I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 46

#46. Graduation Exam of the Magic Academy

Adel Sharon’s exclusive manager, Iha-na, sighed deeply as she answered the phone.

“Sigh, Mr. President. You know how my sister is. How am I supposed to stop her? Besides, she’s not doing anything wrong. She’s finally taking the graduation exam that she put off for 10 years. I don’t have any more reason to stop her…”

On the other end of the line, a torrent of loud shouts came through, and Iha-na momentarily pulled the phone away from her ear before speaking again.

“…That would be difficult, Mr. President. The graduation exam begins in an hour, so…”

A loud voice erupted from the other end, followed by the sound of something breaking, and the call ended abruptly.

“Phew, at this rate, I might not survive.”

Iha-na stared blankly at the hung-up phone before turning her gaze straight ahead. The students of the magic academy stood orderly on the sports field, and the vast ground was packed with participants of the graduation exam.

“Ah, then, before the start of the 231st Magic Academy graduation exam…”

With Santa Claus-like Principal’s homily, the academy students were struggling to endure the boredom. Among them, at the back row on the left side, a girl wearing a large hat and mask stood out.

Adel Sharon felt a flutter of excitement as she stepped onto the playground’s dirt floor for the first time in ages.

‘They say life is unpredictable.’

Who would have thought she would be participating in the graduation exam so carefree about mana?

She had enrolled at the age of twenty but lacked the courage to pass the graduation exam for 10 years.

‘I don’t really like him, but…’

Still, it was true that a sliver of hope for graduation had sparked because of that person called Yoo Dam-duk.

Now, she could feel a much greater amount of mana coursing through her body than before.

‘Who is he, being able to hand over such incredible items so nonchalantly?’

On the day she had roared on the rooftop, Dam-duk had handed her various items with an unfazed expression.

The first item was a mana elixir.

‘Given how easily he handed out those precious elixirs, it seems he wasn’t lying about being rich.’

In reality, to the gods, mana was just a weaker concentration of power compared to divine energy. Therefore, mana elixirs were considered discount items, often given out for free in the gods’ store, but Adel Sharon had no idea about this.

‘He really doesn’t look like a typical rich guy.’

He had the look of a wolf wandering the plains…

Of course, Adel herself had enough money to buy an elixir. However, what Dam-duk gave her was not just the elixir.

‘Where did this even come from?’

Adel Sharon stealthily pulled out a pair of gloves from her pocket. Dam-duk gave her the white magic gloves, where various colored jewels embedded within were actually precious spirit stones.

‘I thought spirit stones only existed in legends…’

Spirit stones were rare items, difficult to obtain no matter how much money one had. Thanks to the blessing of the spirits, they could harness magic with only a small amount of mana, making them legendary gems.

Therefore, Adel Sharon had no choice but to accept the gloves given by Dam-duk, as if entranced.

‘He really knows how to intimidate people.’

Thus, Adel unintentionally accepted Dam-duk’s offer, and using the spirit stone-embedded gloves and mana elixir for support, she began her training to clear the graduation exam.

Throughout that training, Dam-duk proved to be a natural instructor.

‘Despite using such strange weapons… he’s incredibly strong.’

That’s what Adel Sharon sincerely thought.

When Dam-duk, wielding a sword, approached her, she couldn’t even see his movements, they were so fast.

Even with the help of the spirit gloves and mana elixir, she found it challenging to invoke spells beyond the second circle, let alone keep up with Dam-duk’s speed.

‘But it has been a lot of help. With this, I should be able to pass the graduation exam…’

The academy’s traditional graduation exam involved fighting monsters that had emerged from the “Pit of Curse” in the northern forest.

For many years, monsters have risen from the pit, but the Atlaum guards kept them under control, preventing it from becoming a place perceived as highly dangerous.

‘I would always be so nervous that I’d run out of mana during the first graduation exam without even being able to cast a spell.’

But now things were different.

With plenty of mana elixir and the spirit stone-embedded gloves, she could definitely take on the challenge of hunting small monsters.

‘I must succeed at all costs.’

Adel clenched her fists tightly, and soon enough, Santa Principal’s speech was coming to an end.

“Now, wishing all students the best of luck and success! Let’s begin the 231st Magic Academy graduation exam!”


True to the Eastern Academy’s specialty in fire elementals, the graduating students moved in unison while vigorously shouting the “Fire” chant.

After walking a considerable distance northward from the academy, they arrived at their destination. The lush forest entrance had a sign reading, “Pit of Curse Habitat.”

The real Pit of Curse was quite a distance away, but the smaller monsters that escaped from the pit were known to primarily live here.

‘Will I really be okay?’

Adel Sharon felt her lips go dry as she arrived. Having never fought a monster before, it was understandable.

‘Pull yourself together, Adel Sharon. You’re Atlaum’s superstar.’

She was the next-generation superstar who never lost her dignity nor her poise, no matter where she was. She tried to hypnotize herself by repeating those words several times to regain her composure.

Up ahead, a student who had entered earlier threw down a brown boar-shaped monster with a cheer.

“Wow! Chris!”


Everyone clapped and cheered, congratulating the student.

When the examiner marked the student’s name with a circle on the paperwork, the professors standing by handed over bouquets and pinned graduation badges while celebrating.

A very normal scenario for the academy’s graduation exam.

‘To think I couldn’t pass such a formal exam until now…’

People behind her probably had enough to gossip about, she thought.

At the point where her hands were sore from clapping, it was finally Adel Sharon’s turn.


The examiner’s voice was dry as chatter subsided, and Adel Sharon took her first step forward.

“Did we have such a student in our academy? I’ve never seen that face before.”

“Wow, look at that gear. Aren’t those spirit stones embedded in the gloves?”

“Nah, they’re probably mana stones at best.”

“But which department does that student belong to? Spirit Studies? Magical Materials? Wearing gloves instead of a wand? Heh.”

As various voices mingled, Adel Sharon, who would have normally shouted for everyone to shut up, was now too nervous to utter a word.

“If at any point you feel you cannot continue the exam, blow this horn.”

With the small horn the examiner handed to her hung around her neck, Adel Sharon slowly walked into the woods.

How long had she walked when the rustling of bushes startled her, and without thinking, she created a fireball in mid-air.

Kill anything that comes! I will kill it!

Her teeth gritted, but what appeared from the bushes wasn’t a monster but the familiar man, Yoo Dam-duk.

“Oh, the fireball’s getting pretty big now, huh?”

Dam-duk inspected the fireball Adel had created, grinning from ear to ear.

“You scared me!”

“As if. Didn’t I say I’d accompany you during the exam just in case? It wasn’t easy getting here, breaking through the strict security.”

Adel Sharon wanted to retort but held back her words when she noticed Dam-duk’s jacket covered in dirt, seemingly from passing through tight security.

“…I told you I could handle it on my own.”

“Don’t joke. If you die, I’ll be in big trouble.”

Dam-duk’s sharp tone seemed genuine.

‘I’d be in big trouble if I died?’

She couldn’t tell whether he was genuinely concerned about her or worried about his own interests.

‘What’s his hidden agenda?’

Dam-duk had already moved quite a distance ahead.

“I’ve noticed there are a lot of pig-shaped monsters around here. A student from the academy just took one away not long ago.”

He casually cut through the dense bushes with his sword while speaking.

Adel Sharon felt a mix of gratitude and concern for his actions.

After a week of training, it was certain that Yoo Dam-duk was an incredibly strong person. His style wasn’t particularly warm, but he didn’t seem bad enough to become a wanted criminal.

But why was he being so kind to her?

There is no such thing as kindness without a reason.

That was the unspoken law Adel Sharon had learned during her long career in the entertainment industry.

‘Just what kind of difficult favor does he want to ask for his kindness?’

She had accepted Dam-duk’s proposal, which meant she would have to fulfill his request once the graduation exam was over.

She might have been tempted by the spirit stone-embedded gloves, but she was starting to worry about what kind of request Dam-duk would make.

But having already come this far, there was no backing out now, was there?

‘Forget it! Anyway, once I graduate from the academy, my magical prowess will be recognized.’

Back-chatter and sympathetic public opinion had stressed Adel Sharon to her limits.

And the most important thing was Adel Sharon’s nature to not worry about the consequences.

Whatever favor Dam-duk requested, that was a problem for the future.

For now, focus on the present.

All I need is the diploma!

With that determination, a monster appeared before her at just the right moment.

– Grrrak!

It was smaller than a wolf, with huge tusks and thick-looking skin, a boar-shaped monster.

“Ah, why does it have to be this one? You okay with that?”

Dam-duk asked with a slight frown, thinking that it would be difficult for Adel Sharon to handle the boar-shaped monster with her current skills.

‘She’s always been too scared to use magic effectively.’

Perhaps it was due to her long-standing mana scarcity?

Despite her equipment and training experience, Adel Sharon was still struggling to invoke magic of a certain level.

‘If I leave her like this, she could die before even becoming an apprentice…’

He had his doubts.

‘Wearing those reputed spirit gloves but only able to cast second circle magic? Can she really become a great mage later?’

The spirit gloves weren’t actually his; he had received them from Joo So-yul who, having seen Adel Sharon with them in his prophecy, passed them on. Joo So-yul had also acquired them while working the gods’ part-time job and had been kind enough to toss in a supply of mana elixir along with the gloves as a bonus. So it wasn’t difficult to convince Adel Sharon.

But Adel Sharon’s mana scarcity seemed to be far worse than expected.

“Phew, I might not be able to…”

Adel Sharon’s hands were trembling.

The monster in front of her looked like it would charge at any moment and tear her apart.

“Just do it.”

The words from Dam-duk cut through Adel’s uncertainty.

You can do it.

No, you must do it.

To become his apprentice, to help prevent the war of the gods in the future, this person had to become a great mage.

With that thought, Dam-duk readied his sword again.

“Watch. See how trivial the things you’re afraid of are.”

Crash! Bam! Boom!

Dam-duk’s sword emitted bluish sword aura each swing, tearing out trees by their roots.

To ease Adel’s fears, he unleashed a dazzling array of skills, including the wave-cutting technique, toppling the surrounding monsters in the process.

Adel Sharon’s eyes went wide.

She had never seen such magic during a week of training. Was there more to his power than she had witnessed?

‘Who exactly is this man…?’

For a moment, Adel Sharon’s eyes wavered, then settled again.

Watching Dam-duk dispatch the terrifying monsters with ease, like snapping matchsticks, instilled in her a sense of psychological calm.

Soon enough, the personality Adel Sharon was known for awakened.

“…Yeah, I can take you all down!”

Rumble and roar!

A fireball much larger than any she had mustered before emerged above the forest.

“That’s right.”

Dam-duk finally stopped swinging his sword and looked at Adel Sharon with satisfaction.

“Die, all of you!!!”

Adel Sharon’s arms stretched forward violently.

The massive fireball darted towards the boar monster at breakneck speed.

Boom! Bang! Boom!

The forest seemed to explode with a massive sound. Not only Dam-duk but also the academy students and professors gathered at the entrance covered their ears and crouched.

As the noise subsided, everyone stared blankly into the depths of the forest.

Zen ensued where once thick woods stood, now a gaping hollow remained.

A professor murmured softly.

“What’s that student’s name…?”

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