I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 22

#22. Record-Breaking Rookie Hunter (2)

“It can’t be!”

Cheon Jung-ak bellowed in disbelief.

A rating of six stars?!

“How is this possible?! A non-hunter achieving a lower body strength of six stars?!”

Far removed from the examination area, in the remote corner of Zone H, Cheon Jung-ak had spent a fortune—equivalent to the price of two apartments—in bribing the maintenance technician and the responsible staff member.

Cheon Jung-ak’s face flushed crimson.

‘That talentless kid got six stars?’

This reality was something he absolutely could not accept.

“Hey! Are you sure this thing is set up correctly?!”

“Of-of course. I double-checked it several times just this morning. This is strange… There’s no way he could have lifted this weight…”

The staff member inspected the tablet in befuddlement.

The weight was a whopping 1,000 kilograms.

There were only a handful of hunters in Korea who could lift such a weight, let alone an exam candidate…

Cheon Jung-ak ground his teeth in frustration.

Normally, the physical strength measurement in a hunter’s exam consists of each individual lifting a weight corresponding to their strength.

However, the simulator in Zone H was set to the maximum weight from the start.

Naturally, Damdeok should have been crushed under the terrible weight, not even able to begin his measurement before timing out.

But how was this possible?

A staff member next to him let out a small gasp.

“What now, what’s happening?!” Cheon Jung-ak snapped irritably as a mechanical voice filled his ears.

– Highest difficulty achieved!

– Candidate number 1117! Upper body strength of six stars achieved!

– Highest difficulty achieved!

– Candidate number 1117! Core strength of five stars achieved!

Damdeok was already rapidly conquering the remaining tests.

A continuous stream of messages.

Cheon Jung-ak’s face was contorting with agitation and fury.

“There has to be an error! This is clearly a mistake!”

“The machine is functioning normally though….”

Cheon Jung-ak shouted angrily at the technician’s mumbling response.

“Are you kidding me? Stop it right now! If you took the money, you better make it worth it!”

The worker rejected with a wave of hands, “I’m sorry. The current situation isn’t an error, so I can’t stop it…”

“Crap! Just treat it as a malfunction! Can’t you understand simple instructions?!”

Despite Cheon Jung-ak’s fierce roaring, beads of sweat were the only response from the staff member.

“The simulator is already recording. I’m not even in charge of the recordings. If we stop it now, it could create a huge issue later on….”

In other words, the situation was now out of his hands.

Cheon Jung-ak had reached the limits of what his bribery could control.


Cheon Jung-ak roared, while the simulator kept blurting celebratory sounds for Damdeok.

– Candidate number 1117! Six-star lower body strength, six-star upper body strength, five-star core strength, six-star coordination of upper and lower body, four-star flexibility, five-star agility, six-star explosiveness…

Damdeok savored the results with his eyes closed thoughtfully.

‘Sigh…I intended to quietly earn just a single star and go home!’

The scores came out way higher than expected.

‘This completely defeats the purpose of taking the test quietly.’

To make matters worse, Cheon Jung-ak had also come to meddle in the hunter exam.

This meant there was no chance of going through the rest of the exam quietly.

‘Is there no other way?’

Thinking it might be worth it to bring that guy down a peg or two, Damdeok considered the situation.

“Tsk, such a troublemaker.”

Damdeok took off the simulator helmet.


Expecting to encounter an infuriated Cheon Jung-ak, he was only met with a staff member wearing an awkward smile.

“Candidate number 1117. Your basic physical evaluation is complete. Shall we move on to the next location?”

‘Where did Cheon Jung-ak go?’

Damdeok pondered this for a moment before following the staff member out of Zone H.

* * *

“Please wait here for a moment.”

The staff member had led Damdeok to a colossal stadium, seemingly the size of four soccer fields combined.

‘The examination areas are so huge.’

The dome-shaped ceiling was open to the sky above.

Numerous prospective hunters were lined up over the grassy field.

Damdeok took his place at the very back.

“Ah! Ah! Mic test!”

A voice from above came through the microphone.

A man stood atop a floating disc in the air.

“I send my sincerest congratulations to all you future hunters who have safely completed the first round of physical measurements.”

The host introduced himself and read diligently from his script without looking down at the crowd below.

“The flower of the hunter exam, the second round, will be evaluated based on cooperation. The contents of the test will be…”

It was quite an innovative test.

Monstrous creatures made successive appearances in the giant stadium.

The task was to find and defeat the monsters assigned to one’s group.

In other words, it was a team battle!

“Keep it in mind! Defeating a monster from another group does not count towards the team score!”

Of course, that was obvious.

“However, it might reflect a little in the individual scores?!”

So that’s how it would be—giving the adept a chance to survive no matter what.

“Now, show off your teamwork, the most important virtue for hunters, to your heart’s content!”

With the host’s final words, a thunderous noise began to shake the entire venue.

Rumble rumble!

The ground shook heavily.

Soon after, the circular floor in the center started to descend one after another.

Revvvv! Boom!

‘The bottom is supposed to be the sea…?’

As expected, the sound of the water lapping could be heard from under the lowered floor.

And then, with a thump, thud, thump, thud!

As something seemed to clamber up, the prospective hunters’ bodies involuntarily staggered backward.

The host jubilantly exclaimed,

“Ah! The first monster to emerge is from Group 2! It’s Group 2’s Cthulhus! It’s a massive squid that’s turned into a monster!”

The figure that appeared alongside the introduction was an irritated, bald-headed squid with the number 2 written on its shiny forehead.

“That’s ours!”

“Let’s finish it off quickly and steal the individual points from the other groups!”

Members presumed to be from Group 2 all charged at once.

The giant squid sprayed ink in retaliation, and the examination venue became instant pandemonium.

Following were battles between various monsters and candidates. Damdeok too was in action, charging at a shark-shaped monster with the number 5 engraved on it.

‘Compared to Cerberus….’

He could tell by instinct.

The creature before him could easily be dealt with.


The practice sword provided by the association.

He slid under the shark and swung his sword.


The shark’s underbelly was split in an instant.

As the monster started convulsing in agony, the rest of his team began to cheer.

“Wow! Nice!”

“Candidate number 1117! Amazing!”

‘It’ll be over soon.’

Honestly, it was rather lackluster.

No doubt, this monster itself was just for practice purposes…

“No need to drag this out.”

He firmly gripped the sword.

Just as he was about to target its vitals,

[A strong intent to kill is felt.]

An immense murderous aura was felt from the front.

‘Who’s got the gall to….’

Among the few referees seen, there was one familiar face.

‘Figures, he wouldn’t just leave….’

Cheon Jung-ak was smirking, watching Damdeok, a small syringe in his hand.


Sure enough, the eyes of the dying shark monster were flipping red with rage.

– Groooar!

The sudden roar of anguish startled the rest of the team, causing them to stumble backward.

The shark monster’s muscles began to contort and bulge. While clearly something was wrong, the members of Damdeok’s group, driven by the chance to snag first place, did not retreat.

“Just a bit more!”

“Let’s finish this in one strike!”

“Wait, hold…”

Before Damdeok could caution them, it was too late.

Sploosh! Bang!

With a single tail swipe from the shark monster, all the charging team members were scattered like paper dolls.

They were all flung to the side, their eyes rolling back white.

The medical staff, who had been observing, rushed to perform emergency treatments.

“Such a pity… Because of one talentless fool, innocent people got hurt….”

Cheon Jung-ak casually lit a cigarette and shook his head disdainfully.

‘…Just to knock down one person.’

The sight of the team members being carried away flickered before his eyes.

“See? Play within your limits, right?”

Cheon Jung-ak exhaled smoke in a scoff.

“Without teammates, you can’t score for teamwork, you know?”

“Who knows? A skilled person can always pass, right?”

“What kind of nonsense….”

Cheon Jung-ak’s words trailed off.

In an instant, Damdeok vanished, reappearing above the shark monster’s head at a distance.

“Hey, it’s useless if you don’t strategize with your team….”

Cheon Jung-ak’s words were cut off.


The sword that struck the monster’s head shattered into pieces.

Damdeok frowned slightly.

“What’s this, making such a flimsy practice sword…”

He quickly collected swords from fallen team members, one by one.

His body vanished again, landing directly above the 17th group monster’s head.


Next was the 23rd group monster’s head,


Then the 11th group.

While replacing the broken swords with new ones, Damdeok shattered the heads of all monsters within the stadium.

“I, I can’t believe this is happening…!”

Cheon Jung-ak stood agape, forgetting even to smoke.

After dealing with all the monsters, Damdeok calmly approached.

“Going by my rough calculations, out of a perfect score of 100, I think I made 245 points. Sound about right?”

Cheon Jung-ak’s face paled drastically.

“You, you…!”

Ignoring the flustered man, Damdeok looked towards the host.

He wanted the results to be announced quickly, his eyes conveying the message silently.

The host wiped off sweat repeatedly before finally bringing his mouth to the microphone.

“Ah, ah. The results of the second round are…!”

It was clear that Damdeok’s team, ‘Group 5’, received the highest score, and Damdeok’s individual score certainly would be at the top.

‘The next third and fourth rounds are going to be a breeze.’

Cheon Jung-ak shivered uncontrollably and a smirk escaped from Damdeok’s lips.

‘The more you do, the more I want to do better.’

“The results of the second round are immediate!!”

Damdeok was all ears, filled with satisfaction, when his expression gradually turned to stone.

The host announced the scores with grand exaggerated gestures, but to Damdeok, the sound was muted, nothing more than a mere murmur.

[The divine intuition is activated!]

‘What’s this…?’

A strange sensation caught his attention.

Not outside··· or rather, upon closer evaluation, it wasn’t even a sound.

This was….

Rumble rumble rumble!!!


It was a vibration.

It felt as if not just Dokdo, but the entire nearby sea, was shaking.

‘An earthquake? A volcanic eruption?’

Whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t a good sign.

Especially considering the vibrations coming from the middle of the sea, it surely didn’t bode well.

To make things worse, the water under Zone C that had been sloshing began to drain away abruptly.


With tremendous noise coming from beneath the floor, murmurs began among the crowd.

A chill ran down everyone’s spine, beyond the mere feeling of unease.

Zone C had an open sky but was encased on all sides. To escape, one would have to navigate quite a distance due to the structure.


Finally, Damdeok launched himself onto the floating disc the host was on.

“Argh! What are you doing…!”

He stepped once more off the disc and leapt again.


As Damdeok peeked over the top of Zone C, the open East Sea sprawled into view.

‘Not this side.’

The source of dread was felt strongly from behind him.

As he slowly turned, he was met with a massive wall facing him.

No, not a wall…

“A wave?”

His head tilted upward steadily.

All around him was cast in a dark shadow. It was a colossal tsunami with a dark maw wide open, straight out of a disaster movie.

His body stiffened in an instant.

The overpowering force of nature, beyond the scope of human influence.

Alarms blared, sounds of evacuation filled the air; yet Damdeok could not move from that spot.

‘The evacuation won’t work. We’ll be dead before we can get out….’

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t think of a proper solution.

The massive tsunami was already nearing Dokdo’s shores.

‘There has to be a way….’

Frantically trying to think, a familiar notification popped up.


[Your salary has been delivered!]

[Sender: Persephone (Sorry for being late! I put in a generous amount more than promised, so use it when you need it!)]

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