I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 36

#36. I Became An Archery Genius!

Unexpectedly, Apollo’s archery instruction was extremely strict.

He was always acting superior and flaunting, but when he held the bow, he was more serious than ever before.

[When drawing the bowstring, you must hold your breath. As if all time has stopped.]

Swooooosh! Swoosh!

As if in harmony with the sound of the waves, Apollo’s bowstring was drawn back slowly.


Given that the bow was as large as Apollo himself, Damdeok could not help but be constantly amazed.

‘It seems the god of archery really is the god of archery.’

For the first time, he looked different.


As if bouncing the air in all directions, the arrow violently cut across the ocean surface.

Damdeok and Jusoyul’s heads turned in unison following the arrow’s flight.

The arrow that flew beyond the horizon gleamed brightly for a moment and then disappeared.

An unbelievable range.

Adding to Damdeok’s amazement in a somewhat embarrassed manner, Apollo added,

[Ahaha, oops. It’s been a while. I was aiming for the third bone in the right wing of a seagull but hit slightly below it.]

Looking at Apollo, who was making excuses for his archery neglect, Damdeok had no choice but to stick his tongue out in disbelief.

Is this what they mean by ascending to the realm of the gods?

The archery was daunting, to say the least.

[Still, I’ll recover quickly with a little practice. Ah, I’m Apollo, after all! Euhaha! What about you? Did you watch closely? Give it a try.]

Apollo addressed Damdeok, who stood there in a daze.

Suddenly holding Baeksul, which had transformed into a pure white bow, Damdeok focused all his mind on holding it.

‘I’ve acquired the highest level of shooting talent. If I just follow exactly what I just saw…’

When he first acquired talent in swordsmanship and martial arts, even by simply copying other hunters’ combat, Damdeok achieved tremendous growth, didn’t he?

What he had just witnessed was none other than the god of archery, Apollo.

He may not be able to copy Apollo a hundred percent, but surely he could achieve many times the accomplishments he had made by following other hunters…!

With a determined expression, Damdeok released the bowstring.


Unlike before, a relatively weak sound split the air above the sea.


The arrow didn’t go far before it fell into the water with a plop!

‘…Damn it.’

Damdeok quietly lowered the bow.

Apollo’s stance, breathing, and the timing of releasing the bowstring—all were thought to have been perfectly copied, but in actuality, he wasn’t even close to following Apollo’s lead.

Moreover, he wasn’t even aiming at a specific target.

‘Phew, is the realm of the gods really that different?’

In battles, he had been copying the movements of hunters, movements that, no matter how exceptional, were humanly possible, but what was before him now was truly divine—a god’s domain.

He had anticipated not being able to copy it exactly in one go, but he hadn’t expected the difference to be this vast.

“Hey, you…”

Apollo quickly stepped forward and snatched Damdeok’s hand.

Damdeok scratched the back of his head with embarrassment.

“Uh… well, I guess I’m new to archery.”

Apollo looked at Damdeok with wide eyes.

Huh? Why is he looking at me like that?

Damdeok stared back at Apollo with a bewildered expression.

Their eyes met for three seconds, and Apollo gaping slightly said,

[Hey, you’ve never shot an arrow before?! Then how can you shoot this well???]


Damdeok looked at Apollo with a puzzled face.

Apollo, still fiddling with Damdeok’s hand, inspected it carefully.

[This, this. A finger that hasn’t drawn a bowstring, not a single callus… and no marks of skin rubbed between the index and middle finger, hmm, definitely seems like you’ve never held a bow before… What are you?]

Apollo gazed at Damdeok with half-open eyes.

But if you ask bluntly what I am…

‘Did I really shoot that well?’

Honestly, I’m not sure.

Of course, for a first-time archer, I did shoot very well, but that was it.

Compared to Apollo, Damdeok’s arrow was infinitely pitiful.

And yet, Apollo exhaled in awe, completely baffled.

[How can someone shooting for the first time have such a perfect posture? And the arrow flew hundreds of meters at least. Could such a prodigy really exist in this world?]

Despite having hit a seagull’s feather bone thousands of kilometers away, he found it so astonishing that I had managed to shoot only a few hundred meters?

However, Apollo looked at Damdeok as if he had discovered a fascinating creature, examining him and shining his eyes.

‘The posture might look perfect because I have a talent for shooting and just followed my instincts.’

That’s what having a natural talent means, isn’t it?

Seeing and copying well after one glance…

But the realm of Apollo was not something that could be achieved just by copying well.

‘Some are feeling dejected while others are clearly delighted.’

After Apollo had been wowing for a while, he smacked his knee and came to a conclusion.

[I get it! I know why you can shoot so well!]

“…Why?” Damdeok replied disinterestedly.

Apollo’s eyes sparkled as he leaned in close to Damdeok’s face.

[You’re a genius. A real genius, an archery genius.]

* * *

– Gobble gobble.


A seagull innocently flying by was hit by an unexpected arrow and plummeted into the sea.

Damdeok, having seen the target hit, quietly lowered his bow.

‘I guess I’ve mastered the basics by now.’

It had been a week since Apollo started teaching him archery.

Since he couldn’t stay here forever, it was time to think about going back to the modern world.

“Feeling good?” Jusoyul asked, looking at Damdeok who was giggling while holding the bow on the beach.

“Heh, of course, it feels great. Definitely better to get proper instruction than to just figure things out by watching from the sidelines.”

Damdeok nodded with a contented smile.

Even if he had learned properly, he was not able to hit a seagull’s wing feather beyond the horizon like Apollo did.

‘But now I can hit targets that are quite far away.’

The accuracy rate was nearly 97%.

Though the range was still short, as his divine power grew, it would naturally increase, so there was no worry.

With these positive results, a thought occurred to him.

‘If I learn swordsmanship and martial arts from other gods, I would grow even faster.’

Up until now, the way he had honed his talent was by copying the movements of ordinary hunters or by copying the movements of beings from the world of gods, like dwarves and the dragon palace warriors.

He had watched hunter YouTube videos and basic sword technique videos occasionally, but he still felt there was much to learn.

‘If there are gods related to martial arts and swordsmanship…’

While Apollo was clearly the god of archery, the god of swords had only recently been himself, Damdeok, and there was no specific god of martial arts. Nonetheless, a few gods he wanted to ask for teaching came to mind.

‘The gods of swordsmanship could be the war deity Ares or Athena, and for martial arts, it could be Thor, the god of thunder, who’s said to be excellent at fighting.’

These were potential mentors he was eyeing, but he had not yet had a chance to meet them.

‘Thor hasn’t been listed in the part-time job rosters since creating the dungeon.’

But he wasn’t in a rush.

The other gods would only add flavor to the main dish. After all, the one to create it was none other than himself.

‘There are many ways to become stronger without their teaching.’

He intended to diligently pursue those methods.

‘Yes, including taking on the 12 Guardians as my disciples along the way.’

He glanced sideways at Jusoyul, who was walking silently beside him.

“What about Apollo? Haven’t seen him since morning.”

“He went out to walk the sun wolves.”

“Oh? They must have gotten quite close already.”

Fortunately, the sun wolf taming technique that Damdeok taught Apollo was a splendid success.

‘They like the fire pits filled with Apollo’s magic. I told him to create small flames and use them like treats.’

Of course, this too was something he learned from his past as a large breed dog sitter.

Who knew?

All dogs are controllable with treats.

He hadn’t expected it to work on actual sun wolves…

In any case, now that everyone got what they wanted, wasn’t it a happy ending?

Jusoyul and I slowly walked towards Apollo’s abode.

That evening.

Apollo, who had hunted a wild boar, hosted a grand party to enjoy the roasted meat.

[Come on, everyone! To our eternal friendship!]

Surrounded by sun wolves, Apollo burst into joyous laughter, and Damdeok and Jusoyul, savoring a comfortable meal for the first time in a long while, polished off the alcohol and wild boar.

Indeed, it was their last peaceful night in the realm of the gods.

* * *

In a dark abyss lit only by shadows, Hades sat on his high throne in the Underworld, furrowing his brows in anger.

[Dare a lesser god… A mere lesser god!!!]

Hades roared and threw his papers, causing a soul on trial before him to tremble in fear and faint.

“Calm yourself, Lord Hades.”

Ceremoniously, Hades’ secretary, Carmon, quietly picked up the scattered papers and placed them back on Hades’s desk.

[Carmon, the information you provided is undoubtedly true, right?]

“Yes. I have just verified it once again. Indeed, a month ago, Cerberus was summoned to the living world without notice. We have secured testimonies from the nymphs as well.”

Carmon’s dry response made Hades’s expression grow even grimmer.

Gripping the stack of papers tightly, he stared menacingly at Carmon.

[Why are you only reporting this now?]

Carmon silently bowed his head and clasped his hands.

“My apologies. It’s difficult to speak of… but perhaps Persephone was covering it up.”

At those words, Hades’s eyes widened.

Clutching his forehead as if a headache had struck, Hades suddenly looked up and shouted.

[How could Persephone… How could… Who is this lesser god?? Who dares to meddle with the symbol of the Underworld without permission!! Who is he!! Who’s behind him!! Why on earth would Persephone cover for him!! Bring me the answers at once!!!]

The papers flew wildly once again. Amidst the fluttering pages, Carmon quietly retreated into the darkness.

Hades clenched his fist until it turned white.

‘Just who are you? Who dares make Persephone…’,

No matter who it was, they wouldn’t be spared. They would pay dearly for insulting the King of the Underworld himself!

Hades slammed his fist down on the desk and glared with eyes full of fury.

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