I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 32

#32. 검신 유담덕!(1)

“Summoning the dogs I’ve tamed thus far?” It was an intriguing skill. The number of creatures I had already tamed reached 60 – a number so large, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them my own private army. “Most of these 60… must be…” The image of Deadly Hounds from the Hound Dungeon naturally came to mind. Although they ranked at the top among hounds and were quite dangerous…

“But they’re no match for the Solar Wolves here; summoning them would be pointless.” The Solar Wolves causing a spectacle in front of me were on a completely different level compared to the adorable (?) hounds of the dungeon. “After all, these are the beasts that would attack Apollo’s Sun Chariot and rip through even the fire pit.”

Their attacks were no novice acts. In this world, to assault the chariot of a renowned god like Apollo indicated a high caliber magical beast. That was their standing. Yet, Damdeok’s expression was not dark. On the contrary, it was growing brighter. “The Deadly Hounds may not be much help… but what about ‘that one’?” Damdeok’s lips curled into a slight smile.

“He’s smiling again.” Jusoyul observed as she poured down her Waterfall (瀑浦水) skill upon the flames engulfing the village, while watching Damdeok intently. “Kwakwakwakwa!” Drawing circles around the village, she poured down water ceaselessly and continued to cascade her Waterfall skill upon the fire demons, which began to subside gradually. “I’ll handle this, so let’s see what you can do this time, Damdeok.” Constant streams of water shot out of Jusoyul’s hands, but her gaze remained fixed on Damdeok.

The wild Solar Wolves that had been running amok were now standing in formation in front of Damdeok, baring their teeth. “Eight Solar Wolves…” The number of foes was eight. It may not have seemed like many. But the real problem lay elsewhere. “Their ferocity isn’t when they are alone.” The real terror materialized as all the flaming energy of the Solar Wolves surged upwards. “Kukwakwakwakwa!!” Eight massive pillars of fire began to merge together as they approached each other. Jusoyul trembled slightly as she observed the dangerous sight. Should I intervene? She braced her legs, momentarily stopping the Waterfall skill.

Then, suddenly, a roar akin to annihilation began to echo. The beings that had fused together now transformed into a giant fire monstrosity. In contrast, the Solar Wolves tamed by Damdeok seemed minuscule in front of this immense fire beast. “Queeeng…” “Kkung…” The creatures standing resolutely in front of Damdeok began to shrink their fierce fangs and retreated.

All the while, Damdeok hadn’t moved an inch. When the colossal maw of the fire beast yawned open, Jusoyul’s body flinched. “Is that idiot dying to get himself killed?” She was about to leap forward but abruptly stopped. Before there was a chance to react, a massive three-headed monster took its place before Damdeok. “Three heads? Could it be…” As Jusoyul’s mouth opened slightly in surprise, the three-headed beast furiously charged towards the fire beast. “Krrrrrr…! Keung!” “Kyarrrrr…! Khaang!” The two titanic creatures with gaping jaws engaged in a fierce bloodbath. Damdeok watched the scene with a leisurely stance. “No matter how strong the Solar Wolves are, they stand no chance against Cerberus.” Did he not remark earlier that their appearance was akin to hellhounds? Cerberus was the very guardian of Hell itself.

Cerberus’ massive jaw clamped onto the shoulder of the fire beast and refused to let go. While the beast writhed in pain, the right head savagely bit into its thigh. There was nothing left to see. As the last head ripped through the beast’s neck, Damdeok quietly leaped into the air. “The final blow must come from me!” Baeksol, reading my mind, resonated with a low rumble. Feeling the pleasing vibration of his sword, Damdeok lunged toward the center of the beast’s neck. Pook-! However, the creature’s lifeline did not sever so easily; it continued to wriggle in torment as Cerberus tightened its bite even more. “Was it too shallow with one try.” Well, it made sense given that its body was assembled from as many as eight Solar Wolves.

“Let’s see who emerges victorious.” Damdeok’s sword began to dance. The style of battle was different from usual. To prevent his sword from overheating amidst the flame, Damdeok increased the speed of his swings. “The heat from the flames makes it difficult to strike a deep blow in one go.” So Damdeok wrapped the Windrush skill around his legs and started maneuvering his sword smoothly, using Cerberus’ colossal body as a stepping stone. Among the enormous size of the two beasts that would make anyone’s legs go numb by just looking, Damdeok was swinging his sword non-stop. The people of the village had long since become entranced by the sight, almost like a dance or as if flying through the air. These were the same people who had just been pouring water to help extinguish the village fire and bowing in gratitude to Jusoyul. “He certainly has a knack for getting attention.” Jusoyul gently smiled, relaxing her tense body with a few pats.

In the final moment, Damdeok’s sword, leaping into the sky, pierced the fire beast’s lifeline, and Jusoyul softly whispered to the stirring villagers. “That’s Yoo Damdeok.” “Yes?” The village chief questioned with a perplexed face. “That person, or I should say that god, his name is Yoo Damdeok.” “Yoo Damdeok…” As the village chief muttered the name as if under a spell, the villagers all turned their gazes towards the blackened field. In the center sat the massive figure of Cerberus, and in front of it, stood a man. The man, with a sword slung over his shoulder, was surrounded by countless wolves. “Oooowwwwoooo!” Surrounded by the howling wolves, Damdeok looked towards Jusoyul and flashed a grin.

* * *

“Right. Keep up the good work.” Damdeok nodded contentedly. The Deadly Hounds numbered 56, along with 12 Solar Wolves. A total of 68 wolves were involved in the reconstruction work of the village. “Hey, Solar Wolves, stick to making bricks at the riverside. Don’t you dare move!” At Damdeok’s roar, the Solar Wolves baking bricks at the river glanced around. “Anyway, if you start a fire again… Sit down! Sit, I say!” A Solar Wolf, which had been salivating at the ducks floating in the river, yawned and reluctantly sat back down. The temper of the Solar Wolves was noticeably more obstinate than that of the Deadly Hounds. “But at least they listen to me, so I’ll just have to be content with that.” After defeating the fire beast, Damdeok had tamed all the remaining Solar Wolves. His following now numbered a grand total of 69 creatures, including Cerberus. “I quickly sent Cerberus back since…” Its massive size was not only frightening the people, but if Hades caught wind, there was no telling what trouble might arise, so it was swiftly returned. “Kiiik!” One of the Deadly Hounds approached, carrying a log in its mouth, its eyes asking what next now that this was done. “Put that over there and go fetch some more wood with a few others,” I told it. The hound nodded before sprinting towards the forest with a few companions. ‘It’s quite handy, actually.’ The swiping paws of the Deadly Hounds were powerful enough to rip large trees out of the ground. At this rate, the village’s restoration work would be completed within half a day. And indeed, by dusk, the village had mostly returned to its former state. “Thank you so much. I don’t know how to express my gratitude…” The village chief looked at Damdeok and Jusoyul, his eyes turning red with tears. The other villagers were of the same mind, their faces showing gratitude. This environment was getting a bit awkward, so I quickly interjected. “All’s well. The event was due to our oversight, so it’s a blessing that no one was hurt.” While my words were merely a formality, the chief tearfully bowed his head all the same. “No, it was by the grace of the gods that you tended to us.” Upon the chief’s words, all the villagers bowed their heads. It looked like they were going to worship us if left to their own devices. ‘What gods? We are all just people.’ Those words rose to my throat, but I couldn’t utter them out loud since it was I who had boldly answered ‘god of swords’ when the village chief asked whether I was the god of wolves or swords. ‘Well, what else can I do in this situation? Since my divine power increased, that’s good enough.’ It wasn’t just a boost in divine power.

A new skill called ‘Flame Slash’ had emerged after defeating the fire beast, and even Baeksol slightly increased his resistance to flame. Gains were plentiful, so it seemed a fair trade. The villagers repeatedly bowed their heads to Damdeok and Jusoyul, thanking them, and even proposed to offer monthly sacrifices, an idea I hastily dismissed with a shock. ‘Who offers sacrifices for the living…?’ After leaving the village with Jusoyul, we reached a barren hill that suddenly bulged outwards. “…It’s been raised quite high.” “Couldn’t be helped, considering how massive Apollo’s fire pit was.” Indeed. As the fire pit crashed, it dug deep into the earth, and Jusoyul had covered it with soil to prevent further disaster. While it prevented the spread of fire, it resulted in a sudden mountain in the middle of the forest. “That’s why it’s no surprise people see us as gods.” Suddenly creating mountains, producing water from one’s hands, and defeating a fire beast… Damdeok licked his lips as he turned to Jusoyul. The night had grown darker, and the air was quite chilly. “What now? Apollo’s part-time job still has a week to go.” With the Sun Chariot destroyed and the fire pit buried out of sight, we were left with only the giant horses that raced across the skies. Although it seemed like a dire crisis, Jusoyul was as nonchalant as ever. “Just have to make another one.” “…Who?” I was incredulous. Who could create a fake sun for Apollo, and also craft a golden chariot large enough to carry the great sun? The question was absurd, but Jusoyul spoke confidently. “Hephaestus.”

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