I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 34

Chapter 34. The Sword God, Yoo Damdeok! (3)

“I’m telling you, I will definitely win.”

Hamannu, born from the seed of the Fire Spirit, was stretching confidently, his fiery hair flowing as he got ready.

“Don’t worry if you lose. We have Stun.”

Stun, born from a crack in a mossy boulder, was doing his warm-up exercises, lifting a hefty rock.

“Still, considering he’s an instructor… Maybe we shouldn’t push him too hard.”

Unlike the other low-ranking gods, there was a boy who looked no different from a normal human, muttering under his breath.

“Royce, you shut up! What would you know about divine powers when you haven’t even got one yet!”

In the Academy of Hephaestus, there’s no such thing as a promising young deity.

They were all children born from nameless forests or rocks, rivers, or campfires.

But even among them, Royce was exceptionally unremarkable.

Though called a god, within the crowd of young deities not even a hundred years old, Royce was the perfect target for ostracization.

“Hey, Royce. Be honest. You’re really a human child, aren’t you?”

“…No. I can see Mother just like you guys.”

“Ha! So you’re saying you can see Mother because you overheard us talking and are just repeating it?”

“That’s not it…”

Eventually, Royce began to sob.

‘Tsk tsk, be it the world of the gods or the world of humans, they act the same….’

While stretching lightly, Damdeok glanced over the scene before turning his head to Jusoyul.

“Aren’t you going to intervene?”

“Just let it be. This is not the human world.”

Cold-hearted indeed…

Already, Royce was off by himself in a corner, quietly crying.

But since there were a few gods comforting Royce, there seemed no need to hurry and step in.

Hamannu was childishly complaining, “Royce is definitely lying about seeing his mother.”

“What does this ‘seeing Mother’ even mean?”

Damdeok asked, cracking his neck.

“System. It’s about the part-time job window for the gods.”

Ah, so that’s what they refer to as ‘Mother.’


“Why do they call a hologram ‘Mother’?”

Damdeok asked as he rotated his neck.

“Because that hologram is what all the gods see from birth.”

“Hmm, they see the part-time job window from birth… The divine world sure seems focused on labor.”

But in reality, the part-time job window isn’t all that bad. It seems tailored for the convenience of the gods after all.

Not to mention the godly shops that sell everything but absence, the profiles that reveal one’s status at a glance, and the ability to share opinions through comments on each product.

And don’t forget, at the heart of the part-time job window is the list of jobs for gods, which offers instant teleportation to any desired location and efficient payment processing for wages.

If one is inclined, they can even enter the service of a famous god and build connections.

‘It’s kinda like the internet in the human world, you know.’

Well, that’s not what’s important right now.

Having thoroughly stretched every limb, Damdeok shouted to the field.

“Alright, if you’re warmed up, gather ’round.”

At Damdeok’s command, the young gods clamored to assemble.

“Grab a sword each, spread your arms and line up side by side.”

The young gods were perplexed by his words.

Ah, they don’t understand?

Ahem, I cleared my throat and spoke again, this time more sternly.

“Just spread out. Are you going to swing your swords squished up against each other?”

At that, Hamannu, or rather, Hamannu—no, the Dodgeball King, raised his hand excitedly.

“Are we sparring?”

“We’ll start with basic swordplay instruction.”


Damdeok ignored him and demonstrated the basic skills.

From the two-handed grip to vertical, horizontal, and diagonal cuts, followed by movements that led from a block to a cut, and from a cut to a block.

All those motions combined into a fluid technique.

He had never formally learned from anyone, but the moment Damdeok became a Sword God, his body intuitively knew how to handle a sword.

Besides, he also had the talent of an SS-level swordsmanship.

With a sword in hand, Damdeok was confident he would not be outmatched by anyone.

However, the reaction from the young gods was less than enthusiastic…

Not only were they lackadaisically following along, some were yawning with their swords, and there was even one who swung with eyes closed.

The young gods’ understanding of swordplay was pitifully poor compared to Damdeok’s flawless technique.

‘Sigh, what am I supposed to do with these kids.’

Noticing this, Damdeok straightened his sword.

“That’s enough. This should serve as a warm-up. Whoever wants to spar, come to the front.”

Hamannu was the first to rush out and take his stance.

The rest of the gods naturally formed a ring enclosing Damdeok and Hamannu.

A typical sparring scene,

While Hamannu’s expression brimmed with confidence, Damdeok’s was noticeably indifferent.

‘His stance is already a mess.’

Purely for show with all the flare.

As Hamannu, clad in flames wielding his sword, charged forward with a powerful kiai.


What presence.

Charging in with his sword point trailing, he’d be killed by a single strike from his opponent.

It was just like a little kid who learned swordplay from cartoons.

When Hamannu leaped and brought down his flaming sword, Damdeok approached indifferently.

“What are you doing?”


Without blocking or dodging, simply closing the distance slightly, Hamannu’s flame sword missed its mark pathetically.

Having lost his balance, Hamannu tumbled forward, and Damdeok slowly raised his arm.

“Tsk tsk, can’t you use a sword better than that?”

And to think he surrounded his sword with flames too?

What a waste of the spirit’s power.

Damdeok truly thought so.

Thud! Thump! Boom!

“Argh! Aaagh! Ack!”

The young gods, who were watching with interest, began to tense up.

“Hamannu is the best among us at using a sword…”

Someone muttered but was quickly dismissed.

Thud! Thump! Whack!

“Gaah! Ugh! Oof!”

Only the sound of the beatings and Hamannu’s screams filled the field.

Damdeok was casually beating Hamannu with one hand on his sword.


“Please… no more…”

Hamannu, foaming at the mouth, passed out, and Damdeok, clicking his tongue, called out, “Next.”

No one came forward, and then Stun, the boulder, let out a wild roar and burst forth.

“Stun is invincible! I’ll show you!”

A gigantic greatsword came crashing down towards Damdeok’s head.

‘Better than Hamannu at least.’

But that was all.

The wildly flung greatsword didn’t so much as graze a hair on Damdeok.

“Heugh! Hah! Instructor, fight fair and square!”

“What are you talking about? You’re the one who can’t hit me.”

“No! Stop dodging!”

Stun’s greatsword thrust rapidly towards the heart.

Demanding not to dodge while attacking.

What kind of logic was that?

Damdeok smirked and watched as the greatsword came thrusting.

“Fine. I won’t dodge.”

With ease, Damdeok deflected Stun’s greatsword.


Whoosh! Boom!

Tossed high into the sky, the greatsword flew far away into the woods, burying itself there.


Stunned as if turned to stone, Stun stood gaping.


With a light tap to the top of the head from Damdeok, the towering Stun slowly toppled backward.


As the dust settled on the field, silence descended.


No response came to Damdeok’s call.

“Ah, brother! What are you doing!”

“Go easy on them, will ya!”

Dwarves rushed over, carrying Hamannu and Stun on stretchers, each grumbling as they passed by.

Damdeok just shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“Just now, did the dwarves call the instructor…?”


Even the dwarves that flattered Hephaestus were calling a god ‘brother’?

Only then did the young gods look at Damdeok with admiration.

Clap! Clap Clap! Clap Clap Clap Clap!!

What began as a few sparse applauses quickly grew into cheers and ovations.

“Wow!! Instructor, you rock!!”

The young gods, eager and without order, flocked around Damdeok, bombarding him with questions.

“How did you do it? Hamannu was the strongest at our academy!”

“What do you mean! Stun was the strongest!”

“Did you teach the dwarves your swordsmanship as well?”

“Please teach me your swordsmanship too!”

“Me too! Please teach me all about swordsmanship!”

Damdeok simply nodded as he listened to the sound of rising divine power, ding-ding!

* * *

[Ke-ha-hat! If I’d known this friend would enjoy it so much, I wonder if I should have made it earlier.]

Hephaestus chuckled, patting Royce’s head gently.

“Instructor, can’t you stay?”

With teary eyes, Royce looked up at Damdeok.

“Keke. Why are you crying? Just practice as I’ve taught you, and Hamannu will be nothing special. Didn’t you see him get beaten up by me?”

“Yes… But Hamannu knows how to control fire… And I can’t do anything.”

“Don’t worry. You can cut through fire with a sword, too. With your talent, it’s more than enough.”


Damdeok nodded firmly.

At last, the bright-faced Royce nodded and fiddled with his sword.

Damdeok patted the lad on the head and then looked behind Hephaestus.

“They said it would take three days and nights, but it was finished in two.”

Behind Hephaestus lay the shiny Sun Chariot, and connected to it was a vast fiery pit.

Form, appearance, mass. Everything was identical to before.

[Keke. Well, I’m not the god of smithing for nothing. With this, the debt I owe Jusoyul is all paid off. You know?]

“Yes, of course.”

Damdeok glanced at Jusoyul as if not understanding, but she simply smiled quietly.

“Did you include what I asked for?”

[Of course. The horses are ready so you can leave at any time. Apollo will never know his Sun Chariot was wrecked. Ke-ha-hat!]

Hephaestus gestured us to hop aboard quite insistently.

“Thanks, Hephaestus.”

“See you again next time.”

[Yeah, yeah. Now go on!]

With Hephaestus waving, the chariot took off.

Just in time, dawn was breaking.

The sunrise reflected in the sea was breathtakingly beautiful.

As I was engrossed in the sight, a voice came from below.

“Instructor!!! You’re going to teach swordplay again, aren’t you?!”

“You must come back!”

“Brother! How can you not teach us and go! That’s too much!!!”

“When you come back, teach us first!!!”

The young gods and dwarves of the academy followed us to the edge of the island, waving their hands.

“Why make such a big deal?”

Though he spoke like that, Damdeok’s hands were already responding to them.

“Instructor Jusoyul, please come too!!”

A young deity with leafy hair shouted.

“You must come back and finish teaching us about spirits!!”


Jusoyul hesitated for a moment and then quietly waved her hand.

Bidding farewell, Damdeok and Jusoyul quietly flew over the golden sea.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen a sunrise.”

A view to immerse anyone in deep contemplation.

But Jusoyul was chillingly passive.

“It will be fine if we just follow Apollo’s solar orbit. The timing seems just about right.”

“…You really seem emotionless sometimes, you know that?”

“I’m not emotionless; it’s just become too familiar.”

“How can you be familiar with this?”


See. She doesn’t talk again.

Sigh, let it be.

Damdeok lay back, using his arm as a pillow, gazing at the rising sun.

Fluffy and warm; it’s a pleasant feeling.

Admiring a sunrise from a flying chariot…

It would’ve been unimaginable just a few months ago.

“Your divine power rose by only five thousand?”

Jusoyul’s reality-bound query abruptly intruded.

The peaceful mood shattered instantly.

“…Hey, did you really have to bring that up now! Sigh, yeah. Maybe it’s because they’re still young gods. It didn’t increase by much.”

Divine power rises more when one’s name is known among gods rather than among humans.

But since the academy’s young gods were immature, it didn’t increase much.

“We’ll just increase it by raiding dungeons and gates back on Earth, so don’t worry.”

Earth’s population alone is 7 billion.

What’s there to worry about?

While Damdeok was deep in thought, Jusoyul began fumbling for something in the back of the chariot.

‘What’s going on? What is she doing?’

Damdeok half-rose to peer downward.

“Huh? A banner?!”

A large white banner dangled below the chariot.

He tried to discern the large lettering from above, and as a gust of wind swept by, revealing the words, Damdeok’s face turned a fiery red.

“Hey! Jusoyul, you!!!”

Jusoyul continued to steer the chariot nonchalantly.

“…Damn it!”

“What damn it! Come here, you crazy! How could you do something so embarrassing to raise divine power!!”

“…Let’s go.”

“Hey, don’t act like you don’t hear me!!!”

Damdeok yelled out loud, and the banner attached to the Sun Chariot floated through the sky.

[The Sword God, Yoo Damdeok’s Chariot!]

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