I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 44

#44. Guardian of the Magical Worldview, Adel Sharon (1)

“What are we going to do now, bro?”

Baekgureum asked in a hushed tone from within the bushes.

“…Just wait.”

Damduk stared straight ahead.

It was a bustling filming site with many people hurrying back and forth, but among them, one person shone brightly. Adel Sharon with her softly curled blonde hair and distinct facial features, had an appearance so striking it was as if both an angel and a devil resided within her.

Surrounded by many people, she waited for the next shoot.

“Wow… But she really is beautiful.”

Hearing Baekgureum’s mutter, Damduk fell deep into thought.

‘To make that woman my apprentice, I need to inspire awe first….’

The woman Adel Sharon as seen through my eyes has been revered and praised by others, but it did not seem she would easily show such emotions towards another.

‘This is going to be difficult.’

Baekgureum, that guy knows only swordsmanship, which somehow made it easier to gain his respect.

‘According to the TV earlier, she’s a huge superstar in this world.’

But that wasn’t all.

According to the information Jusoyul shared on the way here, Adel Sharon was almost worshiped as a deity, a superstar with popularity piercing the heavens.

With enormous wealth, honor, and unimaginable popularity, how could I possibly incite awe in such a proud superstar…?

Damduk had been seriously pondering this.

“Okay, if we’re ready, let’s go for the next take.”

As he mused, the filming resumed.

The protagonist Adel Sharon was commanding a battle scene, wielding a splendid staff.

The cameras and other equipment seemed no different from a typical movie set, but there was one striking difference.

Whooosh! Whoosh!

Real flames burst forth from Adel Sharon’s staff, not CGI, igniting before her.

Following that, the extra actors filled the space with their glamorous magic.

Crackle! Zzap! Boom!

The battleground amongst the reeds displayed a truly majestic magic battle.

This was a moment that vividly emphasized that this was indeed a magical world.

“Bro… Can we really make her our apprentice?”

Baekgureum asked with his mouth slightly open. In a world so dominated by magic, it would not be easy to inspire respect with swordsmanship or martial arts.

Damduk simply watched Adel Sharon’s flame magic without a word.

‘There’s got to be a way.’

Damduk had always believed there is no problem without a solution.

He had clung to that belief even through 27 years of living as someone without talent.

He continued to observe her attentively, trying to find a chink in her armor.

And finally,

“Okay, cut!”

With the director’s cut signal, Damduk found that small opening.

He was listening intently, tuned into the argument between Adel Sharon and the director.

“I can’t do it anymore.”

As soon as Adel Sharon spoke bluntly, the director approached her, trying to soothe her with his words.

“Hey, why? You’ve been doing well up to now. If we finish the next scene, that’s today’s battle scenes done.”

“You know I have a rare mana condition. I’m too tired to continue.”

“What are you talking about? You’ve been fine until now. Plus, we’ve prepared a dozen top-notch wands (staffs filled with sufficient mana) for you. Come on, don’t be like this…”

“I can’t.”

Adel Sharon’s eyes sparkled as she spoke, and the director just deflated.

“I can’t proceed with shooting anymore, so call me when the magic action actors arrive. I’ll be resting in my car until then.”

With that, Adel Sharon boarded a large black vehicle, and the director’s shoulders slumped without a word.

Though the car she entered had heavily tinted windows that made it hard to see inside, Damduk’s heightened senses could fully discern what was happening inside the vehicle.

As soon as Adel Sharon boarded the car, she plopped down. A small murmur escaped her lips.

“Ugh, I was almost starving to death.”

All her haughty expressions and movements dissipated inside the car, and she seemed incredibly down-to-earth.

The female manager seated beside her responded with a bright laugh.

“Keke, good job, sis. The director is known for going without breaks. If you don’t stand up like this, it’s not just the other actors, but the whole staff who will break down, right?”

“I don’t care if others break down, but it seems like I’m already there. Should I contact the film association about that bastard director?”

Her manager laughed awkwardly and added.

“Please, sis, don’t say things like that or they might become true.”

“…But they are true?”

“No. Remember the incident when you caused our agency’s stocks to plummet after threatening to bury that department store chairman for harassment? Don’t cause another incident, or the CEO will be heartbroken.”

“That was because he was harassing employees in front of me.”

“The law should take care of him. Why would you get involved?”

“I’ve got the money.”

“That chairman had money too.”

“I won.”

“Ha… Sis, please.”

“Ah forget it! Forget it! Anyway, there are too many irritating people in this world!”

Damduk’s lips curled into a slight smile as he overheard their conversation.

‘What’s this? She’s quite fiery.’

He had been seriously injured as a child, resulting in a trip to the hospital. That too was the result of several days and nights of relentless marching. “What kind of grand film are they trying to shoot…?” There seemed to be a greed-filled expression on the face of the film director, as if the safety and rest of others didn’t matter at all. Perhaps because Adel Sharon was too famous a star, they couldn’t just do as they pleased with her. “Ah, this is really troublesome… This scene is very important, you know. Everyone understands, right? Striking down the enemy leader from a great distance in one shot! It needs to have an impact that really sticks in the mind, okay?”

The director looked at the staff members with a gaze that demanded they come up with a solution. Everyone bowed their heads in silence. Watching this, Dang Duk’s eyes began to sparkle. ‘Striking down the enemy from a distance….’ That doesn’t specifically have to be magic, right? Dang Duk grasped a transformed pure white bow and grinned.

* * *

All the staff members were gathered, and the director, standing in the center, eyed a man suspiciously. “…So you’re saying you can hit that enemy leader over there in one shot?” At the tip of the director’s finger lay a huge monster model made of straw. The distance was roughly 500 meters. Even though it was a wide field, it was quite a distance. Dang Duk answered with confidence. “Yes, that’s correct. I can hit that target in one shot.” “You’ll have to hit it with a flame magic. Can you do that?” “Yes, that’s possible.” “Hmm…” The director scanned the man up and down. His outfit was a bit strange, but even stranger was the unidentified tool in the man’s right hand. “And what is that?” “This is a bow.” “A bow?” The director was puzzled. So were the surrounding staff members. It was as though they had never heard the word before, all tilting their heads in confusion. ‘What, do people in this world not even know about swords or bows…’ Dang Duk was not flustered. He simply accepted that this was a world where only ‘magic’ was developed. “Yes. It’s the weapon I prefer to use. I will cast magic using this bow.” “You cast magic with that?” The director’s eyes widened and then narrowed again. Magic weapons were usually in the form of wands, gloves, or spirit stones. This peculiar tool was unlike anything he’d seen before. “You’re not lying, are you?” “Of course not.” “Your name?” “I’m called Yoo Dang Duk.” “Even your name is peculiar.” “Thank you.” “…That wasn’t a compliment but, hmm, okay. Let’s test it out.” The director cheerfully gave the okay sign. After all, the quicker the filming was finished, the better. That was his only concern at the moment.

Following the director’s sign, a few coordinators approached Dang Duk and handed over various garments. Observing this, one staff member cautiously approached the director and whispered. “Director, are you sure about this? His identity isn’t even confirmed.” The director reprimanded the staff as if they were worrying about nothing. “How many years have you been here and you still don’t get it? Just looking at him you can tell his size, right? His face says it all. Un. Known. Expert! There are more than a couple of people who look for work and wander around the film set, aren’t there? Stop talking nonsense and just get things ready.” After scratching the back of his head for a moment, the staff member returned to his place due to the director’s continued scolding. “Alright, if you’re ready, standby~ cue!” With the director’s signal, Dang Duk raised his left hand and elegantly drew a circle in the air. And then, with grandeur, a Sun Wolf emerged onto the field. ‘Normally, preparation like this isn’t necessary…’ It was an act put on to emphasize that it was indeed supposed to be magic. Despite the surprise appearance of the summoning beast momentarily distorting the director’s face, the presence of Dang Duk and the Sun Wolf on top of a rock looked impressive, and soon the director’s face relaxed. The shooting continued without interruption. Extra actors jumped out from the back, tearing through the field while casting magic, and according to the script, Dang Duk slowly walked up to the protruding rock.

With the energy of the divine concentrated at his fingertips, he produced a bluish arrow. “What’s that? He made something with his bare hands, without any equipment?” “That’s amazing. Is there such a magic like that?” While listening to the whispering voices of the staff members, Dang Duk brushed the tip of the Sun Wolf’s mane with the arrowhead. The fire quickly attached itself to it, and in an instant, the fire arrow was ready on the bowstring. Dang Duk then quietly lifted his bow. ‘It’s quiet.’ The set grew silent as if holding its breath. Everyone seemed expectant at the sight of the unfamiliar magic tool. ‘The wind is fair, too.’ It was time to show off the archery skills Apollon had taught him. Though still very inexperienced, he could manage to hit a target at 500 meters. Dang Duk aimed the bow at the distant target and slowly held his breath. When the trembling bowstring suddenly became still, One, two, three…! ‘Swish!’ With a sound that crisply cut through the air, the fire arrow accurately hit the monster doll’s head. ‘Thwack! Woosh!’ As flames transferred to the monster doll, people’s eyes went wide. Although no one spoke loudly because the cameras were rolling, everyone saw Dang Duk’s fire arrow as the third-level magic spell ‘Fire Arrow.’ “…What? A third-level spell cast by an actor?” “Isn’t that enough to take the position of a guard captain?” “I’ve never seen a third-level spell being used on a filming set in my life.” People looked at Dang Duk in awe, and he rapidly fired three more arrows in succession. ‘Swish! Swish! Swish!’ Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! One after another, the fire arrows hit their mark, and the monster doll rolled helplessly onto its back, burning fiercely. Dang Duk quietly lowered his bow. “Cut!” The director began clapping forcefully with a pleased look on his face. “Hahaha! That’s incredible, Yoo Dang Duk, wasn’t it? Absolutely incredible! I apologize for not recognizing your talent sooner, eh?” The director ran over with open arms and hugged Dang Duk. The others followed suit. No one had been told to, but everyone started applauding. Since third-level magic was exceedingly rare among ordinary people, the reaction was justified. ‘Saved on the cost for CGI. What luck.’ The director grinned and ordered a space for Dang Duk to rest. People quickly crowded around Dang Duk. “Wow, weren’t you selected as a genius at the Academy?” “With your skills in magic, it’s a waste just being an unknown actor.” “You said your name was Yoo Dang Duk, right? Which class did you graduate from the Academy with?” Surrounded by people, Dang Duk noticed Adel Sharon, who had since come outside, staring blankly. ‘Was that real magic just now…?’

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