I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 31

#31. Apollo’s Sun Chariot (3)


Joo Sooyul asked softly, but Dumdak couldn’t hear anything right now.

‘There’s no need to beat them specifically. I can just tame them with the Hound Emperor trait.’

Dumdak’s feet slowly moved towards the end of the chariot.

Seeing him almost ready to jump out, Joo Sooyul began to speak.

“Hey, You Dumdak. Let me tell you, if you get close to that thing, you’ll be burned to the bone….”

Before Joo Sooyul could finish speaking, Dumdak had kicked the roof of the chariot and leaped into the air.


“That crazy….”

As Joo Sooyul’s mouth hung open slightly, Dumdak, who was now suspended in the air, rapidly released his sword energy.

Thwang! Thwak-thwang! Thwak-thwak-thwang!

The white sword energies poured out like a barrage from a machine gun.

The sudden attack panicked the solar wolves, causing them to start fleeing.

“There’s no use in running.”

Dumdak, still floating, began to circle around the fiery pit.

An unenhanced human was flying freely through the air.

It was like watching a magic show.

Joo Sooyul’s lips curled upwards slightly.

‘He only used his skill in one leg.’

As Dumdak rotated, unleashing his sword energy, a faint divine power was wrapped around his right foot.

‘Probably the Wind Sprint. That skill he showed before.’

Aside from keeping himself afloat using the shock waves of his continuous sword energy, he was cleverly applying the Wind Sprint skill weakly on one leg to enable direction changes.

Truly an ingenious and bold idea.

‘He’s amusing, isn’t he.’

Throughout many reincarnations, where everything has become indifferent to him, it was always Dumdak who surprised him with fresh, innovative ideas.

‘When I first met him, he was a complete nobody with nothing to show for.’

When they first met in a previous life, Dumdak was equivalent to a blank slate.

The only thing he had was, perhaps, his innocence.

Everyone has their own area of expertise, but Dumdak had none of that.

Always ridiculed by local kids as a fool, yet he could never muster a proper retort.

But after the second, the hundredth, the thousandth reincarnation, Dumdak began to change little by little.

‘Usually, lives are similar or barely improve.’

Even if this life improved a bit, it was typical to return to original abilities after several reincarnations.

Indeed, that was the case for everyone Joo Sooyul had observed through 1,869 regressions.

But what about Dumdak?

Dumdak, and Dumdak alone, has always managed to live a life that progresses one step beyond the last.

Even if that improvement was as minuscule as dust, the outcome of 1,869 reincarnations was nothing short of significant.

‘So, there’s no one else who can kill ‘that thing’ but him.’

It was a task only Dumdak could accomplish.

‘I reincarnate solely for that purpose.’

Joo Sooyul looked at Dumdak, who was fervently unleashing his sword energy, with a solemn expression.

“Here we go again!”

With a powerful surge, Dumdak’s hand bounced off a solar wolf’s nearby head.

“Ouch, hot!!!”

Dumdak retreated to a safe distance in the air, his expression grimacing from the burning sensation.

‘Phew, this is crazy.’

The Hound Emperor trait was much harder to use here than during the Hound Dungeon.

[‘Hound Emperor’ activation condition: Pat, pat!]

“Seriously, how am I supposed to pat those things….”

– Growlrrrrr.

– Kyarrlrrrr.

Covered in flames from head to toe, those creatures looked nearly impossible to pat.

‘It’s not as easy as I thought…’

He had planned to use the Blessing of the Waves to quickly hit and withdraw.

But the creatures, having fed on Apollo’s flames, were now twice as large.

‘I feel like I’m melting just by approaching them.’

Even his hand concentrated with the Blessing of the Waves seemed like it would burn and vanish entirely.

‘If only I can get close enough….’

After pondering for a moment, Dumdak’s expression hardened as he made a decision.

“I wanted to keep this as a last resort, but seems like I’ve got no choice….”


Dumdak swung his sword, and a blue X-shaped sword energy swiftly descended on the solar wolves.

<Wave Slash (SS)>

– Keeng!

– Growlrrr! Grrr! Gruff!

The Wave Slash directly hit a solar wolf, noticeably diminishing the blaze within its mane.

‘Good. With that much fire!’

The Wave Slash could be used up to three times, four if really pushed. Anyway.

I’ll finish it before then!

Dumdak descended vertically.

The Wind Sprint activated in his feet pushed him like a rocket.


“First one!”

Dumdak’s hand, shielded by a wall of water, was placed over the head of a confused creature.


Steam rose between his fingers as if touching a red-hot iron.

‘It’s a bit hot, but bearable.’

He rubbed the creature’s head firmly with his eyes shut tight.

Pat, pat.

The creature that had stared at Dumdak with a bewildered expression soon flashed its vicious glare.

– Grrruff!

In response to the growl,


[The trait ‘Hound Emperor’ has been activated!]

[Number of pack members following you: 57.]


Dumdak’s eyes shone as he looked at the creature again.

– Whine? Pant-pant!

The one that had shown ferocious teeth was now tame as a lamb, its eyes now sparkling like a puppy’s.

“Keke. Good, good. Well-behaved~”

While exchanging glances with the creature, Dumdak patted its head once more.

Its tail, still wrapped in flames, wagged gently,

Just perfect.

‘It’s starting to get hot again.’

The surface that had cooled from the Wave Slash was steadily boiling up again.

“Can you quell the flames on the surface, too?”

Upon Dumdak’s question, the creature gave a loud bark and began to consume all the surrounding flames.

‘Oh, that’s much better.’

It seemed the abyss of fire wasn’t filled flame throughout.

After the creature ate a fair amount, the area felt like a parched lump of clay.

“You can stop now. With this, I can stand on my own with the Blessing of the Waves.”

Thump, thump. He stepped on the ground.

Though it was only 3 pyeong in area, standing on the sun was not too shabby.

Dumdak was pleased.

The tamed creature seemed happy as it wagged its tail.

Seeing the two of them together must have looked odd because the other wolves were in quite a frenzy.

– Gruff! Gruff!

– Growl! Gruff!

– Awooow!

“Alright, Solar Wolf No. 1. Now chase all the others off here.”

At Dumdak’s command, the tamed creature swiftly began to unleash its red flames again.

Flare! Flicker-flicker!

The creatures, shocked by their comrade’s sudden betrayal, took a step back first, and Solar Wolf No. 1 fiercely pursued them.

‘After all, a loyal house dog can be more fearsome than a mere stray.’

While the creature bravely went into action, Dumdak quickly executed his second Wave Slash.

“I can’t be satisfied with just one.”


Once again, the blue X-shaped sword energy flew toward the solar wolves.

Thanks to No. 1 herding them, more creatures were hit by the Wave Slash this time.

– Keeng!

– Keng!

The creature didn’t stop there.

To create a place for me to stand, it quickly ate up the surrounding flames, showing its intelligence.

With one step, I was able to pat two more wolves’ heads.


The heat was intense enough to evaporate the protection of the Blessing of the Waves immediately, but such pain was nothing.


[The trait ‘Hound Emperor’ has been activated!]

[Number of pack members following you: 59.]

‘Alright, like this!’

Just as I was about to use the next Wave Slash, my body lurched sideways.

Simultaneously, the heat from the fiery abyss pressed down on my body.


As Dumdak quickly expelled divine power to dart back into the air, he could only freeze in place.


The sun chariot was falling.

To be precise, the fiery pit itself was rapidly plummeting towards the ground.

‘What’s going on…’

The sensation of floating was felt once more.

It wasn’t the pleasant floating sensation from before.

My internal organs felt like they were being pulled down as I fell, my body plummeting at great speed.

‘Damn! I can’t use the shockwave!’

There was nothing around, up in the sky.

Both the fiery pit and the sun chariot were already far below, falling.

‘No! If I fall like this…!’

I must reduce the impact before hitting the ground!

As I prepared my Dwarf Hammer Punch, suddenly,

– Whiiiinnn!

A familiar horse whinny came from somewhere.

“Always a handful, I tell you.”

Out of nowhere, a hand swiftly pulled me up.

In an instant, I was seated on the saddle of a horse.

With a dumbfounded expression, Dumdak looked to the side.

Joo Sooyul was gazing ahead with an emotionless face.

“…Did you separate the horses from the chariot?”

“Who else could have done it?”

The crash happened in an instant.

In that brief time, he separated the chariot and the horses?

As if reading my mind, Joo Sooyul murmured drily.

“The fall was foreseen from the moment the solar wolves appeared.”


“The fiery pit of Apollo and the sun chariot were in perfect balance. If one side becomes heavier or lighter, the chariot will gradually descend.”

“…So you knew it would crash and stayed on the chariot? Why?”


Joo Sooyul didn’t respond.

But I had an inkling why.

‘He wanted to see how I would deal with the wolves.’

From what I’ve observed so far, Joo Sooyul greatly trusts his own ability to foresee.

‘He’s convinced that only I can stop the war among the gods.’

Of course, I’d like to think so too.

In fact, I’ll do my best to make it a reality.

But apart from that….

‘Prophecies aren’t always right, are they?’

Yet Joo Sooyul believes it’s meaningless without me and wishes for nothing more than for me to become stronger as soon as possible, even if that meant his own obsolescence…

“What are you spacing out for? Hold on tight. We can’t leave those solar wolves alone.”

Joo Sooyul threw a dry comment and then darted swiftly downwards.

At the same time, disturbing scenes came into view.

‘The village and the forest are all….’

They were on fire.

The fiery pit of Apollo let alone, every place where the excited solar wolves ran was being enveloped in flames.

Collapsing thatched houses and the desperate movements of the villagers were visible.

Children crying amidst the flying, smoldering embers, too…

My chest tightened as if being constricted.

“…Let’s go faster.”

At my request, Joo Sooyul silently whipped the horse, and before even touching the ground, I leaped off and consecutively hurled Wave Slashes at a nearby solar wolf.

Sssweeak! Sssweeak!

Maybe because I was too excited.

The first missed, and only the second hit its mark.

I wanted to use Wave Slash again, but I couldn’t feel any more divine power left.

‘Greedy for rewards or not, it doesn’t matter now.’

To resolve this, I had to fight alongside Joo Sooyul…!

For now, I reached out to the head of one creature sprawled from receiving the Wave Slash.

‘If I domesticate as many as possible and fight together, there’s a chance of winning.’

The fireworks went off right at that moment.


[The number of pack members following you has surpassed 60!]

[An additional skill of the ‘Hound Emperor’ trait has been created!]

An additional Hound Emperor skill?

The message in front of me shimmered more radiantly than ever before.

[Additional ‘Hound Emperor’ Skill: Howling.]

[You can now summon all the dogs you’ve tamed!]

[They will do anything you command!]

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