I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 29

#29. Apollo’s Chariot of the Sun (1)

*Sigh* I’m tired.

Dammedeok collapsed onto the mattress with a thud.

It had already been two weeks since he obtained his Hunter’s license.

‘The birth of a Six Star? The reporters are just clamping onto me too much.’

Just a moment ago, he set out to conquer a dungeon that appeared near his home, but before he could even enter, his energy was sucked dry by the reporters trying to interview him.

Of course, the increase in divine power that accompanied it was a pleasant bonus, but this explosive attention wasn’t entirely welcome.

‘Ever since that Gate destruction incident, I’ve been in and out of the Association, and now freelance reporters have started to tail me.’

His home address had spread on the internet in no time at all.

“Phew. Who knew gaining popularity could be this exhausting?”

Dammedeok sat up and gulped down a glass of water he had placed on his nightstand.

‘But now, the rights to investigate all Gates in Korea have been transferred to me.’

He could now leisurely investigate forgotten deities on his own.

“Actually, not alone anymore. I have to do it together with Jusoyul now.”


Meeting her was truly fortunate.

Being a part-timer for the gods is a hazardous job, too dangerous to compare to any part-time job in the real world.

In that respect, Jusoyul, who had started working for the gods a year earlier, would be a great partner for me.

“I wonder, though… How exactly did she acquire the ‘Prophecy’ ability?”

It was a power not sold at the gods’ shop. According to Jusoyul, she gained it during her stint working for Loki after meeting the Three Sisters of Prophecy, but that seemed like a lie.


It didn’t quite bother me.

There’s no rule saying that friends have to disclose everything to each other.

‘When I asked about the Prophecy, her expression soured rapidly, suggesting it was a memory she didn’t want to revisit.’

In which case, there’s no need to pry.

What mattered now was that Jusoyul was wholly helpful to me.

“It looks like the fine wasn’t as much as I had feared.”

Illegal dungeon entry.

A summary order notice had arrived at my house two days ago.

Five hundred thousand won per incident, totaling one million five hundred thousand won. I argued that Gates weren’t technically dungeons, but to no avail.

Now, such an amount wasn’t much for Dammedeok anymore.

Moreover, contrary to my concerns, public opinion hadn’t worsened but, if anything, criticism was directed at the judicial branch for meting out fines to me.

A Six Hunter newly appearing after seven years.

A Hunter who achieved consecutive dungeon clears even before obtaining a license.

Following the Gate destruction, the fact that I was once talentless had been rehighlighted, and currently, Dammedeok was one of the hottest keywords in South Korea.

– Woof!

Baeksuli wagged her tail on the bed, looking at me.

“That’s right, Baeksuli. People seem to really like you too.”

Dammedeok smiled as he stroked her.

The mysterious summon always perched on the shoulders of the Six Star. A summon with a charming appearance and the ability to transform into various weapons, Baeksuli’s popularity was soaring to the skies.

‘Sometimes I think she’s more popular than me….’

I had heard they were even forming Baeksuli fan clubs in some corners.

– Woof!

Baeksuli’s tail pointed to something.

“What is it?”

Baeksuli’s tail was pointing to a coupon rolling on the floor.

[Experience the luxury of chicken! Gourmet Chicken!]

“No way. How can a fox eat chicken?”

Dammedeok’s eyes widened, but Baeksuli was already drooling at the sight of the chicken drawn on the coupon.

“Hey! Don’t drool on the bed! I invested a good amount in this! Hey! You—!”

The house was bustling, and that’s when the doorbell rang.


“It’s me.”

A familiar voice.

It was Jusoyul.

“You came really fast, didn’t you? Has it been 5 minutes since I called?”

As soon as the door opened, Jusoyul quickly entered the house.

Whoosh~ The divine scent of chicken filled the house.

“Yuck. Did you bring chicken?”

“Baeksuli likes it.”

– Woof!

Overjoyed, Baeksuli leaped into Jusoyul’s arms.

Those two really meshed well together.

After we all shared the chicken, Jusoyul gave me a sharp look and began gesturing into the air.

“…What do you want me to do about that?”

Why do they keep commanding with gestures?

Speak with words!

Jusoyul grinned and added,

“What will you do now? Shouldn’t we be going?”

Ah, I know what she’s implying. I know what she was getting at by saying this.

Why, despite being harassed by reporters for nearly two weeks, I diligently participated in all the interviews,

“Finally achieved 25,000 divine power!”

A familiar window popped up before my eyes.

[(Apollo) Looking for a short-term gig driving the Sun Chariot!!]

Employer: Apollon (Apollo)

Divine Power: Over 25,000

Experience: Anyone in good physical shape!

Job Description: Driving the Sun Chariot

Work Duration: 7 days

Salary: 300 Apollons + Minor Power (※ Limited to one person)

[A Note from the Boss: The chariot must be driven by a team of two!]

* * *

A grand marble temple.

Plaster statues nearly bare lined up in the space.

Jusoyul and Dammedeok were seated on a marble altar.

“What a strange deity. Why call us to such a place?”

Dammedeok looked around in bewilderment.

The temple was engulfed in pitch-black darkness. The small torches stuck next to the altar were the only source of light brightening up the space.

A shiver ran down both his arms as a chilling aura pervaded.

“Ugh. Isn’t Apollon the god of the sun? What’s with the peculiar taste in temples?”

“You… really don’t know anything, do you?”

Suddenly, Jusoyul’s voice sank.


“Apollon has been distracted lately.”

“What? Distracted? Apollon isn’t married.”

“No, he’s besotted with something other than the sun.”

What kind of nonsense is that?

As I tilted my head in confusion, a bright light burst forth!

The temple illuminated in an instant.

Turning away from the dazzling light and looking back, I saw a man with arms outstretched, bathed in a gentle glow.

With slightly wavy long golden hair, a tall and imposing figure – he was the epitome of a handsome god from Greek mythology.

Feeling the light with his body, the man slowly opened his eyes.

[Welcome, little chicks.]

The sticky voice, as if drenched in butter, nearly made me gag.

Jusoyul nudged my side just in time to prevent me from reacting.

[Hmmm, which faction do our little chicks belong to? Their appearance is quite unique. Perhaps disciples of Jecheon Daeseong?]

Apollon leaned in closer, tilting his head curiously.

Jecheon Daeseong refers to Sun Wukong, a character from Chinese mythology.

Basically, he was finding the appearances of us East Asians curious.

“…Isn’t it almost dawn?”

Jusoyul’s sarcastic tone clearly said, ‘What are you doing right now?’

I worried briefly that Apollon might blow up in anger, but instead,

[Oh! Indeed! Dawn is approaching!]

Apollon suddenly slapped his forehead, making a fuss as he readied his fingertips.

[Come on, little chicks! Let’s go!]


The bright light overwhelmed my vision and gradually sharpened.


Recognizing the searing flames was easier now.


As soon as my eyes opened, I involuntarily gasped in awe.

In front of me was a fiery mass raging with flames.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Flames rolled around as if they would swallow everything in their vicinity.

‘Is this the sun…?’

Its diameter must have been well over 6 meters, though for a sun, that seemed quite small.

Well, considerably smaller, that is…

But the overwhelming heat felt sufficiently solar.

[Blessing of the Waves envelops you!]

A thin, blue film wrapped around Dammedeok’s body. It was the result of partially absorbing Neptune’s power.

‘What’s this? It’s water.’

It definitely felt like water when touched, confirming my suspicion.

Thanks to that, Dammedeok could comfortably withstand the tremendous heat.

“Wow… Actually seeing the sun that Apollon drives right before my eyes.”

It felt slightly emotional.

The massive golden chariot wrapped tightly around the flaming sun, and the giant horses ready to pull it were so overshadowed by Apollon’s sun that they barely registered.

‘The world of gods is truly amazing.’

Apollon began to ramble on about what he had made the sun from, the structure and performance of the chariot, how to properly crack the whip for the horses, etc. Ultimately, it all wound back to his bragging, but I found his stories interesting.

However, unlike me, who was listening with sparkling eyes, Jusoyul looked bored.

“Hey, don’t you find this amazing?”

I whispered, and Jusoyul muttered with half-lidded eyes.

“I’ve done a lot of these part-time jobs before.”

“What? But why doesn’t Apollon remember you?”

“…Why do you think? He only cares about himself. The only things he’s concerned about in the whole world are bragging about himself and his sister Artemis. That’s it.”

Jusoyul shook her head in distaste, even as Apollon continued his sermon on his wondrous sun and golden chariot, and how daily driving them made him such a remarkable god.

“Yeah, that would get tiring…”

Dammedeok quietly covered Baeksuli’s ears as she started to grumble in her sleep, bothered by the noise.

Apollon’s self-promotion went on and on until Jusoyul pointed at the brightening sky and made a face, bringing his ego trip to an end.

[Alright, little chicks! Good luck out there!]

Apollon ended his instruction, which was more a thinly veiled self-praise, with a cry of “Adios!” and a wink, then disappeared in a blink.

What remained were Jusoyul and me, and Baeksuli who had fallen asleep above my head from fatigue.

“He finally vanished. I nearly hit him halfway through.”

Jusoyul’s serious tone made me chuckle.

“Still, who would’ve thought we’d be pulling the sun?”

Whether the sun was real or not, it felt rather romantic to be tethered to a giant fiery mass, sailing across the sky in a chariot.

Holding back the feeling of excitement, I gripped the whip tightly.

After exchanging a look with Jusoyul, we both raised our whipped hands high.

“Yeehaw! Let’s go!”

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