I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 42

#42. The Magical World’s Slime (1)


The sound of rustling leaves in a forest so akin to the sound of waves.

In the midst of the dense woods, Damdeok, Jusoyul, and Baekgureum, who had been knocked flat on his bottom, stood up, dusting off the dirt.

“Ah really! Will you give it a rest!!!”

Baekgureum growled, but Damdeok, unconcerned, looked around.

“Is this the magical world? Looks like a plain forest?”

“It’s the magical world, alright. Where the second guardian resides.”

Jusoyul cast a glance around, confirming the fact.

She was quite familiar with the place.

‘It won’t be easy from here on out…’

In the magical world , where none of the modern common sense applied, she had already gone through thousands of regressions, yet the beginning was always tough.

Amidst this, Baekgureum stepped forward with a churlish expression.

“Excuse me. It seems everyone forgets I’m even here. Hello?”

“Would you quiet down for a bit.”


Damdeok pushed Baekgureum’s face away with his hand.

Although it pricked his conscience slightly to treat someone who was a promising swordsman in the original world this way…

“There’s someone here.”

An eerie aura was felt from beyond the bushes, and the ‘Intuition’ ability was triggered, but it was challenging to deduce what type of creature it was.

‘This is an odd sensation I’ve never felt before…’

What could it be?

With a serious look, Damdeok crouched down, and Baekgureum hastily followed suit.

“What now? And what’s all this about a magical world? Magic, as in what kiddies talk about?”

“Would you shut up already.”



The bushes rustled intensely.

A transformed sword was already in Damdeok’s hand.

‘No idea what it is, but attack straight away.’

It was a lesson learned almost too well in Atrium, a world where common sense is of no use – stay alert or end becoming a corpse before even meeting the second guardian.

Damdeok gripped his sword more tightly.



A pale form burst through the bushes, and Damdeok shot forward like a bullet.

But then…

“What’s this? Why?”

– Kkyu?

What was before him was not the unknown monster he had expected.

Smooth and bouncy skin, adorably large eyes, an overall vibrant shade of green – this creature was shaped like a dewdrop.

“A slime?”

– Kkyu! Kkyuu!

The slime hopped energetically, showing off its cuteness.

In the modern world, it was a creature so benign that classing it as a monster would be borderline, usually just a taming beast for kids.

“Chuckle, are you scared of a slime now of all things?”

Baekgureum snickered, pointing his finger in ridicule.

Yet, Damdeok couldn’t shake off an uneasy feeling.

‘Something’s off. There’s an odd aura coming from this slime….’

“Why are you so frightened? Have you got a phobia of slimes? There are those who find their squishy texture disgusting, you know.”

Baekgureum petted the slime and snickered.

That’s when it happened.


The twinkling-eyed slime suddenly thrust itself with full force into Baekgureum’s midsection.


Unsteadied, Baekgureum drew his sword and flipped backward.

Thud! Thud!

“This little…!!”

Even as a teenager who hadn’t fully grown, standing over 170cm and weighing over 60 kg, he still performed the acrobatics with the agility befitting a swordsman.

Baekgureum and Damdeok charged at the slime together.

“Thought as much. I felt it emitting a suspicious aura.”

“Let’s put you to rest, you green blob!”

Their swords crossed in an X, slashing at the slime.


Ting! Tang!

The surface simply rippled roughly, and the slime was unscathed.

“What the… The sword bounced off?”

“No way…”

Tang! Ting!

Every attempt produced the same result. The slime’s surface was so elastic that it repelled their swords.

“What kind of slime is this!”

Baekgureum’s eyes were wide with shock as he began to wrap his sword in energy.

Damdeok was doing the same.

But why did it seem?

Even with their swords wrapped in energy, there was no sense that they could win.

‘This isn’t an ordinary slime.’

Normally, slimes are considered weak monsters suitable only for pets for children.

Although a slime’s headbutt could be threatening to small kids, their innately mild nature and squishy bodies meant they weren’t a big threat in practice.

‘It’s rumored they are even safer than dogs or cats.’

Their squishy bodies are considered much safer than the sharp teeth and claws of pets.

‘But what about that thing?’

– Kkyuu?

The slime in front of them maintained its innocent expression.

Even if Baekgureum was still a youth, his height already exceeded 170cm, and his weight surely surpassed 60 kilos.

To stagger him with a single blow…

“Hey… be careful.”

“I know that much… already.”

Damdeok and Baekgureum moved cautiously around the slime.

Jusoyul observed from a distance.

‘Physical attacks won’t work on the slimes here.’

In the magical world of Atrium, where most monsters were born, it was common for them to be immune to physical damage – a terribly unfavorable matchup for swordsmen like Damdeok and Baekgureum.

‘I wonder how Yu Damdeok will navigate through this time.’

He always surprised her by coming up with different solutions every time. This time, too, he would surely conceive of a groundbreaking method.

Jusoyul watched Damdeok with shining eyes.

‘Look at those wide, panicky eyes.’

Damdeok glanced at Jusoyul and swallowed hard.

He knew.

Once again, Jusoyul had no intention of helping.

She must believe that if he can’t break through on his own, there’s no point in this journey continuing.

‘It doesn’t matter.’

That was my path as well.

With your consent.

Damduk glared at the slime that was bouncing around.

‘The sword doesn’t work on that thing.’

Even if he wrapped it in sword energy, it was the same. It must be immune to physical attacks.

“Then how about this?”

[ skill is activated!]


The swiftly extending blue sword energy, like a wave, crashed violently against the slime.

Baekgureum gaped in amazement at Damduk.

“…What, what’s that? That skill that’s oozing with coolness?”

“Shut it. Watch the front.”

Despite being directly hit by the Wave Slash, the slime, dripping wet, trembled and glared at Damduk.

The intensity in its eyes had sharpened, but the slight staggering suggested the Wave Slash had some effect.

Or, is it because it’s water attributed?

Having gotten worked up from the attack, the slime leaped powerfully off the ground.

– Goo-oo!

“Humph, it won’t make a difference if you jump around!”

Baekgureum, standing beside, took a low stance with his sword ready.

The slime, hanging in air, became as thin as an awl before plummeting rapidly to the ground.


“Take this!”

Baekgureum, springing up like a coiled spring, launched consecutive slashes of dark sword energy.

Kwa-bang!! Kwa-kwa-bang!!

Though several missed sword energies toppled the trees behind, the slime still resiliently survived.

– Goo-oo-oo!

“Darn it, where on earth is such a slime?!”

Baekgureum glared at the slime in disbelief.

‘My black sword technique not working…’

The black sword technique was a skill curated from only the essentials taught by his renowned masters.

‘It usually downs mid-ranked monsters in one blow….’

The slime before them had become a bit shabby but showed no particular external injuries.

“…That’s slime, right?”

“Well, for now.”

Damduk too was at a loss on how to proceed.

Physical attacks were futile, and even skills and sword energies were ineffective against such a creature; it was a first for both of them.

“Since it’s not that fast, we might find an opening if we attack together. Do you have any fire-related skills?”

There was no real significance to Damduk’s question. It was only because the slime was green, so he thought it might weaken against fire.

But Baekgureum shook his head in panic.

“I don’t have any flame skills. Mine are all physical attacks….”

“Fine. Let’s just attack from both sides.”


Damduk and Baekgureum started to close the gap once again.

The slime, whether naturally docile or on guard after the constant attacks, kept bouncing in place.

‘If it had been aggressive, we could have been done for instantly.’

At least they were lucky in that regard.

Damduk, observing the slightest change in the slime, found an opening.



Two swordsmen charged simultaneously.

One sliced through the right side of the torso, the other through the left, one above and the other below, a diagonal cut followed by the opposing diagonal cut.

The combination sped up, and the slime’s eyes began to whirl.

‘Oho, so it’s meant to disturb the creature like this.’

Baekgureum couldn’t help but inwardly admire.

Initially thinking it was reckless flailing, Damduk was calmly taking the slime down.

– Gu… Goo…

Though it deflected all physical attacks, the slime couldn’t grasp the timing to counterattack.

Too swift were their movements, leaving the slime at a loss for when and how to strike.

Damduk smirked triumphantly.

‘If our attacks don’t work, we’ll just make sure yours don’t either.’

Just as the slime’s eyes stopped whirling,

Damduk quickly summoned a sun wolf.

– Krurrrr! Keurung!

“Ugh! What’s this all of a sudden!”

Baekgureum jumped back in surprise at the abrupt call of the beast.

The hot heat of the sun wolf was already engulfing the surroundings.

Flarrrrk! Flark!

Damduk calmly stroked past the undulating flames of the sun wolf.

[ skill is activated!]

‘This is why it’s fun.’

Ju So-Yul watched Damduk with a quiet smile.

In no time, Damduk’s white sword was enveloped with flickering flames.

Flark! Flarrrrk!

Flames leapt from the sword.

“You may be immune to physicals, but you’re not immune to elemental attacks.”

The slime had certainly staggered from the Wave Slash.

Water attribute didn’t have a huge impact, but what if it was the opposite, fire attribute?

– Gu…? Gugguggu!!!

Sure enough, upon seeing the rolling flames, the slime’s eyes went round and it started to flee.

“Not so fast.”

Damduk chased swiftly after the slime.

Due to the Wind Rush skill, the flames began to surge even more powerfully.


“This is the end!”

It was when Damduk’s eyes, gleaming within the flames, suddenly sparkled. “Stop!!”

At the shout of an unfamiliar man, Damduk’s flame sword stopped just in front of the slime’s nose.

Flark! Flarrrrk!

As the slime’s eyes trembled, Damduk turned his head towards the source of the voice.

“What is this ruckus?”

“Put your sword away now!”

A group of five or six soldiers, rushing over, yelling with attire that seemed too ornate for ordinary soldiers.

After Damduk withdrew his sword, a bulky man who arrived first stepped forward, shouting.

“What on earth are you doing? To an innocent and feeble slime!”

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