I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 5

#5. The Man with the SS-Rank Talent (3)

“…Is this the boss room?”

Everyone halted in their tracks, tense and alert.

The space they entered through the door was just like…

A palace.

An ancient Greek palace.

At the center of the circular space lay a bed hidden behind black silk curtains.

The moonlight pouring in through the domed ceiling, illuminating the bed like a spotlight, cast a grotesque atmosphere over the entire chamber.

“This is eerie… Is that the final boss lying there?”

To Namgung Doyeok’s question, Damdeok looked back at his guildmates.

All were in a state of high alert.

“Everyone, listen carefully. From now on, we need to work together.”

Quietly and calmly, Damdeok began to explain the strategy.

He detailed the only weakness of the minotaur, the strongest creature created by the thunder god Thor, and how its powers could be amplified.

With bated breath, everyone focused intently, and Namgung Doyeok also nodded silently in agreement. A solemn determination was evident in the eyes of some members, especially those known as the ‘Pathfinders’ within the guild…

‘It’s impossible. Not just the labyrinth’s path, but to know the boss’s tactics as well….’

‘Even for us 4-star hunters, this would take hours, if not days….’

In front of them, the young man was pulling it off alone in just an hour.

The Pathfinders were beginning to doubt the very life they had led.


“Then let’s get started.”

“Understood. Let’s do that.”

With Damdeok’s command, the operation began stealthily, yet swiftly.

Four agile squad members grabbed the ends of the black silk curtain around the bed and leaped, pushing off the walls.


As the black silk was lifted upwards, the bedchamber, once brightened by moonlight, was immediately engulfed in darkness.

– Rumble rumble rumble…!

The creature crouched in the center of the bedroom slowly lifted its head.

A monstrous figure, bovine of head but human beneath. The Minotaur.

– Roaaaaarrr!!

Its thunderous roar filled the chamber and at that moment, when the enraged minotaur aimed its horns straight ahead.


As Damdeok shouted, the guild members surrounding the bedchamber sprang into action.

‘I remember hearing that it gains strength from moonlight.’

A snippet of conversation overhead during dungeon grinding, from unnamed gods.

The minotaur is amplified by the moonlight.

If left unchecked, its power would continue to grow, potentially bringing the whole dungeon down.

First things first, the overwhelming moonlight had to be blocked.


“Behind the horns! All archers target behind the horns!”

A fleeting moment revealed that area, particularly translucent compared to the rest.

The backside of the horns was the Minotaur’s only weakness!


Namgung Doyeok charged first, raising his twin axes high.

Clang clang clang! Sparks flew from the horns of the minotaur with each strike.

“Let’s go!”

“Support the guild leader!”

All squad members then launched their attacks towards the back of the horns.

Clang! Clang clang! Clash!

A ceaseless barrage of blows.

The minotaur’s body was gradually pushed backward.

‘As expected. The clear is going smoother than I thought.’

Knowing its weakness and having blocked the moonlight’s power, the outcome was inevitable.

Now, the last thing to do was…

‘Don’t be a nuisance, just stay quiet.’

With my current abilities, I’d only get in the way.

He moved quietly to a corner of the boss room.

Although he could sense the intense gaze of the support team already there, he ignored it.

‘Cut me some slack. I’ve just awakened; I can’t exactly take a tumble with a minotaur.’

Normally, only hunters specialized in combat participate in boss battles.

Guides, porters, magic stone extractors, and others would stand back out of harm’s way, following standard protocol.

‘A single hit from the boss could be fatal to the support team.’

And that applied to me as well, who had just awakened.

This was different from dealing with lizards, giant spiders, or goblins.


Comfortably settled in a corner, he pulled up his profile.

“Wow, there’s quite a lot now.”

Several skills had appeared during the battle.

It was fun to watch.

[Talents: Talent in Swordsmanship (SS), Talent in Martial Arts (SS)]

[Skills: Battle Concentration (S), Boxing (E+), Dagger Technique (E), Instant Charge (F), Counterattack (F)…]

“Hm? But I don’t remember hearing that I had acquired a boxing skill?”

He had clearly witnessed the creation of ‘jab’ and ‘uppercut’, but boxing…

He tilted his head in puzzlement before realizing.

“Ah! They’ve merged!”

When skills of the same attribute combine, they evolve into an even stronger skill.

It was fascinating.

‘That’s why those with talent grow stronger.’

They keep creating skills and fusing them, gaining even more powerful abilities.

“A good system.”

Damdeok switched off the profile window, smiling.

‘With not just one, but two top-tier talents. The skills I’ll acquire in the future will certainly be a lot more than today.’

Whether he liked it or not, his life was about to unfold anew.

‘Goodbye, talentless Yudamdeok!’


Right on cue, cheers erupted.

Looking up, he saw Namgung Doyeok standing atop the minotaur, having lifted its horns above his head.

“It’s over!!!”

At Namgung Doyeok’s booming cry, the axe blade came crashing down onto the back of the horns.

– Graaaaaaaaaa!

That was the end.

Clear messages appeared before everyone’s eyes, and the minotaur’s giant figure collapsed with a thunderous crash.

Damdeok could only stare blankly at the message in front of him.

“So this is a clear message….”

Yudamdeok. 27 years of a talentless life.

This was the moment he cleared a dungeon for the first time in his life.

* * *

It was bright.

Stepping outside, he squinted reflexively against the harsh sunlight.

“It’s totally different from the gloomy dungeons.”

Dozens, no, hundreds of voices could be heard in a cacophony.

“Master Namgung Do-eok, please say a word!”

“Did the other raid parties all get lost? How did you manage to clear it?”

“Was it a perfect clear?”

“How could a single raid party clear it so quickly?”

“Please share your thoughts!”

It was chaotic.

The pouring sunlight alone was enough to disorient me, but the flashing camera lights and the relentless barrage of questions from reporters shoving microphones in my face had drained me despite having barely walked a few steps.

Honestly, moving forward was impossible.

My brows involuntarily furrowed.

I mean, we just had a rough fight, and now this isn’t even friendly fire…

All I wanted was to get away and rest, but the reporters wouldn’t budge.

I looked at them with uncomprehending eyes, but my fellow guild members stared ahead calmly as if they were used to it.

Namgung Do-eok slowly opened his mouth.

“First of all, I would like to tell the citizens that Seoul is safe. As of this time, the labyrinth dungeon has been completely cleared.”

At those words, cheers and applause erupted from all around.

With the heated response from the citizens, the reporters began to ask questions even more eagerly.

Most were about how the clear was achieved so quickly, considering it was a large-scale labyrinth dungeon, and what difficulties were encountered.

Namgung Do-eok coughed briefly before slowly beginning to speak.

“It’s all thanks to this young man right here.”

Namgung Do-eok extended his hand to introduce the person.

It was me.


I was taken aback.

Countless cameras and eyes instantly focused on me.

Of course, I played a big part, but this was so sudden…

“Please introduce yourself!”

“How did you assist?”

“Did you know the strategy?”

“Which guild are you affiliated with!”

“Say a word, please!”

The barrage of questions was like an angry tide.

I looked at Namgung Do-eok for help, but he just smiled without saying a word.

As if he too was curious about my identity…

‘This is troublesome.’

I’m not a hunter; I’m just a normal person who recently awakened my abilities.

An ordinary person without a guild having helped with dungeon strategy? It was bound to get tiresome.

Plus, it could lead to unnecessary suspicion.

After some contemplation, I spoke up.

“The guild and affiliation don’t matter.”

At my words, everyone was silent.

They murmured amongst themselves, surprised at the unexpected answer.

“What matters is that today, in the heart of Seoul, we were able to clear an unprecedentedly strange dungeon on our own, without any foreign aid.”

The reporters gaped, perhaps thinking I’d touched on a sensitive diplomatic issue.

But the gathered citizens began to cheer even more ecstatically,

“Wow! Incredible!”

“Who cares about affiliations! We’re all Koreans!”

“The two-block haircut rocks!”

I scratched my recently cut two-block hairstyle and looked at the crowd.

I’d never been the center of attention like this before.

Honestly, it was awkward.

But not altogether unpleasant.


Just let it slide.

I just want to go home and rest…

“Are, are you targeting the US forces in Korea with that statement?”

“What are your thoughts on the recent hunter agreement with the US?”

“Please share your views on the G9’s proposed international hunter issue!”

The reporters pounced like a swarm sensing an opportunity.

I couldn’t let it continue.

With a forced smile like a celebrity might wear, I made my way through the crowd.

‘Forget that stuff. What do I know, anyway?’

It’s public knowledge that the US has a Hunter Bureau at their military base here.

The fact that they were subtly taking a 30% stake in our dungeons under the guise of helping was also true.

But what about today?

The high-and-mighty American hunters couldn’t even find their way and wasted all their time.

Forget diplomacy, international affairs, and hunter agreements.

I just…

“I am Korean. My affiliation is just that.”

I said firmly to the reporters, who kept asking for my affiliation.

It was a plea to leave me alone.

“Woah! Look at him go!”

“Korean power!”

Some citizens even formed a human barricade to escort me out.

Thanks to them, I safely escaped the place.

* * *

Only after the subway doors closed did I lean against the backrest, feeling that the day had been long.

The real-time news was broadcasting on the screen overhead.

“Ha, now what’s this?”

The face in the video was familiar.

It was the clip of my saying something about being Korean. It was repeated in a short edit, followed by interviews with praising hunters I had cleared the dungeon with and cheering citizens.

Looking at the incredulous screen, a familiar message appeared before my eyes.

[Lowest-tier God Yoo Dam-duk, your name recognition has skyrocketed!]

[With the name value increase, your divine power grows!]


If it’s divine power…

Then it was definitely a term listed in the requirements on the gods’ notice.

‘That’s right. Thor’s part-time job didn’t require divine power, so I could apply.’

For the others, there was an insurmountable minimum requirement of 1000 divine power just to apply.

But now my divine power had increased?

I was still processing its significance when more welcome messages followed.

[New job postings have opened!]

[(Recommended) Job postings that fit you perfectly! Apply now!]

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