I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Guardian of the Magic Worldview, Adel Sharon (2)

Adel Sharon blocked Damdeok’s way with a splash. The crowd’s questions were skillfully deflected before he turned around to see her.

“What kind of magic is that?”

Damdeok smiled slyly.

“As you can see, it’s flame magic.”

“I’ve never seen anyone use flame magic quite like that.”

Doubt brimmed in Adel Sharon’s eyes.

A strange stuntman she saw for the first time on the set, carrying an oddly-shaped magic tool and producing even stranger magic with it. It was inevitably suspicious.

She found herself increasingly curious about the mental state of a director who would hire such a person without proper procedures.

But Damdeok didn’t care about Adel Sharon’s wariness at all.

In fact, he had been waiting for this situation.

‘She’s been suffering from mana scarcity since childhood.’

He had overheard the conversation between Adel Sharon and her manager in the car earlier.

Although it was a brief chat, Damdeok learned a few crucial facts about her.

First, Adel Sharon had been born with a condition called mana scarcity.

Second, mana scarcity substantially hindered the use of magic.

Third, not being able to use magic well was a massive disadvantage for an actor in the magical world.

Ultimately, despite all these obstacles, Adel Sharon had become a glamorous superstar.

‘But that doesn’t mean her thirst for magic is completely quenched.’

That much was certain.

Adel Sharon was more eager than anyone to be free to use magic.

“This might seem odd, but it’s actually a very practical weapon.”

Damdeok hinted, showing off his bow.

Adel Sharon’s gaze lingered on the bow, then shifted to Damdeok’s face.

“What’s practical about it?”

“With this, you can use magic even without mana.”

For a moment, her eyes widened in surprise.

Seeing her reaction, Damdeok shrugged nonchalantly and passed her with a slight nod.

‘It’s too early to approach her directly.’

It was likely to backfire given her fiery temperament.

This was a kind of push and pull.

Damdeok walked past Adel Sharon toward Baekgureum and Jusoyul.

“Hyung, you know archery too?! That’s amazing.”

“Training from Apollo is really paying off.”

Baekgureum exclaimed in surprise at Jusoyul’s words.

“…You don’t mean the Apollo I’m thinking of, do you?”


“No way, stop lying!”

Jusoyul turned his head away in annoyance as Damdeok chuckled in reply.

“Hey, you’ve gone through gates and seen magic up close. Why are you so unbelieving?”

Although not everything had been explained to Baekgureum, he knew they could interact with gods and roam their world. It’s an astonishing story, yet somehow he remained indifferent…

Maybe he just didn’t believe it.

Baekgureum stared forward with wide eyes.

“I only trust what I see with my own eyes.”

“Alright, you’re amazing.”

“It’s nonsense to talk about actual gods from myths.”

“Why? Does our presence here make sense to you?”

“…Well, that’s…”

“Are you really a genius swordsman?”

“What do you mean?”

“At times, you’re too dumb….”

“Yikes! Really!”

“Huh? Not letting go? Wanna fight about it?”

Adel Sharon looked at Damdeok’s group with a puzzled expression, who seemed to be in a congenial mood.

‘Magic without mana?’

Could what he said earlier be true?

No, she knew it was a lie.

It had to be a lie!

But Damdeok’s words kept swirling in Adel Sharon’s mind.

「Because you can use magic without mana.」

A sense of excitement stirred within her, coupled with an unavoidable sense of anticipation.

‘If that were true… I could also….’

With trembling eyes, she looked at the bow Damdeok was holding. Her manager approached stealthily.

“Sister? What are you doing? We need to get ready for the next scene.”

“Oh? Ah, sure….”

Adel Sharon was almost dragged back to the set, while Damdeok quietly watched her.

The bait had been cast.

Whether she would bite remained to be seen…

“She will bite.”

Damdeok picked up a leaf, scribbled something on it, and surreptitiously slid it into Adel Sharon’s car before disappearing quietly.


“Wow, can you believe such a brazen person exists?”

Inside the moving car, Adel Sharon’s manager Hana was bursting with outrage while watching a transparent orb TV.

The TV was broadcasting an assault case involving the outer guard squad.

“Honestly, I’ve been suspicious of that man from the start. Right? A novice actor appears out of nowhere, uses bizarre tools and performs magic, even summoning beasts that aren’t in the script, like a flame wolf! What was the director thinking using such a person? Ugh, I’m telling you, the director is the real problem.”

While the manager grumbled, Adel Sharon remained silent.

One after another, photos of the wanted appeared on the screen. The strange man named Yoo Damdeok and his group were also captured in the photos.

‘This is crazy, he was a wanted criminal….’

While the manager railed against the use of a wanted criminal as a stuntman, Adel Sharon had new doubts.

The filming location was quite distant from the city, in a very secluded place.

It would not have been easy to get there, so why would a wanted person intentionally show up at a crowded set and even resolve a problem?

Skeptical. A wanted person’s first instinct would be to hide.

Furthermore, the director seemed not too pleased that Yoo Damdeok had vanished without even taking his daily fee.

‘What’s the real story here?’

The more she thought about it, the more inexplicable it seemed.

‘Why would he do that….’

After much thought, there was only one conclusion she could come to.

The man named Yoo Damdeok had some business with her.

‘It’s certain. Volunteering for my role and letting slip that mana isn’t needed for magic.’

He had vanished as though his purpose was fulfilled.

It should have been an obvious conclusion to anyone who gave it a thought.

“Thinking he can fool me.”

Adel Sharon clenched the leaf found in her pocket.

She had discovered the green leaf the moment she got into the car.

The writing, seemingly etched with ashes, must have been left by that man named Yoo Damdeok.

[I can teach you how to use magic without mana. I, too, need your help.]

A straightforward message.

But at the moment she read it, she felt so overwhelmed as if she was about to pass out.

‘Magic without mana…’

Her long-held, seemingly impossible dream.

A mysterious man had appeared, promising to make it a reality.

Adel Sharon was feeling excited about this abnormal situation while a strange annoyance bubbled up.

“This bastard. I won’t let it slide if this is a lie.”

“Huh? Sis, what suddenly…”

“Turn the car around now.”

“Eh?! But the schedule is packed! Mmph! Mmph!”

“Zip it and turn around now!!”

Adel Sharon muffled her exploding manager’s mouth and urged the driver.

The vehicle, mid-route to the next location, abruptly made a sharp U-turn in the middle of the city.


“Did I not tell you?”

Damdeok looked down smugly.

Below the rooftop, familiar faces burst into the building.

From left to right, the female manager, Adel Sharon, and a burly male manager.

Seeing the three enter the building, Damdeok glanced at Baekgureum and Jusoyul.

“Wow, hyung, you’re awesome. Brought her here? She seemed so high and mighty. How did you do it?”

“…But things aren’t going to go as smoothly as you think.”

Jusoyul’s response dampened Damdeok’s mood slightly.

“Give some praise, man, some praise!”

“Adel Sharon isn’t someone to be taken lightly.”

At that, Damdeok narrowed his eyes and stared at Jusoyul.

‘That guy, he talks like he’s known Adel Sharon for ages.’

Of course, Jusoyul might know her through his foresight, but there’s something subtly off in his tone.

‘As if he’s spent a long-time with Adel Sharon.’

Despite trusting Jusoyul, there were times when his words and actions seemed dubious.

While Damdeok was deep in thought, the rooftop door burst open.

“Who’s meeting in broad daylight on the roof… What! Are you crazy?!”

The first manager to come out, Hana, saw Damdeok’s group and turned to Adel Sharon with wide eyes.

“Sharon nim. It might be best to avoid this situation….”

The burly male manager also subtly stepped forward, wary of Damdeok’s group.

“Move aside. I have business with that one.”

“It won’t do, Sharon nim.”

“Don’t! Sis!”

Both tried to stop her, but Adel Sharon effortlessly pushed their faces with her palms and stepped forward.



She marched forward resolutely.

“Look, since we’re not on good terms, let’s just speak informally, shall we?”

“Go ahead.”

“What’s your reason for sprouting such nonsense? Need money?”

She went straight to the point, prompting a hollow laugh from Damdeok.

“No need for money. I have plenty.”

“Plenty of money? You do?”

Adel Sharon scanned over Damdeok’s group.

The composed woman and the white-haired boy did look like they might have money, but Damdeok in the middle did not look the part.

‘His clothes are odd, and he doesn’t seem fitting at all.’

Damdeok’s attire was a typical 20-something’s outfit: black jeans, a white tee, with a navy blue bomber jacket as an outer layer. In the magical world, such an outfit was not common.

So to Adel Sharon and others, Damdeok looked more like a rural lad from the countryside than anything else.

“…Fine, so you’re rich. Then if it’s not about money, why are you making such an offer?”

“I need you.”

Adel Sharon’s eyebrow twitched at Damdeok’s straightforward answer.

“…Are you hitting on me?”


Adel Sharon looked at Damdeok doubtfully for a while.

Seeing no change in Damdeok’s expression, she shrugged and continued.

“Okay. I admit I want to use magic well. I don’t know how you found out, but you’ve dug deep into one’s weakness. But you’re missing something.”

“What’s that?”

Adel Sharon stepped closer, her face almost touching his as she spoke.

“I don’t need your pathetic tool. I just want to get rid of this damn sickness cleanly and use magic with overflowing mana. Got it?”

Her words became rougher, prompting Hana to tug at her sleeve saying, “Sis….”

But she was already too worked up.

“I don’t know what you are up to. Stop playing around with people’s weaknesses. It might be easy for you to say, but for me, it’s a lifelong dream. I know better than anyone that it won’t come true so easily. Do you get it? Who sets up a meeting in such a messed up place anyway?”

He had written on the leaf to come to the rooftop of the Academy if she wanted to learn.

Choosing this place, the grandiose and colossal Atlaum City’s Magic Academy, was strategic. However, it looked like Adel Sharon took it the wrong way.

“Making fun of me for not being able to graduate for 10 years, huh?!”

She was steaming mad, and the managers barely managed to pull her away from Damdeok.

“Sis, please calm down. Why are you acting up again?”

“Right, Sharon nim. It’s better if we go down without further interaction….”

“Why are you scolding me as if it’s my first time dealing with magic? Huh?!”

As Adel Sharon grew more agitated, Damdeok murmured quietly.

“If you pass the graduation exam, that’ll be it, then.”


“Let’s talk more after you pass the graduation exam. How about it?”

“This crazy…! Haven’t you been listening to a word I’ve said?!”

Adel Sharon roared in rage.

The day left only one week until the graduation exam.

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