity of our Atlawoom!!”


Not just the citizens, but all the guests who were invited started laughing and engaging in the festival atmosphere.

The daesin-gwans, or high-ranking officials, were solemnly walking out to display their dazzling magic.

Among them, a man who wore a robe and a hat yet looked the youngest.


From Yudamduk’s hand, a searing red flame erupted.

‘Wow, this really works.’

The last request from Bermut was to participate in Atlawoom’s festival in place of the high-ranking officials who had fainted.

‘A festival I didn’t know about, and here’s my lucky break.’

Although the officials had little to do, magic was unfamiliar to them, so Bermut readily granted both his magical talent and his research talent in magic.

‘Knowing the fundamental principles of magic, it’s a breeze to master basic spells.’

Yudamduk watched the flame that rose from his palm dance this way and that.

It was just a flame the size of a fist for now, but even that was fascinating to him.

Using divine power to fuse certain atmospheric elements to create fire, magic was a complicated task despite its simple description, but Yudamduk managed to successfully perform the 1st Circle magic ‘Fire’ within thirty minutes.

‘I have no idea what to do next, though.’

The official next to him was playing with flames like fireworks, while another created water figures as though conjuring magic with waves, and yet another was lighting up the entire plaza with lightning like a club.

Yudamduk was the only one fiddling with a small flame.

The people, despite looking at him with curiosity, also sent him expectant glances as to what he would do next.

‘This is a lot of pressure.’

But there was no need to worry.

Bermut wasn’t a god who would irresponsibly make requests without backing.

“Being an official, you should at least know how to use magic of the 8th Circle.”

After Yudamduk succeeded with 1st Circle magic and failed at the 2nd Circle, Bermut shared a portion of his power with him.

‘It will only be effective for a short while.’

But it was enough time to flaunt his magic at the festival.

The flames in Yudamduk’s hand suddenly paused….


A column of fire shot up to the sky.

“Wow!! Killer!!”

“That’s it! That’s the stuff!!”

Excited, people popped champagne into the air, screamed, and broke into dance.

Within that festive mood, Yudamduk quickly cast the next spell.

The pillar of fire that had risen only from his right hand now sprang from his left as well.

The gigantic fire pillar crossed in the sky like an ‘X’ then combined into a vast ring that encircled the plaza.

At the gesture of Yudamduk’s hand, the flames dispersed and then merged repeatedly, moving freely at his will.

Soon after, a flag made of fire representing Atlawoom was majestically fluttering in the plaza sky.

It was a performance more magnificent and powerful than any other magic shown by the officials.


“Long live Atlawoom!!”

The people’s excitement reached its peak.

Yudamduk continued to create giant fire columns, shooting them in all directions, passionately demonstrating his magic.

It was as though they were witnessing a grand laser expo, with an incredible fire show continuing on wildly.

[The skill has been created!]

[The skill has been created!]

With a sly grin, Yudamduk pushed himself even more into the manipulation of magic.

Soon the power lent by Bermut would wear off.

It would be best to acquire as many skills as possible before then.

The officials around began slowly but surely supporting Yudamduk’s fire show.

No matter what, since the people were so enthusiastic, they felt obliged to further stoke the atmosphere.

‘Being recommended by the presiding official himself…’

‘That’s some serious skill.’

‘…But didn’t they say he was a wanted criminal?’

‘Shhh, that’s top secret. The presiding official told us he’d cover it all up and to keep quiet.’

The officials whispered among themselves, but no one heard their conversation.

As people sprayed champagne, the flames that Yudamduk had created burned even more fiercely.

Whoosh! Whoooosh!

Adel Sharon stared blankly at the man surrounded by people and flames.

‘Yudamduk…? How could you…?’

She knew better than anyone the path of the great wizard she had always aspired to.

‘That has to be at least the realm of the 8th Circle…’

Yudamduk’s magical abilities were undoubtedly within the realm of the 8th Circle, a level that among the daesin-gwans, only a few had reached.

The magnificence of the magic she had seen as a child in the plaza, the brilliance, the thrill, all those complex and subtle emotions at once flooded over Adel Sharon like a tsunami.

Her eyes were shaking more than they ever had before.

[The condition for ‘Apprenticeship Registration ‘ has been met!]

[Please make contact with the target to proceed with the apprenticeship registration!]

Yudamduk smirked at the message that appeared before him.

“Okay, bingo.”

* * *


Adel Sharon kicked the table and stood up.

“Does this make any sense? You want me to believe this now?”

With her face flushed red, she glared furiously at Yudamduk.

“…Right, this is the normal reaction. I told you Baekgureum wasn’t right in the head.”

At the opposite end of the table, Yudamduk crossed his arms and looked diagonally in front of Baekgureum.

Baekgureum shrugged his shoulders.

Sitting across from him, Jusoyul sat quietly with his eyes closed.

Adel Sharon slammed the table again, Bang!, and spoke.

“Cut the crap and just answer my question. What is this transparent window ranting about? What did you do to me that all of a sudden I can see this? Are you making fun of me?”

The empty air that Adel Sharon pointed to had system windows floating in it.

Unlike usual, it was a window that everyone could see.

Yudamduk started to speak calmly.

“It’s not a prank. I have no reason for that.”

Adel Sharon clenched her lips, still glaring at Yudamduk.

Anger was evident.

She had been completely captivated by the magic Yudamduk had just shown.

She wanted to learn it.

Her heart had not fluttered this much since she was a child.

But after the festival, what he said was….

“Gods? Ha, so you’re claiming to be a god?”

Sharpness laced Adel Sharon’s tone.

Yudamduk didn’t say anything.

It had all been explained already.

And in front of her, the system spelled out, letter by letter, the essence of the apprenticeship system and its role.

‘It was going too well….’

Maybe Baekgureum, who jumped carelessly into apprenticeship, was the special case.

But Adel Sharon’s reaction now was not at all unusual.

‘Truthfully, anyone would act like this.’

Imagine it.

If someone came along saying, “Actually, I am a god, and you, become my disciple!^^*”, most would likely treat him as a lunatic.

Knowing how she must feel, Yudamduk kept quiet.

“…Don’t get so worked up, just sit down, will you?”

Unable to stand it any longer, Jusoyul tried to calm things down, but Adel Sharon could not subside her agitation.

“Quiet! After I showed you kindness, you’re treating me like a fool…!”

She likely misunderstood the intent of the apprenticeship as explained by the system.

‘Why would they unnecessarily put in something like a loyalty contract….’

Yudamduk wished he could shut up the system’s babbling mouth.

But this was one of many hurdles to overcome.

If his spirit faltered after encountering only the second of twelve guardians, he would be unable to protect anything.

Yudamduk looked at Adel Sharon intently.

“What’s making you so angry?”

There was not a hint of playfulness in his gaze.

Adel Sharon asked incredulously.

“What…? So you really thought I would swear allegiance to this strange contract?”

“What’s so strange about it?”

“The fact that you’re a god, to start with.”

“That’s just a job, like any other, I explained that to you.”

Bakgureum chimed in promptly with Yudamduk’s remark.

“Right, it’s just like awakening… Ah, is awakening not a thing here?”

Then he burst out laughing, “Krahaha!” but no one else laughed.

“It’s chilling… a dagger strikes the heart…”

Baekgureum muttered to himself then quieted down.

Adel Sharon continued, pointing to the system window.

“And you can summon me whenever you want, I must live for you, not neglect training for your sake… You expect me to accept this without question? Are you kidding?”

“If that’s true, I told you. I only need your strength to prevent a great disaster that will happen in the future; I won’t summon you for anything unnecessary. And I will help you fully overcome mana depletion so you can learn magic completely. Isn’t that enough?”

Yudamduk was assertive.

His words were entirely truthful.

Unlike the system’s coercive tone, Yudamduk’s was rather persuasive.

Adel Sharon hesitated for a moment.

And then Yudamduk drove the final nail in.

“This is merely a mutual aid contract; there’s nothing in it that’s unfavorable to you. Think about it carefully.”

Calmed by Yudamduk’s words, she bit her lower lip.

Above all, the offer to entirely overcome mana depletion and to learn magic was tempting to Adel Sharon.

“Without gloves or elixirs, I can freely use mana?”

Mana depletion was incurable.

A congenital condition that prevented absorption of mana from the atmosphere, and not even the revered healing wizards or high-ranking officials had found a cure for it.

For someone as popular and wealthy as her, it had been a lifelong incurable condition.

But how could these outsiders cure it?

Adel was torn between anger and vague hope as she looked at Yudamduk.

“I don’t know how yet. But I can promise I’ll do my best.”

Yudamduk’s confident response only left Adel feeling disappointed.

Jusoyul watched Yudamduk thoughtfully.

‘It’s impossible here.’

Mana depletion cannot be cured with the powers that Yudamduk currently had.

‘Only by going to the Fairy King can the cure be found, or at least until reaching the third guardian, Etain….’

Even though Yudamduk’s acquisition of magical talent and the magic research talent so quickly was surprising, Adel Sharon was no easy opponent.

‘She’ll need some time after all.’

Adel Sharon was someone who always gave them a lot of trouble during persuasion.

With her strong pride and wanting for nothing as a superstar of the magic world, the only weakness was mana depletion.

‘Without a cure, she sees no reason to follow Yudamduk.’

It was a reasonable stance.

However, to Yudamduk, and to myself as well, Adel Sharon was one of the guardians we needed.

‘Let’s give her some time.’

Outwardly, Adel Sharon may seem like a haughty superstar, and up close like a childish brat, but when serious, she is quite thoughtful.

Given time, after observing Yudamduk gradually mastering magical talents, she would surely be moved.

‘Anyway, there’s still some time before Karos can make a move….’

Yudamduk would have enough time to master the basic magic.

“Let’s take some time and….”

Just as Jusoyul began to speak.

Kugugu! Kugung!

Loud rumbling began, and Adel Sharon’s mansion started to shake.

“…What’s going on?”

“Did a war break out?”

“What’s this time?!”

Yudamduk, Baekgureum, and Adel Sharon turned their gazes toward the open terrace windows at the same time.

“Insane… what is that.”

Adel Sharon covered her mouth without realizing it.

The northern forest, near the cursed pit, was covered in black flames and smoke.

It was a bizarre scene none of them had ever seen.

Adel Sharon and Baekgureum moved closer to the windows in disbelief.

Yudamduk just looked on, mouth firmly closed.

“Ugh! The smell of burning!”

“Cough, cough, it’s choking me.”

As Adel Sharon and Baekgureum neared the window, they began to cough from the pungent smoke.


The acrid smoke also hit Yudamduk, who had remained seated.

With everyone preoccupied by coughing, Jusoyul murmured softly.

“Why would Karos appear so soon….”

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