I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 48

#48. The God of Grand Sorcery, Vermouth (2)

“Learning magic…?”

Jusoyul looked at Damduk with wavering eyes.

‘I haven’t seen any hidden part-time job offer yet.’

How can one learn magic?

The prerequisite for a hidden part-time job to appear was beyond the control of not only Damduk but also Jusoyul herself.

It could only happen when a forgotten god of this world named Karos emerged from the gate known as the and started causing havoc.

‘Karos is a very dangerous one.’

Unlike Neptune, who had rushed out without sufficiently stocking up power in Poseidon’s domain, Karos, here, had been quietly storing enormous strength for a very long time before making an appearance.

As a result, even Vermouth, the supreme god of this magic world, had been pushed into unforeseen circumstances, underestimating Karos’s existence, and Atlaum quickly found itself in peril.

It was when Vermouth, desperate, hurriedly sent out a rescue request that the hidden part-time job would appear.

It had been so in all 1,869 lifetimes.

Yet now, Damduk was, right before her eyes, looking into the void with a smile.

‘What on earth is he smiling at?’

There was nothing visible before Jusoyul’s eyes.

“I just told you, to obtain the talent for magic, a hidden part-time job needs to pop up.”

Despite Jusoyul’s words, Damduk nonchalantly shrugged.

“Yeah, I know. So, we just have to wait for this Karos guy to come out, right?”

“In case you’re thinking about it, going directly into the gate to provoke Karos yourself would be far too reckless.”

Even Jusoyul, who had previously entered high-level and mid-level gods’ gates, had a hard time with Neptune’s gate.

Karos’s gate was several levels above it.

If a low-ranking god like Damduk entered, he would undoubtedly die.

Yet, despite Jusoyul’s warning, Damduk just shook his head with a slight grin.

“I can sense such things instinctively. That’s not what I’m saying. Think about it. It’s not Karos that triggers the hidden part-time job, right?”

“What exactly are you trying to say?”

“Let’s make a direct move on Vermouth, the supreme god of this world.”

As Damduk said this in a resolute tone, Jusoyul paused for a moment.

She then slowly began to speak.

“…Vermouth has a very lofty personality. Even if you go and ask to be taught magic, you’ll likely be dismissed on the spot.”

“We just need to make it impossible for him to ignore us.”

“How? Explain it clearly, all at once.”

Jusoyul spoke as if she were frustrated, to which Damduk began chuckling before starting his explanation.

“Karos will need more time before he can come out, right? And Vermouth isn’t entirely unaware of Karos’s existence, is he?”

“That’s right.”

So what about it?

Of course, Vermouth was aware of Karos. He just had yet to dream that Karos would become stronger than himself.

As Jusoyul looked at him with a puzzled expression, Damduk added an explanation.

“Right now, Karos is deliberately only letting weak monsters out of the gate. Do you know why?”

“Obviously. He has to hide his power. If he shows his full strength, Vermouth might come to kill him.”

“Ha, exactly! The kind Vermouth who dislikes killing will not particularly want to kill the pitiable and weak Karos. But what if one day, Karos’s soldiers grow incredibly strong? Strong enough to threaten his position? Would Vermouth sit still then?”

Damduk’s words made Jusoyul’s mouth fall open slightly.

She suddenly grasped the circling intent of Damduk.

“…You mean we should masquerade as Karos’s soldiers to instill a sense of caution in Vermouth? So that ultimately it prompts Vermouth to initiate the part-time job offer….”

Jusoyul’s voice trailed off.

Damduk grinned as if saying ‘finally, you get it?’

Jusoyul couldn’t hide her astonishment.

‘How could he think of something like this…?’

Never before had they taken such an approach.

While it’s true that Damduk led an innovative life full of novel insights, it didn’t mean that he came up with fresh ingenuity at every turn.

Especially since the magical world was a complicated one, past problem-solving approaches had mostly been similar.

‘Is he evolving to a new level in this life? The idea is clever but….’

What Damduk was suggesting sounded quite plausible.

But upon a calm review, this operation still had a high chance of them being killed by Vermouth.

“I’m sorry to say, but maybe later. Your power isn’t enough yet for that strategy to be feasible.”

“Huh? What do you mean? I’m not going to be the one playing the role of a soldier.”


As Jusoyul asked back in confusion, Damduk whispered quietly to her.

“It’s your role. You’re the strongest among us.”

“What, what?”

With a grin, Damduk patted Jusoyul’s shoulder, and she looked at him in disbelief.

This guy…?

* * *

In the expansive wilderness of the northern forest, close to the gate known as the Pit of Curses, Jusoyul and Baekgureum stood silently.

With the whooshing wind, Baekgureum, who had wrapped his sword tightly over his shoulder, frowned.

“Why do we have to play the bait here?”

“It’s not about being bait; it’s just to momentarily get their attention.”

“That’s the same thing! What’s this about Vermouth or whatever being the head god here? How can a human fight a god?! Drawing their aggro could kill us!”

Baekgureum’s excited rant was abruptly cut off as Jusoyul turned to look at him with a cold expression.

“Is that so? Should I just kill you now, then?”

“…No, ma’am.”

Upon seeing the murderous gaze in Jusoyul’s eyes, Baekgureum quietly put his sword down and stared straight ahead.

Even though he was renowned as a genius swordsman in the human world, Baekgureum had been severely defeated by Damduk before.

And Jusoyul was assumed to be several levels stronger than such a Damduk.

‘Tsk, be it this one or that!’

Grunting inwardly, Baekgureum was forced to simply gaze into the distance.

Baekgureum, who had been spoiled and pampered by everyone around him since childhood, found himself completely out of favor after meeting Damduk and Jusoyul.

Being the youngest and weakest had been unexpectedly bitter.

‘Once I become the world’s greatest swordsman, I’ll make both of them kneel before me!’

Determined to absorb not only Damduk’s martial arts but also Jusoyul’s dagger skills, he planned to bring both to their knees before him.


Baekgureum let out a snicker, lost in his dreams of glory, which caused Jusoyul to shake her head in disappointment.

Then, she quietly shifted her gaze to look behind.

– Growl…!

– Screech…!

The plains were filled with fierce wolves, all summoned by Damduk.

They were brutally tearing apart boar-like monsters that they had killed.

‘Yu Damduk, you’re trying something new this life, too.’

Jusoyul turned her gaze away again and calmly faced forward.

On the hill beyond the woods appeared the white temple in sight.

The grand temple of the supreme god Vermouth.

“Let’s go.”

At Jusoyul’s word, Baekgureum, who had refrained his sword, lifted the corners of his mouth with a smirk.

“Fine, whatever it is, let’s do it.”

What’s a bit of risk compared to becoming stronger? Baekgureum walked alongside Jusoyul, and the pack of wolves silently followed.

* * *

“That Baekgureum guy, he’s really fast at picking things up.”

Damduk nodded repeatedly as he had been looking at messages appearing before him for a while.

[Your disciple has acquired the skill!]

[Your disciple has begun to understand resistance to the fire attribute!]

[Your disciple has….]

“The ‘genius’ in the term ‘swordsmanship genius’ wasn’t an exaggeration.”

Damduk smiled proudly and looked forward.

– You brats! Do you even know where you are!

– Call for backup now! The gate monsters are rampaging!

A distant voice could be heard.

A fierce, or rather one-sided, battle was taking place on the distant hilltop.

Although they looked like mere dots due to the distance, Damduk could guess who each of them was.

‘As expected, Jusoyul is very composed… And Baekgureum is totally thrilled.’

The emergence of new skills was sheer excitement for Baekgureum, whose growth had slowed down recently.

The guards at the temple were completely outmatched.

‘It’s quite a shame for guards of the temple serving the supreme god….’

Damduk pondered as he stroked his chin.

‘Now Vermouth has to be fooled.’

Damduk’s strategy was straightforward.

Jusoyul, Baekgureum, along with the wolf army he summoned, would drench themselves in the blood of gate monsters and assault the temple.

The aim was one: to provoke Vermouth into feeling insulted or threatened enough to move personally and subdue the gate.

‘Attacking the temple is like challenging the authority of the god.’

Of course, he had told them to only knock out the priests and the guardians since they were innocent.

– Gaaah! You creatures…!

– High priest! You must evacuate now!

The battle began less than 10 minutes ago, and the outcome already seemed too obvious.

“The gap in strength is just too wide.”

Jusoyul was naturally strong, and that was understandable, but Baekgureum was truly beyond expectations.

– Hahaha! Yes, this is the real me!!

As if he was sated with rage, Baekgureum swept away the temple guards, showing an overexertion of strength.

The collapsing walls of the temple began to rumble.

When the last column of the oracle chamber was torn down,

a solemn voice of an old man was heard.

[…What are you doing here?]

Instantly, Damduk’s movements froze.

It wasn’t from the direction of the temple.

The voice came from right behind him.

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