I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 3

#3. The Man with SS-Rank Talent (1)

Amidst the splendid, almost majestic glint of a golden spear, Damduk gulped unconsciously.

“Store of the Gods…?”

What unfolded before his eyes were treasures of all colors and kinds.

Surely, they were beyond the grasp of mere human strength.

[Absolute God Odin’s Spear (Myth)]

Description: The weapon known as Gungnir, exclusively Odin’s.

Effect: A spear that never misses its target and returns on its own.

[Armor of the Nemean Lion (Myth)]

Description: Armor created by Hercules after defeating the Nemean Lion.

Effect: Neutralizes all physical attacks.

[Freya’s Necklace (Myth)]

Description: A necklace meticulously crafted by dwarven fairies.

Effect: Creates rainbows for dimensional travel.

It wasn’t just the equipment.

Even the ‘Authority (權能)’ of gods was on display in the store.

[Thor’s Authority_Thunderbolt (牢電)]

Description: The power to control lightning of all things.

[Hephaestus’s Authority_Flame (火炎)]

Description: The power to control fire of all things.

[Ares’s Authority_Destruction (破壞)]

Description: The power to destroy everything.

His heart swelled with excitement.


If I could buy all of this?

Confidently speaking, becoming a god in a human body seemed not entirely impossible.

The store was crammed with every power and weapon imaginable from this world.

“Alright. Time for a life turnaround!”

But there was one problem…

“Why is everything so expensive?!”

The cheapest, low-quality authority was a whopping 70,000 thors.

All I had was a mere 12 thors.

But never mind.

It’s okay.

As long as I have this part-time job, eventually, I will be able to afford them all.

‘It looks as difficult as saving up for a house, though…’

Anyway, there was a possibility, and that was good enough.

For now, just buy what you can with the 12 thors.

“Let’s see~ what can I afford with this money…”

While browsing the store, Damduk realized two facts.


The ‘Thor’ in 12 thors represented the value of the god’s name.

So to say, Thor paid with his own name’s worth as salary.

Complex as it seemed, I decided to understand it just as explained.

Whatever the case, the important fact was that I could purchase items from the store with the value of Thor’s name.


This was a bit…

No, quite a shock.


Even though I rarely get flustered, the tips of my eyebrows quivered slightly.

What was in front of me was enough to render my 27 years of life completely futile.

[Talent in Swordsmanship (SS)]

Description: Swordsmanship that reaches the divine realm.

[Talent in Study (工夫의) (SS)]

Description: Mastery in learning and cultivating to the divine realm.

[Talent in Charisma (魅力) (SS)]

Description: The ability to captivate the hearts of all people, regardless of age or gender.

The word that had been a lifetime regret,

Talent (才能).

There they were, laid out like discount products in a row.

“SS-rank talents for just 12 thors…?”

Earlier, the cheapest authority was 70,000 thors, wasn’t it?

A quick look at the comments gave me an idea of why.

└ Someday Supreme Deity: You’re still selling this? Who would buy such mundane talents that only creatures would use? Tsk tsk.

└ Holy Toe: Exactly. Admin mate, update with some new authority! What gods need isn’t ‘talent’ but ‘authority!’


Apparently, gods consider ‘talent’ to be somewhat inferior to ‘authority.’

“Even though it’s SS-rank talent…”

Is it because I’m human?

I couldn’t understand.

What does an SS-rank talent mean?

Isn’t it said that what an average person might achieve in 100 years of effort, an SS-rank could accomplish in just one day?

The ultimate ability granted to humanity.

In Korea, there were only two such individuals.

Globally, less than a hundred exalted talents existed.

And I could acquire such an incredible talent with just one hard shift’s earnings.

“I can’t believe this…”

It had been such a long-desired dream.

For countless days I struggled, even wishing for an F-rank talent, camping out for six months near a dungeon because they said awakening was more likely, even getting into a slaughterhouse without pay because they said exposure to monster blood was effective.

‘I only left after losing two fingers.’

It was thankfully sewn back on promptly. Had it been late, rather than awakening any talent, I’d have led a life with a disability.

“Ha. Life is really…”

A scalding sensation welled up inside me once again.

After briefly calming the redness in my eyes and throat, I slowly scanned the shop again.

There were thousands of talents on display,

much like countless grains of sand on a beach.

But there was no room for hesitation.

“Found it.”

A talent I’d always desired.

“This is a must-have.”

My finger effortlessly touched the screen.

[Would you like to purchase Talent in Swordsmanship (SS)?]

The sword,

I loved the sword.

Don’t know why, but since I was little, I did.

Just picking up a fallen branch from the roadside and swinging it felt so overwhelming and joyful.

Our financial struggles meant I never even dreamt of going to a swordsmanship academy…

[Talent in Swordsmanship (SS) has been purchased!]

But now, I have it.

At the sight of the word ‘swordsmanship,’ my heart pounded with excitement.

‘Really got the talent in swordsmanship…!’

And it’s SS-rank at that!

But the surprises weren’t over yet.

– Bam bam bam!

A burst of celebratory trumpets sounded, along with a new message.


[You have completed an achievement with your first purchase!]

[Today’s special offer! 1+1 event! Receive an additional product of the same rank as your purchase for free!]


One more SS-rank for free?

It wasn’t like perishable goods needing to be sold off before the expiry date!

Apparently, gods rarely buy ‘talents.’

Well, how does it matter?

For me, it was more than welcome.

“Thank you, indeed!”

[The 1+1 purchase has been completed!]

[Your profile has been updated! Would you like to check?]

The screen transitioned, revealing a simple profile before me.

[Name: Yoo Damduk (Human)]

[Occupation: Lowest-rank God]

[Talent: Talent in Swordsmanship (SS), Talent in Martial Arts (SS)]

It was luminous.

Not just figuratively, but literally.

Each character seemed to sparkle like a gem.

“Swordsmanship and martial arts talent. There isn’t a better synergy.”

Martial Arts (務鬪).

That encompasses all forms of combat, from modern martial arts like boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, to practical skills like dungeon navigation and monster slaying techniques learned by contemporary hunters.

‘It’s basic for close combat, so the synergy with swordsmanship would be immense.’

A smile crept onto my face.

Whatever it was, I couldn’t wait to test out the talent.


Looking at the profile, a question arose.

[Name: Yoo Damduk (Human)]

[Occupation: Lowest-rank God]

“The occupation says ‘lowest-rank god’?”

There is a huge variety of occupations, from common ones like swordsmen or rogues to unique ones such as monster tamers, magical supporters, magical architects, and more.

But I have never heard of someone becoming a god as a job change.

‘So this means, my occupation is really ‘god’?’

I guess that’s why I could apply for the job recruiting gods.

“Wow. When they say life-changing, they really mean it.”

Then the phone rang.

[From Lady Jo Yunhee]

My mom’s call,

The corners of my mouth rose even higher.

How happy she would be if I told her I had awakened my abilities.

She always grieved, blaming herself for my lack of talent.

Picking up the phone more cheerfully than ever, I answered.

“Hey, Mom, I have some good news…”

– Damduk, don’t come to the hospital today. Did you hear? Don’t come.

The abruptness of it all?

Mom’s voice sounded unusual.

An inexplicable sense of anxiety rose within me.

“What’s wrong?”

– Just don’t come. Don’t worry about me. First, take care of yourself…

I heard chatter from the background. It seemed quite frantic.

“Why are you suddenly telling me not to come to the hospital?”

– Hello? Are you Jo Yunhee’s guardian?

A young woman’s voice came through, likely a nurse.

“Yes, that’s me.”

– I need to explain quickly due to an emergency. A dungeon has emerged near the hospital. We’ve been trying to reach the guardian but couldn’t get through…

That’s when I noticed the 34 missed calls.

My heart began to race.

A dungeon emergence? Why?

Dungeons typically don’t appear in urban areas, they are known to form in places like rivers and mountains where magical energy accumulates.

If by chance, one appeared near a city, it would make headlines all day because it was so rare.

But a dungeon emerged near the hospital…?

That was right in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul.

As mom’s face flashed before my eyes, I felt light-headed.

Videos I’d seen on YouTube ran through my head in a loop.

[Shocking! *Trigger Warning* What happens when a dungeon appears in a city!]

A cold sweat trickled down my back.

– The guardian? Even though a dungeon appeared right next door, fortunately, the hospital hasn’t collapsed, so don’t worry. We wanted to inform you that until the situation is resolved, visitation is impossible…

I couldn’t hear the nurse’s voice any longer.

I dashed out the door immediately.

* * *

Thirty minutes on public transport.

The scene I arrived at was absolute chaos.

Police officers trying to maintain order, reporters attempting to cover the story, various YouTubers broadcasting live, and onlookers drawn in by curiosity.

The streets were packed with people.

“Are they all crazy, wishing death upon themselves…?”

Although I came for the sake of my one and only mother’s life, did these people hold curiosity more dearly than life?

The yellow restraining line stretching far ahead was evidently hundreds of meters long.

A sign of how vast the dungeon was.

And there were military units positioned here and there, along with monster-killing artillery.

Seeing as many as three guild buses from major corporations parked…

– This is a restricted area! Please step back!

From within the marked zone, a commander-like figure with a megaphone shouted commandingly.

As I focused to see him clearly, a strange sensation wrapped around my body.

[<Heightened Senses (A)> skill has been acquired!]

An announcement popped up as if the world slowly zoomed in, focusing even on military uniform badges before returning to normal seamlessly.

It wasn’t just that.

Despite the distance, the soldiers’ voices were clear as day.

– Look, dozens of hunters have already been defeated. This dungeon is no joke.

– Isn’t there even an 8-star hunter here? How could they be struggling so much?


As I relaxed my focus, everything reverted to the usual pace.

Taking deep breaths, I collected myself.

The sudden manifestation of an A-grade skill.

But there was no time to marvel.

‘I have to get into the hospital!’

My mother was inside the hospital, located past the restraining line.

I would probably need to explain the situation and ask an official to let me in.

In the midst of pushing through the crowd, I heard another voice in the distance.

– This is a labyrinthine dungeon. The complex maze is what’s making it difficult for the hunters.

I halted in place.

Wait, a labyrinth…?

– Boommm!!!

A tremendous explosion sounded.

A ringing noise filled my ears.

A high-rise building in front crumbled in an instant, revealing the landscape hidden behind it.

Amidst the billowing dust stood an imposing structure.

“This is insane…”

That was the very dungeon I encountered just before dawn today.

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