I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 17

#17. Feeding Cerberus (4)

“I can’t believe this was here.”

As I slowly lifted the leash, Persephone, who had been far away, approached as if she was entranced.

“The darkest place is under the candlestick… Who would have thought it was hidden here?”

Persephone looked at the leash with an expression of disbelief.

“How on earth did you find this?”


If I had to say,


“Ha. That makes no sense.”

At Persephone’s incredulous laughter, Damdeok asked back.

“Is this leash really that special?”

If I consider the number of stars assigned by the system, it’s on par with Hercules’s club, but honestly, it looked like an ordinary dog leash.

“Of course. Cerberus is the symbol of the underworld. To control Cerberus is almost to control the entire underworld.”

“But this belongs to Hades, does it not?”

“That’s correct.”

“Then, is it not allowed for me, a part-timer, to use it?”

Silence followed for a moment.

Persephone let out a sly chuckle.

“It doesn’t matter. It wasn’t I who found it for you, after all.”


“Yes. My husband kept telling me to look for the leash whenever he could. He even promised that if I really found it, he would let me train Cerberus…”

The expression on Persephone’s face while she said this was of sheer resignation.

‘It seems she has quite the grievances against her husband.’

Thanks to her, an opportunity to freely command that insolent creature had come my way.

Of course, the conditions didn’t look easy…

[Condition: The target must be subdued for the first time to be leashed.]


In fine print below, it was described that subduing meant dragging the subject into a state of unconsciousness.

‘Knock them out, huh?’

With my own strength, knocking out Cerberus was unthinkable.

But now, I feel like I could do it. After all, I was still invincible, and now I have divine power at my disposal.

“How will you try it?”

Persephone asked, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.

It seemed as if she was looking forward to a vicarious thrill.

“Of course.”

As Damdeok grinned and replied, Persephone nodded with satisfaction.

By now, Cerberus was leisurely strolling around the broken columns after having chased away the dead souls.

Its three heads were still twitching arrogantly.

I clenched the thick leash tightly.

‘Your arrogance ends today.’

If training goes well, perhaps I should try to get it to obey Persephone’s word?

‘Hades would be furious if he knew, though.’

It doesn’t matter.

By that time, I’ll be gone from here.

“Hey. Doggy.”


Damdeok stepped in front of Cerberus with the leash.

– Grrrrr!

With an arrogant look, it lazily swung its paws as if to tell me to get lost.

“It seems Damdeok lost his interest since he became invincible.”

Persephone was right.

It no longer tries to bite me.

‘But that doesn’t mean it’s become any less arrogant….’

It seems to innately know I am weaker than it is.


“The situation is different from before.”

First, to check if I could make a wound, I transformed Baeksul into a sword and took a fighting stance.


The gleaming blades of the Dragon-Slaying Sword.

Divine power gradually gathering in both arms.

It definitely felt different.

I felt more solid and weighty overall.

– Grrrrr?

Cerberus slowly lifted its head, sensing an impending attack.

At the same time, the nymphs under Persephone’s command rushed in and grabbed the columns.

– Woof! Woof!

When Cerberus’s teeth lunged at my face, I swiftly dove between its front paws.

Then, I rolled out to its side and quickly slashed with the sword.


A light trimming of fur.

Cerberus’s dark fur fluttered in the air.


Though it wasn’t a deep cut, this demonstrated that it was possible.

It was clearly different from before when I couldn’t inflict a single scratch.

‘The difference when using divine power really is huge.’

Concentrating divine power in my arms made me feel as though I could end anything, and focusing it in my legs made my body light as a feather, boosting my speed explosively.

My overall strength had increased, and all my movements had become more efficient.

– Grrrrr….

Cerberus’s face turned vicious as it recognized Damdeok’s unusual moves.

– Roar!

I quickly retreated from its ferocious lunge.

Shwish! Thump!

From here, the distance reached by the iron chains was safe.

“It feels like déjà vu.”

It was exactly like the moment before falling into the River Styx, but this time it was different.

“Help! Unknown god! Please end this quickly!”

“Hanging onto the column is exhausting!”

The nymphs clung desperately to the column. Thanks to that, the column was now sturdily in place unlike before.

The agitated Cerberus began to thrash more wildly.

“Uh-huh. That’s it. Good boy~”

I leisurely circled around the beast.

Shwish! Thump! Shwish! Thump!

Cerberus charged and was stopped, then charged again.

As the column rocked back and forth, the nymphs began to glare with resentment.

‘If Cerberus catches me, it can just hold me in its mouth, leaving me unable to do anything.’

Even with divine power, I wasn’t sure I could open its mouth and come out, and even if I could, it would take too long.

‘So I must finish it in one blow.’

Damdeok had been waiting for the right moment.

[The divine intuition ability has been activated!]


The back of the neck.

It was a weak spot that was not easy to see, hidden behind the three heads, but I found it as I slowly circled around.

‘It’s slightly lighter in color there.’

It reminded me of playing dungeon crawlers.

The weak spot of monsters was the transparent part.


“Don’t let the column get pulled out entirely!”

The nymphs’ urgency grew as I gradually increased my pace.

As my speed picked up, afterimages appeared, as if I had split into multiple selves.

Persephone’s mouth hung open as she watched.

‘Does he even possess the divine power of speed?’

Typically, a lower god had only one divine power.

“Such an unusual part-timer….”

Persephone smiled pleasantly, completely unaware that Damdeok was using ‘skills’ which were common among humans.

<Swift Gale (E)>

A speed that cuts through air.

Damdeok was feeling an incredible thrill. He felt almost like a god of the wind.

“Wow, this is incredible?”

It was all thanks to the full speed Cerberus gave earlier.

“You beast, thanks?”

Damdeok whispered near Cerberus’s ear and also tapped it here and there.

Each time, Cerberus’s sharp teeth collided in the air with a menacing snap…

Snap! Crack!

However, every attempt was a miss.

‘Great. With this speed, I have nothing to fear.’

“Let’s end this.”

Damdeok had already gripped the transformed white club tightly.

“Since old times in our country, there’s been a saying.”

As Damdeok swiftly soared, all three of Cerberus’s heads ferociously charged at him.

Snap! Crack! Snap!

But all they bit was afterimages, while Damdeok’s true form was already floating high behind its neck.

“A dog that won’t listen needs a beating with a club!”


A dull sound accompanied by Cerberus’s massive heads being thrown backward.

“That’s that… Huh? Huh?”

Expecting it to be over, I was taken aback when the outermost head, which had been knocked back, writhed and opened its mouth wide.


It was smacked right on the snout.

I drove the club into the head that followed.

Action continued in a repetitive motion.

Everyone watched the spectacle, utterly transfixed.

“It’s like playing Whac-A-Mole…”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a lesser god handle Cerberus like this…”

“Who is he?”

“Well, it’s satisfying either way. Cerberus can be irritating, can’t it?”

“Right, right.”

At some point, the nymphs had become unanimous supporters of Damdeok.

In time with their cheers, Damdeok delivered the final blow.

Woooom Thud!

The club of Hercules, once again precisely landed on the back of Cerberus’s neck.

It was a blow delivered with all remaining divine power concentrated in the right arm.

– Grrrrrrr!

All six of Cerberus’s eyes rolled back simultaneously.


With a thunderous noise, the body of Cerberus collapsed to the ground.

Damdeok then quickly wrapped the found leash around it.

Rustle rustle click!

“…Is it done?”

“You’ll know when it wakes up.”

Persephone approached with an excited expression and explained.

“The leash takes effect the moment the subdued subject recognizes their owner.”

“Hmm, can I only wait directly for confirmation?”

Damdeok murmured, crossing his arms.

“When will it wake up…”

“Take your time. It’s a little embarrassing for me as a lesser god that you have done what even I could not.”

Damdeok quietly smiled at her words, knowing that she spoke them just to uplift him.

‘Without Hades’s restrictions, I would’ve already knocked Cerberus out and escaped from the Underworld….’

Regardless, she was one of the gods that ruled over the underworld.

“But there’s one problem.”

Persephone’s voice suddenly turned serious.

“What problem?”

“Now that Cerberus has lost consciousness, the dead souls will swarm.”

Damdeok’s eyebrow twitched.

“…Didn’t you chase them all away earlier?”

Before the sentence was even finished, sounds similar to horse hooves came from behind the underworld gate.


“Sooner than expected. With my husband away, the dead souls are more determined to escape.”

Persephone began making urgent hand gestures.


Nymphs had already gathered weapons from the storeroom and lined up.

“We must hold them back together. If even one dead soul escapes, your life will be in danger.”

Ultimately, Hades would not hold his wife or the worker nymphs responsible; it was clear from her words that all the blame would fall onto the part-timer.

“No, how is that even… “

“Here they come! Not a single one must cross the Styx river!”

Persephone, holding a sword, was already dashing toward the underworld gate.

“Hold on a minute….”

Damdeok’s words went unfinished.

Already, the dead souls were pouring over the top of the colossal underworld gate in droves.

Thud thud thud!

Whether they were jumping or just falling, the dead souls were recklessly throwing themselves down.

Thwack! Thud! Thwack!!

Despite the horrendous noise of things breaking and crumbling, the dead souls effortlessly rose and moved forward.

“Ew~ They look disgusting!”

They appeared the same as ordinary humans.

Yet, falling and hitting the ground, their limbs were gruesomely twisted, and their organs oozed out.

“It’s zombies!”

Indeed, they were akin to the zombies in movies.

Damdeok swung his sword frantically.

Fortunately or unfortunately,

The combat strength of the dead souls was almost non-existent, so it felt akin to cutting through standing straw.

“Where are there so many!”

No matter how many he cut down, there was no end.

It felt just like when he was slashing at the pale hands in the Styx River, mindlessly cutting away.

Before he knew it, messages of skill updates started to pop up in front of him.

[<Horizontal Slash (F)> has evolved into <Horizontal Slash (E)>!]

[<Vertical Slash (C)> has been created!]

[<Thrust (D)> has been created!]

“That’s right, the more I fight, the more skills I should acquire.”

Was it because he had ascended to the sword god?

Initially, it was E, F-grade skills that spawned one after another, but now, newly generated skills were skipping grades, starting at higher levels.

“Are all of you trying to cross on that?”

The dead were trying to float long logs on the Styx River, but each time, the ‘Swift Gale’ that had just developed thanks to Cerberus came in handy.

“No one’s getting out.”


Multiple afterimages of Damdeok spanned the edge of the river, covering it all.

“Go back. Anyone who comes towards the bank will surely die!”

The dead halted hesitantly and retreated at the sudden increase of Damdeoks.

‘This is quite nice in its own way.’

I had already gained several useful skills.

‘I’ve figured out how to use my divine power too.’

My swordsmanship had become smoother.

I definitely felt stronger, and the battles were becoming more and more enjoyable.

“That’s it. Everyone just go back.”

Damdeok’s afterimages slowly closed in.

The lined-up dead were taken down in swift strokes by the nymphs.

“Nice play.”

What followed was a swift sweep.

Eventually, not a single dead soul managed to cross the Styx River.

“It was simple indeed.”

Although I had steeled myself for the onslaught to avoid being killed by Hades, after having repelled such numbers, I felt a certain pride.

“How about this? Isn’t this a perfect defense? My life’s been saved. Haha.”

Soon, Persephone’s kind response was expected to follow, but strangely, nothing could be heard.

“Persephone? Why don’t you answer….”

Cautiously looking back, Damdeok found himself petrified.

The logs that the dead had dumped earlier.

Persephone, riding one of them, was drifting far into the distance.

Even waving her hands with childlike glee.

“Damn it….”

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