I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 49

#49. The God of Great Sorcery, Bermut (3)

Slowly, he turned his head.

Before him stood a grandfatherly figure that seemed oddly familiar. The elderly man with his lush white hair, long enough to drape down both his head and his beard, bore an uncanny resemblance to the headmaster from that famous movie about a school of magic.

Trying hard not to seem flustered, Damduk opened his mouth to speak.

“…Who are you?”

At his question, Bermut stepped closer to him.

Upon closer inspection, the grandfatherly figure was quite imposing.

‘Do all the gods have to be so large?’

As he stroked his lengthy beard, Bermut politely responded.

[I asked you first. What are you doing here?]


Considering his response for a moment.

The grandfatherly figure before him was unmistakably Bermut. However, judging by the tilt of his head, he didn’t seem to know everything that was going on.

‘If he did, he would have flown into a rage by now.’

It appeared he had come down to deal with the group attacking the temple, and upon sensing something suspicious, he had found this place.

‘I even made sure to pick a spot quite far away, but he still noticed.’

Well, no matter.

Now that I’ve been caught…

Damduk stood erect, facing the god before him.

Unlike Hades, the god Bermut was said to have a very tolerant personality.

There was no point in being timid now. It would serve no purpose.

Without a hint of hesitation, Damduk spoke.

“I was observing those attacking the temple.”

Bermut’s head cocked even more curiously at these words.

[Hmm, observing them? Why would you do that?]

“It’s broad daylight, and the temple is under attack. As a fellow god, isn’t it natural that I would take interest?”

The expression on Bermut’s face shifted oddly.

He gazed intently at Damduk, then suddenly burst out laughing.

[An interesting one, aren’t you. Haha, indeed. As a fellow god, does seeing the temple under attack arouse your anger?]

Bermut emphasized the phrase ‘as a fellow god’ while chuckling.

The tense atmosphere had completely vanished.

“…No. I didn’t mean to imply that I am of the same standing as you.”

Damduk pretended to be flustered as he spoke, and Bermut quickly softened, his face lighting up with a serene smile.

[It seems I misunderstood. It’s been nearly 20 years since the grand temple has faced such an assault. And with such powerful monsters at that. Haha, for a moment there, I suspected you might have been behind it all. My apologies.]

“…Not at all.”

Damduk began to reply, but Bermut was already looking past him, gazing over the hill at Jusoyul and his party.

Damduk felt cold sweat trickle down.

‘What are you standing around for? Run away quickly.’

Jusoyul seemed to have sensed Bermut’s presence and was glancing nervously in this direction.

Perhaps conveying his urgent feelings, Jusoyul soon grabbed the scruff of the excited Baekgureum and began to hurry in the opposite direction.

To this scene, Damduk stole a glance at Bermut standing beside him.

Surprisingly, Bermut showed no intention of pursuing Jusoyul and his fleeing group.

Instead, he was stroking his long beard lost in thought.

Only after Jusoyul’s group had fully disappeared did Damduk finally speak.

“Why don’t you chase after them?”

Now they were at a safe enough distance.

He had even instructed them to erase all traces of their scent and hide themselves in a large city, to avoid detection by their magic waves.

‘But this is strange. Why isn’t he chasing them?’

Even for someone as tolerant as Bermut, he was known to have quite conservative tendencies.

Surely he understood that an attack on his temple, especially on his clergy and the soldiers protecting him, was a direct insult.

Bermut did not respond to Damduk’s question immediately, instead gently stroking his beard before quietly speaking.

[Hmm, it seems that wretched Karos… must have been terribly cramped up. Understandable, being stuck in that narrow pit forever.]

Damduk felt his head spin at the unexpected comment.

‘What? Is he sympathizing with a forgotten god? Sympathizing with those from the gate?’

A hollow laugh escaped him.

He had never encountered such a god before.

Though shocked, Damduk looked at Bermut,

who had turned away and begun to amble up the hill, mumbling to himself.

[Karos… even so, isn’t this going a bit too far… What is it that you’re so dissatisfied with?]

Bermut seemed like a grandfather worrying about how to discipline his wayward grandson, frowning slightly as he fussed.

‘So this is his personality.’

Damduk was dumbfounded.

Of course, Jusoyul had tipped him off about a few things regarding Bermut.

He learned that Bermut was extremely tolerant, naturally disliking battle, and specialized solely in magic and elemental research.

‘But isn’t this a bit too much?’

This deity was supposed to be the supreme god of a magical world. And now, as his temple lay on the brink of collapse from the attack, and his clergy and soldiers had been driven out, he was not angered but instead showed sympathy for the enemies.

‘Not all gods are crisp and decisive, I guess.’

Damduk almost openly scoffed at the thought, but he had to quickly fake a smile as Bermut suddenly turned to him.

[You, what did you say you were the god of again?]

I hadn’t even introduced myself.

Seeing him ramble seemed to confirm that Bermut had been preoccupied with other thoughts all along.

‘He never intended to deal with the temple in the first place.’

Whether it was because there were no casualties, or because of his peaceful nature—really, who could tell?

“I come from Korea.”

Damduk answered Bermut’s question.

After all, this was another dimension.

He was confident they wouldn’t know where it was.


[Korea? Hmm, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this realm, but the name ending with ‘country’ seems similar to another god from a place called ‘America’ which I heard about.]

“…Excuse me?”

He was taken aback by the unexpected answer, and Damduk’s eyes widened for a moment.

‘No, that’s not strange at all.’

Utilizing the systems of the gods, traveling between dimensions was a simple matter.

But were there gods in America?

Perhaps someone else, just like him and Jusoyul, had stumbled upon the system of the gods.

‘Just what are the criteria for receiving this system…’

Jusoyul had mentioned it just suddenly happened to him one day. He had never gone into details.

As Damduk stood there, bewildered, Bermut casually spoke up.

[Meeting a god from another dimension is quite rare these days. Are you traveling?]

“Ah, yes. Such a peaceful world this is.”

[Right you are, I’ve been nurturing it for tens of millions of years. Haha, might I ask you a favor while you’re here?]

“Yes. If it’s within my ability, I’ll listen.”

Damduk looked at Bermut with hopeful eyes, thinking that if he were to ask to join him in subduing the gate, he might be able to acquire magical talents immediately.

However, the words that came out of Bermut’s mouth were the complete opposite.

[If the gate monsters dare to attack you, could you scold them and send them back? They are, in their own way, rather pitiable creatures.]

Damduk was astounded.

While the Greek gods seemed desperate to eradicate the gate, why was this supreme god so protective of it?

“…Aren’t you going to subdue the gate?”

Upon hearing Damduk’s question, Bermut’s eyes widened.

[What did you make of my words? The creatures within the gate are quite pitiable. There’s really no need to go that far. Haha.]

“But didn’t they destroy the temple? That is a clear challenge.”

[Challenge? They are creatures without the power to pose a real threat. Would you exterminate every fly that annoys you? I can always rebuild the temple, that’s no issue at all. Haha.]

Damduk was at a loss for words.

Bermut was more peaceful and gentle a god than he had thought.

And this epitome of optimism was now nonchalantly rolling up his sleeves, considering relocating the temple.

‘This is crazy.’

According to Jusoyul’s foresight, a figure named Karos cunningly concealed his power before striking Bermut from behind.

As a result, even Bermut himself would be grievously wounded…

And yet, here he was, so carefree and tranquil.

‘It’s been a while since Hephaestus.’

Being naively kindhearted served no one’s interest.

Just as Damduk clenched his fist, preparing to convey this to Bermut, the god turned to him as if remembering something.

[Ah, if you have the time, could you possibly help me with a request?]

* * *

Adel Sharon jerked awake in bed.


After quickly scanning the room, Adel Sharon cautiously sat up.

“Ugh, my head.”

As she rose, the door swung open as if on cue.

“You finally woke up. Please clean everything up. How much did you drink to make such a stench of alcohol?”

The janitor Adolf burst in energetically, and soon after, a group of employees filed in.

“What, what?! Have you all lost your minds?! Why are you entering without permission!”

Adel Sharon growled vexingly at Adolf, but he, unconcerned, began to chant a spell, busying himself tidying up the room.

Adel Sharon sat dumbfounded as Adolf quietly approached her.

“…Miss Adel Sharon.”

“What. You wanna die?”

She began with a harsh profanity, but Adolf’s expression didn’t waver.

“The sun is already high in the sky.”

“So what. What about it.”

“Today is the festival of Great Magic… I heard you are presiding over the event. Aren’t you going?”

Her expression morphed from annoyance to shock, and then to pure horror in an instant.

“Ah!! What time is it?!”

With that, Adel Sharon flung off the covers and sprung from the bed.

Adolf, who had already prepared her gown, sighed as he magically fixed her hair.

“I’ve just told you it’s almost midday….”

“You insane fool! Why didn’t you wake me up!!”

Adel Sharon hastily got dressed while casting a resentful stare at Adolf.

She always claimed she had a low tolerance for alcohol, and the event was supposed to start at 2 PM.

She couldn’t possibly have slept until now!

“Crazy, I tell you! Why didn’t you wake me?!”

In her rush, she struggled to put on her clothes properly.

Adolf kept his cool.

“You have legally bound me with the provision in the contract to never wake you. I didn’t want to get fired for doing so. And that’s not for the head, it’s the sleeve you’re trying to put there….”

“Shut up! My manager! Where’s my manager?!”

“If you’re referring to Miss Hana, she tried to wake you up earlier and ended up getting punched out. She’s currently recovering in the next room.”

“Aaaaah! This is just insane!!”

Adel Sharon roared as she rushed next door, dragging Hana along to her personal vehicle.

The commotion unfolded in the blink of an eye.


Adolf let out a long sigh.

If it weren’t for the confidentiality agreement they signed upon employment, word would already be out.

The star of Atlaroum, thought to be so lofty and dignified, was in fact nothing but a quirky troublemaker at heart…

Adolf and his staff resumed cleaning as if it were just another routine day.

* * *

“What a glorious day we have today, isn’t it? Our beloved Atlaroum’s 5000th festival day! The Day of Great Magic has arrived!”

With the energetic lead of the co-hosts, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause.

All eyes were focused on one point.

Adel Sharon leaned casually against the dais on the stage at the town square.

“Wow, it’s my first time seeing Miss Adel Sharon in person.”

“It’s incredible. How can a face be so small!”

“How does a person exude such grace just by standing there?”

The crowd admired Adel Sharon with eyes full of longing.

‘Ugh, my head still hurts.’

She battled the rising scent of alcohol and managed her expression with great effort.

‘The nerve, to slip away without a greeting after making me drink that much!’

Had she been foolish to enjoy the party with those she momentarily considered friends?

Perhaps they scattered rumors about the happenings of the party?

As such thoughts flooded her mind, Adel Sharon diligently worked to maintain her public image.

‘I have to keep it together, especially today.’

Today was a significant holiday awaited annually by all of Atlaroum, dedicated to the blessings of Bermut, the god of great sorcery.

On this day, everyone could come to the square and enjoy champagne and meat for free.

As people relished the food and fun, high-ranking officials of Bermut would proudly display the results of their year-long magic research, casting spellbinding demonstrations.

The showcase, akin to fireworks and illusions, always served as the enchanting and joyous climax of the festival.

“Soon, the great officials will begin their demonstration of magic!”

Adel Sharon’s guiding voice directed the crowd’s attention to a silken screen set up beside the square.

She, too, wistfully gazed in that direction.

‘I remember coming to the square without fail as a child, eager to see the magic show.’

Her dream of becoming a grand sorceress had begun precisely then—it was no overstatement.

‘If only not for my mana deficiency…’

Shaking off the creeping sense of gloom, Adel Sharon made her way to the front of the stage to welcome the high officials.

And then, the silken curtain was drawn aside, and the officials began to emerge.


“Wow! For the peace of Atlaroum!!”

“For the blessings of Atlaroum!!”

The cheers and applause of the people seemed to fade into the distance.

The officials came out in a single file, and amidst them was a remarkably familiar face. Without realizing, Adel Sharon pointed at him.

“You, why are you coming out from there…?”

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