I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 21

Chapter 21. Legendary Rookie Hunter (1)


“What are you talking about?”

The murmurs of the reporters grew louder.

Damdeok’s expression involuntarily furrowed in annoyance.

‘Why is Cheon Jung-ak doing this…?’

He was the sole heir of the Iris Guild, the top guild in the country, and infamous for being labeled as the ‘rich family’s prodigal son.’

Moreover, he was a classmate from elementary to high school…

‘Got into trouble and went abroad for study, he’s back now?’

He was not someone Damdeok was pleased to see.

Due to that guy, his school days were tarnished with various unpleasant memories…

“Heh, why has everyone suddenly become as quiet as if they’ve eaten honey?”

Cheon Jung-ak approached with a smug look, arrogantly scanning the surroundings.

“Wow~ You made it, huh? Giving an interview in front of so many people. Heh, do the reporters in our country have nothing better to write about?”

His comment was utterly insolent, yet the reporters all awkwardly coughed and looked away.

‘Is everyone unwilling to get tangled up with Iris?’

Sometimes, it seems like not gods but wealthy chaebol families might rule the world.

‘He hasn’t changed a bit since our childhood.’

Of course, now was different from then. In this life, I plan to surpass even them.

There was nothing to fear.

“So the rich kid still has a loose mouth, huh?”

At Damdeok’s sarcastic remark, Cheon Jung-ak clenched his teeth in anger.

Yoo Damdeok.

What sort of person is he?

Since our school days, he was a nobody without any talent for studying, gobbling up books whole to secure the top rank in school, and with no talent for sports, he’d practice until he could at least score the lowest points. Eventually, he became a scholarship student of the Iris Foundation, monopolizing my father’s love all throughout school!

In other words,

‘Insolent bastard…!’

Cheon Jung-ak gritted his teeth, staring bitterly.

With his neatly styled two-block haircut and sharp, long eyes, he looked like a country-bred Jindo dog. I couldn’t understand why my father liked him.

And the Yoo Damdeok I saw after so long hadn’t changed at all from school.

“You worthless bastard…!!”

The reporters, who had been holding back, suddenly burst out with camera flashes.

Cheon Jung-ak let out a laugh of disbelief.

“Go ahead, take all the photos you want! But have you memorized all your faces?”

Intimidated by Cheon Jung-ak’s threat, most of the reporters coughed and turned away.

‘This is a mess.’

Damdeok was pondering how to get out of this situation.

He had been trying to stay under the radar, even modifying Baekseol to transform into a belt.

But all plans were derailed because of this sudden appearance.

‘Should I just beat him up and run away?’

Inside his head, an angel and a demon were having a fierce debate.

“Ah right! By the way, you. You’ve been up to something interesting, haven’t you?”

Cheon Jung-ak leaned in, his face full of mockery.

“Clearing a labyrinth dungeon, breaking down gates, wasn’t that what you did?”

Ha. It seems I’ve become quite famous.

For a guy who never used to watch the news, he knows about all those events…

“Ladies and gentlemen~ Does that make any sense? How can a worthless one do such things~ This is a national scam, I tell you! Heh.”

Cheon Jung-ak spread his arms and started to rant, and the reporters eagerly snapped away.

‘This won’t do.’

It was obvious what Cheon Jung-ak was aiming for.

If the public opinion swayed to his tune, it would hinder my growth in divine power. I had no choice but to come forward to explain, when all of a sudden,

“Can you take responsibility for your words?”

It was Jo So-yul who had suddenly appeared in front of Cheon Jung-ak.


Cheon Jung-ak’s face contorted viciously.

“Can you take responsibility?”

“What’s it to you, Jo So-yul? Are you defending this guy now?”

“I’m asking you for the third time if you can take responsibility.”


The atmosphere became strangely charged.

‘They already know each other?’

Well, they are the heirs to the 1st and 2nd leading guilds in South Korea, so it would be weird for them not to know each other.

If anything was strange, it would be Jo So-yul helping me.

“Ha! Responsibility, my foot. Do you know him? I know him very well~ I’m telling you, he’s truly worthless.”

Cheon Jung-ak sneered back.

Jo So-yul silently turned to look at me.

Her gaze was telling.

‘What are you gonna do about it? Prove it?’

Well, that was the simplest way to resolve the situation, after all.

‘…That’s not difficult.’

I had already planned to counter in such a manner.


I demonstrated my newly acquired skill, ‘Wind Sprint.’

It happened in an instant.

A small gust of wind blew through the park, and dozens of Damdeok’s afterimages appeared.

“Wow! Amazing!”

“That’s no loser there!”

The people began to cheer and praise, and it seemed ‘Korea Hunter’s’ fame had not yet faded.

‘They’re more supportive than I thought.’

It looks like assisting in clearing the labyrinth dungeon was a stroke of genius after all.

“Are we good now?”

As Damdeok said this, the dozens of afterimages echoed back.

“Are we? Are we? Are we? Are we? Are we?”

At the sight, Cheon Jung-ak, with blood-shot eyes, stepped forward.

“No, this guy is definitely worthless, I tell you?! Dammit, hey! Yoo Damdeok! You tell them. You are worthless indeed!”

At this point, it was almost pitiful.

Leaving the ranting guy behind, Damdeok and Jo So-yul casually made their way out of Han River Park.

A few reporters followed the guild-only bus, requesting interviews, but they were all rejected.

“Whew, I can finally take a break.”

He leaned against the back of the bus seat.

Next to him, Jo So-yul was busy on her phone and replied,

“Rest easy.”

Damdeok gazed at her for a moment.

“…You’re suddenly using informal speech?”

“If you’re friends with Cheon Jung-ak, aren’t we the same age? Why can’t we be friends?”

Caught off guard by her sudden offer,

[The intent of the subject is mostly good!]

…Well, if you think about it, even Baekseol’s name and the bracelet of Persephone, all stemmed from my baseless suspicions.

To be honest, I’ve been a fan of Jo So-yul from the past.

“Sure, why not? Friends.”

Relaxing again, he closed his eyes.

Therefore, he couldn’t see Jo So-yul’s expression. Not that it mattered; she was probably stone-faced anyway.

* * *

If there was one thing I realized from the Cheon Jung-ak incident, it was that I needed to acquire my Hunter qualifications as quietly as possible.

‘Otherwise, they’ll use Hunter laws to trip me up again.’

For this reason, I planned to take the Hunter Exam alone, quietly.


“Right~ She chews well.”

Crunch! Snack!

Walking beside me was Jo So-yul, and in her arms, Baekseol.

The two of them seemed to be dripping with affection.

“Why do you keep feeding her those seeds?”

“I told you. Nuts are good for her body.”

Even while saying this, Jo So-yul’s gaze was fixed on Baekseol.

“Sigh, fine, whatever. But aren’t you busy? Is the future heir supposed to have this much free time?”

“I’m not scheduled today.”

“Well, it’s not like I have anything better to say.”

The Hunter Exam, held on the special occasion of the 100th Independence Day on Dokdo Island.

I had to get up early and board the bus…

‘What are you waiting for? Get on.’

Jo So-yul himself showed up driving a guild-exclusive car.

That was not all.

When we reached the seaport to change boats,

‘What are you waiting for? Get on.’

Jo So-yul personally drove the boat all the way to Dokdo.

‘How in the world can he manage to drive a boat?’

As you learn more about him, the more astonishing he is.

“All right, all prospective Hunters, please gather!”

Following the supervisor’s guidance, the applicants began to gather.

“I’ll be back.”

Without even looking at me, Jo So-yul waved her hand in farewell. She seemed busy feeding Baekseol nuts.

‘He followed me just for that.’

I had been suspicious that ‘he might try to steal Baekseol,’ but Jo So-yul’s actions always turned out to be good.

Apart from feeding nuts, he did nothing particularly strange.

I just decided not to worry about it anymore.

On a vast artificial platform next to Dokdo, the official event began.

“Today, on this meaningful day, with all of South Korea’s proud prospective Hunters gathered here…”

After the tiresome speech by the chairman of the association, the national anthem, the pledge to the flag, and the national exercise were all completed, we received our applicant numbers.

“Applicant number 1117, please perform your physical fitness assessment in Zone H.”

Following the staff’s guidance, I walked over.

The artificial platform of Dokdo was huge, built in response to Japan’s military provocations, and it was magnificently extensive.

It seemed to stretch on endlessly.

‘What is this? How much further do we have to go?’

Just when I thought I’d gone too far, the staff finally stopped.

At the very end of the platform, in the most out-of-the-way corner.

Nowhere near where Jo So-yul was at the start of Dokdo.

“Will I take the test here?”

There wasn’t anyone else around taking the exam…?

The closest examinee conducting the test was over 100 meters away.

Damdeok’s question was met with a smile and a reply from the staff.

“Yes, of course. The basic physical fitness assessment is done independently anyway. You’ll move to another location for the next test, so don’t worry.”

It felt odd, but perhaps it was just bad luck with the drawing.

“Please step into the simulator.”

I followed instructions obediently.

This simulator creates the same conditions as an actual scenario, applying a virtual reality experience.

“The test will now begin. Initial dizziness may occur, please keep that in mind.”

As the staff’s voice trailed off, various physical fitness equipment appeared in virtual form.

Although they were expensive, using simulators would definitely save on costs.

“Let’s start with the lower body.”

Following the staff’s instructions, I sat at the lower body strength testing machine.

– Applicant number 1117. Adjusting difficulty! Increase! Increase! Max difficulty!

A strange voice came from the machine.

Simultaneously, the weight on my legs became absurdly heavy.

“Ugh, what’s happening?”

My legs wouldn’t budge.

“What kind of basic physical fitness test is this!”

I tried my hardest, but it seemed impossible with human strength.

Then, a familiar voice was heard.

“Heh, that’s why you should know your place~”

That made it clear.

There was no other voice in South Korea as vile as this.

Cheon Jung-ak.

“Are you a stalker?”

“Heh, cheeky. To a test supervisor?”


“Yep, I’m the supervisor for Zone H. Though as a supervisor, I just watch to make sure you don’t cheat.”

“This doesn’t make sense…”

Just then, a voice from the staff could be heard.

“Applicant number 1117, please begin your test. If you exceed the examination time, the machine will automatically grade you. We cannot intervene after that.”

Cheon Jung-ak laughed as he kept talking.

“Did you hear that? The simulator does the basic physical fitness test. No one can tamper with it~”

[Malevolence is clearly felt from the subject.]

“You’ve already lost 3 minutes. Now you have 2 minutes left! Friend~”

Cheon Jung-ak gloated.

My legs were still immobilized.

“Heh, do you know how heavy that is? A thousand kilos, 1000. It’s impossible with human strength! Yeah.”

As he shouted excitedly, the corners of Damdeok’s mouth twitched into a grin.

“Impossible with human strength, you say…”

He was right.

This weight was indeed impossible for a human to lift.

If that’s the case,

“…then let’s use a different kind of strength.”


Damdeok’s stiff legs suddenly sprang into action. At the same time, the simulator equipment erupted with the sound of fireworks.

– Congratulations! Applicant number 1117! Highest difficulty overcome!

– Rating in progress…

– Achieved 6-star (★★★★★★) rating!

“Ah… it seems impossible to pass quietly after all.”

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