I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 23

## Chapter 23: Reward for the Poseidon’s Dragon Palace Dungeon (1)


The darkness before my eyes suddenly brightened. There must be something in the store of gods that could solve this situation.

“Something usable… something usable…!”

I scrolled through the shop’s inventory at an increasing pace.


The tsunami was already tearing through the edge of the manmade land, closing in fast.

My finger stopped abruptly.

“This is it!”

[Skill: Wave Cutter (SS)]

Description: Swordsmanship sharp enough to cut through waves

Price: 200 Hades

It was a skill that perfectly matched the current situation and there was no hesitation.

[Purchasing the skill.]

Just in time, Baek Seol-ee, who had been running along the stadium’s roof, arrived.

“Huh? Where’s Soo-yul?”

Instead of answering, Baek Seol-ee transformed into the Dragon Killer Sword and secured itself in my right hand. Well, the priority now was to block the tsunami anyway.

“Let’s do this!”

The method of casting naturally came to mind.


I took my stance as light emitted from within.

“Here I go!!”

A bluish aura seemed to wrap around the sword, swiftly extending outward.


For a moment, the footsteps of evacuating people halted.

“…Wow. Awesome.”

The looming black tsunami split cleanly in an X-shape.

Suspended waves in the air.

An enormous volume of water bombarded down upon the manmade land.


Fortunately, only a few buildings were damaged, and no one was swept away by the pouring water. Everyone was just drenched.

“Hah, I’m soaking wet.”

Tamduk was no different.

Shaking his head, he looked around and saw the front part cleanly cut, while the rest had been terribly ripped apart.

‘At least the damage to the front is minimal.’

If I become more skilled, I could probably cut a wider swath.

Clap! Clap-clap! Clap-clap-clap-clap!

Applause started to trickle in, soon bursting into a thunderous cheer.

“Wow! Amazing!!!”

“Isn’t that a skill only seven-star or higher can perform?!”

Evacuees swarmed around Tamduk.

All were hunter exam candidates.

Excitement and joy overflowed in their eyes.

“Eh? Are you by any chance… Tamduk?”

One candidate asked with wide eyes.

Tamduk said nothing.

“Awesome. Is it really you?!”

“It is really him. This is insane.”

People marveled, and I felt a slight increase in my divine power, probably from those who didn’t know me yet.

‘This time, it seems I’ve gotten a proper attack skill.’

“Wave Cutter.”

The name itself was oozing with swag.

The principle of activation involved wrapping a bluish divine power around the sword before bursting it out in an instant, right?

It was undoubtedly a strong force from the sword that made it possible to cut through the waves.

‘Very good. If I keep growing like this…’

What’s an eight-star hunter?

Perhaps I could even aim for the nation’s first nine-star hunter.

The main concern for now, however, was how many stars I would manage to earn in this exam.

“Wow, are you really a prospective hunter?”

“He wasn’t a hunter yet… unbelievable.”

Obtaining a powerful sword skill and being hailed as a hero by the people, the mood was ripe.


The siren blared once more.

– All examinees please proceed to the shelters! A secondary tsunami is highly likely to occur!

A secondary tsunami?

How could this be happening again…?

Anxious glances shifted toward the sea.

Though the waves were still calm, the feeling was ominous.

[Intuition (直感) is triggered!]

‘…Now what?’

The secondary tsunami was definitely coming.

And it might not be the last…

Tsunamis don’t just suddenly occur as a natural disaster. There should be some sign of an earthquake, but I felt nothing.

‘It’s too artificial, strange…’

There was a sense of unease.

The thought that a tsunami could spontaneously form beneath the calm sea was disconcerting.

‘I’m sure it’s not a natural phenomenon.’

Whether it’s the gods’ prank or the monsters’, I’ll surely perform the Wave Cutter better with Baek Seol-ee.


The siren sounded again.

– A reminder for officials and examinees to evacuate promptly due to a potential secondary tsunami…

Right, first things first — I need to get into a bunker safely.

‘Soo-yul must have already evacuated to a bunker, right?’

Just as I picked up Baek Seol-ee and moved, an alert caught my attention.

[Emergency Recruitment Notice!]

[Recruiting for the Poseidon’s Dragon Palace Repair Team!]

[A mysterious gate has caused the Dragon Palace walls to collapse, currently causing a series of powerful tsunamis in the human realm.]

[We urgently ask for your support!]

[*This announcement is only being broadcasted to gods with divine power exceeding 10,000.*]


I rolled my eyes to grasp the situation for a moment.

As soon as the reason behind the events was discovered, there was no time to delay. The urgent message shone brilliantly before his eyes.

“Sigh, and it hasn’t been long since the Cerberus part-time job ended.”

Perhaps because of the near-death experience with Hades. I had intended to refrain from taking on godly part-time jobs for a while.

But what can one do? I have to apply.

From the looks of the job posting, if the compensation isn’t executed perfectly, the tsunami will likely keep surging in.

“I have no idea how long I can hold it off with my Wave Cutting technique.”

If I slip up, it could mean complete annihilation for everyone here, myself included.

“Ah, such is my fate.”

Eventually, Damduk sighed and clicked on the message.

* * *

“Is this the Dragon Palace…?”

What unfolded before Damduk’s eyes was a splendid underwater city. Colorful buildings constructed within a transparent sphere, merpeople of all shapes and colors, and the massive Dragon Palace located at the center.

Could the myth of Atlantis have been inspired by this place?

The thought occurred to him in an instant.

“Good. Even though it’s underwater, breathing comes easily to me.”

So it’s true, joining the repair team automatically grants you gills.

But where is Poseidon?

It was then, while he was looking around.

[Well, who do we have here?]

A familiar bass voice reached his ears.

“Hephaestus? What brings you here…?”

[Kahaha! I knew I’d meet you again, my moonlit fox friend. You seem to have grown quite a bit, huh?!]

Hephaestus’s eyes lit up at the sight of Baekseoli perched on Damduk’s shoulder. However, Baekseoli swiftly turned its head away.

“This one? Fond of Ju Soyul yet gives the cold shoulder like a chill wind.”

Hephaestus scratched the back of his head, awkwardly.

“What brings you here?”

[Hm, well, you can’t have repairs without a blacksmith, right? You’re here for the emergency repair team, too, aren’t you? Posted the announcement in a hurry because it was such an urgent matter, and you came just in time.]

Hephaestus nodded happily as he spoke.

“Wasn’t it Poseidon who posted the message?”

[Ah, of course! It was posted under Poseidon’s name. But he’s currently preoccupied with battle. You’re not on the battle team, you’re on the repair team, the emergency repair team.]

He smiled cheerfully, leading the way.

As they followed the transparent sphere toward its rear…

[This is it. Looks pretty badly damaged, right?]

The barrier that had encased the city so prettily like an aquarium glass was seriously shattered in the back, the damage far worse than what had been visible from the front. Water was continuously leaking and swirling out due to the enormous breach.

‘How many are already working on this?’

Numerous gods were already busily engaged in the repairs but given the extensive damage, a complete fix seemed far off.

[The path through this sea connects to the human realm… What might look like a mere pool wave to us could very likely appear as an immense tsunami to humans.]

Yes. That tsunami… I just experienced it.

“What caused the barrier to break this badly?”

[Well, it happened when a gate burst open unexpectedly…]

Hephaestus said, pointing towards the distant sea—a silently swirling black vortex, ominously swallowing everything around it.

‘It looks just like a black hole.’

Different from a usual rift.

But more shocking was the realization that even in the realm of gods, there were gates.

‘So, gates aren’t made by the gods?’

What exactly is a gate…

It was timely that Hephaestus added to his explanation.

[Gates, those troublesome things. No matter how many we close, they keep popping up endlessly.]

“So, Poseidon and the other gods have gone to eliminate the gate?”

[That’s right. Leave the battle to those gods of warfare. As for us non-combatant gods, we’ve got our hands full with repair work.]

Hephaestus laughed pleasantly, patting Damduk on the shoulder.

Quietly, Damduk nodded.

‘Strictly speaking, I belong to the combatant category…’

Best to keep quiet in this case.

Even though I’ve reached a level in the human world where I can cut through waves, in the realm of the gods, I am just a ‘lesser god’ as per my profile.

“Shall we hammer away for old times’ sake?”

Blacksmithing was something I got sick of doing when I lacked talent.

Just as he was about to swing the hammer,

“Uh? Was that vortex always so close?”

Rubbing his eyes, it seemed like the whirlpool, which was far away moments ago, was now slightly nearer…

Nah, must be my imagination.

But defying thought, the massive whirlpool had rapidly approached the front of the Dragon Palace.

Koogoo, koogoo, koogoo, koogoo!

…Damn it all!

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