I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 26

#26. The Identity of Ju Sooyeol

“Why are you coming out from there…?”

Whether Ju Sooyeol heard my murmurs or not, her face just bore a smile.

In her hand was a black Mana Stone.

‘A Gate Core Nucleus?’

It was unmistakable.

The Core Nucleus said to permanently annihilate gates.

Ju Sooyeol was shaking the Core Nucleus with a grin, while Neptune glared at her with a face like he had chewed on a bug.


It was all in an instant.

Shaking off Poseidon’s arm, Neptune’s body shot out swiftly.

Poseidon followed in a panic, but Neptune’s large hand was already near Ju Sooyeol’s face.

“Block it!!!”

Someone shouted desperately, but it was too late to avoid it.

Ju Sooyeol quickly took a defensive stance,

and then, with a sound that seemed to shake heaven and earth to its core, silence fell everywhere.

Neptune, with power akin to that of the sea god Poseidon, had struck out in anger.

It was only natural that everyone held their breath.


“Huh? The attack missed.”

“Who’s that in front? It seems like that god blocked it?”

The gazes of lower-ranking gods watching from a distance focused on a man holding a pure white sword in front of Ju Sooyeol.

“Phew, that was close.”

Tamduk straightened his sword and wiped off his sweat.

‘My body moved on its own…’

When Neptune charged, his body leapt forth without him realizing it.

Just like when people throw themselves to save someone fallen on a train track without thinking.

He could finally understand the feelings of those heroes on TV.

‘I even used my skill unconsciously.’

The moment Neptune’s hand was about to envelop Ju Sooyeol’s face, he unleashed ‘Wave Slash’ towards it.

It wasn’t enough to inflict damage on Neptune, a god of divine rank, but it was enough to deviate the trajectory of the attack.

As proof, Neptune’s hand had missed Ju Sooyeol’s right cheek by a large margin.

[Argh! Now even a lowly demi-god…!]

Neptune’s pupils reddened with rage.

An aura of danger began to overflow in an instant.

This was troublesome.

‘My divine power is nearly depleted.’

For a while, it seemed he wouldn’t be able to use skills like Wave Slash or Rush of Wind either.

Neptune’s glaring eyes precisely targeted Tamduk.

[I’ll tear you apart, you little pest!]

Neptune summoned a giant trident and swung it wildly, approaching rapidly.


A brief sigh escaped.

His legs remained frozen.

[You are enveloped in the status ailment ‘Fear’!]

“Damn it!”

As the point of the swiftly approaching trident became distinctly clear in his retina,

someone snatched him by the nape of the neck.

“You idiot. Come here!”

He was rapidly pulled backward.

At the same time, Poseidon and the other combat gods zoomed past on either side.

Neptune’s trident and Poseidon’s clashed, emitting sparks.

Crack! Boom!

With Poseidon at the center, the combat gods struck from north, south, east, and west in a combo of attacks.

‘They’re not just any lower gods.’

The intricate movements of the combat gods were a stark contrast to the petrified lower-ranking gods far away.

He intuitively felt the tremendous gap.

‘If they were enemies instead of allies, I would have been crushed in a blink.’

Even though he has respectable strength in the human world, in the realm of the gods, he still fell short.

“That death wish though?”

Ju Sooyeol, out of Neptune’s reach, began speaking in a heavy tone.

“Ugh. Are you making a fuss even though you were saved?”

“Did you think I would just sit there and take it?”

“Eh! Of course!” he was about to respond, but he couldn’t easily do it.

The aura emanating from Ju Sooyeol right before his eyes.

‘What kind of aura is this…’

It was beyond even the combat gods.

All the combat gods could attack together and still not be a match…

“Who are you really…”

“As long as you’re not dead, it’s fine.”

“Wait, how did you even get here?!”

“We’ll talk about that later. Even if you don’t ask, I plan to tell you everything.”

Ju Sooyeol said without even looking at Tamduk.

Her eyes busily followed Neptune and Poseidon’s movements.

‘What the hell! Seriously!’

Cut off like that, her words provoked more curiosity.

It definitely wasn’t the time to be leisurely asking questions.

Ju Sooyeol’s expression as she watched the battle was not ordinary.

“The combat gods have joined forces with 8 of us, and we’re still losing…”

“Yeah. Why does it seem like Poseidon has less energy than before?”

“Neptune’s entered a berserk state earlier than expected…”

Ju Sooyeol’s eyes began to flicker blue.

‘Earlier than expected?’

As if she knew everything, her face seemed rather unfamiliar.

I coughed intentionally and pointed at the Gate Core Nucleus she had in her possession.

“How about we destroy the gate first? If we add the mer-monsters to the current situation, it would really be the worst.”

On hearing my words, Ju Sooyeol nodded silently.

“Yeah. Good timing since Hephaestus is out too.”

Hephaestus, who had been sucked into the gate earlier,

emerged from it looking quite pale.

Several soldiers from the Dragon Palace supported the staggering man.

[Cough. Those sea monsters used dirty tricks… But this Hephaestus wiped them all! Hahaha!]

He approached Ju Sooyeol, patted her on the shoulder as if to say thanks, and then left to receive treatment.

The look they exchanged seemed as though they had known each other for a long time.

‘Does she have a close relationship with Hephaestus?’

What in the world is Ju Sooyeol’s true identity?

Curiosity bubbled up inside me like lava.

Ju Sooyeol quietly took a dagger from her waistband.

“I’m going to break the gate now.”

“Whatever happens, let’s finish this quickly. I have a lot of questions for you.”

“Fine. If you do your job properly, I’ll tell you everything.”

“My job?”

“You have to cut off Neptune’s last breath.”

The words seemed so preposterous for a moment.

“What? What do you mean by that?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ju Sooyeol handed out a potion.

[Freyja’s Beverage]

Description: Temporarily restores expended divine power! (Up to 10,000 can be restored.)

‘Divine power recovery, not magic recovery?!’

Where did she get such an item?

Ju Sooyeol’s eyes were dead serious.

‘It’s not the mood for questions.’

Even so, she was asking to cut off Neptune’s breath.

The full-powered Wave Slash he released earlier only slightly pushed back Neptune’s hand.

Even with the help of the Alphanara system, Neptune was in a different league.

‘With my current skills, I would be dead.’

“Look. I don’t know what your intentions are with this, but…”

Tamduk’s words couldn’t continue.

A message floated above his pupils.

[The subject’s intentions are absolutely good!]

“This is driving me mad.”

It wasn’t just good; it was absolutely good.

The message must mean that Ju Sooyeol is making this suggestion for my benefit.

Ju Sooyeol spoke with even more clarity in her voice.

“Don’t worry. You can do it.”

Her words were preposterous, but somehow, I felt a sense of stability.

Back when I was talentless, had I ever received such unconditional trust?

No matter how hard I worked and succeeded, people saw me with pitiful eyes, saying, ‘But he’s still a non-talent, after all…’

Isn’t this an incredible turnaround? No, not the time to think about this.

‘She’s a strange one anyhow.’

Ju Sooyeol. She has always been strange since our first encounter.

“It just takes the last strike to end it, right?”

“Right. With your current abilities, subduing Neptune single-handedly is too much. You just need to land the last hit when Neptune’s breath falters.”

“How would I even know when his breath is about to falter?”

“If you’re who you are now, you should be able to sense it, right?”

Silence lingered for a while.

Right, I can know.

Because I have the ability of Divine Intuition.

But how could Ju Sooyeol know that?

‘She keeps talking as if she knows everything already.’

I felt uneasy, but decided to focus first and foremost on the task at hand.

Watching Ju Sooyeol’s eyes flickering in blue, Tamduk gulped down Freyja’s Beverage.

The bitter taste of orange juice filled his mouth.

[Freyja’s Blessing spreads throughout your body!]

[Divine power is restored by 10,000!]

“I’m feeling pretty good.”

Tamduk shrugged his shoulders, and Ju Sooyeol thrust her dagger into the Core Nucleus.

Crack! Crunch!

As the Core Nucleus shattered, a massive black whirlwind evaporated with a hiss.

And on the opposite side, Neptune roared.

[AAAAAAGH! NO! My, my subordinates… My habitat!!!]

He became utterly untamed.

Neptune’s body turned from a furious red to an even darker shade.

His veins bulged as if they would burst, and with a power that was different from before, he began to press Poseidon.

Bang! Boom!!!

Poseidon grimaced as if startled, and the combat gods, excited, rushed in.

“Lord Poseidon!”

“Full power everyone!!”

Despite all the combat gods exploding with power as they lunged forward, it seemed difficult to subdue Neptune at once.

“Let’s go. I’ll create an opening for you.”

Ju Sooyeol advanced quickly.

Holding twin daggers in reverse grip, she unleashed a barrage of attacks at the back of Neptune’s neck.

Crack! Clash!

No matter how tough his skin appeared, as if assaulting a massive rock, she kept attacking.

Neptune swiped his hand as if bothered, and Ju Sooyeol swiftly moved to the next point to continue her assault.

Crack! Clash!

‘Her movements are insane.’

I found myself gaping.

Such speed was unimaginable to replicate.

‘How high would I need to upgrade Rush of Wind to reach that speed?’

As he watched Ju Sooyeol’s movements, he felt strangely stimulated.

‘I’ll have to work harder at my part-time jobs from now on.’

Of course, only those with good rewards.

Boom! Clash! Slash! Crack!

Ju Sooyeol’s relentless attack continued, and the effective hits began to increase.

[You little rat-like bastard!!]

Neptune, now unlike before, got distressed paying attention to Ju Sooyeol.

The tide was changing.

At first unaffected by the attacks, Neptune’s thick skin started to rip, and little by little, blood formed, and wounds opened.


Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the sound of cannon fire shook the heavens and earth.

Dwarves from afar provided fire support with their cannons.

‘They’re aiming incredibly accurately.’

Watermelon-sized cannon balls flew precise into Neptune’s torso and head.

Boom! Bang!

[Damn those Olympians!!!!]

Neptune got more and more bloodied.

As Ju Sooyeol and the combat gods’ combo plays shined brightly, Poseidon’s trident dealt a heavy blow to Neptune’s jaw.


[Today marks your end! You fake!]

Poseidon’s trident gleamed with light.

The final strike!

Ju Sooyeol glanced back at Tamduk rapidly.

“Yeah. I know that too!”

He shouted toward Ju Sooyeol, and at the same moment,

[Hydra Strike!]

Poseidon’s thundering voice echoed everywhere, as a dragon-shaped figure burst from the huge trident and shot forward fiercely.

Tamduk gathered all his divine power and quickly rushed towards the Hydra.


<Rush of Wind(E)>

“What’s that…?”

“Is it real??”

“Riding atop Lord Poseidon’s power? Impossible…”

Everyone watched astonished at the Hydra above them.

Boom boom boom boom!

A giant Hydra swiftly extended its reach.

And above it, a man was running.

‘Perfect! Even more speed!’

Tamduk concentrated with all his might.

With the overwhelming speed of the Hydra and the added Rush of Wind.

At this rate, Ju Sooyeol wouldn’t surpass him.

No, he was exceeding her!

‘Only one chance!’

He reached almost to the nose of the approaching Neptune, and the Hydra opened its massive mouth.

At the same time, Tamduk’s sword shined brightly.

“Here I goooo!!”

<Wave Slash(SS)>

Boom boom boom boom!

The water current blasted out like cannon fire, and foam voraciously surrounded them.


The fierce water current tangled around me, choking my breath.

As my vision spun and my consciousness blurred, a clear notification sound reached my ears.


[You have defeated the forgotten god ‘Neptune’!]

[A nameless goddess rejoices greatly at your heroics!]

Yes, it was over.

This was it.

But the notifications didn’t stop there.


[You have met the evolution condition ‘The Last Strike’!]

[<Moonlight Fox Lv.0> → <Moonlight Fox Lv.1> you have leveled up!]

[Unlocked attributes are released due to Moonlight Fox’s level up!]


Who leveled up…?

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