I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 40

Swordsmanship Genius VS Yudamdeok

“Kuh!” Baek Gureum swiftly crossed his arms to block the incoming fist, but it was not enough. Yudamdeok’s punch penetrated Baek Gureum’s guard and struck his chest squarely.

Boom! Crash! Bang!

He tumbled back several times in an unsightly manner before his body finally came to a stop.

“Ugh, damn it…!” Despite having taken only one hit, the pain in his arms was excruciating, as if they were being crushed.

“What kind of fist is this…!” Clutching his bruised, blackened arms, he struggled to raise his head.

“Stop whining and get up. Aren’t you recognized as a genius by the world?” Yudamdeok looked down on him from above the arena.

‘Damn, have I been pushed out of bounds?’ Baek Gureum quickly got to his feet, feeling a tingling pain all over his body.

The arena had gone quiet as if doused in cold water.

‘Is Baek Gureum out of bounds?’ ‘No way, is this just for show?’ ‘That seemed a bit too exaggerated to be real…’

Whispers from the audience reached Baek Gureum’s ears.

“… I was just caught off guard!” Baek Gureum claimed loudly as he climbed back onto the stage, gritting his teeth.

“Caught off guard, you say?” “Yeah.”

Yudamdeok chuckled. The Dwarf Hammer Punch had just landed perfectly. To rise so quickly despite the bone-grinding pain, his mental fortitude was impressive.

It was no rumor that when Baek Gureum becomes an adult, he might become South Korea’s first nine-star Hunter. His skill was already first-rate, not to mention his spirit.

But in the end, it didn’t matter. Yudamdeok was now certain after that one attack.

‘I will win this fight without fail.’

Cracking his wrists and ankles, he said, “I’ll make sure to show you today just how wide the world is.”

“Don’t make me laugh! You said yourself that I was only caught off guard!” As Yudamdeok charged forward, Baek Gureum too rushed in violently.

The rash moves of a 17-year-old boy, his wooden sword thrust with a killer intent unlike any other.

But… Tap! Thud! Tap tap! Flutter!

Yudamdeok blocked the attacks with the sword in one hand, while launching elegant strikes with his other hand and feet.

“How dare you, a swordsman fight so cowardly…!!”

“What are you talking about? Just because you use a sword, does that mean I have to as well?” There are no such rules in the world. This was merely a free-style sparring match, after all.

Flutter! Thud! Tap! Tap!

Baek Gureum’s sword failed to land time and again as it was continuously blocked by the flurry of punches and kicks from Yudamdeok.

Baek Gureum was bewildered by the current situation.

‘I’ve never experienced this before…!’

Truthfully, not all swordsmen used solely their swords. When they get up close, they might trip with a leg or strike the face with an elbow. Using a sword in one hand while attacking with other parts of the body, as Yudamdeok was doing, was also a trait of a superb swordsman.

Of course, Baek Gureum himself thought it was crude to mix martial arts with his deep mastery of swordsmanship. Renowned swordsmen who used both martial arts and swords had fallen to Baek Gureum’s blade, so more words weren’t necessary.

But… But!!!


Another thunderous hit sent Baek Gureum stumbling backward. The punch was so powerful that his wooden sword, which he barely managed to block with, emitted wisps of smoke.

He could not, no—he refused to believe the reality before him.

‘This should only be possible by an exceptional first-rate martial artist!’ Yudamdeok’s swordsmanship was already excellent, maybe a notch below his own, but his martial arts bore an indescribable and perilous aura, like that of a demon. With more polish, even he would have had a hard time. That’s why he couldn’t understand the current situation.

For someone already skilled in one area to reach such heights in another… it made no sense.

Even a genius couldn’t do that.

Staring bitterly, Baek Gureum ground his teeth, but nothing changed.

Yudamdeok was now casually looking at him, his sword resting on his shoulder.

‘You insolent… How dare you act so arrogantly in front of me?!’

Baek Gureum’s eyes flipped with fury.

He had never lost before. He was confident he could even defeat the chairman of the famous Iris in a single blow!!

Reacting to the sharp glint in Baek Gureum’s eyes, Yudamdeok thought, ‘It’s over.’

Though the opponent was overwhelming to face with just swordsmanship, once he mixed in his martial arts talent, the boy revealed his openings all too easily.

‘And I haven’t even used my shooting ability that was honed under Apollo.’

Baek Gureum, the swordsmanship prodigy before him, was already charging with numerous openings, having lost his composure.

“Still, you will undoubtedly become stronger as you continue along with us.”

“Don’t kid yourself. I’m already strong enough!!” Baek Gureum’s all-out attack descended upon Yudamdeok’s head.

However, Yudamdeok saw no need to block it this time. His opponent was too disheveled from the excessive excitement.


A resounding impact echoed in the arena.

Baek Gureum’s trembling arms; his wooden sword stopped about two arm-lengths above Yudamdeok’s head.

“This is… impossible…”

Looking down at Yudamdeok’s wooden sword deeply embedded in his side, Baek Gureum collapsed forward.


For a few seconds, silence settled over the arena before it burst into wild excitement.


“Unbelievable!! Sanguen has won!!”

“How long has it been since his last victory?!”

“Real or staged, I don’t care!! It’s such a thrill!!”

Of course, the cheering came from Sanguen Guild’s blue sector only.

Yudamdeok casually raised his sword in response, then quietly exited the arena.

In the iris-painted red sector of the Iris Guild, amidst the dense crowd, Cheon Jungak stood, his mouth agape, quivering.

* * *

“Will that guy really come to us first?” “Anyone else might be doubtful, but Baek Gureum’s temperament isn’t complicated. He’ll surely come to us first, just wait.”

In the luxurious five-star hotel, the grand Sanguen Guild’s waiting room, Yudamdeok was deep in thought.

‘This seems even more demanding than working for the gods.’

Taking in the Twelve Guardians as his apprentices wasn’t an ordinary task.

Firstly, the prospective disciple had to gain a sense of reverence, secondly, they had to be clearly aware of their commitment to becoming a disciple, and thirdly, they had to accept all these facts and pledge to the life of a disciple.

“Why is this process so complicated?”

Damduk frowned as he lay in bed. Sitting on the sofa sipping tea, Jusoyul quietly responded.

“That’s why the power of ‘Divine Calling’ is rarely used, even when it becomes available. It’s always been complicated to earn someone else’s reverence.”

“Hmm… Makes sense. But what about you? You’re already a mid-level deity, so you must have gained the ‘Divine Calling’ a long time ago.”

Damduk looked at Jusoyul, his eyes shining, but she remained expressionless.

“I can’t use it due to certain… circumstances.”

“What kind of circumstances?”

“…It’s annoying to explain.”

“Damn it, you really—”

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Damduk and Jusoyul’s gaze simultaneously swept toward the source of the sound.


The door opened and in came a boy with white hair, Baekgureum.

Damduk slowly got up from the bed.

“What are you doing? Come in, don’t just stand there.”

The kid seemed to disapprove of Damduk’s tone but soon quietly closed the door and entered.

In the silent room, it was Baekgureum who broke the silence.

“Are you… a martial artist? Or a swordsman?”

There was anger, curiosity, and a touch of contempt in Baekgureum’s question.

“You’ve seen it. I can be both a swordsman and a martial artist.”

Damduk responded deliberately nonchalantly, as if it were nothing.

Baekgureum’s frustration was clearly growing in response to Damduk’s attitude.

“It’s impossible! There’s no way one person can be a genius in both disciplines! Are you with the sword or martial arts?! Which is it?”

Damduk stared back emotionlessly as Baekgureum growled his words.

“So, what are you going to do about it?”

Even though he was defeated disgracefully, 17-year-old Baekgureum was far from intimidated by Damduk.

Honestly, it was unfathomable to him that he lost to such an average-looking man. The reason he was here today was to thoroughly analyze the cause of his defeat and use it as a foundation to become stronger.

“Do you want to try again?”


“If you can’t believe it, let’s do it again. This time with real swords.”

As Damduk stood up with determination, the white creature on his shoulder quickly transformed into the Dragon-Slaying Sword.


Confronted with the sudden overflow of killing intent, Baekgureum stepped back.

“What are you doing… I didn’t come here to fight! I just came to analyze the cause of my defeat….”

“Do you really not know why you lost?”

Baekgureum looked at Damduk, his eyes wavering at the question.

“It’s like you’re certain you know why I lost.”

“Of course. It would be strange if I didn’t know.”

Baekgureum stared at Damduk as he casually unwrapped and ate a chocolate.

“Tell me.”


“Are you kidding me?!”

“Why would I want to tell someone who speaks so rudely? It’s not like you’re asking nicely, you’re commanding me.”

Damduk popped another chocolate into his mouth without even looking at Baekgureum. Baekgureum’s hands began to fidget in frustration.

“…Please tell me. It’s important to me.”

“Still rude.”


Baekgureum clenched his fists harder than ever. No one had ever spoken to him like this before. Others might insult him, but only behind his back. He had never met someone who was so brazenly rude to him.

Baekgureum glared at Damduk with flushed cheeks.

“Why you insist I speak formally when you’ve been rude all along?”

“You think you’re supposed to use formal speech all the time? At least get the honorifics right.”

Baekgureum’s eyebrow twitched.

Honorifics… Surely not…

Damduk continued, chewing on his chocolate.

“Call me ‘hyung-nim’ (big brother).”

“Are you crazy…”

“Yep, get out.”

Damduk pointed to the door with his finger.

Baekgureum ground his teeth as he glared at Damduk.

‘Hyung-nim,’ not just ‘hyung’!

It had taken him ten years to even call that moronic Chunjungak ‘hyung,’ whom he had known since childhood!

And now this guy, whom he met for the first time, was asking him to call him ‘hyung-nim’ after publically embarrassing him?!

It was unthinkable.

“I’ll make sure to crush you at a later time.”

As Baekgureum turned away, clenching his teeth, Damduk murmured,

“What a pity. I was thinking of passing on my martial arts secrets to you. Aren’t you a genius? You would’ve learned them incredibly fast.”

With hesitation, Baekgureum stopped in his tracks. His fists trembled, and Damduk smirked slightly.

‘Kids will be kids. So honest yet so reluctant.’

Baekgureum had sought out Damduk for one reason.

It was Damduk’s movement, which was entirely different from any swordplay or martial arts Baekgureum had ever seen, that had brought him to his knees—something he had never experienced before.

‘Surely you want to learn. My movements, which blend swordsmanship and martial arts, are undeniably efficient.’

Baekgureum must have instinctively realized it.

To become stronger, he had to learn Damduk’s martial arts techniques.

But his pride kept him from accepting his defeat and made him ramble on with excuses.

It was clear as day to Damduk’s eyes.

“Don’t want to learn my martial arts?”

When Damduk asked again, Baekgureum bit his lower lip hard.

He wanted to learn! He had been obsessed with Damduk’s movements from the moment he became aware.

He desperately wanted to learn! So desperately that it brought him here! Tell him! Just call him ‘hyung-nim’ and get it over with!

A whirlwind of intense desires swirled in Baekgureum’s heart.

After chewing on his lip in silence for a while, Baekgureum finally spoke quietly.

“Hyung… n-im…”

It was a voice as faint as a mosquito’s.

“What? I can’t hear you, it’s too soft.”

“Ugh…Hyung-nim!! Hyung-nim!!!”

Clenching his fists and closing his eyes tightly, Baekgureum shouted out loud. Observing this, Jusoyul turned away with a quiet chuckle.

‘She’s handling it well on her own.’

Before long, Damduk had his arm around Baekgureum’s shoulder, smiling ear to ear.

“Good. My little brother. Before I teach you the secrets of martial arts, hyung has a little favor to ask…”

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