I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 20

#20. Hound Dungeon (2)

“Is that the place?”

In the middle of Yeouido Hangang Park.

A cylindrical building, obviously out of place, stood tall.

‘Really is amazing….’

When I was young, I used to marvel at how such structures could pop up overnight.

But now, what amazes me is the diligence of the gods.

‘They must have toiled away all night again…’

Already, a crowd gathered in front of the pyramid-like building where it seemed interviews were being conducted before entry.

“I ask for a word on the resolve for this raid!”

A man who seemed to be the leader of the raid team stepped forward at a reporter’s question.

It was a familiar face.

‘Joo So-Yul….’

She maintained a constant expressionless demeanor.

“As always, the Sangun Guild will do its best.”

Leaving just those words behind, she moved towards the dungeon.

I wanted to pester her about how she knew Baek Seol’s name straight away, but I couldn’t do it.

Dozens of Sangun Guild members stood behind her.

It wasn’t easy to approach.

Neither was it for the reporters.

“Just one more statement, please!”

“A dungeon appeared in the middle of Seoul again, what are your thoughts on that!”

“Ms. Joo So-Yul! Please look this way!”

Amidst those clamoring voices, she gracefully stepped away.

Simultaneously, the dozens of guild members followed her as if they were one body.

‘It does look cool.’

“Ah! Now’s not the time. I have to follow them.”

After all, I had to check the effects of the new title I acquired.

I pulled my hat down firmly over my eyes.

From the labyrinth dungeon to the gate destruction.

My face was already known far and wide.

If I were recognized now, reporters would swarm me like bees.

‘I’ll just check the title effects and return quietly.’

Damduk quietly stuck close to the end of the procession.

* * *

Inside the first corridor of the dungeon.

Joo So-Yul led her guild members forward with apparent ease.

“It looks like they are hiding pretty deep. There’s no sign of them, right?”

“Exactly, could it be an ambush?”

“Come on, what’s a hound ambush? They’re just like big dumb dogs, right?”

“Oh really? Weren’t you the one who got nipped in the butt by a hound last time?”

“What, what?! Did you see that, punk?!”

Laughter erupted among them, friendly and warm.

Joo So-Yul, who had been silent, suddenly stopped.

“Wait a minute.”

At Joo So-Yul’s low voice, the chattering team members became alert.

“Oh, did we make too much noise, Captain?”

“It’s Min-su this guy, talking nonsense!”

Each one said their piece and reformed the line, but Joo So-Yul still did not move.

Deputy Captain Gil dae-man observed Joo So-Yul closely.

‘Why is she acting like this? She’s different than usual…’

She was a quiet person, but not someone who would get angry over such things.

“Captain, should we stop for a moment?”

As soon as he cautiously approached and asked, Joo So-Yul raised one hand.

“Prepare for battle.”


At her command, the team members sharply raised their weapons. Although they had been laughing and talking, Joo So-Yul’s raid team were pros among pros.

“They’re coming.”

The moment Joo So-Yul spoke, dozens of will-o’-the-wisps appeared ahead.

The Hounds emerged slowly, cutting through the darkness.


Gil dae-man’s pupils dilated slightly.

The faces of the team members had lost their playful expressions.

– Growl!

“Deadly Hounds!”

Someone shouted that out.

Deadly Hound.

The most lethal variety among Hounds, the venom in their fangs was so potent that a mere touch could lead to death within ten minutes.

“We’ve got some challenging ones here. Those weak in close combat, fall back.”

As Joo So-Yul commanded, she unsheathed a dagger and charged forward.

Following her, Gil dae-man and the melee dealers quickly joined in.

“Who’s that, who’s that! Good boy~ Good boy~ Well done.”

An odd sound came from behind.

Joo So-Yul, who had had a poker face until then, twitched her eyebrows.

“What the, do we still have pranksters around?”

At her deadly tone, the team members went pale.

Everyone turned towards the source of the sound.

“Who’s that, who’s that! Good doggy~”

At the very back.

A man was walking step by step.

When Joo So-Yul saw his face, her own eyes widened. So did the other team members.

“Eh? What? That man, from the training center earlier…”

Since it had been quite a noticeable incident, most recognized Damduk.

Deputy Captain Gil dae-man approached the man.

“Hey, you. You’re not part of our team, why have you followed us in…ugh!”

Gil dae-man charged threateningly but had to retreat abruptly.

Hounds, also Deadly Hounds carrying the same virulent venom, emerged behind the man.

“What, what are you!”

Stirred, Gil dae-man drew his sword.

The other team members did the same.

As they aimed at the man standing still, then the baring Hounds, their weapons wavered, unsure of their targets.

The hounds growled low around the man.

But the man himself looked quite at ease.

“Tssk tssk, it’s okay.”

The sight was bizarre.

When the man lightly stroked one’s head, the Hounds calmed down as if it were a lie. Even the stroked Hound began wagging its tail.

“What; this is nonsense!”

Gil dae-man couldn’t help but curse under his breath.

He glanced at Joo So-Yul, but she just stood watching quietly.

He was anxious.

‘What’s the Captain thinking!’

This man was undeniably dangerous!

A humanoid monster?

A monster-shaped human?

Whatever it was, it was the worst-case scenario.

Yet the Captain, Joo So-Yul, showed no sign of intervening.

‘We need to identify him first!’

Gil dae-man made his decision and swiftly aimed at the man.

“Hey! Name and affiliation, now!”

The man didn’t respond.

Just steadily walked forward.

He was heading towards Joo So-Yul.

“Eh? Hey!!”

Gil dae-man dashed forward to intervene but couldn’t.

The Deadly Hounds were showing their teeth in defense of the man.

Approach and they would definitely bite.

“Jerk, Captain! Please get away! He’s suspicious!”

“It’s okay, stay where you are.”

Joo So-Yul spoke calmly.

Only then did Gil dae-man realize something was wrong.

‘Wait, why are the Hounds in front just sitting quietly?’

Weren’t they about to pounce just a moment ago?

‘Could it be…’

Gil dae-man looked at the man.

The man by now was surrounded by an entire swarm of Hounds ahead.

[The Charmer of Cerberus! Title effect has been activated!]

[Number of pack following you: 32.]

“Already thirty-two…”

Damduk nodded while looking at the message.

“Much better than I thought. The conditions for taming are simple enough.”

[Title Activation Condition: Physical Contact.]

“You too, and you. Good, very good~ Well done.”

Damduk touched each Hound on the head, breaking up the pack.

Each time, the Hounds stuck out their tongues and wagged their tails as if showing off their cuteness.

The odd scene left Gil dae-man and the entire team staring at Damduk, dumbfounded.

“Okay, all done.”

[Number of pack following you: 56.]

It seemed like he had tamed every single one without missing any.

“Great, everyone sit!”

At his command, thump! The gigantic Hounds compliantly sat down.

“This is unbelievable…”

“What is this…”

Even the veteran dungeon raiding team members had never seen or heard of such a power.

But Damduk’s strange actions didn’t end there.

“First row, lay down! Second row, attention! Third row, bark!”

Testing how well the commands would be heeded.

The Hounds promptly followed the instructions.

The expressions of the people around shifted from surprise to utter disbelief.

“Heh heh, such cute fellows.”

The tails swaying back and forth.

The Cerberus from the underworld crossed his mind briefly.

‘This should be enough to verify the title’s effect.’

Only then did Damduk turn around to face the people.

“Ehm… does everyone like dogs?”

* * *

“Numbers 1 to 10 start digging there, the rest support one by one.”

At Damduk’s command, the Hounds moved with remarkable coordination.

“Wow, Captain. This rate, we’ll finish extracting the mana stones in no time.”

Encouraged by Gil dae-man’s words, the other team members chimed in.

“No kidding. Being beast-type monsters, they dig exceptionally well.”

“Living life, who’d have thought we’d use monsters for extraction work…”

It was an extraordinary experience for them.

Extraction of mana stones and uncovering hidden items were the heart of dungeon raiding.

Now monsters were doing it on behalf of others.

The team members just stood there, dazed, looking at the scene unfolding.

Utilizing the opportunity, Damduk casually approached Joo So-Yul.

“Excuse me.”

“That’s an impressive ability. How did you acquire this power?”

Her words brought a wave of discomfort.

‘How did you acquire it, not where did you get it?’

But I decided to put aside suspicious thoughts. Since traveling between worlds, maybe I’ve become overly sensitive.

What I really wanted to know was…

“Is that bracelet yours?”

The bracelet on Joo So-Yul, distinct with a particular pattern. When I noticed it earlier, my head nearly exploded.

‘It’s identical.’

Persephone wore the exact same bracelet. Not simply identical.

Something Persephone mentioned in passing.

‘Ah, this bracelet is something I share with a close friend. It’s like a friendship bracelet among humans.’

I felt parched, desperate.

How could this be?

If that bracelet was genuine, who exactly was Joo So-Yul…

“It’s a strange question. It’s mine, so of course, I’m wearing it, right?”

A rather indifferent response.

Damduk pressed on without giving up.

“Where did you buy it?”

“Excuse me?”

“Where did you buy that?”

The reply was frustrating.

“Online, of course? I don’t see why you’d ask but if you really like it, I can give you the link…”

[The subject’s intention appears to be benign!]

A timely message appeared, adding to my frustration.

“Ah, no, it’s my mistake.”

Some guild members started to whisper among each other.

“Is he into women’s bracelets?”

“Let it be, people have their preferences.”

It seemed I had been barking up the wrong tree.

Really, walking between worlds these days, it seems I have grown sensitive.

“Ahem, then how did you know Baek Seol’s name?”

“Eh? Oh, from that time at the lodging? I heard the members talking about it. They said something about ‘let’s go, Baek Seol’ at the gate site…”

[The subject’s intention appears to be benign!]

The message popped up again.


So that’s what it was.

‘All of this was a misunderstanding.’

Feeling awkward, Damduk returned to the Hounds,

“Come on pups! Let’s wrap this up quickly!”

“Wow, awesome!”

“Someone who gets the job done is cool!”

The team members cheered for Damduk.

That day, they cleared the dungeon, including the boss, in less than an hour.

* * *

The team members lined up for interviews outside the dungeon.

Again, questions rained down.

Damduk was among the members, his hat pulled down firmly.

‘I should be out of sight here.’

Just before exiting the dungeon, Damduk made a request to Joo So-Yul and her guild members.

‘Please keep today’s events a secret.’

Why be secretive when fame could increase my divine power?

‘Now is not the time.’

There is a saying about excess: too much of anything can lead to trouble.

The controversy over the previous gate’s destruction hadn’t even settled yet.

Causing another stir might only invite a backlash.

‘For example, illegally entering dungeons and trespassing in gate security areas…’

As I’m not yet a hunter, my actions were clearly illegal. If this came out and public opinion soured, it could deal a fatal blow to increasing my divine power.

‘It’s better to operate with a hunter’s license in the future.’

The hunter exam takes place only twice a year, and, conveniently, the last one this year is coming up the day after tomorrow.

The application had already been submitted.

‘After all, I came here to check the title effects.’

It was comforting to keep this activity under wraps.

“I am very pleased as the raid team leader that we finished with no injuries. This concludes the interview.”

With Joo So-Yul’s exemplary interview over, they began to file down from the stage.

As Damduk made his way down last,

“…What’s this, Yoo Damduk?”

A deep voice called out.

“Yoo Damduk?”

“Yoo Damduk, you say?”

Hearing the name, the reporters began to buzz.

‘Damn, who called my name out!’

I looked up towards the source of the noise.

“Ha, this is unbelievably irritating.”

A man who looked like a black weasel.

With a sneer, the man was staring at Damduk.

“This good-for-nothing brat. What brings you here?”

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