I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 24

#24. Poseidon’s Underwater Palace Dungeon Repairs (2)


With an enormous roar, a violent whirlwind swept through. The hammer I had been gripping flew out of my hand like a piece of paper long ago.

‘As usual in this world! Nothing ever just passes by without trouble!’

The wind was so fierce that it was hard even to open my eyes.

Hephaestus began to vigorously encourage everyone around him.

[Everyone, grab onto something tight! If you get sucked into the gate, it’s over. The end!]

Damdeok clung desperately to a pillar that was implanted in front of him.

Meanwhile, Hephaestus slowly approached the whirlwind.

‘What is he trying to do?’

Attached to Hephaestus’s waist was a golden pouch.

Suddenly, the pouch yawned open and spat out a sizable cogwheel mechanism.

‘Wow, what is that?’

Tatatatatak! Tak!

The cogwheel mechanism began to rotate.

It was clamping tightly on either side of the gate.

Then, the movement of the black whirlwind gradually began to subside.

Soon, the gate’s advance halted.

It was an unbelievable sight to behold.

‘A gate-stabilizing device…’

It was a moment when I could truly feel that Hephaestus was the god of blacksmiths.

But the problem didn’t end there.

As if in defiance, the black whirlwind began to billow and then…


Spewed out sapphire-colored monsters.

– Krrrrrr…

– Kerrrrr…

Their faces were equipped with gills and their bodies were covered with bulbous muscles.

They bore a striking resemblance to the mermen spoken of in the world above.

‘Monster wave…!’

Who would have thought I’d end up gate hunting even in the realm of gods.

“This is seriously so annoying.”

<Dwarf Hammer(B)>


About half a dozen approaching monsters were sent flying back.

Damdeok’s eyebrows twitched.

‘What? Not even a scratch?’

Aren’t the gate monsters usually pretty weak?

Dwarf Hammer had worked until now…

[Hephaestus continuously rotated the gears, shouted out warnings.]

‘The device blocking the gate is manual?’

In that state, Hephaestus wouldn’t be able to fight.

That meant I had to face the monsters alone.

‘The other gods gathered for the Underwater Palace repairs are also non-combat types…’

And as expected, the other lesser gods were just looking around nervously, not quite sure what to do.

‘Isn’t there even one god who’s a warrior that could fight with me?’

It seemed that all the gods capable of fighting were inside that gate.

‘A situation of one against many.’

The atmosphere was distinctly different from when I was with the dwarves.

“Krrrr! Filthy Olympians!”

“Kyarr! I’ll tear you to shreds!”

Damdeok was astounded.

‘The gate monsters can talk, too!’

This was truly horror among horrors.

However, regardless of Damdeok’s shock, the mermen monsters were steadily closing the distance.

Then, amidst managing the cogwheels, Hephaestus shouted to call the Underwater Palace troops.

A few lesser gods hastily ran towards the palace inside, suggesting there were still reinforcements capable of fighting.

“Alright. Reinforcements are coming, so shall we have a go?”

The mermen monsters had already come quite close.

“Krkk… Give it up!”

“Stop babbling, disgusting freak!”


A bright power of the divine gathered into the club, and a vigorous yell came from behind.



Troops advancing with stomping feet like African natives.

Damdeok’s eyes widened.

‘What? Why are there more mermen monsters coming from there?’

Their larger-than-human stature and sapphire skin color were carbon copies of the facing mermen monsters.

Then I overheard the muttering amongst the lesser gods, suggesting that those natives seemed to be Poseidon’s Underwater Palace troops.

It was strange.

‘Why do Poseidon’s Underwater Palace troops look exactly like the gate monsters?’

Oddly enough, both sides were boldly going into battle with bare hands, just the same.

No time for deep thinking in the middle of battle, the Underwater Palace troops began to brawl with the mermen monsters.

It was a barbaric fight.

“These filthy creatures! How dare you imitate our appearance!”

“Kek! Don’t make me laugh!!”

The enemies were relentlessly pushed back by the vicious kicking of the Underwater Palace troops.

‘Fighting indeed tastes sweeter when you have comrades.’

A bit of stability returned to his heart.

“If clubs won’t work, let’s try a sword.”

Damdeok quickly transformed into a sword and swung it towards the charging creature.


But things weren’t as easy as he thought.


Even though the monster’s arm was clearly caught by my sword blade, not a single scratch appeared on its body.

‘…What kind of nonsense is this?’


Moreover, the creature even applied force against the blade and pushed.

‘What kind of power…?’

It was an overwhelming difference in strength.

And not just that.

Their speed was incredibly fast, they had great strength, and even flexibility…

‘What is this, a new overpowered character?’

It wasn’t even a dungeon boss, yet for a mere gate monster to be this strong was simply absurd!

As Damdeok struggled, the mermen monster began to smirk.

“Krkk! Feeling a bit overwhelmed, are we?”

It seemed the creature realized its physical advantage.

“Don’t laugh!”

Quickly creating distance, Damdeok unleashed his skills.

<Horizontal Slash(E)>!

<Vertical Slash(C)>!

<Diagonal Slash(C)>!

Every sword technique was blocked by the arms of the monster. Even the rare successful hit only left a tiny scratch.

“Krkk! Stop struggling and die!!”

The monster aggressively raised both arms, and with a now greenish tinge to my blade, Damdeok swung forcefully.

“Eat this!!”

<Wave Slash(SS)>


A blue crescent-shaped blade split through the water and struck the creature.

As the shockwave spread, about six mermen monsters behind it were all sent flying.

But the direction they went flying…

It was toward Hephaestus, who was operating the cogwheel machine.

He grasped his hammer with his free hand and dealt with the incoming monster with a powerful swing.


Damdeok gave a thumbs up.

“Krkk! This bastard dares to use his kin as a baseball?!”

“I’ll kill you! Kyak!”

Two mermen monsters nearby charged at him quickly.

“Okay~ Good.”

He was getting the hang of it now.

As soon as he executed Wave Slash again, the two mermen creatures went flying helplessly toward Hephaestus.


And once again, Hephaestus finished them off cleanly.

“Keke. This really feels like playing ball.”

Watching their kin being toyed with like playthings, the mermen monsters began foaming at the mouth with rage and charged in.

“Come on. Bring it! I’ll send you flying at hundred kilometers per hour!”

However, with a foul feeling, a message of lacking divine power lit up.

‘Ah, of course! That’s to be expected!’

It seems powerful skills consume a lot of divine power.


End up unable to launch a proper attack, Damdeok found himself desperately dodging the creatures’ punches.


“Hey hey, hold on.”

Whooong! Hooong!

“Slow down a bit!”

If those brutish fists managed to even graze me a little, my skin would burst open.

‘I’m managing to hold on thanks to the wind dash skill…’

But if I keep avoiding attacks like this, my stamina will drop, and I’ll be in danger.

‘The sword doesn’t have much impact. I need to think of something else…’

Quickly racking his brain, Damdeok’s eyes caught sight of Poseidon’s Underwater Palace troops.

Their way of fighting.

‘They aren’t using any weapons at all.’

The Underwater Palace troops were engaging the mermen monsters in hand-to-hand combat, their movements were…


A straight punch followed by a spinning kick, another back kick combined with yet another straight punch.

Each movement was powerful and precise.

The wildly charging mermen monsters also had similar movements to the Palace troops but…

‘It’s like they haven’t had any combat training, their technique is lacking somewhat.’

The switch in thought was quick.

‘Alright, if swords don’t work on them!’

Baekseol transformed at my will into white knuckle dusters. The weapons felt lighter, making it easier to dodge.

Carefully, he began imprinting the movements of the mermen in his head.

‘When thrusting the fist, twist it to snap… for the kick, lift at a diagonal angle and place speed just before hitting…’

Their movements were smooth yet heavy. It might be that because it was underwater, those particular traits stood out.

How much time had passed?

‘This should be good enough, right?’

Thanks to my talent for combat, copying their movements wasn’t too difficult.

“Alright. Time to counterattack now…?”

He concentrated the remaining divine power into his fists and feet. It was a way to make up for the physical disadvantages against the mermen.

Noticing the change, the mermen monsters hesitated slightly.

“You’ve got a good instinct.”

Damdeok grinned and began to unfold his movements.

A raw but twisting straight punch, a foot kick gently lifting the ankle and delivering speed at the last moment.

He overwhelmed them by connecting straight punches and spinning kicks simultaneously.

Puh-bubuk! Thwack! Thump! Thwack!

The mermen monster’s torso was pushed back significantly.

They seemed quite flustered.

“Krkk! This guy’s mimicking us…!”

“If your moves weren’t so simple.”

Thanks to the divine power he had wrapped around, he had somewhat overcome the physical differences, and he had nothing to fear anymore.

Damdeok fiercely exchanged blows with the monsters, and after a short time, he even began to incorporate new movements into the Underwater Palace’s combat pattern.

The eyes of the lesser gods watching sparkled.

“Wow, who is that guy? Is he from the Olympus Academy?”

“Come to think of it, he seems to know Hephaestus.”

“Elite upbringing is different for sure. Those movements are insane!”

The position of the fists, the angle, the shape of the feet when force was applied.

Damdeok’s movements were perfectly in sync with the mermen of the Underwater Palace troops.

No, they were even more efficient and neat.

“There are truly incredible gods in this world…”

The murmuring of one lesser god led them all to nod in agreement.

From the perspective of gods who underestimated ‘talent,’ they couldn’t understand how Damdeok could perform such movements.

To them, ‘talent’ was a lowly ability used by humans, so it never occurred to them that these movements originated from talent.

The same went for the mermen monsters fighting Damdeok.

“Krkk, what kind of power is that guy using?!”

“Is there really a power that can replicate combat?!”

“Of course, there is, you idiot! Just catch him! Catch that guy!”

The mermen monsters swarmed around Damdeok in an instant.

‘This is a bit too much…’

Their numbers were overwhelming.

Even the Underwater Palace troops fighting alongside him were showing signs of fatigue.

‘How many monsters are living in that gate…’

He thought as he planted a punch into one creature’s face.

‘If this keeps up, we’ll be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.’

The whirlwind continued to spew forth mermen monsters incessantly.

It really seemed like there was no end.

‘And it seems there are no more reinforcements that can help…’

The lesser gods in the back were merely spectating with the Underwater Palace residents.

Just when it seemed there was no sharp idea coming to mind, a resounding cry was heard.


‘…Hyungnim as in “big brother”?’

His head turned automatically.

Descending rapidly from atop Underwater Palace was a cart, and the ones cheerfully waving their hands on it were…

“Hyungnim! We’re here!!!”

The mischiefs of the forge,

It was the little dwarves.

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