I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Apollo’s Sun Chariot (2)

– Neigh!

As the horses neighed, they powerfully struck the ground with a thud, thud, thud!

So much strength they had that the gigantic chariot and the ball of fire were quickly being pulled along.

Drrrrr! The vibration felt wholly through the chariot startled Baeksul, who jolted in shock and burrowed into Damdeok’s embrace.

Through the flailing horse manes in front, the sprawling prairie came into view.

Every day, the pathway of the Sun Chariot was clearly etched into the meadow.

‘All the grass along the central path has been burnt away.’

A blackened straight path had been carved through the verdant prairie.

The enormous horses began to gallop powerfully along this runway-like path.

Thud, thud, thud, thud!

With frightening speed, the horses accelerated, and before long, they kicked off from the end of the runway and took flight—


A sense of floating ensued.

It was akin to the buoyancy one feels on a low-cost airline.

The noisy clattering of horseshoes, the rough shake of the carriage—it all came to an abrupt silence.

The Sun Chariot quietly crossed the slowly brightening dawn sky.

“Wow, this feels absolutely amazing…”

The first word Damdeok unwittingly uttered.

The morning air pleasantly stroked his face.

The warmth of the ball of fire (colloquially, the Sun) behind him nicely tempered the dawn’s chill, the temperature was just perfect.

Truly a flawless moment.

Close to perfection.

“Wow… To think I would do such a part-time job in my lifetime…”

Damdeok had done many part-time jobs for gods, but this particular one simply couldn’t be taken stoically.

Joo Sooyul, glancing at Damdeok in wonder, snickered.

“Hold onto the handrail tightly. We’re going higher.”

“Huh? Oh no!”

The horses, already at a staggering pace, began their vertical ascent into the zenith.

“Hey! Isn’t this too high up?” Damdeok expressed his anxiety, but Joo Sooyul, unfazed, continued to steer the chariot.

The angle became steep enough for one’s back to press firmly against the backrest.

It felt like riding a roller coaster without a safety belt, climbing uphill.

‘Isn’t this a death sentence?’

A fall from this height would mean instant death!

Yet, with Joo Sooyul’s adept hands at work, the Sun Chariot safely entered the sky’s trajectory.

Joo Sooyul’s gaze focused on Damdeok’s hands, which were clenching the handrail tightly.

“Hey, are you putting divine strength into holding that tight?”

“Divine strength? Who said anything about using divine strength?”

Cough, cough—Damdeok quickly removed his hands from the handrail, somewhat embarrassed.

No longer needing the whip, the horses ran on their own, following the course.

‘Yu Damdeok, even in this life, hasn’t gotten over his fear of heights…’ Joo Sooyul sighed while looking at Damdeok.

Yu Damdeok.

This guy, with a face like a dumb wild wolf, had been plagued by the annoying fear of heights every single time during my 1,869 reincarnations.

‘Always turning pale at every critical moment…’

This would not change even after 18,690 reincarnations—I had to take drastic measures.

Although numerous attempts (nicknamed “Height Phobia Annihilation Operations”) had failed, it was a relief, to some extent, that the Spartan-like training initiated since my 1,840th life improved things considerably.

“Damn it. Every time he tried to teach me, running laps around the Dragon Airfield…” Joo Sooyul muttered, and Damdeok leaned in, curious.

“What? Who’s been running laps?”


Joo Sooyul silently scooted further from Damdeok, crossing her legs and sitting down.

“Why’s she acting like that all of a sudden?”

Damdeok mumbled to himself and then became serious. Such an eclectic person.

Scratching his head, Damdeok surveyed his surroundings.

The Sun Chariot continued its serene journey.

Looking down at the seemingly endless abyss below, his heart pounded fiercely.

‘The height here doesn’t compare to when I jumped off during the Gate destruction.’

Nevertheless, a tingling thrill was oddly satisfying.

He was still gripping the chariot’s handrail with one hand…

But the sensation of floating was rather tranquil.

As he gazed downward,

“Hey, what’s that? Are those people down there bowing to us right now?”

An ancient Greek-style village.

People gathered around a massive temple, bowing towards the sky above them.

Regardless of age, everyone united in bowing to the Sun Chariot—it felt peculiar.

Next to him, Joo Sooyul murmured under her breath,

“Apollo, you scoundrel…”

She silently paid her respects to the gullible people duped daily.

‘Was Apollo known for this image? Heh.’ Even under these circumstances, Damdeok appreciated the humor.

How much time had passed?

After trailing past quaint villages and various temples, upon reaching desolate deserts and snow-covered mountains, Damdeok’s intuition suddenly kicked in.

[Your ability, Intuition (直感), is exerted!]

‘What’s this? I suddenly feel an ominous presence…’

His gaze, which had mostly been directed downwards, turned forward.

The calmly swaying horse manes. Beyond them, a clear blue sky.

In the distance, dark spots appeared.

“What is that…? Hey, Joo Sooyul.”

He called out with urgency, but there was no response.

Turning, he found Joo Sooyul—her arms crossed, motionless and fast asleep.

“…Really sleeping?”

She can sleep even way up here?

Slightly incredulous, but there was no time to wake Joo Sooyul.

In the meantime, the dark spots swiftly enlarged, zooming towards the golden chariot.

“That’s a flock of birds?”

Dark bird flocks covering the sky ahead. Unidentifiable species, but they were enormously large.

“I thought things were going too smoothly.”

The peaceful sky tour was over.

Damdeok grabbed the reins and quickly clambered to the front of the chariot.

Dizziness vertigo whirled within him from the dizzying height.

‘Damn it, it’s fearfully high. If we collide with that number, it’s over.’

Bird strikes. Even a single collision could severely damage an airplane’s body.

“And an old chariot like this wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Damdeok violently tugged at the reins.

– Neigh!

The horses reared high, coming to a stopped halt.

At that very moment as the black flock neared,

“If you don’t want to perish, make way by yourselves.”

A pure white sword energy whizzed forth from Damdeok’s hand, who now wielded his sword.

The birds, which had been flying peacefully, scattered in utter panic. Some were even struck by the sword energy and plummeted.


Watching the serene ripple of white sword energy, Damdeok nodded approvingly.

‘Not bad.’

Reaching a divine strength of 25,000, numerous divine rights of the Sword Saint had been unlocked.

The initial divine rights chosen upon ascending to a low-level god had been Intuition (直感), and although most of the appealing divine rights were locked, they gradually unlocked with the rise of his divine strength.

Among them, in place of the mighty Wave Slash, which consumed a significant amount of energy, he chose Sword Energy (劍氣) and updated it to his profile.

‘Can’t always rely on Wave Slash.’

Wave Slash could, at most, be used two or three times before depleting his divine strength.

Whereas Sword Energy (劍氣), a unique right of the Sword Saint, allowed him to wield it about thirty times with ease.

‘It’s a bit weaker compared to Wave Slash, but it’s more than sufficient.’

Look there.

The once crowded dark path through the sky was now wide open with a single stroke.

The birds, despite their large size, fluttered around awkwardly, circumventing the Sun Chariot on both sides.

A single swing of Damdeok’s sword had cleared the pathway through the sky.

“It’s nothing.”

Haughtily slinging the sword over his shoulder and turning around…


Joo Sooyul, who had been motionless and sleeping, was nowhere to be seen.

The empty driver’s seat.

Damdeok’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked around.

“Where did she go now?”

Concentrating, he heard a sound from the roof of the chariot.

Just as he reached the roof, Joo Sooyul’s back came into view.

‘What’s she looking at?’

The direction Joo Sooyul was looking towards was where Apollo’s ball of fire was hanging.

Following her gaze, Damdeok looked in that direction.

“…What are those?”

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Flames were fiercely burning! Emaciated dogs were clinging to the ball of fire.

“Now it’s the dogs’ turn after the birds?”

How on earth did a pack of dogs climb up to the ball of fire?

This was high in the sky.

Well above 20,000 feet, to be precise.

But the creatures before them weren’t mere dogs.

With appearances like hellish avatars and flames swirling around their bodies, these creatures were gnawing at the ball of fire’s flames with glowing eyes fixated on us.

“It’s strange. There weren’t supposed to be Sun Wolves on this path…”

Joo Sooyul murmured with somber eyes while looking at the burning dogs.

Sun Wolves?

Those hellhound-like creatures?

At first, their gaunt and burning bodies looked grotesque, but having consumed the fire from Apollo’s ball, their bodies gradually became plumper.

“Didn’t foresee this happening. But…”

The moment she sensed my presence, Joo Sooyul turned to look at me sharply.

“How about it? Could you take them down now?”

Her voice sounded too calm amidst the chaos before us.

‘To take them down…’

I could intuitively tell just by confronting them.

These creatures called Sun Wolves were slightly stronger than me now.

I might handle them one-on-one.

But I can’t deal with a dozen of them flocking together on my own.

Maybe with Joo Sooyul’s help…

But glancing at her, I quickly abandoned that thought as the conversation we had before coming here flashed back in my mind.

‘To definitely stop the gods’ war, it’s you who need to grow stronger, not me. The savior in the prophecy isn’t me; it’s you.’

The vision Joo Sooyul’s foresight skill showed was of a much stronger Yu Damdeok, not the me of the present.

She had promised to fully support my growth to become powerful.

Which meant…

‘I have to handle it on my own as much as possible.’

That’s the only way I can monopolize the rewards and grow strong fast enough to prevent everything as predicted by Joo Sooyul.

‘Think. I have to think.’

Should I immediately unleash the Sword Energy towards those creatures?

That won’t work.

If they simply disappear behind the ball of fire, that’s it.

What if I use Wave Slash?

If I don’t finish them in two or three hits, there’s no chance.

To jump into the fire and fight… I’d be burnt to a crisp in an instant?

While I’m currently surrounded by a slight blessing from the Sea, it won’t be enough.

‘Damnit! Isn’t there a good way?’

Watching Damdeok sweating in distress, Joo Sooyul observed,

‘Before the chariot falls, I should step in, but in the end, you must handle it on your own.’

Though she said that, Joo Sooyul truly believed it would be impossible for Damdeok to drive away the Sun Wolves alone with his current capabilities.

The Sun Wolves were strong enough to be bothersome even to her current self, and Apollo’s ball of fire was too hot to approach without difficulty.

‘Maybe I have no choice but to help him this time…’

As Joo Sooyul drew her dagger from her waist, her pupils dilated, and she froze mid-motion.

Just then, Damdeok, who was struggling before her eyes, suddenly appeared to relax.

‘What’s going on? What’s making him smile now?’

Damdeok was smiling as he stared into the void.

[Title: The Tamer of Cerberus!]

Description: The top dog among dogs! You’ve tamed the charismatic guardian of hell!

You are now granted the power to tame all dogs in the world.

You have acquired the unique trait ‘King of Dogs’!

“There’s an old saying,” said Damdeok, grinning at the fiercely burning Sun Wolves.

[Activating the trait ‘King of Dogs’!]

“The one who wins without fighting is the true victor.”

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