I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 43

**Chapter 43: The Slime in the Magical World (2)**

“Powerless and…”

“Weak… you say?!”

Damduk and Baekgureum muttered simultaneously.

A burly soldier deftly captured the agile slime with a large sack and cried out with even more triumph.

“Arrest them all! The charge is a violation of the Slime Protection Act!”

The man, holding the sack, announced this as the slime thrashed violently within the large sack.

“…It seems like you are the one violating the protection act.”

“What, what did you say?”

“Well, doesn’t the slime seem like it wants to be let out?”

“Shut up! This is clearly a protective measure.”

“I only wanted to get rid of that monster slime for fear it might hurt others.”

As Damduk coolly continued, one of the soldiers stepped forward and barked out an order.

“How dare you! This person is our Second Outer Patrol Division Commander, already a master of the 3rd Circle…!”

“That’s enough. Don’t bring up the matter of circles.”

The man who seemed to be the captain cleared his throat with a loud “Ahem” to intervene.

It was as if he was arrogantly implying that he held some great importance.

Damduk tilted his head.

The 3rd Circle? What’s that?

Like three rings?

Not a clue what that means….

It seemed Baekgureum was thinking the same, as with a characteristic smirk and his sword slung over his shoulder, he spoke up.

“Ah, whether you have three circles or four, that’s none of our business. But that slime is a nasty piece of work. If you’re going to protect it, make sure it can’t escape.”

The soldiers’ faces twisted angrily at the young man’s commanding tone.

“Did I hear that wrong?”

“What’s he saying about circles?!”

“Those guys are really…!”

“Wait, everyone be quiet.”

The patrol commander looked intently at Damduk, Baekgureum, and Jusoyul, who was leaning against a tree in the background.

“You guys… Now that I look closer, your attire is quite peculiar. Where did you come from? What’s with the Flame Wolf in the back?”

“Your attire is even stranger, right? What kind of soldiers wear fluttering robes? Wearing upside-down magician hats. And with wands too… What, is it cosplay? Is there a Halloween festival today?”

Baekgureum jeered back, causing the patrol commander’s face to redden furiously.

“What nonsense are you speaking?! Cosplaying as a magician?! I am officially a graduate of the Great Magic Academy, part of the 72nd class!!”

His shout rallied the soldiers as they nodded vigorously.

Baekgureum looked back at Damduk, chuckling.

“Why are they all acting like this? As if magic exists in this world, such nonsense….”

Such a reaction from Baekgureum was perfectly normal.

In the modern era, although everyone has ‘abilities’, known as ‘talents’, none had the ability to use magic.

Naturally, there were no magician jobs among the Hunters, who hunted monsters. Melee fighters typically used swords or spears, axes, and ranged fighters used bows, crossbows, or magi-tech guns.

To modern people, ‘magic’ was a thing of fairy tales, something children might enjoy.

‘But Baekgureum, such a kid himself, really dislikes magic.’

Barely seventeen years old, Baekgureum still seemed like nothing but a child to Damduk.

“Step back.”

Damduk gestured with his eyes for Baekgureum to retreat.

Though he frowned as if to say, “Is that another order?” he complied and backed off.

Damduk tightened his grip on his sword, facing the soldiers head-on.

‘Mages, huh….’

If they had physical immunity like that slime, this could really be a disaster.

It seemed best to play nice until we understand the situation here fully.

But before Damduk could speak, the patrol commander shouted.

“State your identities at once! Show us your Atlaum citizen cards! Naturally, you will need to present the Flame Wolf registration permit as well!”

“Captain, something’s wrong here. They are carrying those long blades.”

“That’s right. They’re holding something similar to the relics from the Cursed Hollow… could they be from there?”

The soldiers’ fussing caught the commander’s attention.

The Cursed Hollows!

“That’s it. I’ve been worried about it since earlier. Not only do you have strange outfits, but those blades are even stranger. What exactly are they for?”


Damduk looked at his white sword and smiled.

From behind, Baekgureum stood with his mouth agape in astonishment.

Even in a magical world, not knowing the most common weapon, the sword?

With a resigned chuckle, Damduk sheathed his weapon.

“Look, it seems we are having trouble understanding each other through normal conversation… Here’s a deal. If you don’t attack us now, we won’t attack you either.”

Damduk put it bluntly.

The patrol captain and soldiers looked at him as if he’d said something ridiculous.

“What’s he talking about?”

“Didn’t he hear what the captain said earlier?”

“Hey! I said I’m going to arrest you! For violating the Slime Protection Act! And what do you mean by acting as if you’re the one who’s lenient?”

They began murmuring among themselves, wondering if indeed they had come from the Cursed Hollow as they had not answered the question about their identities.

They seemed strangely incompetent.

‘Let’s just go.’

‘We can probably just leave.’

Damduk looked back at Baekgureum and Jusoyul, signaling with his eyes.

Jusoyul silently turned and started walking to the opposite side, while Baekgureum slowly withdrew with his sword pointed forward.

When Damduk was about to turn around without further ado, the patrol commander brandished his wand with a flourish.

“Are you running away?! Very well. In accordance with Outer Patrol Law Article 34, I will now proceed with immediate judgment!”

Following him, the soldiers also thrust out their thin wands.

Damduk, as if waiting for this very moment, turned around and stepped forward.

“Don’t interfere.”

With just a word to Baekgureum, Damduk activated his battle-focus skill.

‘Let’s see how impressive their skills really are.’

In truth, Damduk had no intention of fleeing so easily.

He was just looking for a plausible reason to start a fight.

“Was I planning to let you go, and you refused?”

Now it was clear. The fight was initiated by them.

‘Since slimes are so strong in this world, I wonder how powerful these mages are.’

Damduk thought that the mentioned 3rd Circle might be something like a 3-Star Hunter in modern terms.

As he faced the mages in front of him, his eyes glinted.

“Go ahead and show me what you’ve got.”

With that relaxed attitude, the patrol commander clenched his teeth and started mumbling a spell.


A fiery pit large enough for a person’s head appeared in mid-air.

One by one, the other soldiers created similar fiery pits, though smaller, suggesting the captain might indeed be more advanced.


Boom! Bang! Bang!

The fireballs created in the sky dove towards Damduk and his companions.

Jusoyul easily evaded and climbed up a tree, while Baekgureum gracefully sidestepped the attacks with his steps.

Damduk did the same.

‘It’s like a fanciful magic show.’

The fireballs created and flying towards them did indeed look like a show.

Without a doubt, if hit by them, they would be dangerous…

‘But if not hit, then it’s no issue.’

With minimal movement, Damduk dodged the fireballs and activated his Wind Sprint skill.

“Is this the best you can do?”

“Aack! Behind us so suddenly!”

The soldiers were startled and began to scatter in panic as Damduk appeared behind them.

“What kind of guard duties can you do with a magic show like this?”

He shook his head, using not a sword, but a club to smack the soldiers around.

Thwack! Thump! Thump! Thwack!!!

As always in games, real-life mages were laughably weak in close combat.

Watching his subordinates fall like leaves, the patrol commander’s face transformed from shock to fear.

‘It’s not human movement!’

How could a human move so fast?

To the captain’s eyes, Damduk’s figure was almost a mirage as he dashed with Wind Sprint skill and swung his club.

“What in the world are you…”

The patrol commander pointed with a shaking hand at Damduk, only to scream abruptly and lose consciousness.

“Come on. Who’s protecting whom here…?”

Damduk looked at the slime that had escaped from the sack and was now scurrying away, clicking his tongue in disapproval.

It seemed the slimes were much stronger than those magicians who talked big about protection.

He looked up at Jusoyul, who was watching from above, and scowled.

“Hey, Jusoyul. You’re kidding about this place being dangerous, right?”

* * *

In an alley by a square with a massive fountain, Damduk’s party stopped in front of a store.

– Today, around 3 pm, at the outskirts of the Forest of Illusions, a disastrous incident occurred where some members of the Outer Patrol Division were unconscious by three unidentified outsiders…

Several globes were displayed in front of the shop, and inside these transparent orbs, a news announcer with a grave face was delivering the day’s news.

“Unidentified outsiders… that’s about us, isn’t it? Wow, but this is really incredible. Is it like a TV?”

Baekgureum gazed in fascination at the orb, his mouth wide open.

“Is that really what matters right now?”

“Why not? Aren’t you curious too?”

“Hah… you’re dropping the formalities again.”

“Come on, whether it’s ‘big brother’ or ‘big brother-nim’!”

After the encounter with the mages, Baekgureum was excitedly attentive, finally grasping the kind of place they had landed in.

‘I should probably drop him if he weren’t such a swordsmanship genius.’

Damduk shook his head quietly as he looked at the bright-eyed Baekgureum.

The orb continued to stream today’s news.

– The magical authorities are currently investigating the area’s mana traces, and based on witness descriptions, a nationwide search warrant has been issued. The profiles of the suspects are…

The faces of the suspects appeared as large as the front of a door on the orb. A shocked Baekgureum jerked back with a start.

The portraits of Yudamduk, Jusoyul, and Baekgureum were displayed one by one, as clear as photographs.

“We’re wanted within an hour of arrival….”

Jusoyul muttered softly, audible to no one else.

Well, considering they were immediately wanted when they dropped into the middle of the academy in the previous episode, this was somewhat of a better situation.

But of course, unaware of such circumstances, Damduk’s face looked utterly grim.

“…I guess I should’ve knocked them out for a few days.”

He regretted not hitting them harder, evidently having gone easy without realizing it.

Damduk turned swiftly towards Jusoyul in urgency.

“So where is the second Guardian? You said you could tell if we came to the square, right?”

Lucky for them, Jusoyul knew the faces of the Guardians.

Whether wanted or not, since the mages were not so impressive, they could quickly complete their mission and leave.

Jusoyul moved his gaze upward in response to Damduk’s question.

On the lower orbs, the day’s news continued, but above those were much larger orbs.

And what they showed was…

– Hello, everyone! Today, we’re meeting the star among stars of our very own Atlum, the shining and radiant main character of ‘The Sun Crusher!’ Our eternal star!! Miss Adel Sharon herself! Wow~!!

The reporter hyped up as she presented the scene, with a haughty and elegant golden-haired woman sitting behind her.

With a slender figure, flawless skin, and eyebrows alongside striking eyes reminiscent of a lion, her presence was overwhelming, exuding a charm that seemed almost untouchable.

Jusoyul gave a wry smile.

“There she is. The second Guardian.”

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