I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 38

#38. The First Guardian Appears

“Keke, of course.”

Cheon Jung-ak couldn’t help but giggle as laughter leaked out.

He had triumphantly passed the preliminaries and beaten all twelve finalists to win the tournament. The prize belonged to Cheon Jung-ak himself.

‘Indeed, indeed, I’ve been through so much trouble to tame this creature.’

As he looked at the giant sitting proudly beside him, memories of his struggles quickly flashed before his eyes.

It had been a desperate six months of training after seeking the advice of renowned tamer trainers and monster experts. Finally, this creature had proven its worth.

“Well done, Giant.”

Cheon Jung-ak walked slowly towards the podium, unable to control the corners of his mouth rising in satisfaction.

Feeling the intense gazes of the judges and his father, Cheon Gun-ak, he squared his shoulders even more as he stepped onto the stage.

‘Father, I did it!’

Cheon Jung-ak glanced surreptitiously at his father’s expression.

His father was gazing straight ahead with an impassive face, but Cheon Jung-ak knew.

That was the expression his father showed only when something truly pleased him.

‘This should score me some points.’

His father, Cheon Gun-ak, had a particular fondness for dogs.

Not just dogs, but any similar canine creature. That was probably why he liked that Jindo dog-like Yoo Dam-deok so much.

‘No, let’s not think about that annoying guy.’

Anyway, Cheon Gun-ak loved anything related to dogs, and that extended to canine-like monsters.

‘He always regretted not participating properly in taming contests due to his busy hunter duties when younger.’

Cheon Jung-ak had always planned on presenting his father with the trophy today, in hopes of resolving any dissatisfaction his father had towards him.

‘I’m twenty-seven now; it’s about time to secure my place as the successor.’

While it was the unspoken belief that Cheon Jung-ak, an only son, was the heir to Airease, nothing had been officially announced.

‘Father is too cautious. Running Airease without kin would just leave it scattered to the winds, according to some experts.’

Well, convincing them would come in due time.

Since returning to Korea, his father had become much more lenient than before.

‘This time, I will definitely earn his recognition!’

Filled with anticipation, Cheon Jung-ak watched the host prepare to make the award presentation.

The host, maintaining a professional smile and grabbing the microphone, said:

“Ah! Ah! Now, we shall commence the final act of the main competition, the ‘Finale March.’”

The Finale March was a ceremonial event where casual tamers who tamed monsters as a hobby would march together to celebrate the year’s winners and commemorate the taming contest.

The march would simply involve all civilian participants taking a lap around the stadium, and after that, the award ceremony for the winner, himself, would take place amid the heightened atmosphere.

‘Just after this is finished, soon…!’

Therefore, Cheon Jung-ak looked forward to the entrance where the Finale March would start with a fluttering heart.

Pettapettapum! Pum pum!

The celebratory fanfare started, announcing the arrival of civilian participants, but not long after the march began, commotion stirred from the back of the venue.

“What kind of monster is that?”

“Wow… That’s the first time I’ve seen something like that!”

The murmurs of the crowd grew louder and, like the parting of the Red Sea, the crowd split into two.

Through the divide, a man stepped forward quietly, and immediately, everyone’s focus shifted to the wolf walking in step with him.

– Grrrrrrrrr…

The wolf was much larger than Cheon Jung-ak’s hound, so much so that the robust young man holding the leash seemed like a child due to its overwhelming size.

Not only that.

Normally, hounds were of dark monochrome colors, such as dark grey, brown, or black. There were also ‘Red Wolves’ with completely red fur, but this man’s wolf was something else entirely.

Whoosh! Whooosh!

Flames enveloped the enormous wolf’s body. Intense heat rapidly spread in all directions.

Encircling the wolf was undoubtedly flame, actual fire.

“Walk slowly.”

The man was effortlessly controlling the fearsome wolf with just one hand.

“That… That…”

Cheon Jung-ak could only flutter his fingers, gaping in shock.

The judges and even the spectators were instantly astounded, their mouths agape.

‘Hmm, seems it’s not here.’

Dam-deok walked as slowly as possible, surveying the surroundings. Many people in the stadium had their eyes on him.

‘The center of attention certainly makes it easier to find someone.’

Dam-deok opened his eyes wide, trying to spot someone among the many with an extraordinary aura.

His reason for joining the Finale March so suddenly was simple.

He had been told by Ju Soo-ryul that he would meet the first guardian here at the Sanguen Guild’s training hall.

And that on a day when there were quite a few people gathered.

Dam-deok was betting on those last words.

‘It must be on a day when many people are around.’

Certainly, today had far more attendees than usual.

A taming contest that normally drew a large public crowd, along with the presence of the big-name chairman of the Iris Guild, went without saying.

However, even after completing a lap around the venue, no one resembling a guardian was in sight.

‘…Did I get it wrong?’

In the end, Dam-deok left with a disappointed flavor on his tongue, and the Finale March concluded without any issues, but the atmosphere in the stadium was irrevocably disturbed.

“A hound wrapped in flames…”

It was a stunned comment from one of the judges.

That sparked a lively discussion among the judges.

“That was Hunter Yoo Dam-deok, right? What breed was that monster he brought?”

“I’m not sure. I…”

“Cough, I’ve been a judge for ten years and I’ve never seen such a breed before.”

“Wait a moment. I’m looking it up in the monster encyclopedia right now.”

“Oh, really?”

As the excited judges conversed, the host fumbled nervously, trying to proceed with the ceremony.

“Ah, now for the ceremony of honor… ah… the award ceremony…”

No one was paying attention to the host. Cheon Jung-ak glared at the host as he shook with clenched fists, and the host, sweating profusely, was forced to read Cheon Jung-ak’s cues.

But nothing changed.

The mood inside the stadium was not settling down quickly.

Cheon Jung-ak grinded his teeth with irritation.

‘That damn punk… there’s a limit to messing things up!!’

Glaring at the judges’ side, he saw his father, Cheon Gun-ak, gazing into the distance where Yoo Dam-deok had disappeared.


Cheon Jung-ak finally snatched the trophy from the host’s hand and descended from the podium.

* * *

Jongno Sanguen Guild’s Main Building, Parking Area 2.


Cheon Jung-ak slammed down the trunk of the truck, grinding his teeth.

Startled, Giant barked ferociously, but Cheon Jung-ak paid him no mind.

“That guy really needs to be killed…”

“Who are you going to kill?”

A playful voice came from behind.

Cheon Jung-ak’s expression darkened, then eased as he recognized who it was.

“…What. It’s you.”

“Who were you talking about killing?”

A boy approached with a twirl, revealing a cloud-like white curly head of hair and a gleeful face that could pass for a comic book hero’s.

“I don’t need to know. But what brings you here so late? Dad’s been looking for you.”

Cheon Jung-ak looked the boy up and down with crossed arms.

“Ah~ I was just about to max out on Underworld Play. Almost hit the max level, you know.”

“You’re insane. Are you saying you missed the promise you made with dad over a game?”

“The chairman is forgiving~”

Baek Goo-ryeom whistled nonchalantly, and Cheon Jung-ak watched him with a displeased look.

‘As always, this guy too… doesn’t sit well with me.’

Baek Goo-ryeom.

The lad in front of him was 17 this year, young but an elite member of Iris and one of his father’s most promising talents.

He was known as the Oriental swordsmanship prodigy who was most anticipated for his potential, acclaimed both in Korea and internationally.

A super genius among geniuses, born with an SS-grade swordsmanship talent.

‘He was scouted by Iris at the tender age of seven.’

Back then, he was quite a cute kid, but at some point, he had grown into such a cocky person.

Especially if Cheon Jung-ak didn’t secure his position as successor, this guy was most likely to be mentioned as the next candidate.

‘…Damn, whether it’s this guy or that one.’

Baek Goo-ryeom’s arrival had once again caused Cheon Jung-ak’s temper to flare.

“What’s with the glum face? Don’t worry, I really won’t be late tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll sleep over at Sanguen and go directly from here.”

Baek Goo-ryeom held a bottle of banana-flavored milk and smirked while sipping from it.

Seeing him like that again twisted Cheon Jung-ak’s features.

‘Tomorrow, sure enough….’

It was the day of the joint training session between Iris and Sanguen, ranked first and second domestically.

After the training session, they were planning to hold a friendly competition for unity, and on the participation roster listed as ‘Captain’, it was not himself, but this very guy, Baek Goo-ryeom.

‘I was supposed to ask Dad to change that today…!’

While presenting him with the Taming Master trophy! But everything was ruined because of that Yoo Dam-deok.

Everything was always Yoo Dam-deok, Yoo Dam-deok, Yoo Dam-deok! Those three letters would not leave Cheon Jung-ak’s mind.

Having finished his banana milk, Baek Goo-ryeom opened his mouth.

“Still, tomorrow should be interesting! There’s the special match, you know?

Seeing Baek Goo-ryeom’s joyous expression, Cheon Jung-ak felt chills.

‘Planning to cripple someone again, are you?’

Baek Goo-ryeom was notorious for brutalizing his opponents in duels.

He always tormented them to near death before crushing them, earning the nickname ‘Baek Gwi’ (White Ghost).

Cheon Jung-ak still remembered barely surviving a duel with the 14-year-old Baek Goo-ryeom.

‘For someone who looks so delicate…’

When Baek Goo-ryeom was 15, Cheon Jung-ak witnessed his father, Cheon Gun-ak, sweating profusely while sparring with him.

A true monster…

By 17, he could only have become more formidable.

‘Psh, the only reason I’m putting up with you is because you’re on the same side.’

Had they been enemies, he would have taken him down long ago.

Cheon Jung-ak glanced sideways at Baek Goo-ryeom with a face full of annoyance, then his eyes suddenly gleamed with realization.

Wait, what did he say just now?

A special match?

I don’t remember hearing about that…

“Is there a special match in this friendly competition?” Cheon Jung-ak inquired.

“Yeah, but it’s only me, so you don’t need to worry about it,” Baek Goo-ryeom cheerfully babbled.

Cheon Jung-ak wanted to sew that guy’s mouth shut, but he persisted and asked.

“Who are you facing?”

“Six Star.”


Baek Goo-ryeom flung the empty milk bottle over his shoulder – it flew straight into the distant trash can without him looking.

“Do you not know Six Star Yoo Dam-deok? Tomorrow’s special match is with him. Keke. It’s going to be fun.”

Gazing at Baek Goo-ryeom’s smirking face, Cheon Jung-ak’s face, which had been crumpled in annoyance, gradually brightened.

“Hey, can I ask you for a favor?”

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