I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 35

#35. Is Apollo the god of medicine? The god of archery?

“Seriously, this is ridiculous.”

Damdeok muttered to himself as he looked at the divine power that had appeared before him.

[Divine Power: 50,011]

“To think that hanging that banner would increase my divine power this much… Does this even make sense?”

“Why wouldn’t it make sense. It’s all thanks to the wisdom of my life…”

As Damdeok shot him a look, Jusoyul, stroking Apollo’s hair, turned his head.

“You really have a temper…”

“Hey, that’s my line to say?!”

“…Let’s go.”

Watching Jusoyul walk away, Damdeok propped his boiling forehead with his hand.

‘How embarrassing it was!’

Although it’s been just 4 days, the chariot of the sun, when dawn breaks and when the sun sets, circumnavigates Apollo’s domain.

Each time, the banners flutter as they pass by…

“Yoo Damdeok? Who is Yoo Damdeok?”

“Why, don’t you know? He’s the one who saved that village across from the fire goblins….”

“Hmph, it seems Apollo really favors him. He even has his name on the chariot….”

The murmurs of the villagers reached Damdeok’s ears, which were extremely sensitive.

And every time, Damdeok went mad wanting to rip the banners apart.

He was never successful because Jusoyul restrained him…

“Damn it! That guy is all muscle!”

Still a junior god, Damdeok couldn’t contend with Jusoyul’s strength.

And so, Damdeok’s name spread not only among the villagers but also among the spirits and nameless gods residing in Apollo’s domain.

“Apollo is promoting a junior god?”

“How much flattery must he have received to get such treatment…. Tsk tsk.”

The reactions of the gods weren’t particularly positive, but it was certainly enough to etch the name Yoo Damdeok into their memories.

And the result of that was…

[The divine right is activated!]

[You can register only those who overflow with pure reverence as priests.]

It was the ‘Call of God’ that Jusoyul emphasized that he had obtained.

So now, it meant he could go and find the 12 guardians to prevent the war of the gods and register them as priests.

“The 12 Guardians… that’s a grandiose name.”

If it were as Jusoyul described, recruiting the 12 guardians wouldn’t be easy.

Each one was a powerful being and had once reigned as rulers of their own realms.

‘I need to become stronger faster.’

He already bought another talent with the name value payment he received from Hephaestus as a daily instructor.

He bought the shooting talent because close-range combat seemed sufficient with just swordsmanship and martial arts.

But he was extremely weak when it came to long-range combat.

‘If I had the shooting talent when facing the solar wolves, I wouldn’t have had to jump into the fire pit to fight them.’

Swordsmanship, martial arts, shooting.

If he could master these three talents to their utmost, there would be nothing in the world to fear.

‘Become an all-master, like everyone dreams.’

While contemplating and looking at the system window, someone suddenly peeked in.

[What are you looking at?]

Startled, Damdeok quickly closed the window.

Apollo was standing there with a spinning motion, illuminating the dark field with his glowing body.

[Keke, Mother’s system isn’t visible to others, but is there really a need to close it?]

“…I was just surprised for a moment.”

[Well, well~ I didn’t have any particular thoughts~]

Apollo shrugged his shoulders with a carefree expression.

[Nothing much happened?]

At Apollo’s question, Jusoyul chimed in.

“Yes. Nothing happened. The solar wolves charged us, but I easily drove them back.”

[Oh, as expected. When pairing up, a middle-tier god is essential.]

Apollo playfully fired a finger gun at Jusoyul raising him up.


Jusoyul’s expression was utterly cold.

Humming, Apollo coughed lightly and then, with a slightly red face, began to talk about giving out the payment.

[As I wrote in the announcement, only one person can receive this. It’s a quite useful divine right. Who will take it?]

Apollo fiddled with the system in the air, looking back and forth between Jusoyul and me.

The conversation was already over.

Jusoyul pointed at Damdeok, and Apollo acknowledged and started tapping on the system window.

Soon after,

[Apollo’s divine right is registered!]

A gentle light wrapped around and slid into the center of his chest.

That was the end of it.

‘Hmm, now that I’ve acquired the self-healing right, it’s going to be much more convenient.’

Damdeok clenched and unclenched his hand, focusing on the newly acquired divine right.

Apollo stood in front of him, going on and on about the self-healing right.

Of course, if you listened, it all ultimately led to stories of his own glory.

– Willpower…

Stirred from sleep by Apollo’s chatter, Baeksoli rubbed her eyes and got up.

“Oh, Baeksoli.”

She woke up just in time.

He wanted to test his self-healing ability right away.

Understanding my will, Baeksoli instantly transformed into a sword, and Apollo’s eyes widened.

Is it such a surprising matter?

Damdeok thought, slightly cutting his hand.

It does seem likely that they would be surprised since Hephaestus said Baeksoli was a precious treasure, even Apollo might find her amazing.

“Ouch, that stings.”

Drip. Drip. The blood fell.

[The divine right ‘Self-Healing’ is triggered!]

From the opened wound, the small light that had entered his body popped its head out.

‘It’s kind of cute.’

The light bobbed around the wound site, slowly but surely, fresh flesh began to grow.


Damdeok clenched his healed hand with a satisfied expression.

– Willpower!

Baeksoli returned to her form and perched on his shoulder, acting coquettishly.

“That’s good. Well done.”

Damdeok was stroking Baeksoli when Apollo stepped forward and asked,

[Is this creature a sacred beast? What kind of sacred beast is it? It’s really been a long time since I’ve seen one that transforms into a weapon.]

His eyes were quite serious, apparently intrigued by Baeksoli.

[You… Have talent in taming, huh?]

Apollo’s interested gaze then turned to Damdeok.

The shining in his eyes indicated that he was more interested in taming than Baeksoli itself.

Taming talent…

Damdeok’s mind raced with images of countless hounds, solar wolves, and Cerberus.

Well, it wasn’t nonexistent?

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders.

“Why are you suddenly talking about taming? It seems you recently want to tame something.”

He casually brought up the topic to keep pace with the conversation.

Suddenly, Apollo’s eyes were not normal.

[Right, there are some creatures I want to tame.]

The normally boastful Apollo suddenly became serious.

And the surprising story he poured out was about the solar wolves.

He was troubled because no matter how much he scolded and thrashed them, they wouldn’t stop devouring the sun.

“It’s natural they desire it, since it’s flame infused with your divine energy, Lord Apollo.”

At Jusoyul’s words, Apollo nodded with a gloomy face.

[Yes. But it’s not like I can stop making the sun.]

Jusoyul and I almost simultaneously thought to say that he simply doesn’t have to make it.

‘Anyway, he’s making suns for self-promotion, what is he so serious about?’

However, Apollo looked genuinely serious.

He had even thought about obliterating the seeds of the solar wolves, but since they are favored by the supreme god Zeus, doing that would be overstepping.

Therefore, as a last resort, he wanted to use a carrot on a stick…

“Have you completely failed to tame them?”

At Damdeok’s question, Apollo eagerly nodded.

[Those creatures are devils! A god capable of taming them probably does not exist in this world!]

At this, Jusoyul and Damdeok looked at each other.

* * *

“No way…”

Apollo watched the scene before him in disbelief.

The field was as bright as if on fire.

Twelve solar wolves sat in front of Damdeok, wagging their tails.

“Lie down. Good.”

And that wasn’t all.

Whatever Damdeok commanded, the solar wolves performed flawlessly, dropping down!

When Damdeok shouted “Bang!”, all the solar wolves lined up and toppled over like dominos, Apollo jumped to his feet.

[Bravo. Truly bravo!]

Apollo gazed at Damdeok with eyes full of wonder.

[I apologize for having called you a chick before. Can you tell me how you tamed the solar wolves?]

Damdeok pretended to ponder for a moment then readily replied.


Jusoyul, who had been quietly watching, turned his head in surprise.

He looked like he was saying, “Are you insane?”

It was understandable.

The reason Damdeok could tame the solar wolves was entirely due to the ‘Dog President’ trait.

So, how could he possibly explain that?

Jusoyul furrowed his brows at Damdeok hastily.

‘Quit fooling around and let’s quickly return to the modern world.’

Damdeok coolly ignored Jusoyul’s signals.

Jusoyul’s forehead bulged with veins, but with Apollo being so earnest, he couldn’t intervene.

[Thank you so much! So grateful! I’ll consider you a friend forever!]

Apollo hugged Damdeok with exaggerated movements.

Easily going along with the rhythm, Damdeok gently pushed Apollo away and said,

“There is one condition though.”


Apollo’s head tilted questioningly.

Jusoyul also looked puzzled.

What else is he planning?

The twitching eyebrows indicated a fairly displeased mood, but Damdeok paid it no mind.

‘It’s a loss if I miss this opportunity.’

It seems Apollo doesn’t know anything about taming.

And Apollo proposed only to teach the method, not the condition that the method had to succeed.

‘If it doesn’t work with the method I provide, that’s Apollo’s problem, not mine.’


Because I succeeded in taming them.

Isn’t that obvious?

So, Damdeok decided to exploit this situation.

“In exchange for teaching you how to tame, Lord Apollo, you teach me something in return.”

At that, Apollo burst into relieved laughter.

[Ahaha! What I was worried about! Of course, of course! Ask anything you want!]

At that response, the corners of Damdeok’s mouth lifted smugly.

Apollo presides over various aspects as a god.

The sun, medicine, music, poetry, and…


Damdeok smiled broadly and said,

“Please teach me archery. That’s all I want.”

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