I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 19

I Became A Part Time Employee for Gods

I Became A Part Time Employee for Gods Chapter 19. Hound Dungeon (1)

[Evil energy overflows from the target!]

[The target exhibits a clear malevolent intent!]

These messages overlapped on Hades’ face.

Already in a bleak space, Hades’ face, now layered with a bluish hologram, was terrifying.

‘I’m doomed, aren’t I…’

No need for the Gift of Intuition to know that. It was clear that the situation was truly dangerous.

[Hmm, are you mute?]

Hades glanced at Persephone.

[How did this person find the ‘Cerberus’s leash’?]

Persephone’s expression was blank,

An expression clearly dissatisfied with the situation.

“I found it myself. Why did you hide it in such a careless place?”

[Careless! It’s the principle to not see what’s right under your nose.]

“You’re the one who told the nymphs and the part-timers to look for Cerberus’s leash every single day. Why are you angry now that it’s been found?”

[Well, that’s… ]

Hades coughed emptily and looked towards the barren riverside.

It was unexpected.

To my surprise, Hades was completely unable to act against Persephone.

‘What? A doting lover?’

[Still, running away without a word is too much.]

“It’s not running away, it’s just going out. I just came straight here after seeing my mother.”

[Still, I’m worried…]

“Worried about what, am I a child?”

The argument continued, with Hades floundering time after time.


[Ah, enough. I’ll talk to you later. First, this abominable creature…]

Hades’ bloodless hand swiftly reached for Damdeok’s head.

There was no doubt.

[The target harbors murderous intent!]

It was just a casual extension of the hand.

Yet, every cell in my body sent signals of danger.

‘I’ll definitely die if it touches me!’

I’d rather jump into the river Styx than worry about my part-time pay.

Just as I was about to activate the skill ‘Wind Rush’,

“What are you doing right now?”

Persephone’s sharp voice rang out.

Hades’ large hand came to an abrupt halt.

[Ah, first I need to deal with this one…]

“Forget it, let’s go inside. I haven’t finished my story yet.”

Persephone turned coldly, leaving Hades not knowing what to do.

“What are you doing? Is killing a lower god more important to you than talking to me?”

[No, that’s not what I meant…]

Hades’ hand was stuck mid-air, incapable of moving either way.

“You’re really going to be like this? How many days have I been gone? It’s only been half a day! Is the king of the underworld so petty that he can’t understand that much! So spiteful!”

[Petty is a bit…]

“Forget it! Petty mortal!”

Hades bowed his head deeply. His face was sincerely hurt.

Persephone then approached me without hesitation.

“This lowly lesser god…”

She gestured towards the golden apple with her eyes.

‘…Telling me to take it?’

As soon as my hand touched the apple, her hand was placed over my head.

“I’ll pay you for the part-time job, so don’t come around again! And don’t even think about reporting it to the system.”

With that, Persephone winked and walked off. Behind her, I could see Hades’ gloomy eyes.

[Ah, but I still want to kill that one…]

As his eerie murmuring faded away, my vision went completely dark.

* * *

“…It’s a miracle!”

Inside the examination room.

At the doctor’s words, my mother’s slender shoulders trembled.

“Doctor, is it really true…?”

“Yes, though it is hard to explain precisely, your mother’s cancer cells have vanished completely. Ah, it’s an event unexplainable by modern medicine…”

While the doctor continued hesitantly,

Damdeok’s lips formed a slight smile.

‘Sure enough, the golden apple was effective.’

As soon as I returned from the underworld, I gave the golden apple to my mother, ground whole, peel and all, just in case.

The next day,

The hospital was turned upside down.

Before the chemotherapy, the tests showed that all her levels were normal.

‘Whether she will truly gain a body that neither ages nor dies, only time will tell…’

But regardless, the mere fact that my mother’s incurable disease was cured was a fortune in itself.

“Tears… Thank you, thank you so much…”

Holding my weeping mother gently, we left the hospital.

Even as we waited for a taxi outside, she kept looking back at the hospital for a long time.

“What’s happening, what in the world…”

“What are you talking about? Didn’t I tell you? Only happiness awaits us now.”

Just then, a taxi arrived.

I opened the back door for her and said,

“Get in, mom.”

* * *

Jongno, Sangun Guild’s headquarter.

From the entrance, tile-roofed buildings with an imposing vibe lined up, guarded by stern-looking security personnel.

“Yes, Mr. Yoo Damdeok. You have been verified.”

I double-checked with the friendly staff.

“Is it really okay to enter even though I’m not a guild member?”

“Of course, that card is VIP exclusive. Whether it’s training facilities or amenities, everything is free so feel free to use anything.”

The card Yoo Suyul had given me.

To tell the result first, it was a jackpot.

‘Wow, so this is what a guild headquarters looks like…’

I, who had been talentless, could never even dream of such a place.

The neatly arranged grand tile-roofed buildings gave the impression that I had stepped into another era.

‘They have everything…’

Hot springs and saunas to relieve hunters’ fatigue, as well as movie theaters, arcades, convenience stores, and various restaurants.

Honestly, it was a sight that could easily pass as a small city.

Damdeok entered a large building labeled ‘Training Hall (訓練關)’.

“Wow, it’s huge.”

The vast space was refreshing just by looking at it.

Sparkling top-quality training equipment and sophisticated sparring areas, and even the latest simulation devices that could cost as much as a car each!

“How much money do they have?”

Damdeok marveled and approached one of the training devices.

A straw dummy, essential for novice swordsmen.

It looked more like a wooden mannequin than a straw dummy.

“Let’s try.”

Yawning overhead, Baekseol instantly transformed into a wooden sword.

A practice wooden sword commonly used by newbie hunters.

“Hmm, feels a bit awkward to swing at something that’s just standing still.”

I swung it thoughtlessly.


A tingling electric current ran through me with the sound.

“Ugh, what’s this?”

It was an obvious sensation for a first-time wooden sword swinger, but Damdeok wasn’t pleased.

‘But I’m supposed to be a Sword God (劍神)…’

Having shaken off the label of the lowest god and now bearing a proper name. But a Sword God who couldn’t even properly swing a wooden sword…

It was ridiculous.

“Focus. Focus!”

I took a deep breath, concentrating on the wooden sword itself.

[The Gift of Intuition (直感) manifests!]

I could feel it.

The flow of divine power stirring within me.

The talents for swordsmanship and martial arts writhing with their distinct vibrations.

And soon, how to strike the wooden mannequin for the most efficient result became clear…

Damdeok’s eyes snapped open.

Thwack! Clack!

The sound was more rhythmic than before.

‘Still lacking.’

There was a faint misalignment with each strike.

‘Just a little more!’

Thwack! Thwack!

Damdeok’s movements swiftly entered a state of trance.

The wooden sword sounds grew louder.

Onlookers who had been hanging onto the latest devices started to sneak glances at Damdeok.

“Huh? What’s that? Why’s he hitting that wooden dummy so seriously?”

“A new face? A new guild member?”

“The wooden dummy is just a basic skill usually practiced at the academy…”

But their indifferent expressions didn’t last long. At first, the ordinary sound of the wooden sword began to resonate as deep and loud as if amplified by speakers.

Booom!! Booom!!

In no time, people around were entranced, watching Damdeok’s training.

“Definitely a basic move…”

“How is it making that sound?”

“It’s so peculiar.”

The most basic of the basics, striking at the head.

Damdeok’s swordplay already had a divine flair to it.

After an extended session, Damdeok wiped off beads of sweat and straightened his sword.

‘Good, that should do.’

He was satisfied.

Unlike at the beginning, the sword movements matched perfectly everytime he swung, which felt extremely refreshing.

And it wasn’t just that—the eyes of the onlookers beamed with vitality.

“It’s really motivating.”

“Right? Let’s try it too.”

People began to trickle into the empty wooden mannequin training zone.

Whack! Clack!

Thwack! Clack!

However, no one could produce the same sound as Damdeok.

“Why isn’t it working?”

“That’s strange…”

“This is a move I’ve done to death at the academy…”

People looked awkwardly at Damdeok, who was taking a break.

Just one more time!

Then I can follow along!

Their eyes begged Damdeok silently.

“Training sure is tough.”

Damdeok quietly wiped his sweat, savoring the lingering exhilaration.

He had always enjoyed physical activity, but lack of talent meant little to no sense of achievement.

But now, it felt like,

‘I’ve been reborn.’

Not as talentless Yoo Damdeok,

But as the Sword God (劍神) Yoo Damdeok.


Sitting still made me antsy.

Damdeok stood in front of another wooden mannequin.


He focused his breath once more. Simultaneously, the expectant gazes also converged.

‘Yeah, hurry and do it again!’

‘I’ll follow suit!’

But what Damdeok drew out wasn’t a wooden sword.

– Will!

The white summon on his head curled up and…


“What’s that?”


They were knuckles, typically used by martial artists.

It was surprising enough that a summon could transform into a weapon, but they were currently more enamored with Damdeok’s sword skills.

Why would a swordsman need knuckles?

Their bemused gazes soon turned to shock.

Pow! Pack!

Initially, the punches were quite ordinary,

But with each passing moment, they grew lighter and heavier, and as kicks began to mix in, the sounds of strikes burst out like fireworks.

“What the… who is that person…”

“A martial artist or a swordsman?”

“With that level of skill, isn’t he both?”

Swordsmen watched in astonishment, while martial artists, even from afar, observed with interest.

Damdeok was at the peak of his mood.

‘My body feels much lighter.’

Ever since he learned to use divine power, his movements had definitely become more efficient.

‘When I punch, I channel divine power towards my fist, and when I kick, I send it down to my legs…’

Bang! Boom!

It felt like hitting a sandbag despite striking hard wood, as the sounds resonated constantly.


He paused to catch his breath and wipe the rain of sweat.

‘Undoubtedly, my combat skills have greatly improved since the Cerberus part-time job.’

Having achieved 10,000 divine power and acquired Intuition from the Sword God’s ability, the Wind Rush skill from Cerberus, and the divine power utilization technique that Persephone had taught him.

This job had been the most fruitful.

‘Plus, I snagged the golden apples and the fruit of good and evil.’

The only disappointment was…

“The part-time wage isn’t in yet…”

He browsed the system.

[Current Balance: 0]

Persephone had definitely promised to make the deposit, but it was still silent.

‘She doesn’t seem like one to break promises, so let’s wait.’

Although getting away from Hades was a reward in itself…

‘It was supposed to be double pay.’

While browsing through this and that, he noticed a ‘NEW’ indicator on his profile.

“A new skill update?”

He had gained a few sword skills when fighting off the dead.

“Let’s see how many new ones there are.”

A familiar window appeared before him.

[Yoo Damdeok (Human)]

[Occupation: Lower God]

[Title: Sword God]

[Divine Power: 10780]

[Gift: Intuition (直感)]

[Talents: Swordsmanship Talent (SS), Martial Arts Talent (SS)]

[Skills: Battle Concentration (S), Dwarf Hammer (B), Vertical Slice (C), Thrust (D), Horizontal Slash (E), Boxing (E+), Dagger Skills (E), Wind Rush (E), Counterstrike (F)….]

But it wasn’t just new skills. At the bottom, a whole new section had been added.

[Title: One Who Tamed Cerberus!]

Description: The dog among dogs! You’ve tamed the charismatic guardian of hell!

Now all the dogs in the world worship you.

Congratulations, congratulations! Rise to Dog President!

Dog… President?

Whether this was a good thing or not was vague, but as I was spreading the imagination’s wings about its advantages, that moment arrived.

A siren blared.

– Dungeon appearance! Dungeon appearance! All combat personnel, please assemble immediately!

People who had been training began to rush out.

Considering whether to follow them for a moment, I decided to stay.

‘Let’s focus on training now.’

Unless it’s a special situation like a labyrinth dungeon, the dungeon clear rate approaches 90 percent.

There’s no need for me to step in…

But the broadcast that followed made Damdeok’s steps come to an unavoidable halt.

– The type of dungeon identified: Hound! A large number of canine monsters have emerged!


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