I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 37


#37. Master of Iris Guild, Cheon Jung-ak

Inside the training hall of the Sanguen Guild.

Kwang! Kwang!

A man fervently swings his sword at wooden targets.

People around him steal glances at the man.

“Wow… that’s really Yoo Dang-deok.”

A slender man murmured in awe with his mouth slightly agape.

Soon, a few people gathered around and started whispering amongst themselves.

“Man, his movements are killer….”

“Isn’t that the rookie hunter who just got promoted to 6-star?”

“Yeah, right. Our country’s 6-star rank was vacant for quite a while, but he filled it immediately.”

“He was famous as ‘Korea Hunter’ on social media too.”

“Hey, he’s more famous for destroying a gate. Do you know how many views that video got? I saw the news, and apparently, he secured sole investigation rights to the gate as well.”

Everyone enthusiastically discussed the man’s achievements.

Although it was common in the hunter community to talk about someone else’s feats, Dang-deok’s case was a bit special.

“But… wasn’t he talentless before? I got goosebumps when I heard that. Wow! I’m getting them again just talking about it. Look at this.”

A man dramatically rolled up his sleeve to show his goosebumps.

A woman with a bob haircut scoffed and added,

“It’s truly miraculous. Talent awakening typically happens only before the growth plates close, even if it’s by a miracle….”

It was common knowledge everyone knew.

However, the hunter community and academia alike were turned upside down when it was revealed Dang-deok remained talentless until his growth plates closed, all due to Cheon Jung-ak’s desperate struggle.

Everyone wanted to study Dang-deok’s peculiar case, but he firmly refused all such requests.

“This has been my lifelong dream. I believe this to be a divine blessing and want to live my life that way. I don’t want any more interference from modern medicine.”

Dang-deok had explained his reasons quite plausibly at the press conference, but the real reason was…


The parties involved, unaware of this, were frustrated and tried to convince him, but so far, no one had been able to study Dang-deok’s mysterious case.

“But something’s off.”

The bob haircut hunter tilted her head in confusion.

“What is?”

Everyone’s attention turned to her.

“A person who was talentless becoming a 6-star hunter….”

As the woman trailed off, everyone leaned in slightly, their curiosity piqued.

“Became what?”

“Became what exactly?”

“Hey, I’m curious, spit it out!”

The hunter with the bob haircut looked at the training man as if she had seen something strange.

“…I mean, becoming a 6-star hunter and all, but what’s he planning to do with gate investigation rights?”

At her words, everyone’s expressions subtly changed.

Come to think of it, that made sense.

Gates are so weak that they’re useless even for training, and there are no mana stones or items you’d get from dungeons…

Why would a prodigious talent that shocked the nation bother with gate investigation rights out of the blue?

“Hmm… well, we don’t know, do we?”

One man shrugged and said, leading to a flood of speculative comments.

“Maybe he prefers to be safe?”

“He might want to explore an unknown world.”

“Or, maybe he’s still scared of dungeons? Keke.”

Amidst light-hearted laughter and frivolous chatter, it was a sweet break during their grueling training.

‘They can all hear it, the fools.’

After completing his ten-thousandth downward swing, Dang-deok straightened and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

‘Master Namgung Do-eok has been considerate enough to let me use this training hall as I please, but the level of attention is annoying.’

He wasn’t too bothered by their words, as they meant no malice.

But now with battle focus skills making his senses sharp, how could he pretend not to hear every vivid word?

Especially when his name kept coming up…

‘I miss training in Apollo’s backyard.’

Wasn’t it a peaceful space, filled only with mountain birds and deer?

When he shot arrows to the sound of cool waves, it truly felt like his heart opened up.

‘But I can’t stay in the realm of gods forever.’

Now that he’s met Joo So-yul, Dang-deok’s goal was clear.

‘Subjugate all 12 Guardians foretold in the prophecy, and prevent the war of gods.’

And the first of these guardians was here on earth.

That was why Dang-deok trained here daily.

‘Joo So-yul said I’d meet the first Guardian here at the Sanguen Guild training hall.’

Joo So-yul knew not only the faces and names of the 12 Guardians but even their abilities.

But forcing an unnatural meeting would only be harmful; he was assured that he’d naturally come across the first Guardian, so he shouldn’t worry.

It’s already been a week since Joo So-yul disappeared, leaving behind only those words.

‘Sigh, while you’re at it, why not give me more of a hint, it’d hurt nobody.’

Waiting every day for this unknown Guardian was truly tormenting.

After another look around, Dang-deok silently returned Baek-seol-i, previously a wooden sword, back to its original form.

– Will!

“Let’s call it a day for training.”

From dawn until now at seven in the evening.

Without resting, Baek-seol-i, who repeatedly transformed between sword, knuckle, bow, and gauntlet, now appeared visibly exhausted.

“You’ve worked hard. I’ll get you chicken tonight.”

– Will?!

At the mention of chicken, Baek-seol-i’s half-closed eyes snapped open.

Drool was already leaking from its mouth.

“Hey! Not this again! Don’t drool everywhere!”

– Will! Will!

“Fine, fine. I’m going now!”

Baek-seol-i tugged energetically on Dang-deok’s hem and sprinted forward, but then – thud! A man stepped in the way.


As Dang-deok looked up, he was met with a familiar face.

A contemptuous look crossed Dang-deok’s face.

“…You’re unemployed?”

“Shut your trap, you bastard.”

Cheon Jung-ak, a hefty man with furrowed brows, glared at him.

In his grasp was a fierce wolf.

– Grrrrr…!

Its ashen fur and size of nearly 3m clearly marked it as a monster.

A Hound type perhaps?

Why did this madman bring a monster into an indoor training hall?

Cheon Jung-ak grinned mischievously as Dang-deok looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

“Heh, what’s the matter? Haven’t heard? We have the Taming Master competition here today. Well, you’re not Sanguen-affiliated after all, so why would anyone tell you? Anyway, you bloody moron, you’re always a nuisance.”

Cheon Jung-ak cursed crudely, momentarily considering flipping him on a chandelier, but then decided against it.

It’s tiresome to react to every single thing.

‘Now that I think of it, didn’t the organizer hint at this in the morning?’

There was an event scheduled in the training hall from 8 PM onwards, making late-night training difficult.

I had declined their offer to open a private training hall for me, claiming it was fine.

‘Being preoccupied with meeting that damned first Guardian lately… I completely forgot about it.’

Looks like the contest later this evening is the Taming Master competition.

Dang-deok took a moment to gaze at Cheon Jung-ak’s Hound silently.

Noticing his gaze, Cheon Jung-ak boasted arrogantly,

“What are you staring at? Cool, right? Of course, the victory will belong to this one. Yep, tamed by Cheon Jung-ak, the successor of Iris. Naturally.”

Chatting away unsolicited, the conceited words irritated Dang-deok, who muttered with a dubious expression,

“That Hound looks pretty wimpy to me….”


Cheon Jung-ak’s eyebrow twitched.

– Grrrrr! Woof! Woof!

Sensing its master’s anger, the creature began to ferociously bark at Dang-deok.

“Oh, there you go. Our Giant wants to crush and kill you, doesn’t it? Keke. Honestly, I do too… Ebby!”

– Woof!! Woof!!

Cheon Jung-ak slacked the leash slightly, allowing the savage teeth of the Hound to come dangerously close to Dang-deok’s hand.

Tick! Tock!


As Dang-deok stood silently, Cheon Jung-ak whirled around, evidently enjoying the moment.

“Heh, don’t worry, don’t worry. I wouldn’t kill you in front of all these people, would I? I just wanted to show you what you’re missing out on not knowing the greatness of the Giant.”

Continuing to speak, Cheon Jung-ak kept slackening and pulling the leash back in a dangerous game.


“Don’t feel like it.”

“You’re blocking others from passing.”

Cheon Jung-ak was entirely blocking the training hall doorway.

This caused everyone else to hesitate, unable to pass through.

Annoyed by Dang-deok’s composure, Cheon Jung-ak thought,

‘Why isn’t this jerk reacting?’

The Giant was an expensive Greyhound brought in from Germany, known for its vicious temperament and powerful jaw—if it bites down, it could slice clean through the bone.

Yet, facing such a Hound, Dang-deok wasn’t frightened but looked at him with disdain.

Cheon Jung-ak couldn’t help but feel his face contort in anger.

“You prick, why do you always look at me like that….”

His hand trembled with rage.

He truly loathed Yoo Dang-deok.

Ever since Dang-deok had showed up during their school days, everything shifted for him.

His father had always favored that bastard who didn’t share a drop of his blood…!!

“What are you doing here?”

An unexpected voice interrupted, causing Cheon Jung-ak to whirl around.

A man approached with steady steps.

Behind him, a group of about twenty employees in black suits followed.

Cheon Jung-ak hesitated, took a few steps back.

The man, dressed impeccably in a suit with a robust physique and hair slicked back revealing a slightly wrinkled forehead, exuded undeniable authority.

At a glance, it was clear this man held a high position.

“I asked what you’re doing here.”

Cheon Jung-ak, previously blocking the door had already retreated.

“Ah, Father….”

Stuttering, unable to look the man in the eye, Cheon Jung-ak witnessed a tsk of disapproval.

“If you’re here to participate in the competition, then act with some decorum. Still haven’t come to your senses? Shall I send you abroad on mandatory deployment again?”

At those words, Cheon Jung-ak shivered faintly.

“Chairman. The event is about to start. We should head inside….”

A secretary carefully approached Cheon Jung-ak and was just about to speak when Cheon Jung-ak’s steely look silenced him.

Cheon Jung-ak.

The current leader of Iris, unequivocally the number one guild in the country.

Two years ago, when Iris established itself among the world’s top ten guilds, the New York Times had included him in the Top 100 Most Influential Hunters worldwide.

“…It’s been a while.”

Instead of his son, he directed his words towards Dang-deok, who was standing in front.

“Yes, it has been some time.”

At his straightforward response, Cheon Jung-ak momentarily closed his mouth.

While he seemed to have more to say, he tightened his expression, mindful of the surrounding onlookers.

“If my son was discourteous, I apologize on his behalf. He’s lacking, so I hope you can be understanding.”

With that, he was done.

Cheon Jung-ak walked past Dang-deok, while Cheon Jung-ak, his face red with shame at his father’s words, remained restless.

“Until when do you plan to stand there!”

Cheon Jung-ak snapped to attention with the sharp reprimand and hurried after his father.

He didn’t forget to curse as he passed Dang-deok.

“You, I won’t leave you alone next time.”

Dang-deok watched as Cheon Jung-ak and his Hound receded into the distance.

‘Taming Master competition, huh…’

By now, the training hall teemed with competition participants accompanied by their monsters.

Cheon Jung-ak sat among the judges, surrounded by officials, and Cheon Jung-ak with his infuriating face among them. Watching them, Dang-deok smirked.

“Sorry, Baek-seol. Looks like we’ll have to eat chicken later.”

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