I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 41

#41. To the World of Magic!


A vigorous shout echoed through the empty training hall.

In the middle of the training hall, dressed in black martial arts attire, Baek Gureum was executing a series of martial arts movements, combining punches and kicks.

Next to him stood Damdeok, occasionally adjusting Baek Gureum’s posture and offering coaching.

“Good. That’s it for now. You’re pretty much getting the hang of it, aren’t you?”

Damdeok handed a bottle of water to Baek Gureum, who was drenched in sweat.

“Ha, ha. Really?”

Baek Gureum, catching his breath, grinned slightly.

“Yeah, why would I lie to you?”

Damdeok spoke nonchalantly, but, in truth, he was inwardly astonished.

‘What kind of a monster is this guy?’

His promise to teach Baek Gureum martial arts was no joke.

True to his word, for the past several days, Damdeok had been instructing him in martial arts right here in this training hall.

And in great detail, too.

From the basic martial arts of hunters with some modifications, to movements combined from those of the dwarves, and even martial arts embedded with the deep traditions of the Dragon Palace guards.

The results were astounding.

‘As expected, a genius is a genius indeed. He learns at an incredible speed!’

Of course, Baek Gureum couldn’t be compared to himself, who possessed SS-rank talent in both swordsmanship and martial arts, but without a doubt, Baek Gureum was swiftly assimilating the movements.

‘To think that with just swordsmanship talent, he could easily emulate martial arts as well…’

Having already reached a certain level with his sword, Baek Gureum’s physical comprehension was clearly different.

‘At this rate…’

Though still raw, it wasn’t long before he might even be able to copy the Dwarven Hammer Punch.

Damdeok gave Baek Gureum, who was catching his breath, a push on the back.

“Come on, let’s chain everything you’ve learned from start to finish and call it a day for today.”

“Phew, you sure teach tough.”

“…Did you just talk back?”

“No, no, brother.”



Baek Gureum started executing the movements, sweat beading on his forehead.

A satisfied smile remained on Damdeok as he watched him.

Why, you ask?

Because Baek Gureum growing stronger meant…


[Your disciple has acquired the <One-Two Combination> skill!]

[Your combat power has increased slightly!]

It meant that I was getting stronger.

“Hehe, nice.”

Subjugating him as a disciple wasn’t that difficult.

The first condition, reverence, had already been fulfilled, and the system had automatically explained everything else about disciples’ duties and rights.

‘Of course, when the subject came up about sacrificing their life for the gods and all that, Baek Gureum’s expression soured quite a bit.’

The content explained by the system overflowed with bizarre clauses about how a disciple must always respond to the call of their god, they can’t leave whimsically without their god’s permission, and they must continuously train to be of help to their god.

‘I wouldn’t blame him if he drew his sword in anger at that nonsense.’

Even I found those tales ridiculous as I listened in.

Yet strangely enough, Baek Gureum kept his mouth shut throughout the explanation and simply nodded his head quietly at the end.

‘Totally unexpected.’

Honestly, it still baffled me.

Nonetheless, thanks to that, the disciple’s initiation ceremony, if one could call it that, ended seamlessly. Well, it was rather anticlimactic.

‘Now I can use the power of the god’s call whenever I want.’

The power ‘call of the god.’

It had been unlocked when I reached 50,000 divine power but remained inactive, grayed out.

As soon as I registered Baek Gureum as my disciple, it activated.

This meant I now had one more soldier to call upon and fight at any time I wished.

’56 Deadly Hounds, 12 Solar Wolves, 1 Cerberus, and a world-renowned swordsmanship genius…’

Just enumerating my power made me swell with pride. All of that was an army I could summon at any time, as long as I had enough divine power.

‘Great. Just keep on like this…’

The reason that Baek Gureum growing stronger meant I was getting stronger was because of this power’s effect.

A disciple must wholeheartedly serve their god, and I could command such a disciple at will.

That’s why Damdeok was determined to train Baek Gureum into the most elite soldier.

“Ah, ah, don’t do it like that, look, not with the elbow but like this, smoothly with the outer side of your arm! Huh?”

“…Isn’t it similar?”

“Different, man. Do it again.”

Baek Gureum pouted in response to Damdeok’s firm command, but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant to him.

‘I will definitely become stronger!’

Baek Gureum clenched his teeth and continued the movements, while the corners of Damdeok’s mouth subtly lifted.

* * *

Inside the guild dormitory of Sangoon Guild,

Joo Soo-ryul leaned against the wall with her arms crossed.

In the middle of the room, Damdeok and Baek Gureum stared at her in bewilderment.

“Why on earth? I’m telling you, the dungeon we just gained control over is definitely hiding skill runes. Our official intelligence confirms it.”

“Dungeons are not helpful. We’re heading to a gate.”

“Why the hell would we do that?”

Baek Gureum asked, clearly frustrated.

Joo Soo-ryul leaned against the wall, silent.

Damdeok donned his hood and replied.

“Didn’t I explain everything last time? Do you want to go over the same thing again?”

“Which one? War of the gods? Fine, let’s stop the war of the gods. That’s why we need to run the dungeon even more! There’s a skill rune right in front of our eyes, we should be obtaining and increasing our skills, right?”

Damdeok frowned.

He was clueless about where to start his explanation.

Sure, by the book, Baek Gureum was right.

If we want to stop the war of the gods, we need to get stronger, and skill runes are the best way to power up quickly.


‘That’s the general idea.’

Stopping the war of the gods isn’t about individuals becoming powerful.

Of course, we all need to get stronger in the future. Among us, I have to be the strongest, but… our current top priority isn’t the skill runes. First, we need to recruit the 12 guardians who will fight for us.

Just as Damdeok was about to explain, Joo Soo-ryul spoke up first.

“Follow what Yu Damdeok says. A few skill runes won’t help us right now.”


Baek Gureum asked, perplexed.

It was akin to a non sequitur to him.

He hadn’t been told everything yet.

Although he had been told that the war of the gods was looming in the near future, turning Earth into a wasteland, and that the key figures who would prevent the war were scattered across various dimensions, totaling twelve individuals, the specifics had not been shared with him.

Thus such a reaction was expected.

“What are you talking about? Skill runes are worth over ten billion won each if you price them out… That’s a premium item.”

“You couldn’t stop the war of the gods even with a hundred skill runes. Right now, there’s only one thing we must do.”

Damdeok stuffed a few portable potions into his pocket while adding,

“We need to head to a gate to determine when the war of the gods will break out and gather the other guardians. Got it? That’s what we need to do.”

With that, Damdeok left the room, taking the lead.

Joo Soo-ryul followed behind him, tapping Baek Gureum on the shoulder.

“Let’s go. A disciple should follow the will of their god.”

* * *

– Kieek!

A massive lizardman, grasping its severed arm, retreated. Damdeok did not miss the opportunity to aggressively press on.

Gush! Slick! Boom!!

With a final hammer punch, he forcefully blasted the lizardman’s torso away, and Baek Gureum, who appeared from behind, skewered its throat with precision.


Blood spurted forth like a fountain, and Joo Soo-ryul calmly walked over to extract the core nucleus from near its heart.

In the cave, with Joo Soo-ryul wielding her dagger and Baek Gureum carrying his black sword, Damdeok alternated his gaze between them, grinning.

“Hey, doesn’t it seem like our combo play is not half bad?”

“…Tch, what combo play.”

Baek Gureum muttered under his breath. With a disgruntled expression, he flicked his sword horizontally, and the blood splattered on the cave walls.

Baek Gureum was significantly unsatisfied with the current situation.

‘Dammit, if I were at the Sindorim dungeon right now, all the skill runes would be mine.’

According to intelligence, there were at least two and up to four skill runes to be found. But now, he was forsaking those treasures to grind in this desolate gate…

Baek Gureum felt bitter.

Considering skill runes are a hunter’s precious resource, even above many others, they were a magnificent weapon, shield, and companion.

Yet, leaving such treasures behind to hunt these pathetic lizardmen…

For someone like him who longs for strength more than anyone else, feeling stifled was only natural.

‘I thought about running away secretly earlier…’

But it was in vain.

He was instantly summoned into the gate’s interior due to Damdeok’s ‘call of the god’ power.

The sinking feeling during the summoning, even though he was prepared, was even worse than he had anticipated.

‘I just need to hold on a little longer.’

Baek Gureum had his plan.

Once he mastered Damdeok’s martial arts for himself, he intended to thoroughly trample down on Damdeok.

‘Hehe, and when that time comes, I’ll turn you into my disciple!’

He would make Damdeok his disciple and order him around thoroughly!

He had not forgotten the humiliation of that day for even a moment. He was ready to sell his soul to get back at him.

The war of the gods? He didn’t care about such uncertain events that might or might not ever happen.

‘So I’m perfectly willing to play this little game of discipleship for a while!’

Someday, when he becomes the best, he thought of Damdeok begging with a tear-streaked face, which brought an inadvertent smile to his lips.

“…What’s with you? What happened?”

Seeing Baek Gureum chuckling, Damdeok circled his finger around his head.

Joo Soo-ryul paused for a moment, then stuffed the extracted core nucleus into her pocket and replied.

“…Leave it. He must be excited, entering a gate for the first time.”

“I’m not!!”

A provoked Baek Gureum growled.

Damdeok and Joo Soo-ryul shrugged and began documenting the day’s yield from the gate.

“Seventy-seven lame lizardmen, fifteen mid-level ones, two twin lizardmen as bosses…”

“Hmm, regardless, our country’s gates don’t have too many strong ones yet.”

“Right. Not yet, at least. Not yet.”

“We’re a long way from someone like Neptune showing up, right?”

Baek Gureum watched their conversation with a sullen face.

“Neptune? What’s Neptune?”

“One of the forgotten gods. You’d probably struggle just with Neptune’s pinky.”

Laughing, Damdeok ribbed him, and Baek Gureum’s face flushed red.

“What nonsense…! Once I perfect the martial arts, whether it’s the war of the gods or anything else, I’ll take care of it all!”

“You perfect martial arts? Even me, with SS-rank martial arts talent, am not yet perfect. How could you be?”

It was a ludicrous idea.

Annoyed by Damdeok’s mockery, Baek Gureum bit down on his lower lip and glared at him.

‘Damn it, they’ll soon realize why geniuses are called geniuses.’

Damdeok’s eyes widened as he pointed behind Baek Gureum.

“Hey, behind you.”

– Kieek!

“Argh! You scared me!”

At the sudden spear attack from another lizardman, Baek Gureum flinched and swung his sword frantically.

Wham, wham, wham!

The sweeping sword energy was a technique Damdeok also favored.

‘Oh, that’s how you can make it activate faster.’

With every swing of Baek Gureum’s sword, Damdeok’s gaze gleamed with interest.

Baek Gureum, who had been trained by the world’s strongest swordsmanship instructors since childhood, possessed supreme swordsmanship that was not a single person’s but a fusion of many, the epitome of superior techniques.

“There’s so many of these nuisances even after the boss is dead!!”

Nonetheless, gates are just so ineffective compared to dungeons!

Baek Gureum raged and effortlessly slaughtered the remaining lizardmen.

Damdeok earnestly absorbed every single one of Baek Gureum’s movements.

‘When slashing, use more snap in the wrist… When charging to thrust, tilt the angle of the shoulder more…’


“Haack, haack. Why am I the only one fighting?!”

Panting, Baek Gureum leaned on his sword like a walking stick, glaring at Joo Soo-ryul and Damdeok.

Joo Soo-ryul appeared to contemplate for a moment before giving him a brief round of applause, and Damdeok casually gave a thumbs up before turning away.

“Who else is supposed to do grunt work if not a lackey?”


“…Talk back to me one more time.”


Baek Gureum suppressed the rising anger with all his might.

Yes, it wasn’t the time yet.

He would devour Damdeok’s martial arts down to the bone, then thoroughly trample on him until that day…!

Hold on. Just endure.

Baek Gureum turned around abruptly.

“Dammit, if you’re done with this gate inspection or whatever, let’s get out of here!”

There might still be a chance to secure at least one skill rune if he left now.

Even if that weren’t the case, he had been training nonstop for days.

‘Today, I just need to relax and dig into some chicken.’

His body was exhausted.

But strangely, Damdeok was motionless.

Joo Soo-ryul beside him was the same.

“…What are you doing? Aren’t we leaving?”

Baek Gureum turned back and asked.

Damdeok was tinkering with something in the air.

“Leave? We’re just getting started.”


“Gate was just a brief stop. Our real destination is somewhere else today.”

“What are you talking about… I haven’t heard anything…?!”

Once again, Baek Gureum felt the ground beneath him disappear, wrapped in that wretched feeling as his body was enveloped by the dimension.

‘Yu Damdeok, this son of a…!’

He reached out to grab hold of Damdeok, but in an instant, he was sucked into the dimension.

Damdeok grinned, looking at the window that had opened before him.

[The name value of ‘2300YuDamdeok’ is consumed to commence the dimensional transfer.]

[Now moving to dimension BC135 area, ‘The World of Magic’!]

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